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Bailey Ulmer

1413 Princess Drive

South Charleston, WV 25309

A challening job as a registered nurse in a hospital setting where I can not only care for the patients that I
am assigned to, but also make a difference in the hospital as well as the patients experience while in the

Summary of Accomplishments
Exceptional people skills with emphasis on understanding and compassion
Efficient, detail-oriented, highly organized
Strong in high pressure as well as sensitive situations
Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Office, and Powerpoint
TIme management skills are well practiced and very strong

2013 - Present Babysitter South Charleston, WV

Responsible for the safety and well-being of multiple children ranging from ages 2 - 13. Managed
activities, meals, and schedules for each child based on the parents requests.

2014 - Present Lifegaurd Ridgewood Pool Inc. South Charleston, WV

Certified by th American Red Cross in both CPR and lifesaving skills prior to beginning work. Responsible
for looking out for and ensuring the safety of all members of the pool as well as anyone who enters.
Provided medical assistance for any persons when it was needed. Summer job only.

November 2015 - Present Volleyball Coach Charleston Volleyball Club Charleston, WV

Coach 13 year old, middle school, girls and help to shape them into not only volleyball players, but also
athletes. In addition to coaching these girls throughout the winter and spring, the season for travel
volleyball, I am also responsible for teaching them life long skills such as leadership, teamwork, good
sportsmanship, and good attitudes. I am also responsible for their well being while playing the sport and
also travelling to tournaments at different facilities in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

February 2016 - March Data Entrist and Office Runyan & Associates South Charleston, WV
2016 Cleaner Realtors

Entered data from hand written closing files from the past couple years into an Excel spreadsheet.
Responsible for making sure that all files were accounted for and put into the computer correctly.
Responsible for making sure that the real estate office was clean as well as the desks, floors, and
bathrooms inside of it.

South Charleston High School South Charleston, WV
High School Diploma International Baccalaureatte 2015