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Formal Lesson Plan Template

Name: Carolina Benavidez-Benech Pima Course: EDC 292B Student Teaching II: Secondary

Subject: Art Topic: Hand Plaster Sculptures Grade Level: 8 Duration of Lesson: 60
Components Description of Plan
1 Content Standard: V.A.C.10.8. Make art collaboratively to reflect on and reinforce positive aspects of group
Choose ONE standard. Be identity.
sure to write out the entire
standard, not just the number.
2 Learning Objective: I will produce a sculpture of a letter in sign language that is well constructed, by casting
Choose ONE objective my peers hand with plaster strips.
that leads toward
mastery of the standard
Must be specific,
measurable, and
Must have at least two
parts: learning and # of
behavior mins
3 Anticipatory Set: Students are shown a photograph of Yoan Capotes sculpture Abstinencia. The teacher 5
Sometimes called a tells the students that they will be creating sculptures inspired by this piece to display at
"hook" to grab the the poetry slam. The theme for the poetry slam is self-expression. Students are asked to
student's attention spend two minutes brainstorming and writing down in the back of their bell work, which
Focuses student words make them think of self-expression. After two minutes have passed, three students
attention on the are called on to share the words and write them on the board. Students are asked to
objective and the volunteer. If students do not volunteer, the teacher will call on them at random.
purpose of the lesson
Activates prior
Requires ACTIVE
ALL learners
4 Teaching-Input: The teacher explains to the students that their class will be in charge of producing 18
Using effective and varied sculptures of hands finger-spelling the words: poetry, and self-expression (in American
strategies, the teacher Sign Language). The teacher tells the students that first they will watch a demonstration,
provides information for and then they will be assigned a letter at random to sculpt. The teacher asks for a
students to gain the concept, volunteer student to demonstrate the process to the class.
strategy, or skill.

5 The teacher demonstrates all the steps to casting a hand with plaster stripes:
Teaching-Modeling: 1) Cover my peers hand and wrist with petroleum jelly
2) Secure a pencil on the back of my peers hand with one plaster strip
Demonstrate and show 3) Ask my peer to sign the assigned letter
examples of what students 4) Dip one plaster strip in water
are expected to do (how to 5) Press plaster strip to remove excess water
solve the problem, answer the 6) Place plaster strip flat on my peers hand and smooth out
question, do the activity etc.). 7) Repeat until the whole hand is covered
8) Raise hand for the teacher to assist in removing the cast

The teacher reminds students that they are expected to wait for her to cut the cast. The
teacher demonstrates how to pull out the cast slowly without breaking it and without
hurting the classmates hand. The teacher adds the following steps:
Formal Lesson Plan Template

9) While your peer holds the hand together from the top, put plaster strips on the
spot the teacher cut
10) Stuff the wrist with newspaper to maintain the shape
11) Fold the bottom to ensure it stands
12) Place the sculpture on the drying area

The teacher models to students how to clean their hands after the project. They are
expected to rinse as much of the plaster off as they can in the water bucket with paper
towels, and then with wipes.
*The teacher stresses to students that they are not to put plaster strips in between
fingers. The plaster strips need to cover only the surface of the form.
The teacher tells the students which materials they will be getting.

All the steps modeled are written down on the board.

6 Check for Before students are released to gather supplies, the teacher verbally reviews directions 2
Understanding: by calling on students randomly.
Various strategies that
are ongoing throughout
the entire lesson.
Enables teacher to
determine whether ALL
students have "gotten it."
7 Guided Practice: The teacher pairs the students depending on proximity within the assigned table. Each 20
An opportunity for each pair draws out a letter written on a note-card from a bag. This is the first letter they will
student to demonstrate new sculpt.
learning by working through The students perform all the steps demonstrated by the teacher. The students will switch
an activity or exercise with the jobs on Day 2. Each student has a handout with the American Sign Language alphabet.
teachers guidance.
8 Closure: After the students complete their sculpture, each member of the pair is expected to 7
Actions or statements produce a three-dimensional drawing of the hand that they sculpted. This is listed on the
made by teachers AND agenda for the students that finish early.
students that summarize
lesson objectives. The teacher reviews clean up directions with students 7 minutes before the bell rings.
Essential for helping Students are released to clean up, and expected to complete the following exit ticket after
students integrate ideas, clean up:
make sense out of what
On Day 3 you will be choosing your own word to sculpt. What are two words you could
has just been taught,
and to improve their sculpt for the poetry slam? Why did you choose these two words?
chances of retention and
Must be done BEFORE
Independent Practice
9 Independent Practice: If a pair finishes the first sculpture before 11:05 am, they may switch roles and sculpt a
AFTER proper closure, it is second one.
important to provide time for
additional practice. It may be
group or individual work in
class or it might be
10 Assessment:
The formative and/or Rubric attached.
summative assessments that
are aligned with the objective.
11 Differentiation: Content Special Education students may choose which letter to model if appropiate.
How you will reach diverse Special Education students may cast their hands in a relaxed position if appropiate.
learners by varying the:
Formal Lesson Plan Template

Content Process Students that refuse to have their hands covered in plaster may only
Process participate as the sculptors. Students may complete a drawing of a complete word if they
Product do not want to touch the plaster.
Product Students may produce a complete drawing instead of a sculpture.

Pairs that finish the project early may cast their hands in an original position, as long as
these are school appropriate.
12 21st Century Learning: Communication and Collaboration:
Includes technology as well Communicate effectively in diverse environments
as the 4 Cs: Critical Thinking, Demonstrate ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams
Creativity, Collaboration, and
Communication. Exercise flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making necessary
compromises to accomplish a common goal
Assume shared responsibility for collaborative work, and value the individual
contributions made by each team member
13 List of Materials, Handouts and other Supplemental Documents: Photograph of sculpture on the Promethean board, steps
written on the board, American Sign Language alphabet handouts, 15 plaster strips per pair, pencils, one water bucket per pair,
paper towels, wipes, newspapers, scissors for the teacher. All surfaces should be covered with butcher paper.


CRITERIA 4 3 2 1
CREATING Student participated in Student participated in Students participated in Student modeled but did
both jobs. Student both jobs. Student both jobs. Students not produce a sculpture.
produced a minimum of produced a sculpture sculpture was not well
one sculpture that is well that needs constructed.
constructed. improvement.
PRESENTING Student painted the Student painted the The sculptures surface The sculpture was not
sculpture with an sculpture. The sculpture is unfinished. painted.
original design and is is missing minor details.
ready to be hanged up.
RESPONDING Student chose insightful Student chose adequate Student completed The words the student
words to represent the words to represent the either the starting chose do not connect to
theme of self-expression theme of self-expression activity or the exit ticket the theme of self-
during the starting during the starting adequately. expression.
activity and exit ticket. activity and exit ticket.
CONNECTING The representation of The representation of Student created a Students sculpture does
the letter is accurate. the letter needs sculpture of a different not represent a letter in
improvement. letter than the one the American Sign
assigned. Language Alphabet.