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Improvement Plan

Student-teacher: Graciela Concha

As a trainee teacher there are many factors of classroom management and learning
processes that I need to learn. I have been through 5 years of learning how to be a
teacher and 3 years practicing. This time, I had the chance to put in practise all what I
have learnt in university, however there are facts which need to be improved in order to
provide students with a good education, focusing them to know that English is more
than a school subject.

Videotaped lesson

As one of the first task and in order to understand my weaknesses and strength as a
teacher I videotaped a lesson with the 8th grade B from Colegio Santa Sabina. The
length of the class was of 45 minutes and there were 38 students in the classroom. The
lesson took place after having spent a month in the school.

The video was observed by the university supervisor and by me. Both completed a
rubric highlighting the aspects that needed to be improved. The main aspects detected
by both of us were regarding time management, student- teacher relationship and
amount of L2 used by the teacher.

Issues to be improved

Time management

It was seen in the video that in spite that I provide timing for each activity I tend to give
students a lot of extra time for them to finish the task. This leads the class to get
disorganized, there are students who finish fast and the extra time for the ones that are
slower provoke the rest of the students to get distracted and messy.

Student teacher relationship

As a teacher I need to know my students. In the video we observed that I only knew
some names; therefore, when needing someone to answer I always asked the same
students. That made the rest of the students to relax and feel free to do other things
because they knew that I was not going to ask them.

Amount of L2 used in the class by the teacher

Another fact that we detected was the use of L2 by me. I found myself many times
translating for my students to understand. Also, I asked them to give me the Spanish
word for the ones in English. My reason to translate or to speak in Spanish was to
follow the subject teachers pattern and because I had the impression that they were not
understanding me. Unfortunately, by translating for them makes the lesson less
challenging for students because they know that the teacher will provide the answer;
therefore they do not make any effort to find the answer by themselves.

Improvement plan (implementation)

In order to improve this aspects I followed a set of actions which are described below.

Time management

According to the team of teacher channel, time is important for challenging students and
keep then on task, if they are given too much time they will relax and they will not find
the task worthy. The step to follow in this case was to find a proper amount of time that
students need for different types of tasks. In that sense, when planning time was
specially planned taking into consideration the time students take to settle down at the
beginning of the class and time they take to get in groups when needed.

Student teacher relationship

Rapport is fundamental to engage students, consequently, it is important that the teacher

is able to address everyone by their names. It makes the student feel that the teacher
cares and that they are not just a random student. To achieve this, I made a classroom
map. Students have designed sits; therefore, it was easy to draw the sits and identify
every student. Whenever the subject teacher called the role or named a student I
identified the sit and wrote down the name of the student as well as the characteristic of
the student (gender, attitude, level of English, who are his/her friends).
Amount of L2 used in the class by the teacher

According to krashen (2001) it is key for a second language learner to receive t input of
the L2 as much as possible, and it is our duty as English teacher to be that input for our
students. Unfortunately, they do not have more that 3 or 4 hours a week of English
lesson and there are not many opportunities outside the classrooms for them to have
contact with clear and proper English. In consequence, I took the action to talked to my
students and let them know that they needed to use the English they know, in that sense
I started speaking to them just in English and answering their question only if they
asked me in English or at least they tried to. Then, I learnt that my students from 8 th
grade knew more English than what they thought. As a result they started to feel more
confident when performing the task because they were aware of their knowledge.


After making these changes, there were other lessons observed by my university
supervisor and school mentor teacher. It was possible to see the changes and its results
on me and students.