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by Gavin "Kealios" McClements

Jan. 24, 2012

TC / QC = Troop Quality, or Quality Check. TC+ means "If you PASS",TC- means "If you FAIL"

Initiative Dice (p.38-40)

Roll one die for every 2 Infantry units and soft-skinned vehicles (round down) plus 1 die per armored, non-soft- skin vehicle.

CAP this number at 10D. This is the Basic Init. Dice.

Adding onto the Basic Dice pool, add:

+1 die per 3 VPs earned in the Previous turn, round down

+1 die if your side had Initiative last turn

+1 die if you have more units than the opponent

+1 die for each Positive leader in the force

-1 die for each Negative leader in the force

+/-X dice per Scenario Initiative bonus/penalty (if any)

Forces will never have less than 1D!

Init. for Irregular-only forces (p.48,166):

If pitted against Regulars or a Mixed force, a force consisting only of Irregulars may NEVER be awarded Initiative.

Declaring a Move (p.36, 45):

Declaring a Move (p.36, 45):

Clearly state where a unit intends to move TO and the ROUTE it intends to take (to allow for Reactions).

Measuring a Move (p.47, 50):

Measure movement for the unit's leader, then place his members within cohesion around him (1", or 2" for Regulars wholly within a defensive position)


Infantry move: 6" (Tactical) or 12" (Rapid Move)

-1 to Reaction Tests if unit made a Rapid Move

Line of Sight (p.44):

* Traced from rough center of the FIRING unit to rough center of the TARGET unit.

* If 1/2 or more of the FIRING unit can see the target unit, it may fire.

* If less than 1/2 of the TARGET unit is visible to the firing unit, it cannot be fired upon.

* If any portion of a vehicle or single-figure unit is visible to an enemy unit, they are in LOS.

Line of Fire (p.45):


Any units or civilian stands within 2" of the LOS line

(center to center) and at the same elevation are "in the

line of fire".

Firepower (p.58-62)


[# of models + Spec.Weap dice + POSITIVE mods] :

Cap at 10 --> Factor in NEGATIVES (from the CAP if need be) for TOTAL Firepower

+1 die if in Optimum Range (equals TQ die in ")

+1 die if target Unit moved at Rapid Pace this turn

+1 die if target Unit is Exposed

+1 die if firing Unit has Abundant Supplies


+1 die for each TL higher than Target's armor


-1 die if firing Unit made a Rapid move this turn

-1 die for each Reaction/Defensive Action/Overwatch fire after the first in a turn

-1 die for each move as part of a Defensive Action, Reaction, or Morale test failure

-1 die in Defensive fire vs. Close Assault

-1 die if firing Unit is Poorly Supplied

-2 dice firing at/from an NOE target

Reading a Support Weapon entry, p.62

Optimum Range (Support Weapons) p.60

Splitting Fire (Number of targets engaged) p.63

[If splitting fire, apply appropriate mods to both groups]

Weapon types, Support Weapon effects p.74-80

Special Teams, Weapon Teams, p.78-80

Moving Support Weapons (p.61)

Light (1D): no penalty

Medium (2D): only 1D instead of 2D if moved

Heavy (3D): -2D on Tactical, no fire on Rapid

Supression Fire (p.68-70):

-2D, must succeed with at least one die. Weapon Teams or units with LMGs (not SAWs), GPMGs, MMGs, HMGs, or AGLs do not lose -2D and ALWAYS use Supression Fire.

Low Confidence units: Make Morale Check with -1 Die shift. Fail = Supressed

Confident units: Make Morale Check if Suppression attempt has modified Firepower of 3D+. Failure = Supressed

High Confidence units: Cannot be Suppressed

Intimidating Weapons(p.77) : ALL infantry units must make a Morale Check to avoid being Suppressed

Suppressed: Same as Pinned, but multiple Suppressed results won't force a unit to Fall Back

Overwatch (p70):

*Usable only by Regular TQd8+ units

*May Interrupt Reactions (+1 on Reaction test) without being Reacted to.

*Failing a Reaction test makes the unit fire LAST and "Fall offs" Overwatch

Being in Cover (p.57):

* If 1/2 or more of a given unit (as a whole) is in cover, the entire unit receives the benefit.

Defense / Cover (p.57-58)

Defense / Cover (p.57-58)

# of models OR Firepower dice used against it, whichever is LESS = Basic Defense (min. of 1 regardless of negative mods). Add Cover and Armor to this.

In Cover (+1D): No move, not exposed = In Cover

Solid Cover (+1D): Sand Bags, Stone Walls, etc

Intervening Cover: LOF passing over intervening terrain allows Defending unit to claim Solid Cover

Deployed Smoke this Turn (+1D) (p.74)

Improved Cover (+2D): trenches, sandbagged walls

Fortified Cover (+3D): specific fortifications

Reinforced Fortification (+4D)

Armor (+1-3D): (p.58)

Tech: +1D per TL higher than firing unit's weapons (p.53)

Exposed : In open ground, not within 2" of terrain

Who Got Hit? (p.64)

Only if unit contains Specialist units (Leaders and Special weapons usually don’t count), then randomly determine who got hit. Regulars are all cross-trained to cover losses. Irregulars suffer differently: Leaders = no leader till joined by one. SW : QC+ = ok, QC- = no

Firepower vs Defense (p.63):

Any of the Attackers dice with a score of 4 or more that cannot be equaled or exceeded by a Defense die indicates a casualty.

First Aid Checks (p.65): 1d6

First Aid Checks (p.65): 1d6  

1: Dead. TQ+ = act as normal. TQ- = only react to fire

2-3: Serious wound. Casualty Penalty, only react to fire this turn. Model adds no dice to unit

4-5: Light wound. Unit acts as normal. Casualty Penalty. Figure may leave on his own.

6: OK! Unit takes turn as normal.

Casualty Penalty (p.67): Make QC when moving faster than Tactical. TC- = no fast movement

Advanced First Aid Checks (p.66): 1d6


1: Dead. TQ+ = act as normal. TQ- = only react to fire

2: Serious wound. Casualty Penalty, only react to fire this turn. Model adds no dice to unit


3-4: Light wound. Unit acts as normal. Casualty Penalty. Figure may leave on his own.

5-6: OK! Unit takes turn as normal.

Call for Medic (p.67):: If Medic is within Rapid Movement distance, may teleport to ONE unit and let them use the Advanced chart


Morale Checks (p.85) <Regulars>:

Roll one TQ die per model in the unit when:

Low Confidence Troops:

Each time a Unit is fired upon

Confident ("Normal", not "High") Troops:

Each time a Unit is fired on by Support Weapon or Vehicle Mounted Weapon with an unmodified Firepower of 3D+

All Troops:

Each time a Unit takes casualties

Each time a Unit is fired upon by a weapon with an unmodified Firepower of 4D+

Each time an IED is detonated within 10"

Each time a unit is subjcted to an artillery salvo or air-strike

Each time fire from their unit injures/kills a civilian or non-combatant

MCs are taken immediately as they occur. If multiple instances of the same type of MC points occur at once, only one MC is made for all of them

Morale Effects (p.86):

Stand: More Successes (4+) than Failures = no adverse effects

Pinned: Failures are equal to or greater than Successes = unit is Pinned

Pull Back: If a Pinned unit is Pinned again, must Pull Back unless already in a defensible position

Pinned: Must move to cover if they have movement left, no moving towards enemy; otherwise must attempt to get In Cover (TQ+). REDUCE TQ die when firing or reacting this turn. Units LESS than d6 may not fire at all until Unpinned [Morale Dice are unaffected].

Pull Back: Immediately moveaway from last enemy unit that fired at it, up to 6" to find cover (regardless of how far they have already moved) , but must move to the nearest covered position that does not require movement towards enemy units. Next turn, may return fire only (may not go on Overwatch or initiate a round of fire, nor may they move). [Treats all failed Morale results as another Pull Back]

Morale Checks (p.166-167) <Irregulars>:

May only activate if a Leader is attached, or are within Supervision Range of its Control unit, or requires TQ+ to activate

Moral Checks by Irregulars are done the same way as Regulars, but have different Checkpoints:

Each time an Irregular unit without a Leader is fired upon

Each time an Irregular unit takes casualties

Each time an air strike or Regular artillery mission hits within 6"

Each time the Irregular Unit's Control Unit is more than 4" distant or out of LOS.

Terrain Effects on Movement (pp.88-96):

Buildings, Breaching (p.89-92)

Water Obstacles (p.92-93)

Vertical Obstacles (p.93)

Forests and Woods (p.93-94)

Extremely Rough Ground (p.94-95)

Unearthly Environments (p.95-96)

Close Assault (p.83)

Close Assault (p.83) 7. Neither side may claim Cover dice other than Body

7.Neither side may claim Cover dice other than Body

1.May declare an assault if one or more models are within Rapid Movement distance an an enemy unit.

2.Make a QC after declaring assault. QC+ = proceed with the assault. QC- = remain in place, forfeit activation (may still take cover, tend wounded, and react to the enemy).


8.Assaulting unit makes first attack roll, casualties are determined, morale checks are resolved. If defending unit isn't wiped out or captured [see below ], they may make an attack using survivors.

3.Defending unit must make QC if the attackers succeeded in theirs. QC+ = may Defensive fire (-1D from defender's Firepower, -1D from attacker's Defense) [units with dependents cannot flee] OR flee one full Rapid Movement away. [Defending unit forfeits any other actions this turn].

9.This process is repeated until one side is wiped out or surrenders.

NOTE: If Attackers QC+ and Defenders flee for any reason, Attackers will move to where the Defenders were before the Defenders then move away.


10.Morale Checks: Resolved normally:

4.If Attackers take casualties, take MC as normal. Pinned or Shaken result aborts assault (stay in their original places). Otherwise, move attackers into base contact with defenders and resolve the Close Assault.

Regular Units: Pinned = drop Morale by one die type. If Morale drops below d6, they surrender and become POWs (p.85). Multiple Pins in Close Assault reduce Morale level,but don't force a Pull Back.

5.QC- = stand in place and fight, OR flee one full Rapid Movement away and become Pinned [units with Dependents cannot flee]

Irregular Units: If they become Shaken and have Morale reduced below d6, they become POWs.

6.Fight like in a Firefight, Assaulting unit first, but combat continues until one side is wiped out or captured.

Wiped Out? Roll 1d6: Each "1" is a POW, otherwise figure is removed from play.