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World Literature

World Issue Argument Research Essay

100 Points
Due: March 24th
This year we have explored various topics through an exploration of world literature. For this
assignment, you are going to explore a debatable issue that has worldly significance (i.e. its impact
reaches beyond the United States). This is NOT an informative assignment, so you must select a
topic that is debatable. This assignment is designed to allow you to practice reading critically,
presenting claims, and understanding then refuting counterclaims.
*Ensure that your topic allows you to take a stance that you can defend logically
Use the following sources for topic ideas:
Opposing Viewpoints (library databaserequires username & password outside of
Global Issues
Paper will need to be 3-5 pages (double spaced)
MLA format: Correct in-text citation and MLA works cited page
Must incorporate at least 5 sources (Please use a variety of sources. Websites used must be
credibleno Wikipedia!)
Paper must present an argument (take a side) on the worldly issue you researched.
Paper must address and refute counterarguments.
Tuesday, February 21 Introduce Assignment & Create Noodle Tools Account
Wednesday, February 22 Research Review
Work Day
Issue Proposal Due at the End of Class
Friday, February 24- Monday, Research Days
February 27
Tuesday, February 28 Research Day
Research packet and Works Cited page checked at end of the
Wednesday, March 1 Discuss How to Organize an Argumentative Essay
Friday, March 3 - Tuesday, Drafting Days & Review of Logos, Ethos and Pathos
March 7 Need a printed, complete draft for the block period!
Wednesday, March 8 Content Workshop
You must have a printed copy of your draft in order to participate in the
Friday, March 10 Revise your draft based on the feedback you received in the content
workshop. Need a printed, revised draft for Monday.
March 13 March 17 Happy Spring Break!
Monday, March 20 Style and Mechanics Workshop
You must have a revised draft printed in order to participate
Tuesday, March 21 Revise your draft based on feedback you received in the workshop!
Need a printed draft & Works Cited page for the block period!
Wednesday, March 22 MLA Workshop
You must have a revised draft of your essay and your works cited page
for this workshop.
Friday, March 24 Work Dayfinalize your essay and turn-in!
Final paper due by end of the period! You must submit your
final draft and works cited page to SafeAssignment on
Blackboard. Failure to submit to SafeAssignment = zero on
this paper.

Checklist for Argument Essay

_______ Introduction captures readers attention and sets main idea with sufficient
context and background on the issue

_______ Thesis statement expresses a clearly-defined argument and indicates main points

_______ Uses specific examples and sufficient details from multiple sources to
enhance the readers understanding of the writers position

_______ Writers explanation further develops the connection between the evidence and
the argument; analysis is clearly linked to the thesis

_______ Addresses and negates the oppositions claims.

_______ Conclusion clearly summarizes the argument and provides the reader with a final

_______ Logically organized to enhance readers understanding with a clear introduction,

strong thesis, coherent body paragraphs, and a conclusion

_______ Transitions are used to link paragraphs and establish connections between ideas

_______ Formal academic voice (no first person or you)

_______ Sentence structure is varied; flow of sentences is smooth and natural

_______ Free of grammatical and spelling errors

_______ Essay cites a minimum of 5 credible, sources

_______ Correctly follows MLA guidelines for page set-up, parenthetical citations, and
Works Cited page