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Nowadays, we have observed that the
population especially in the Philippines keeps
on increasing since 2000. The total population
in Philippines was estimated at 103.9 million
people in 2016, according to the latest census
figures. Looking back, in the year of 1960,
Philippines had a population of 26.3 million
people. In connection with these, there are a
lot of problems root about by the increasing
population. Such problems include shortage of
foods, poverty, unemployment, etc. that may
lead them to commit crimes for them to
Because of these, there’s a suggested policy
of President Rodrigo Duterte that aims to
minimize or reduce the number of child in the
family, this is the Three Child Policy.
I can say that I am in favour of this policy.
There should have a Three Child Policy in the
Philippines because for me having only three
children within the family is already enough to
have a whole and happy family. I believe that
it should start in the family since it is where it
all started. As we all know, Philippines is
considered as one of the countries having an
overpopulation. Sad to say, that’s the reason
why Philippines is also considered as one of

because if they have a big family then there’s a possibilities that they can’t let their children consume three meals a day. the government must coordinate to the Department of Health in order to teach the parents or soon to be parents to control the number of child they must have. The sad part is that . Others may disagree to this policy because it opposes the right of the people and to the beliefs of the church or it contradicts to the democracy of the Philippines. In connection with these. it is better if we try to weigh things out that we have to look for the advantages and disadvantages of this policy for it is our country that is exposed to risk. I also believe that education takes the greatest part of it because in reality most of the people especially those living in the hinterland are still ignorant of the effects of over population. Each families must know how to take control. The parents should have prior knowledge about birth control. can’t afford to give the needs of their children in school or even can’t buy toys for them.the poorest country in the whole world because it also affects our economy. In fact. but somehow. I have met a father that has 18 children. to implement this policy. When I got to interview him. he said that he can’t even remembered the names of his children.

this will help mitigate the problem of over population. The advantages of the Three Child Policy is there’s a (1) control of the population. By considering these advantages will gives us an idea that it is US – we people.all his children did not finish their studies. This is also one of the effects of overpopulation.3) Better life: it gives an opportunity to the child of having a comfortable life. (2) Job opportunities: with the strict rule of this policy then children who grew up during this period were able to find jobs easily. can be able to solve this if only we have the knowledge wherein we understand the aim of this Three Child Policy. and cooperation among ourselves. .