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March 7, 2017 - FRESHMAN

Unit 1 Expressing Possibility and Impossibility

Pre-Class Play videos & check homework (Read Notes p. 8 & Part C p. 5-6, 3
8:30-8:35 Role call
8:35-8:55 Self introduction and Q&A
8:55-9:15 A. Assessing Possibilities 1
9:15-9:20 Break
9:20-9:40 B. Assessing Possibilities 2
9:40-10:00 C. Group Work: read sentences, present most interesting one
10:00-10:05 Take Individual Photos

A. Assessing Possibility - Part 1

Listening with Response: (15-20 min)

First model question and response. If they hear:

Q: Whats the possibility that.
A: Its _______ that

-class, walk everyone through example

-partners (1-10)
-I call on students

Q: Do you think
A: I think that.

Go through together:
1. Whats the probability that you will pass the CET 4?
2. Whats the possibility that you will marry someone whom your parents choose?
3. Do you think that you will live to be ninety?
(just listen and respond)
4. Whats the possibility that you will become a famous person?
5. Do you think that youll get your drivers license this year?
6. Whats the possibility that you will ever live in your hometown again?
7. Whats the probability that you will have a large family someday?
8. Do you think that you will go out tonight?
9. Whats the probability that it will rain tomorrow?
10. Whats the probability that all of our classmates will be here next year?
11. Whats the possibility that you will meet someone famous one day?


B. Assessing Possibility - Part 2

In groups of at least 3, have the first person ask the question, the second person respond
one way, and the third person refute the second person. Use the leftover questions from

C. Group Work
Read the sentences on probability from your HW, choose the most interesting statement,
discuss and decide as a group how likely it is with reasons. Present to the class.
D. Group Work--Occupations: (15 min)
Brainstorm as a class, make a list of occupations on the board, and comment on the
possibility of yourself or someone in the class becoming a certain profession. Include

E. Pair Work (not likely)

A---Z: p 13 Can you live without it? (Body parts) Discuss as many questions as you can.
Then call on two students from different groups to ask and answer a question about the

Example: Could he live without his feet? He definitely could live without his feet.
Whats the probability that he could live without his heart? Its impossible for him to live
without his heart.

Whats the possibility?

Do you think.?

E. Individual Photos
Take a sheet of paper and write your name. I will come around a take a photo of every