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EPM Automate Utility
Automate Data Export
Automate Data Export
EPM Automate is considered to be a replacement of MaxL in cloud environment. It
provides all facilities to manage day to day admin activities. Using EPMautomate all
commands can be executed through batch or shell script. This way one can utilize
conventional OS level functions along with EPM automate commands. In this
presentation, Im going through how to automate dataload.

EPM Automate Utility

The EPM Automate Utility enables Service Administrators to remotely perform tasks
within Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud instances.

Exports application data into a ZIP file using the export data settings, including file
name, specified in a job of type export data. The exported data file is stored in the
default download location from where you can download it to your computer. Use
the Inbox/Outbox Explorer to view details of the exported file.
Example: epmautomate exportdata dailydataexport
Step#1 Select Application Overview

Step#2 Select Cube and Action

Step#3 Select Outbox, we need to submit as Job

Step#4 Select Slice (Select the same way for other Dimension)
Step#5 Select Slice (Select the same way for other Dimension)
Step#7 Job Details

Step#8 Optional Submit as Job

Step#9 Login to epmautomate

Step#10 epmautomate exportdata

Step#11 epmautomate listfiles

Step#12 Download File

Step#13 Files gets downloaded in to bin folder

Step#14 Create bat file to place all these

commands and schedule them

epmautomate login bispuser C:\mySecuredir\BISPpassword.epw myIdentityDomain
epmautomate exportdata BISPJob_DataExport_Selected
epmautomate listfiles
epmautomate downloadfile
epmautomate logout
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