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ADWC MCT/MST Lesson Observation: Feedback to Student

Student teachers name: Hamda Bader H00333283
Grade Level: Year 2
Unit/Lesson: France in Art
Date: 20/3
Competency Area E G S M US
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LEVEL DESCRIPTORS attached at end of document
Commitment to Professionalism
Planning for Learning

Planning activities and lesson aims
Managing Learning

Implementing Learning


Reflection on Practice
Strengths of the lesson:
Hamda got silence very quickly.
Started to introduce the lesson by asking a question eg What do you think
we will be doing today
Do you know a famous artist from French?
Students are engaged and seem interested in learning about art
Children were asking very interesting questions is he still alive
They also said I want to listen
Very good at asking questions
Students are listening to you
Giving their opinions, Hamda engages with students
Asks students to compare
Hamda says what she is going to do
Asks students to go to table later asked them to go to a particular table.
Demonstrates what she wants students to do
Students are engaged one in particular
Can you give me two minutes please
As the students are painting, Hamda pick up student work and shows it to
the class.
H asks the students to stop, students follow instruction
Areas for development:

Need to pronounce nouns, this is what you want students to remember -

Do students need to know so much about birth and death -could have
made this more interesting
Gave the names of paintings - no pictures no discussion. This was more
like a presentation at college
Could have asked lots of questions about cubism, impressionism
When Hamda asked students to go to a particular table, she then asked
students to go to her table for the demonstration this led to confusion
Maintain discipline, can you keep quiet please was not good enough here.
What are students at the back doing
Seem very unsure with students you need to build your confidence.
Asks students to go to table later asked them to go to a particular table.
Are you following the lesson plan