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Fatma N. M.

Write the names of Sams family members.

Hi, my name is Sam. I have a big

family. Charles is my father and
Janet is my mother. I have two
was born sisters. My
first. She is sister Sara
sixteen wasold. Anna
Read about Sams Family.

is my second eldest sister. She is fourteen

years old. Im the youngest in my family. Im
eleven years old.
Hi, my name is Charles. My
parents are Paul and Susan Brown.
I have one brother, one sister, one
Choose the correct word.

Garry is my and two
brothers Jacknieces.
son. He is at the
same age as my son Sam. My sister Laura
has two daughters. Dina and Kate are a
lovely twin.

daugh broth moth grandmot au sist nie unc grandfat fath So Cous
ter er er her nt er ce le her er n in
Sam is my Paul is my Sara is my Sam is my
.. .. .. ..

Anna is my Susan is my Jack is my Anna is my

.. .. .. ..

Garry is my Jack is my Laura is my Garry is my

.. .. .. ..

Kate is my Laura is my Anna is my Kate is my

.. .. .. ..
Fatma N. M. Abdulla

Read and circle () for true sentences and a () for false


My uncle Paul
My aunt Janet
works in a works in a
hospital. He library. She
helps people keeps books
feel better. tidy and helps
He treats people find
My father
their eyes.
works with
them quickly.

wood. He
My My grandfather
makes lovely
grandmother works with
chairs and
works in a clothes. He
drug store. sews many
She sales nice and
medicines to beautiful
people. dresses. People
love them so

My brother
My aunt fixes people much.
My father has a
Laura works teeth. dangerous job.
with my He fights bad
father. She people. He
keeps his catches them
tools tidy and and put them
handy. in the preson.

Fatma N. M. Abdulla
Read about Kates family. Fill in
the gap.

Hi my name is _______________. I am ____________ years old. I live with my

________________ and my twin _____________ Dina who is ____________ years old as well. I
have two ____________ and _________ ___________. Uncle Charles has ____________
Name: Kate. Age: 12. children; Sara, Anna and Sam. Uncle Paul has one ____________, Garry. My father is a
Family members: Parents - a _________________. In his workshop, he works with wood and makes lovely furniture. My
sister (12 y.o.) (2) uncles (4)
cousins. mother and uncle Paul work in a ________________. He is an excellent _____________ and
Family Activities: Mother: my mother is a smart _______________. My mother helps uncle Paul treats people. She
nurse Father: carpenter. Uncle
Charles: Fireman Uncle Paul: keeps his tools tidy and handy. Uncle Charles is a _________________. He fights
Dentist. ____________ and keeps us safe. When I grow up, I want to be a _________________. I will
Future dream: Being a teacher.
______________ students to be smart.
Write about yourself and your

Name:____________ Age: ________________________________________________________________________________________

_________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Family members: ________________________________________________________________________________________

_________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________
Family Activities:
Future dream: