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Annotated bibliography:

A. Stone, personal interview, April 4, 2107

This source is a personal interview held between myself and Professor Amanda Stone. This
interview was to gain an educated opinion on pollutions effects on the world as well as some
specifics on American. Questions were asked more broadly on relationships and future
outcomes of anthropogenic activity on the atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere.
This interview will be used to make that connection between many different elements
throughout the presentation. This is important not only for me as an uneducated presenter, but
also it provides an expertise that is specifically targeted to our topic.
IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (n.d.). Retrieved April 05, 2017, from
This source is a website that exhibits the legality of statistical significance of facts. This
information will hopefully bring together the audience on the acceptance of global warming,
and more specifically prove the truth of anthropogenic activity on climate change. "Human
influence on the climate system is clear, and recent anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse
gases are the highest in history. Recent climate changes have had widespread impacts on
human and natural systems."
This website will be used to make the point that human activity has influenced climate
change and the global warming that has occurred. This is important because the acceptance
of anthropogenic activity is directly related to the releasing of greenhouse gases.
The Intergovernmental panel of Climate change is a respected committee of the entire United
Nations, and states accepted facts of all governments under the panel.
U.S. General Services Administration. (2016, August 23). Retrieved April 05, 2017, from
This source is a web article that highlights the government action that has been taken and is
in pursuit of happening. The article talks about how Obama has recently planned to cut back
the United States greenhouse emission by 40%. Also listing out some alternative methods to
treat the environment with better empathy for future generations. Listing renewable energy
sources, supply chain, construction alternatives, and hybrid cars.
This article will be used to make the point that the government is, and has been, acting on the
serious problem of global warming. This is important because many people still refuse the
truth of climate change and the severity of the situation which is our heath.
The United States General Service Administration sets the precedent of the government
action in relation to the public. However, the limited information is only having to do with
the services administrated to the citizens of the United States
Scientific consensus: Earth's climate is warming. (2016, July 29). Retrieved April 05, 2017, from
This source is a web article that displays eighteen respected agencies that confirm the
influence of human activity of climate change. The article talks about how it is
understood in the science community that global warming is happening. This also
confirms a timeline for the events of anthropogenic activity, and the supposed time frame
as hypothetical.
This source will be used to bring up the Geological Time Scale and support it of the
scientific meaning of anthropogenic activity about the tremendous effect on the past
National Aeronautics and Space Administration was created in 1958 and has been
affiliated with the government since then.
Borick, C. P., & Rabe, B. G. (2010). Social Science Quarterly (3rd ed., Vol. 91, pp. 777-800).
This source is a part of a textbook that shows the public opinion of global warming and
the research that has happened in the past to proclaim the human impact. This published
article talks about how the general opinion has significantly changed over time to support
the human influence of=n climate change. The article supports the idea that the public has
now accepted it and that progress is in our midst for the betterment of our environment
This article will be used to make the point that most of, many of the United States
citizens are accepting of global warming regardless of the political affiliation. This is
important because acceptance is the first step towards change of anthropogenic use of
greenhouse gases.
Madrigano, J., MPH, McCormick, S., PhD, & Kinney, P. I., ScD. (2015, November). American
Journal of Public Heath [Editorial]. The Two Ways of Assessing Heat-Related Mortality and
Vulnerability, 105(11), 2212-2213.
This source is an editorial that highlights the health concerns that go along with global
warming. The indirect relationship between humans their activity and the environmental
concerns. The article talks about the health concerns that go along with the elements
being altered in relation to the rise of temperatures and thus the consumption of
greenhouse gases.
This editorial will be used to motivate the audience to better their living environment
through the alternative methods we have provided. This is important to hinder the
furthering of anthropogenic activity
Doctors Madrigano and Kinney are both highly respected in their scientific and medical
fields, by publishing their findings in this document we are shown expertise that is
respected as well.
Pierce, R. J., Jr. (2007, Winter). Natural Resources & Environment [Editorial]. Energy
Independence and Global Warming, 21(3), 68-71.
This source is an editorial that highlights the natural resources that are becoming so
dependent as infrastructure becomes a staple in societies environment. The article
addresses that global warming is being tremendously increased by the ongoing
development of anthropogenic trial and error. This editorial supports the idea that people
run into trouble with the increased need of technology and a higher demand for surplus
goods, in response to the using of natural resources.
This editorial will be used to make the point that the United States is a country of such
developmental status that our demand for natural resources continues to increase. Our
footprint on the ecological system alone makes up a quarter of the worlds usage. This is
important to point out because Americans are causing a large percentage of the damage
being done, however, as stated are more inclined to be aware of the global warming side
Pierce is a government official speaking on behalf of the Americans consumption in
relation to government spending
Kinney, J. (2003, March). Addressing Global Warming [Editorial]. Environmental Health
Perspectives, 111(3), 114.
This source is an editorial that highlights another reference of health concerns that are
facing a worldwide audience. The editorial talks about how the indirect relationship of
human activity and health concerns related to global warming have increasingly become
apparent. This editorial supports the idea that people are in inevitable cycle just as much
as the cycle of global warming.
This editorial will be used to make the point that humans are causing their own
destruction, the climate change that is caused by humans is causing health concerns. This
is important to motivate individuals to strike change in their habits as individuals and
McGregor, H., Gergis, J., Abram, N., & Phipps, S. (2017, April 22). The Industrial Revolution
kick-started global warming much earlier than we realized. Retrieved February 18, 2017, from
This source is a web article that highlights the industrial revolution as the beginning of
anthropogenic activity of climate change. The article talks about the factors that make the
time of development as a large contributing time to global warming. However,
greenhouse gases are natural the activity of human activity sparked a dramatic increase in
the rise of climate.
This article will be used to pin point the Industrial Revolution as the time that human
really started to mass produce in a trial and error mindset. It will also link the time of
development as a major time of natural resource consumption.
The Greenhouse Effect. (n.d.). Retrieved March 20, 2017, from
This source is a web article that highlights the stages of the greenhouse effect, providing
good visual representation. The article explains the fact that the gases are natural, and
that the process of insolation being transferred from a short wave to long wave radiation
is causing a counter radiation to be inflicted making for the trapping of heat in the
atmosphere. Thus, this article describes the process of climate change that we discuss
further in the presentation
This article will be used to make the point that the greenhouse gases we are consuming
and releasing to be reacted in the atmosphere are causing an effect of natural processes
to be hyperbolic. This is important for understanding what global warming is and to
comprehend the concept of climate change as an anthropogenic activity.