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WORK ACROSS. ————> ‘A ee ie El. TH = 7 7 f a 8 a 5 3 a & Pie) a a B| 8 z ars) i. 8 8 & 8 : i a fa 3 es} &| Be 8/8 Ge a fal @ Tl a Bo a 8 a 3) Gl | a 8) 8 Bl a al ao a a @ aq] sa : 4g a BEB = oT a Ty MYERS - BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR lForm 6 SeitSeorate larewer Bookie Directions: Mark your answers by making an "X" in the appropriate box. If you make a mistake, simply blacken in the box where the error Is — do not erase. The numbers go ACROSS the page, just like the questions in the question booklet, Name: Date: Directions for Scoring Working on one column at a time, add the values (0, 1, of 2) for each box containing ‘an "X°. Do not count values of boxes that are blackened. Place the total for each column in the box below the column. Follow these steps for each of the eight columns. For the T and F columns, there are separate values, in different columns, for males and females. Use only the T column ‘and the F column that are appropriate for your sex; males use the shaded T and F columns, and females use the unshaded T and F columns. if you are male, be sure to ‘add one point to your | score, as inctcated by "+" al teh botiom of that column, ‘The MBTI measures your preferences on four scales: El, SN, TF, and JP. To determine your type, compare your two total scores on each scale. Your preference i the one with the higher score. If there are ties between the two numbers on any scale, write either the letter I, N, F, or P. Write the four letters of your type’ in the space + provided. 2 * in : ; a oy 0 gg 6 “4 me 18 - ox» oe az 8 a fe a ae ge a on» i = 3 am a mas na moLe oes os Oo we Hs + oO me oe @ ae me a mn are Sa Sa i 7 @ Bae ao : Oe me 2 a mee Be Be” ‘ Be o ao ae a i 4 a ILJo Oo