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Sl Data/information Responsibilities

1 Drainage Network plan of the MIEZL with dimension of the MIEZ ( Mr. KC DAS)
network ( cft.4 ft, 5ft etc)
2 Technical description of the design basis of the drainage MIEZ ( Mr.KC DAS)
network ( peak discharge, maximum generated industrial
process water
3 Sewage network design and dimension MIEZ ( Mr.KC DAS)
4 Cross sectional a data of Sonabibi Canal located south of the MIEZ ( Mr. KC DAS
project & canal north west of the project ( beside the mosque) Engr. Matin)
Total 3- 4 sites
5 Technical description of the civil construction that advanced MIEZ ( Mr.Habibur
technology is using to adapt with medium scale earth quake Rahman, Sr, DGM,
in the project site ( as the project located in the medium Design. MGI)
category of seismic zone of Bangladesh)
6 Description of Fresh Readymix concrete Plant ( operating) MIEZ ( Mr. Arifin ,
( layout plan, process flow diagram ( ratio and technical Plant Engineer)
details), production capacity & list of machinery
7 Design of Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) having MIEZ . ( Mr.
capacity of 100 m3/h ( 0.568 acre)with provision to extend Enamul Habib ETP
50% capacity Engineer)
8 Design of Central Sewage Treatment Plant (CSTP) ( 0.568 MIEZ .( Engr. Matin
acre) projected population 12000-15000 MGI & Mr. Enamul
Habib STP
9 Energy Conservation (Solar) ,3R (Reduce Reuse, Recycle) MIEZ ( Mr.Habibur
policy and LEED Certification Plan for MIEZL & selected Rahman, Sr, DGM,
industries. Design. MGI)
10 Project plan, design, standard, specification and quantification etc. MIEZ ( Mr.Habibur
Rahman, Sr, DGM,
Design. MGI)
12 Resources for development like land filling of soils and utility demand MIEZ ( Mr.Habibur
like power, sewage, waste disposal etc. Rahman, Sr, DGM,
Design. MGI)
13 Project schedule with time periods and costing (BAR Chart) MIEZ ( Mr.
Coordinator EZ

1. Md Habibur Rahman, Sr. DGM Design, MGI

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