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Athena Rodriguez


Humanities 1101-030

Painting Analysis

1. Circle and label the focal point of each piece.

See image.

2. Indicate on your images all the ways the painting moves you to the focal point/area of

interest. Label each way on your images.

The focal point of this painting is the woman holding the oar. The oar that the woman is holding

leads to her as the focal point because she is holding the oar and rowing the boat. The womans

dark brown hair leads to her because she seems to have pale skin complexion and she is wearing

white clothing. The stem on the womans hat leads to her again as the focal point because the

stem on the hat is dark brown while she is white.

3. What kind of lines are used in each work? Highlight and label the different kinds of lines

on the images themselves.

There are short diagonal lines throughout the painting. There are short diagonal lines on the

water especially at the bottom right corner of the painting. There are also short diagonal lines at

the top right corner of the painting on the bridge.

4. Is the piece balanced? What balances what? If it is not balanced, what prompts the sense

of imbalance?

Yes, this painting is balance because the space between the two women show a great distance

between each other, making the painting look balance. Also, there is a chimney in the

background. The chimney acts like a line that separates the two women and showing that the

painting has balance.

5. Is the work symmetric? Explain your response.

Yes, this painting is asymmetric because the woman who is holding the oar has more space

behind her than the other woman. The other woman has little space right behind her.

6. What elements are repeated in each work? Highlight and label them on your images.

The repeated elements on this painting are texture and chiaroscuro. The texture is shown

throughout the body of water. The texture of water makes you think that the water is moving.

Chiaroscuro is shown throughout the painting, especially on the water and trees.

There are multiple chiaroscuros on the water because the river is reflecting what is right next to

it. On the right side of the river, you can see the bridges reflection on the water. On the left side

of the river near the boat and the pier, you can see the houses reflection on the water too. There

is also chiaroscuro on the trees. On the left side of the painting, you can see that the trees are

lighter than the trees on the right side of the painting.

7. What elements are varied in each piece? Highlight and explain the variations on your


The varied elements of this painting are the different hue of whites. The fences in front of the

house are the darkest hue of white. The sail on the boat is the medium hue of white. The woman

who is holding the oar is wearing the lightest hue of white clothing in the whole painting.

8. Are any patterns established? Indicate them on the works.

The pattern on this painting is the short diagonal lines. The short diagonal lines on the water

had variation of color because it is reflecting what is close to the water.


9. Note two juxtapositions for each piece. Indicate what each juxtaposition may reveal.

The house is right across from the river. The owner of the house must be rich since he or she

lives near a body of water. The pier and the boat near the road because it means that people can

get on a boat and row around the river.

10. Describe the dynamics and explain what contributes to the energy or lack of energy in

each image.

The painting has low energy because of the short diagonal lines. The short diagonal lines go from

top to bottom making the diagonal lines turn into horizontal lines.

11. What other observations do you make about each piece. THIS QUESTION IS NOT


There is a smoke coming out of the factory in the background. There must be a city distant where

the river is. There are no other people in the painting beside the two women. The two women

must be enjoying the each other while their husbands are working in the city.

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