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Super Superlatives

Superlatives are a form of an adjective or adverb that compares three or more

things. For example, the word short tells something about one thing, shorter tells some-
thing about two things and shortest tells something about three or more things.
Some superlatives are made by adding -est to the end of a word, like shortest or
softest. Others are made by adding most before the word, as in most dangerous or
most boring.

Write the superlative form for the following words:

young ____________________________ beautiful __________________________

green _____________________________ popular ___________________________

wonderful _________________________ strong _____________________________

tall ________________________________ exciting __________________________

charming _________________________ slow ______________________________

long ______________________________ important ________________________

sharp _____________________________ careful ____________________________

There are a few superlatives Superlative Scramble

that are different words, like best.
Draw a line to match the word to Unscramble the letters for these superlatives.
its superlative.
bad farthest

much best

good worst OLDCEST

far most