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Modelling Trees Modelling Trees Tank Art Volume 1 - Tank Art Volume 2 Panzerwrecks 15.
Part One - Broadleaf Trees Part Two - Conifers WWII German Armor There are 5 models featured inside, 4 What naval forces were knocking out Panzers in Paris? Why
92 pages, full colour. 92 pages, full colour. By Michael Rinaldi. There are many dedicated technique chapters, plus a would a Pz.Kpfw.IV wear T34 tracks? How do you move
19.95 21.95 how-to books in todays world of scale special bonus gure modeling chapter a 70 ton Jagdtiger? Where did the Patton Museum Panther
modeling, but none has covered the why, by Radek Pituch. Inside features over come from? The answers to these and other questions
as well as, the how-to processes the 500 color photos reproduced in a are to be found here in Panzerwrecks 15, with 132 rare
modelers artistic approach, until now. large format. photographs sourced from around the world.96 pages.
Paperback, 208 pages, full colour. 20.99 16.99

Tiger 1 in Action Ofcers and Soldiers 21 Combat History of the RG-31 MRAP Part One in Detail Army Wheels in Detail - Abrams Squad: The Modern
1942-1945 French Hussars a Cheval 10 - Panzer-Division Chapters Include: History and Development, British Military Motorcycles Modelling Magazine The FIRST
This edition has been revised Volume 3. This third part 1939-1943 Originally writ- MK.1 Walkaround, MK.1 Interior, MK.3 This publication contains detailed magazine in the world devoted to
and augmented, with more illustrates the last years of the ten in German by Mr. Albert Walkaround, MK.3 Interior, MK.3 with historical photos, detailed photos of Modern Warfare modelling. Here you
accurate captions as to dates Empire; dark years which will Schick, this unit history covers SPARK, MK.3 with VOSS, 72 pages, 164 restored machines, detailed drawings will nd the best articles of the best mod-
and locale, together with new see our Chasseurs being the history of an unusual Full Colour photographs. from the instruction manual. English ellers and writers in the world. Step by
illustrations and a chapter on gobbled up during the Russian Panzer Division of the German 19.99 and Czech language. 52 pages. step articles, painting techniques, build-
additional units. 288 pages - disaster. Full Colour, 83 pages. Army in WW II. Hardback, 14.99 ing techniques, illustrated reports, news,
square spine. 15.00 562 pages, 37 photos. reviews, videogames and much more.
34.00 57.99 9.99


The Weathering The Weathering Warship Pictorial 40 - USS Tankograd 1008 - Feldluftschiffer: The Messershmitt Bf109 RAF Typhoon Owners
Magazine - Rust Magazine Volume 4 - Independance CVL-22 The German Balloon Corps and We are delighted to announce Workshop Manual
For the very rst time in Engines Fuel & Oil Photo history of the US Navys Aerial Reconaissance The Feld- the next release in the Airframe Published with the full cooperation
the world of modeling, we With the help of a wide rst Night Operations aircraft luftschiffer, or Feldluftschiffertruppe provided & Miniature series: The Bf 109 - of the RAF, the Typhoon is given the
introduce a new quarterly range of products and the carrier. 73 pages, 77 Black & White extensive and often decisive reconnaissance Early Series (V1 to E-9 including Haynes Manual treatment and offers
magazine exclusively latest painting techniques, photographs, 4 colour. of enemy troop movements and artillery the T-series): A Complete Guide To readers a unique insight into ying and
dedicated to weathering effects we will describe in-depth the 14.99 positions, and guided the German forces own The Luftwaffes Famous Fighter. maintaining the latest high-tech combat
and painting techniques. techniques to paint engines artillery re and infantry attacks. 96 pages, 208 pages, Fully illustrated with aircraft in the RAFs inventory. 150
8.99 and oil effects. 176 black & white photographs. plans, photos, colour images. pages, 177 col & 4b&w Illustrations.
8.99 21.99 19.95 21.99

Tankograd 6028 - U.S. WW Tankograd 6027 - U.S. WW II Tankograd 5043 - FENNEK Tankograd 3020 - NUCLEAR MILITRFAHRZEUG 3-2013 Nuts and Bolts 30 - Nebel-, Panzer- und Super Model In-
II M10 and M10A1 Tank GMC Wrecker Trucks, Gasoline The Fennek Reconnaissance Vehicle WINTER FTX US Army Panzer-Olympiade Vielfachwerfer 208 pages A4, approx. 391 ternational No. 3
Destroyers 48 pages with 150-200 Tank Trucks and AFKWX-353 in Modern German Army Service. Vehicles during the Cold War Exer- Canadian Army Trophy 89, photos, of these 250 contemporary photos from Published by Kagero.
illustrations, among them WW2 action COE Truck 48 pages with 150-200 Altogether, the Bundeswehr cises WINTER SHIELD I and II in Feldarbeitsgerit HATRA SL manuals and from the front in b/w, a number of With hundreds
photos, colour photos and technical illustrations, among them WW2 action procured 226 Fenneks, some of 1960-61. In the early 1960s Germany 125, DANA M1 CZ, Monster- them previously unpublished; 113 colour photos of colour photos,
drawings. Excerpts of technical manu- photos, colour photos and technical which have since been destroyed was the centre of the Cold War and a Schneefrise auf Panzer IV, of the surviving vehicles in public and private including archival shots
als, wartime photos, photos of restored drawings.Excerpts of technical manuals, during operations. This publication nuclear clash of the superpowers on Bedford MJ 4x4 4-Tonne collections, 28 colour photos of the two models and current museum
vehicles. Ideal compagnion for model- wartime photos, photos of restored comprehensively describes the German soil was a realistic yet in the Cargo Truck, Geheimdokument from Tony Greenland & Vinnie Branigan, pieces, supporting
lers and fans of technology. Complete vehicles. Ideal compagnion for model- development and technology of the same way horric scenario. 64 pages, Verbrannte Erde. 56 pages, English / German captions, 46 pages, several colour prole artwork.
background history and variants. lers and fans of technology. Complete Fennek in all its variants. 72 pages, Illustrated with 6 colour photographs fully illustrated, charts, 24 pages scale drawings of all versions 78 pages.
144 colour photographs. and 104 b&w photographs. GERMAN TEXT ONLY!!!! and details in 1:35 scale from John Rue, 9 pages
9.99 background history and variants.
of camouage schemes from Laurent Lecocq. 10.99
9.99 13.99 13.99 9.99 25.15
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Contents - Issue 88 August 2013


Whats new in the world of A10 Cruiser Tank by Andrew Judsons 1:35 scale
military modelling Peter Brown Kinetic M109A2


New figures releases Inside the Armour A10 WILL TRAVEL!
Cruiser Tank by Brett Green Young Miniatures 1:10
p 53 DIARY DATES British Tanker Bust by
Shows and Competitions p 22 PREVIEW Matt Wellhouser
around the world HobbyBoss 1:35 T-26
p 54 INCOMING p 24 BIG BAD BAZ MiniArt 1:35 GAZ-AA truck
MMIs thoughts on the latest Anthony Sheedy builds by Graham Tetley
kits and accessories Mengs 1:35 Merkava Mk.3 ADH Publishing Ltd 2013
BAZ with Mine Roller p 58 PREVIEW
p 55 BOOKS Riich Models 1:35 Tel: (UK) 01525 222573
Roundup of recent titles p 30 COLOURFUL RENAULT Universal Carrier Fax: (UK) 01525 222574
Brach Models 1:35 French Email:
p 56 1:48 SCALE R35 by Steve Zaloga p 59 PREVIEW Address: ADH Publishing,
Luke Pitt explores 1:48 scale Dragon 1:35 25 Pdr Doolittle Mill, Doolittle Lane,
military models, figures and p 35 PREVIEW with Limber Totternhoe, Bedfordshire, LU6 1QX, UK
accessories Meng 1:35 Pickup w/ZU-23-2 Model Military International is
p 60 PREVIEW published monthly by ADH Publishing.
p 66 LAST POST p 36 THINK TANK Dragon 1:35 Panzer III Reproduction in part or whole of any
text, photograph or illustration without
Late breaking M109 by Stuart Ransley Ausf. G Early written permission from the publisher
is strictly prohibited. While due care is
news and taken to ensure the contents of
ramblings p 61 PREVIEW Model Military International is accurate,
the publishers and printers cannot
from the HobbyBoss 1:35 Panzer I accept liability for errors or omissions.
Editor Ausf. F ISSN 1749-8864

24 August 2013 - Model Military International 3

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Newsline - August13 MMI Newsdesk, ADH Publishing, Doolittle Mill,
Doolittle Lane, Totternhoe, Bedfordshire, LU6 1QX, UK
Tel:01525 222573 Fax:01525 222574

A Sound Like Thunder: Inside the Armour Leopard 2 Upgrades

Mortain And Falaise, August 1944
The next title in Oliver Publishings Firefly Collection, A Sound Like
Inside the Armour has announced three new releases:
35065X Leopard 2A5/A6 Deluxe Upgrade - Includes ITA 35065
Thunder: Mortain And Falaise, August 1944, will be available soon. photo-etched and resin set plus ITA L44/55 Barrel and Bronco
Focusing on the last battles of the Normandy Campaign, this book Leopard 2 Tracks. The total is over 430 PE parts, 18 resin parts and
includes: around 580 Styrene Parts.
13 pages of full colour artwork depicting over 40 different vehicles This will be a very comprehensive detailing solution for your
including armoured cars, half-tracks, assault guns, Panzer IV, Panther Revell, Tamiya or Hobbyboss Leopard 2A5 or 2A6
and Tiger tanks 35074 Rheinmettal 120mm L44/L55 - Optional L44 or L55 parts
Black and white archive photographs, many never before reproduced included, 3 different muzzles (very early L44, later L44 and L55
Campaign maps and histories of the units involved muzzles), collimator, improved bore excavator and resin recoil
Detailed tables showing vehicle types and allocations, and more gusset. 4 turned brass parts, 6 resin parts. Provides parts for one
barrel. Suitable for Revell and Hobbyboss Leopards. May be used
Although this book is grounded in the same period as Oliver with Tamiya with some 'surgery'.
Publishings previous, out of print title Panzers In The Bocage (which now This item was announced before but was withdrawn before sale
sells for over US$350 on Amazon!), it is not a re-print and contains new to correct the bore evacuator and to add three new muzzles.
text, photographs and illustrations. 35078 Bren Sten and Thompson Slings - set comprises PE Slings
Copies of this book and other Firefly Collection titles may be ordered and 'furniture'.
direct from ADH Publishing at 3 Bren Slings
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All slings come with many
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The Great Escape on Blu-Ray

In celebration of the birthday of
iconic Hollywood legend Steve
McQueen who would have turned
83-years-old this year, Metro-
Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and

Nuts & Bolts Vol.30: Twentieth Century Fox Home

Entertainment will release The

Nebel-, Panzer- und Vielfachwerfer

Great Escape on Blu-ray for the
first time in the UK on 3 June
2013. Directed by Academy Award
The newest title from Nuts and Bolts is Volume 30, Nebel-, Panzer- nominee John Sturges, catch
und Vielfachwerfer. one of AFIs 100 Most Thrilling
The new book should be available now. American Films in an all-new masterful 4K transfer.
It is 208 pages A4, glue-bound, and contains approx. 391 photos, of Based on a true story, The Great Escape is a motion picture
these 250 contemporary photos from manuals and from the front in that entertains, captivates, thrills and stirs (Variety). In 1943,
black and white, a number of them previously unpublished; 113 colour the Germans opened a maximum security prison-of-war camp,
photos of the surviving vehicles in public and private collections, designed to hold even the craftiest escape artists. By doing so, they
28 colour photos of the two models from Tony Greenland & Vinnie unwittingly assembled the finest escape team in military history
Branigan, English / German captions, 46 pages English / German text, - brilliantly portrayed by Steve McQueen, James Garner, Charles
several charts, 24 pages scale drawings of all versions and details Bronson, and James Coburn- who worked on what became the largest
in 1:35 scale from John Rue, 9 pages of camouflage schemes from prison breakout ever attempted. The Blu-ray comes fully loaded
Laurent Lecocq, and tables of organization of units (Kriegstrke- with over three hours of special features including commentary
Nachweisungen KStN) having these weapons in their arsenal. with Director Sturges and crew, multiple making of featurettes, the
For further details please visit the Nuts and Bolts website original theatrical trailer and more. For more information, visit

4 Model Military International - August 2013

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Think Tank - A10 Cruiser Tank
This is the A9E1 prototype showing the slow motion suspension
and the obvious difference between the A9 and A10, the two small
machine gun turrets at the side of the driver. Several detail changes
were made before the design was finalised for production such as
the conical tops to these turrets. (Tank Museum)


Peter Brown describes the development, deployment and operations of the British A10 Cruiser Tank.

t the outbreak of from a Rolls-Royce Phantom II the back. Its three-man turret was 2pdr and coaxial 7.92mm BESA
WWII, the British Army engine to one from AEC and fitting rectangular and was balanced by in the No 3 Mk I mounting plus
classified its tanks under a self-sealing extra fuel tank on a No 9 radio set. Traverse was another BESA in the hull which
three main categories - the left-hand front mudguard. In hydraulic with manual backup. meant they had a five-man crew.
Light Tanks for scouting and use September 1939 it was fitted with The style of naming used by A10CS Mk Ia or Cruiser IICS
in areas where roads and bridges extra weights to simulate heavier British tanks was changed in carried 3.7 Mortar and coaxial
would not support heavier vehicles armour and tested against the June 1940. Originally they were BESA with a BESA in the hull, it
Cruiser Tanks as the main A12E1 Matilda prototype as part of known by the specification code had a five-man crew.
equipment of Armoured Divisions the development of the Valentine used when the initial design
Infantry Tanks indended to Infantry Tank. When it was of no was requested but this made it Four production contracts were
accompany infantry attacks further use it was disposed of in difficult to tell whether a tank was placed -
The first Cruiser was the A9, August 1940. Light, Cruiser or Infantry. A new 10 from Vickers with census
developed in the early 1930s by General design and layout system included the class and numbers T8091-T8100 and civil
Vickers using its slow motion was similar to A9 apart from the official documents were changed registrations PMX448-PMX457
suspension with two bogie units lack of sub-turrets. The official to reflect this though reports and 75 from Birmingham Railway
each having one large and two Instruction Book covered both War Diaries used the older style for Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd,
smaller wheels. A10 was initially types. One other difference was some time. (Another change in 1941 T5909-T5983 RMV264-
intended to be an Infantry Tank the extra fuel tank in the hull to give tanks names like Crusader RMV338. These were 13 Mk I and
using many components from the front by the driver on the A10. and Churchill only applied to those the rest Mk Ia
A9 but with thicker armour. The This increased the capacity to in production or yet to come) 75 from Metropolitan-Cammell
A10E1 prototype T1479 BMM833 98 gallons to compensate for the As A10 was the second type of Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd with
was delivered in October 1936. extra fuel consumption due to its Cruiser it became known as the census numbers T9191-T9265,
Maximum armour thickness was greater weight and allow a similar Cruiser II with variants denoted by these did not have civilian
30mm, which was over double radius of action. It was fitted with letters - registrations. These included 12
that of the A9, however when a water-cooled 150hp six-cylinder A10 Mk I or Cruiser II carried 2pdr Mk I and 30 CS
the minimum armour for Infantry AEC Type 179 petrol engine, the and .303 Vickers gun in a No 1 100 were to have been built by
Tanks was set at 60mm it was gearbox had five forward and type gun mounting and no hull Crabtree though this was reduced
downgraded to a Heavy Cruiser. one reverse gear and the rear- machine gun. These tanks had a to 10 with census numbers
Various modifications and trials mounted transmission drove the four-man crew. T15115-T15124 A
were carried out including a change tracks through sprockets also at A10 Mk Ia or Cruiser IIA had a

6 Model Military International - August 2013

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A10E1 prototype T1479 BMM833 in its original form.
This front view shows that it is in effect an A9 fitted
with heavier armour and without the small turrets
for machine guns. (Tank Museum)

A10E1 after modifications to the hull front made it more like

the production version. Hull machine gun which looks to be a
dummy. The cupola on the turret was not fitted on production
vehicles while the undercuts on the front corners of the turrets
were found on the early tanks. After the changes it would be
easy to think this was a different tank but the registration
number shows it was the same vehicle. (Tank Museum)

August 2013 - Model Military International 7

p 06-12 A10Cruiser TT 088B.indd 7 14/06/2013 10:49

Think Tank - A10 Cruiser Tank
B This gave a total of 170 tanks Official photos of 1st Armoured Division in France
built made up from 35 Mk I, 105 Mk in 1940 are not common. This is the only shot of
an A10 the author could find in the Imperial War
Ia and 30 Mk Ia CS. The first was Museum. Its original caption dates it between
delivered at the end of 1939. Main 26-29 May 1940, part of a short series under
production ran until October 1940 general title In the Battle Areas. It is described
although delays meant that the as Tank of 2nd Armoured Bde guarding point
Crabtree tanks were not built until at Foucanon during operations on the Somme.
The arm of service number 3 identifies it as
1941 with the last delivered in July.
Headquarters 2nd Armoured Brigade. Barely
Original documents such as War visible under the camouflage net on the lower
Diaries and tank strength reports edge of the glacis is 1st Armoured Divisions white
were often vague as to sub-types. rhino sign. Bridge Class 14 on a yellow disc can
Any type of A10 including CS tanks be clearly seen. The armoured cover over the
mantlet shows up well, black beret and cap badge
could be listed as A10 regardless
of the soldier in the commanders hatch shows he
of its correct designation. The was RTR while the other crew member prefers a
following accounts use the same standard steel helmet. (IWM)
designations as used in the original

Early Service
As of May 1939 the official War
Establishment for a British
Armoured Division was to be one
Light Armoured Brigade with each
of its three Armoured Regiments
having 58 Light and Light Cruiser
Tanks - these being A9 or A13
Mk I - while the Heavy Armoured
Brigades three Regiments would
have 26 Light Cruisers, 6 CS
Cruisers and 15 Heavy Cruisers
- A13 Mk II or A10. Division and
Brigade HQs would have a mix
of Light and Heavy Cruisers. A
new Establishment introduced in Royal Hussars (Prince of Waless operational. Attempts to break strength with 65 Cruisers and 64
March 1940 replaced the mixed Own) plus 3rd Armoured Brigade out to Gravelines failed and the Light Tanks in working order. A10
equipment of the Armoured composed of the 2nd, 3rd and few remaining tanks were driven suffered badly in terms of faults
Regiments with 52 Cruisers. 5th Battalions of the Royal Tank into the sea when they ran low on with just two lost to enemy action
However, there were not enough Regiment. Although more Cruisers petrol. Over half the Battalions compared to 12 with mechanical
Cruisers available to complete were received, when the Division men were evacuated before faults. Composite regiments were
even the two existing Armoured was sent to France after the fighting ceased on the 26th, and formed from remaining tanks as
Divisions - 1st in the United German attack in May 1940 it more were able to escape later. the Division was pushed back
Kingdom and 7th in Egypt - in this still had many Light Tanks as well The remainder of the Division towards Cherbourg where they
manner. Both had a mix of Light as A9, A10 and A13 Mk I and II landed at Cherbourg on 21st May. embarked on the 18th, arriving at
and Cruiser Tanks with A10 and A13 Cruisers. It attempted to advance over the Southampton during the night. A
series initially only used in the UK. 3RTR was sent as part of a River Somme but lack of spares few tanks were brought back but
1st Armoured Division at that force to hold Calais. Landing on and replacements reduced it most were lost including 31 A10 out
time consisted of 2nd Armoured 22nd May with 21 Light Tanks strength almost as much from of a total of around 100 Cruisers.
Brigade with The Queen's Bays and 30 Cruisers including some breakdowns as from tanks knocked An analysis of the equipment
(2nd Dragoon Guards), 9th A10, by the 25th only three out. By end of May they were and organisation of the 1st
Queen's Royal Lancers and 10th Cruisers and four Light Tanks were down to around half their initial Armoured Division was not

After returning in the UK, 5RTR received new tanks including A9 and A10. These photos from July 1940 as captioned as Cruiser Mk I tanks of 5th Royal Tank Regiment, 3rd Armoured Brigade, 1st Armoured Division
on Thursley Common, Surrey. Markings are sparse with just the Divisions rhino on the front, squadron symbols on the turrets and vehicle names on the stowage bins, T9236 was EGGESFORD while EGREMONTs
serial was T584-something with the last digit obscured by the bin. This is a later vehicle with coaxial and hull Besa machine guns. Just visible is the broad white line around the upper edge of the turret used as an
air-ground recognition marking, in the rear view most of the open loaders hatch is white. (IWM)

8 Model Military International - August 2013

p 06-12 A10Cruiser TT 088B.indd 8 18/06/2013 10:49

Part of a series of photos from late 1940 showing tanks somewhere in England. Most probably this was T9251 AMBUSH of 1RTR shows the thicker barrel of the 3.7 Mortar and the contrast between the then-
near Bovington Camp in Dorset where men were trained in all aspects of manning tanks. Mix of vehicles standard colours used on British army vehicles, G3 Khaki Green and G4 Dark Green. (IWM)
is typical of training establishments, an early A10 is closest to the camera following several A13s with a
Matilda near the front of the column. (IWM)

complementary about the A10 and the UK although training schools Tanks. 1RTRs War Diary stated 3RTR were to be detached from
A9, saying both were slow and retained a few. that on 31st December they had the Brigade and transfer some
underpowered with tracks offering 16 A9 and A10, 16 Light Tanks and Cruisers to 5RTR, which would
poor grip and short life. North Africa two Scout Cars. 6RTR were less leave 3RTR equipped solely with
Units were re-equipped with The early desert battles were specific on their tanks but the Mk IIA and 5RTR with six Mk IICS
whatever tanks were available fought with Light Tanks and a Brigade records say that the 18th and 46 Mk IVA.
including A9, A10 and A13 series few A9, the first A10 only arrived of January they handed 13 Light A report dated 15th February
which some took with them as they in Egypt towards the end of Tanks and 11 Cruisers to 1RTR, 1941 listed problems with various
moved to Egypt. A detailed list for 1940. The Tank Situation for 2RTR and 7th Hussars but does tanks in North Africa including
the end of 1940 states - 7th Armoured Division on 20th not say what types. A10 and A9. These included clutch
1st Armoured Division - 129 October recorded several Light 1941 started well enough. On problems due to a lack of dust
Cruisers including 3 A9, 10 A9CS, Tanks Mk VI series and that most 5th January Australian troops proofing, tyre problems with
2 A10 and 6 A10CS plus 141 Light Cruisers were A9 apart from took Bardia and on the 22nd rubber bonded on canvas types
Tanks 2RTR which had A9CS, A10 and Tobruk was captured with the main failing while rubber bonded on
2nd Armoured Division - 163 A13 Mk IIA. Another 18 A10 were body of the Italian forces cut off a steel base were satisfactory,
Cruisers including 6 A9CS, 73 expected to arrive shortly and be at Beda Fomm on 7th February. securing bolts on the suspension
A10 and 13 A10CS plus 169 Light ready for action by mid-November. British tank strength was 95 Light units working lose which meant the
Tanks 1RTR received some in November Tanks and around 50 Cruisers. 4th tanks had to be all but gutted to
7th Armoured Division had 60 and 6RTR received two in early Armoured Brigade - 3rd Hussars, fix as the bolts had to be held from
Cruisers listed as A9 but they December but exchanged one with 7th Hussars and 2RTR - with inside, and also bolts on the track
had A9CS and A10 by this stage, 4th Armoured Brigade HQ for an infantry from the Rifle Brigade and adjuster hubs shearing. In addition,
along with 144 Light Tanks A9. All these would be needed as a artillery support attacked them. turret roller housings on A10
major offensive was planned. This 2RTR was the strongest unit with fractured, this was put down to A10
As newer tanks came into was Operation COMPASS which 25 Cruisers which were mostly turrets being heavier than A9.
use and units went abroad there began on 9th December 1940, A13, they claimed 79 Italian tanks As at 20th February 1941, the
were fewer older Cruisers in the figures from a few days before and put their own losses at an A13 day that the first German forces
UK. Figures for June, July and there was shortage of 106 Cruisers and two A9. After this action they were encountered, the Tank
August 1941 showed 6 A10CS, 8 but 140 more Light tanks than were moved to the Nile Delta and State in the Middle East was
A9CS and around two dozen A13 required and that many tanks were re-equipped with more A9, A10 and summarised as -
Mk II Cruiser IVA in 1st Armoured in workshops. A13 which were reported as being
Division alongside Covenanters and 2RTR advanced to Sidi Barrani in a poor state. Transfers of tanks Light
Tanks Cruisers
Crusaders but none with any other in early December losing some were common as was the switching
unit. By the end of September 1st tanks including at least one A10. of regiments within Brigades. 3rd 7th Armoured Division 165 82
2nd Armoured Division 52 66
Armoured had moved to the Middle On the 20th they had 4 A9, 7 Armoured Brigade recorded one Base Ordnance Depots etc 172 55 A
East and no A10 were listed in A10, 11 A13 and a dozen Light such change on 25th January,

Part of a series of photos taken on 5th October 1940 of 2RTR unloading in Egypt. Newsreel film this event is online at Pathe Gazettes website as clip 1143.05 E699 shows an unusual view looking down on the tank
showing the white turret top band. This tank has the hull machine gun mounting blanked off while the other has the mounting but its machine guns are not fitted. Markings vary in style and position, 1st Armoured
Divisions white rhino can be seen both with and without the oval surround. Also seen are the arm of service sign 61 on a green square, Mobilisation Number 0046 in small white characters apparently without the
coloured strips also used. Note also the sun helmets still commonly used at this time. (IWM)

August 2013 - Model Military International 9

p 06-12 A10Cruiser TT 088B.indd 9 14/06/2013 10:49

Think Tank - A10 Cruiser Tank
B By 8th March there was still a and New Zealand troops sent to
shortage of Cruisers with 6RTR aid the Greeks. Their task was to
using captured Italian tanks to guard the Florina pass in the north-
make up their numbers. When western frontier between Greece
the Germans pushed forward on and Yugoslavia. 3RTR moved to
31st March, A10 formed a fair Alexandria to take ship for Greece,
proportion of the Cruiser strength - arriving on 10th and 11th March.
Conditions were cold and
Tanks VI A9 A9CS A10 A10CS A13 wet. Luckily they had been
series issued with battledress in
Total for 1st April 368 66 6 89 12 85 Egypt. By the 18th all were
12th April with units 176 28 6 28 12 29 in place around Amyntaion,
12th April in Depots 148 38 - 28 - 16 the War Diary stating Tank
Total for 12th April 324 66 6 56 12 45
country was noted, and all
3RTR took A10s and A13s with routes, paths, villages explored.
them when they sailed to North Very suitable country for A10s if
Africa from Liverpool in October complete reliance could be placed
1940. Their War Diary recorded on tracks, which were old and
on 25th January 1941 28 Mk. IVA needed replacement badly. This
tanks handed to 5RTR. 28 Mk. IIAs was to prove prophetic.
taken over though it does not Germany attacked on 6th
record that the A10s were not in April but it was to be some days
good order with many having badly before 3RTR were in action. Bad
worn tracks. According to 3rd weather continued, moves were
Armoured Brigade order of 24th planned then cancelled but from
January the intention for the two the 11th they fell back losing tanks
units was - to mechanical problems including
(i) 3 R Tanks is to remain in Egypt broken tracks which they could
in B.T.E. reserve, composed as not repair as they had no spares.
follows:- Some German tanks were claimed
1 Tank Mk IVA as knocked out though an attempt
31 Tanks i.e. H.Q. & 2 Sqns Mk IIA to shoot down a Lufwaffe plane
14 Tanks i.e. 1 Sqn Mk VIB (Lights) with a 2pdr was not successful.
6 Tanks Mk IIACS By the 14th a composite Squadron
(ii) 5 R Tanks is to form part of 3 was formed from eight tanks of
Armd Bde in 2 Armd Div bound for A Squadron the sole remaining
Libya forthwith. Composition:- B Squadron tank and two from
46 Tanks, H.Q. & 3 Sqns Mk IVA C Squadron plus two more from
6 Tanks Mk IIACS Regimental HQ. These tanks were
(iii) 14 Mk IIA Tanks are to be held steadily lost as they retreated.
in general reserve by RAOC On the 27th those men who could
reach the coast sailed to Crete.
While not specified, the CS
tanks would be split up in the Back in Africa
various Squadron HQs. 3RTRs Of the replacement tanks sent to
Preparation of tanks after landing included fitting them with sandshields and a rack for 2 gallon cans on
Light Tanks were to come from North Africa, only a few were A10.
the back of the hull plus repainting in the then-current Caunter scheme. In both A9 and A10, air flow
Kings Dragoon Guards at a date Between 18th April and 11th July through the engine was in from the left and out through the right louvre. To cut down the intake of dust,
to be notified later. In the event 1941 336 vehicles were repaired or sandshields were only fitted on the left side as is clear from these photos. Other than dating them as
his did not happen, though there prepared by base workshops in the November 1940 and listing them as an RTR battalion the original caption does not help identification, a
were changes to the softskin or B Middle East, 267 being new arrivals later note saying it was 4th Armoured Brigade narrows the choice to 2RTR or 6RTR. No unit markings
Vehicle strengths. 5RTR used its but of these only 27 A10 were are visible and some of the turret tactical signs may have been painted out suggesting someones A
Squadron used these tanks at some time and even the shades of the B Squadron signs appear to vary.
A10CS in Squadron HQ but they repaired and another nine had E999 shows the signalling lamp raised through the small circular flap in the roof, E1002 shows work
were found to be too slow to keep been received from the UK. Tracks being done on the engine and one track is off for repair or replacement. Men in berets are probably the
up with the Mk IVA they were were a big problem for both A10 crew while the right-hand man in sun helmet could be an RAOC fitter? (IWM)
passed to 2RTR. and A9, and in June tanks awaiting
In May 2RTR were again in issue in depots were having tracks
action during Operation BREVITY. removed to supply urgent demands
Its HQ had four Cruiser IVA, A for spares in frontline units.
Squadron had four A9 Cruiser I Every available track was sent
and twelve A10 Cruiser IIA while C forward, and tanks in depots had
Squadron had three Mk I, nine Mk to be modified to take Australian
IIA and four Mk IVA By the 16th tracks which would delay issue
their operational strenght was six to 7th Hussars. Unfortunately no
Cruiser I, 17 Mk IIA and seven Mk details of these Australian tracks
IVA and more tanks were later lost were recorded.
mainly to mechanical problems. They were still being used,
though usually in small numbers
Greek Interlude in each unit at Regimental or
The campaign in Greece was the Squadron HQ as CS vehicles. As
one occasion when A10s were the examples, on 23rd March 5RTR
main equipment of a regiment. had 53 A13 and of its six A10CS,
1st Armoured Brigade made up of only half of them fit for action
3RTR with A10 and 4th Hussars in while the others had problems with Men of 8th Hussars eat Christmas Pudding made from army biscuits, prunes, marmalade and rum
Light Tanks was the British part clutches and steering clutches. alongside their A10 at the end of December 1940. The range of clothing is worth noting, including a
greatcoat - it does get cold in the desert in winter! - pullovers and variations on civilian jackets worn over
of a force including Australian 1RTR in Tobruk included A10
overalls with balaclavas and Service Dress caps. Pistol holsters also vary. About the only standard items
are the plates and happy expressions, which may be because of the marmalade... (IWM)
10 Model Military International - August 2013

p 06-12 A10Cruiser TT 088B.indd 10 14/06/2013 10:49

Europes Number One Model Shops
NEW from
Bronco Models

US Light Tank M-24
Chaffee (WWII
Prod.) with Tank
Crew Set

wealth Bofors Gun
crew set

1:35 Bruckenleger
Auf Pz.Kpfw.II
ausf D1

among its varied collection of Enlarged from a more distant view this photo of an unidentified A10 taken near Derna 1:35 British/Com-
AFVs though records often do in early February 1941 shows some interesting details including spare tyres for the monwealth AFV
not differentiate between them road wheels tied to the turret, recognition flags on the lowered radio aerials and steel Crew set
helmets hung over the headlights to protect them and cut down reflections. Apart from 11.20
and A9. By the start of August the B Squadron tac sign no markings are visible. (IWM)
There several reorganisations the
Regiment consisted of -
Regimental HQ - 4 Light Tanks
A Squadron - 2 A9, 5 A10 and 9
US 155mm
Light Tanks
Howitzer M114A1
B Squadron - 4 A9, 4 A10 and 8
(Vietnam War)
Light Tanks 22.50
C Squadron - 13 A13 with two in
D Squadron 7RTR attached CB35103
- 17 Matildas including one in German Telemeter
workshops, 4 Light Tanks KDO Mod.40 with
Other units still used a few Sd.Anh 52 Trailer
early Cruisers. During Operation (Kommando-Gert 40)
Battleaxe, on July 15th 2RTR 19.99
had 10 A9, 11 A10 and 21 A13 Mk
II though by the dawn on the 17th
they were down to 3 A9, 7 A10
and 5 A13s. On 11th August, 7th
Hussars had A9, A10 and A13 Mk ZB48002
II but their A9 were to be replaced 1:48 T17E2 Stag-
with A10 hound A.A.
As at 7th September, the 19.99
Cruiser Tank State gave -

In Middle Under Running Schools Available

East Repair etc
I A9 48 10 38 6 32 H.G.Hannant Ltd,
II A10 42 9 33 2 31 Harbour Road, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 3LZ, England.
IV A13 85 18 67 3 64
VI A15 67 14 53 2 51 Open from 09.00 to 17.30 Monday to Saturday.
Totals 242 51 191 13 178
Phone: 00 44 (0)1502 517444 (8 lines)
Lists of tanks expected to be
0845 130 72 48 local rate
received around this time included from UK phones only (NOT mobiles)
only one Mk II due in October and Fax: 00 44 (0)1502 500521
two more in November with most E-Mail:
British Cruisers to be the new Mk
VI Crusaders. On 5th October, A10s A
Seen in the background of a shot of tanks of the Tobruk garrison photographed in Web Site:
September 1941 is one of their A10s. Tanks were often dug in for protection and
concealment, others including captured ones were used as pillboxes. (IWM) To join our mailing list so you receive our free weekly
email news letter please use this link:
July 2013 - Model Military International 11

p 06-12 A10Cruiser TT 088B.indd 11 14/06/2013 10:49

Think Tank - A10 Cruiser Tank
B were only listed in 7th Hussars some 40 including four Cruiser II
- they had 18 plus 5 A9 and 13 and two Valentines were shipped
Cruiser Mk IVA - with six more in to the island with more Cruiser
reserve in 7th Armoured Divisions IVA coming in June and later more
Ordnance Field Park and 15 more Valentines so that by 18th August
in Base Ordnance Works although there were 18 Valentines and 45
the Tobruk tanks were not assorted Cruisers. These were used
included. These would be included by the Yorkshire Hussars until they
in the total in a report dated 4th were replaced by 4th Queens Own
November 1941 recorded 52 Mk Hussars in January 1943. When
II in the Middle East with four the Hussars left for Egypt in June
earmarked for training, along with no tank unit was sent to take over.
approximately 60 Mk I and 98 Mk In October permission was sought
IV. Mk I was by this time obsolete to write then off as they were not
and being withdrawn while the required in Cyprus or elsewhere
others were obsolescent, Mk II was in the Middle East. They were
slow and out of date while Mk IV probably scrapped locally.
were old with thin armour. A detailed report on tanks lost
Taken by a German soldier, this shot of BONNIE II of B Squadron 3RTR in Greece is one of several which have
The next major offensive aimed in the Middle East up to the end appeared for sale on Ebay. Other photos of A10 in Greece show the small horizontal dust flap in front on the
at relieving Tobruk was code- of 1942 recorded 85 Cruiser A10 headlight on the drivers side, some vehicles having another on the opposite side. These vehicles were equipped
named Operation CRUSADER and series - 2 Mk II, 72 Mk IIA and 11 as other desert tanks though they were painted in a variation of the Caunter camouflage scheme intended for
set for 19th November. This would IIACS. None were listed as being use in the Sudan with Light Purple Brown over the basic Light Stone or a more unusual pattern using wavy lines in
include 7th Armoured Division darker colours over the lighter shade. (Authors Collection)
lost at sea. At home all the early
expanded with 22nd Armoured Cruisers Mks I to IV were regarded
Brigade with its three Armoured as suitable for training only, by
Brigades using a variety of tanks. January 1943 they to be used
4th Armoured Brigade mostly while spare parts allowed or by
used the then-new American M3 cannibalisation. Finally on 11th
Light Tank Stuart, 7th Armoured September 1943 it was ordered
Brigade operated a mix of British that all remaining early Cruisers
tanks including A9CS and A10 in were to be broken up for scrap as
Brigade HQ, 7th Hussars had A10, soon as possible.
A13 and Crusaders, 2RTR had Only one A10 survived being
A13 and 6RTR used Crusaders scrapped. It survives in the
while 22nd Armoured Brigade collection of the Tank Museum at
were outfitted with Crusaders. Bovington. Its brass identification
1RTR in Tobruk still had its mix of plate states Tank Cruiser
tanks listed above. All these units Close Support Mark IIA Vickers-
fought over the next few weeks Armstrong Design O.P.821 WD No
losing many tanks. Between 18th T-9264 Date 1940 which makes
November and 26th December it one of the last Metropolitan-
1941, 7th Armoured Divisions Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
workshops received 17 Cruiser vehicles.
I and II but only repaired two
A10 Cruiser II A9 Cruiser I
with the rest evacuated to Base
Length 18 4 19
Ordnance Workshops. Width 8 3.5 8 2.5 A few A10 were sent to Cyprus in April 1942 along with other older Cruisers and some Valentines. A series of
Height 8 8.5 8 8.5 photos showing A Famous British Cavalry Regiment exercising with them in May. At the time the tanks were
Swan Song Ground Clearance 18 18 manned by the Yorkshire Hussars, a Territorial Army unit. The Valentines appear to be without their 2pdr
After CRUSADER, the few A10s Weight Unladen 12 tons 4.5 cwt 10 tons 16.25 cwt guns but the A10s and A13s were fully equipped as for the desert including extra fuel tanks and in the case of
Weight Laden w/crew 13 tons 15.5 cwt 12 tons 7.25 cwt one A10 even sand shields on the left-hand side! (IWM)
that remained in North Africa Max armour thickness 30mm 14mm
soldiered on. As late as the end Speed 16mph 25mph
of January 1942 it was thought
that a number of Mk IIA Cruisers Engine AEC Type A179
could remain in operational use 6-cylinder producing 150hp at
until the end of 1942, after that 2,200rpm
they could be used for training only P.S. As a quick reference guide
so spare parts would be needed for to the designations of early-war
the whole of the year. Numbers on British tanks, the following may be
hand appear confused, one report useful - n
on 2nd February said there
were 26 Cruiser II with units Original A-number Type from June40 Name from July41
plus another 10 in Workshop, A.9 Cruiser Mk I -
A.10 Cruiser Mk II -
while another on the 4th gave 15 A.11 Infantry Mk I (Matilda was used
with units and 11 in Workshops. but the type was
As more British Crusaders, obsolete)
American Stuart M3 Light and A.12 Infantry Mk II Matilda
A.13 Mk I Cruiser Mk III -
the new Grant M3 Medium tanks A.13 Mk II Cruiser Mk IV -
became available their value A.13 Mk III Cruiser Mk V Covenanter
decreased. A.15 Cruiser Mk VI Crusader
A.17 Light Mk VII Tetrarch
Early in 1942 it was decided A.22 Infantry Mk IV Churchill
to reinforce the Light Tanks and Valentine Infantry Mk III Valentine
armoured cars on Cyprus with One one-off conversion was this A10 fitted with equipment to launch a 30 folding bridge using a mechanical
older Cruiser tanks. By mid-April system driven by a power take-off from the engine. It was not adopted for service but the gear was fitted to
Valentines and Covenanters which saw service in the later years of WWII. (Tank Museum)

12 Model Military International - August 2013

p 06-12 A10Cruiser TT 088B.indd 12 14/06/2013 10:49

LSA Models
n-Sat 9.30am-5.30pm
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the E du a s p ec i a li s
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53079 Prince of Wales 1/350.................................. Tam 21.50 TP02519 MSTA-S.....................................................................TBA AF35S67 AAV7A1 Ram/RS w/EAAK.......................................TBA
53089 Prince of Wales crans/railings 1/350.......... Tam 15.50 MINI ART AF35S54 Churchill MkIII w/QF 75mm MkV Gun.....................TBA
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D6772 1/35 SdKfz 234/4 Panzerspahwagen................... 49.99 MM35105 CMP F15 Ford Truck................................................TBA UMA35156 Gaz 05-193...............................................................TBA
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D7487 1/72 Flakpanzer 341 mit 2cm Flak...................... 21.50 MM35200 Russian T-20 Art Tractor..........................................TBA UMA35558 Euro Farmyard...................................................... 32.99
D7490 1/72 Panzerfahre Gepanzertw.............................. 19.99 MM35831 US Indian 741B M/Cycle..........................................TBA UMA16030 Ernst Udet WWI Ace............................................. 11.99 HOBBY BOSS
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D6483 3.7cm Flak 37....................................................... 19.50 BRONCO MODELS RV30009 M1/6 Pdr Ammo Set................................................TBA TW13280 Panzer 35 (T)............................................................TBA
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D6774 25 Pdr Field Gun Mk II w/limber.......................... 35.99 BM35139 M-24 Chaffee Korean............................................ 37.99 RV35006 M-109 A6 Palindin SPG...........................................TBA KN61010 RG-31 Mk 3 Canada.................................................TBA
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D6777 Type 95 Light Tank Hokuman...................................TBA BM35110 KV-85.................................................................... Phone TAMIYA KN62001 1/48th R-11 US/NATO Fuel Truck............................TBA
D6779 Panzer IV Ausf D DAK .............................................TBA BM35124 8 Rad PzFunkwagen SdKFZ 263......................... Phone TA60324 1/32 Birdcage Corsair...................................... 119.99
D3544 M-48 A3 Model B.....................................................TBA BM35062 Versuchsflakwagen 88mm .................................. 56.50 TA35329 JGSDF Type 10 MBT................................................TBA
D6745 S.A.S Jeep................................................................TBA BM35113 Su-152 Early.......................................................... 36.99 Prices correct at time of going to print
D6719 5cm Pak 38 (sf) 1T Halftrack..................................TBA BM35143 Panzer 1 Ausf F (VK1801).......................................TBA MENG MODELS Postage charges (within UK)
D6480 Panzer I with mine layer..........................................TBA BM35165 Italian Topolini open top w/lady...............................TBA SS-002 D9R Doobt Bulldozer................................................TBA Lge Letter ................................................................................. 1.50
D6744 Soviet Inf winter 44..................................................TBA BM35166 M-24 Chaffee Indochina..........................................TBA TS-003 AMX-30B French BMT......................................... 44.99
D7497 1/72nd Panzer IV Ausf H w/schurzen......................TBA BM35140 WWII Brit/Commonwealth Correspodents..............TBA TS-004 French AUF 1 S/P Howitzer.................................. 51.99 Small Parcel 1kg ....................................................................... 3.50
BM35154 Panzer II Ausf J .......................................................TBA TS-005 Mervaka Mk3 w/Dalet mine roller........................ 51.99 Small Parcel 2kg......................................................................... 5.00
ITALERI MAY-JUNE BM35156 Italian Topolino DAK w/German figs........................TBA TS-006 Russian T-90A MTB.................................................TBA Med Parcel 1kg........................................................................... 6.50
7068 M-48 A2C.............................................................. 10.99 BM35162 US M-22 Locust T9E1..............................................TBA VS-003 Gaz 233 014 Tiger....................................................TBA Courier up to 25Kg...................................................................... 8.00
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AB3563 T97E2 Track links (M48/60)....................................TBA SPS-002 Drink Bottles.............................................................TBA 151 Sackville Road, Hove, East Sussex BN33HD
TP01555 T-62 ERA model 1962........................................... 32.99 MASTERBOX AFV CLUB Web:
TP05556 BMP-1P IFV........................................................... 27.99 MX35097 Vickers Gun Team................................................. 10.99 AF35263 SdKfz 263.............................................................. 42.99 Tel: 0044 (0)1273 705420

p13 ADs Collated 088.indd 8 13/06/2013 15:05

FEATURE ARTICLE Inside the Armour 1:35 scale A10 Cruiser Kit No. 35056

The Editor tackles a

full resin kit Inside
the Armours 1:35
scale A10 Cruiser tank.


t might seem hard to believe I hadnt had any luck getting hold IN THE BOX plenty of personality.
considering the increasing of them. Inside the Armours 1:35 scale A10 The resin is well cast. Many
avalanche of new releases over I was therefore delighted to is made up from 124 resin parts, parts are surrounded by feather-
the last few years, but there learn that Inside the Armour was which includes 26 new resin parts like resin flash, but this may be
are still some subjects that are not planning to supplement their compared to the original Cromwell quickly removed with a sharp blade
covered by mainstream injection- multimedia vehicle interiors with Models release, plus an all-new and/or a stiff brush.
moulded kits. resin conversions and full kits based photo-etched fret with 21 parts. The hull is presented as a single
Although I have a half a shelf on Cromwells back catalogue. The kit now includes three large casting with a separate floor.
full of resin Accurate Armour The first of these 1:35 scale full mudguard options, an optional Rivet detail (both on the hull and
kits that have been superseded kits was the Covenanter Mk.I/II/ fuel tank, all new suspension and elsewhere) is even and impressive.
by nice new injection-moulded IV. Kit No. 35045, released in early turned metal barrels. I actually There was only one casting flaw
releases Cromwell, Valentines, 2012 and a subject very high on my thought one of the large side on my sample the bottom rear
Centaur and more much of my wish list. mudguards was missing, but corner of the turret is distorted,
wish list for some early WWII and More recently, Inside the apparently this style was only sort of melted, and rivet detail on
oddball military subjects remains Armour has also released a 1:35 fitted to the left side! one side of the turret rear was
unanswered. scale full kit of the A10 Cruiser The kit also includes a resin missing.
Several of these subjects were Tank, kit no. 35056. Commander half figure for the Many of the smaller raised
in the Cromwell Models range, but turret hatch, who is sculpted with details such as handholds are cast

14 Model Military International - August 2013

p 14-21 A10Cruiser 088B.indd 14 14/06/2013 10:50

onto the turret and hull, reducing and strips with nothing fancier
the number of parts required. than scoring and slicing with a
The tracks are supplied as sharp hobby knife. Once the parts
resin lengths with individual links have been removed, it is a simple
for wrapping around the drive matter to clean up the resin waste.
sprockets and idler wheels. Once again, a sharp knife will
The turned metal 2 pdr and Besa make short work of this in most
gun barrels are lovely. instances.
Instructions are supplied in A handful of parts are connected
PDF format on a disk. These kick via thicker casting blocks. A razor
off with some general advice for saw is the safest tool for this job.
working with resin and photo- I spent around 3 - 4 hours
etched parts, followed by 28 steps, in two sessions preparing the
principally illustrations and large parts for assembly a very The hull is essentially an
impressive one-piece casting with
part numbers, guiding your way worthwhile investment. Once they much detail crisply cast in place.
through construction. The different were cleaned up, the parts were
fittings for Greek, North African separated into plastic ziplock bags
and Home Front A10s are clearly to await assembly. All the resin parts require clean-up,
but it is not as difficult or as time
pointed out in Steps 27 and 28. consuming as it might look.
No decals are included, and no HULL AND RUNNING GEAR
camouflage options are suggested For my adhesive, I chose a slow-
in the instruction sheet. setting thick super glue available
cheaply from my local supermarket
NAME YOUR POISON (Selleys Supa Glue in the 3ml
I have to admit to being a bit tube). I also used Zip Kicker super
wary of the newest generation glue accelerator to lock parts in
of mainstream injection-moulded place when required.
1,000 part + super kits. I used three full 3ml tubes of
There is one quite valid glue during this project.
argument that these kits offer The first parts to be assembled
unparalleled detail and great value were the main hull and the
in terms of money spent vs. hours separate floor. Fit was not exactly
of amusement. However, I always stellar in this area, with gaps at
have one eye on the deadline, and the back, front and sides, but
the greater number of parts means the bottom of the hull will be
a bigger time commitment on my completely out of view unless the
part. model is turned upside down.
On the other hand, a multimedia Once the floor had been secured
kit such as ITAs A10 Cruiser can with thick slow setting super glue,
look very appealing in the box. the gaps were filled with Milliput
Parts count is modest (only 124 two-part epoxy putty. The excess
resin parts in this case), much of putty was wiped away with my
the detail is cast in place, and the improvised trowel (actually an
subject might not be available as a old staple remover) and a damp
mass-market injection moulded kit. fingertip.
However, it is important to keep This cleared the way to starting
in mind that the trials associated work on the running gear.
with a limited production resin kit First, the shock absorbers (4 x
might not be obvious by simply Part 13) were detailed with resin
perusing the parts. The challenges bolts from an old Verlinden set, Some of the parts are cast onto strips, and many are surrounded by a featherlike wafer of resin waste.
will often only reveal themselves and short lengths of plastic rod.
during the build itself. The road wheels were then glued
In the end, there may be little to the main suspension units two
difference in the time and effort small wheels and one large on
required to build a 1,000 part each. One of the centre mounts
injection moulded kit and a resin was warped, so I tried to bend
kit with 124 parts plus photo-etch. it back into shape but it broke
The real difference is the skill set, off in the process. Murphys Law
techniques and attitude required compounded this problem, as I
for the projects. dropped the small broken arm onto The new photo-etched fret offers some really useful details, The turned brass 2 pdr and Besa machine
the carpet and lost it forever (or at in particular the mesh heat cover for the muffler. gun barrels are simply luxurious.
GETTING STARTED least until after I have finished the
The first step in tackling ITAs A10 model)!
Cruiser was to dispense with the Plan B involved drilling holes
casting blocks and fine resin waste. into the back of the orphaned road
There is nothing fancy required wheel and the suspension unit, and The main components from
here just a bit of quality time mounting the wheel using a short one of the four suspension
spent with a sharp hobby knife, a length of copper rod. units. Note that the resin
razor saw and a sanding stick. My main focus when assembling extension on the shock
Most of the parts can easily be the suspension units was to make absorber is part of the
suspension dont cut it off!
separated from their casting blocks sure that all three wheels touched A

August 2013 - Model Military International 15

p 14-21 A10Cruiser 088B.indd 15 14/06/2013 10:50

FEATURE ARTICLE Inside the Armour 1:35 scale A10 Cruiser Kit No. 35056

B the ground at the same time. This lengths of track, making sure that
objective was met with three of the edge with the cast-on track
the units, but the large road wheel pin detail is facing outwards.
on the fourth suspension was Next, glue the wheels from the
significantly higher than the two assembled suspension units onto
smaller wheels. To correct this the track. The instructions advise
problem, I removed the middle some measurements from outer
wheel, drilled a higher mounting wheel axle on one side to outer
point on the suspension unit, wheel axle on the other, and Verlinden produces a set of nuts and bolts that are designed to be One of these nuts was glued to the
sliced off their solid resin backing sheet. end of each shock absorber. A short
drilled a corresponding hole in the also the gap between the centre length of plastic rod was also glued
back of the small middle wheel and wheels. However, when test fitting in place.
pinned the wheel in line with the my parts I came up with different
other two. Voila! Problem solved. measurements. On my kit, the
When test-fitting the suspension distance between the two outer
units and the tracks, I found that wheel axles was around 82 mm
the wheels were a very tight (84 m in the instructions); while
squeeze between the guide teeth. the gap between the two centre
A little extra space was gained wheels was 4 mm (the instructions
by sanding the inside of the guide suggest 2 mm).
teeth with an appropriately sized I think that the best policy is
coarse sanding stick. for you to thoroughly test-fit and
The instructions suggest a make the measurements yourself.
peculiar sequence for assembling Before gluing the suspension
the suspension units, tracks and units to the hull, the photo-etched Each of the sprocket holes needs to be cleared The track lengths may be carefully scored and sliced
hull, but it works. First, join two mounts A and B are folded into of resin waste. The tip of a sharp hobby blade off their casting strips using the same knife. When
makes short work of this task. fitting the tracks, take care to make sure that the edge
with the cast-on track pin detail is facing outward.

Test fitting revealed a very tight fit between the road

wheels and the track guide teeth. A coarse sanding stick
was used to slightly widen the gap.

The instructions suggest

a most peculiar sequence
for assembling the running
gear and tracks. First, two
lengths of track are glued
together. Then, the two
suspension units are glued
directly to the tracks.
The kits origins are immortalised
inside the resin hull.

The bottom of the hull is sealed with a separate resin floor. The fit is not particularly good, but the gaps are quickly filled using Milliput two-part epoxy putty.

16 Model Military International - August 2013

p 14-21 A10Cruiser 088B.indd 16 14/06/2013 10:50

The mounts for the main suspension units are provided as
photo-etched parts.

The edges are folded down using a pair of flat-nosed

electrical pliers.

The triangular return roller mounts were glued to the hull, Individual links are
then the suspension units, still attached to the track, were also supplied.
super-glued in place. Be prepared to do plenty of test
fitting and fiddling it is a bit tricky! The track links are
The mounts were fixed in place with thick, slow setting also brittle and very prone to breakage.
super glue.

shape and glued onto the lower hull; Cruiser tanks, but examination of for me. Similarly, the instructions pieces on one side, so some
and the two triangular resin return reference photos confirmed that recommend five links for the idler running repairs were in order. With
roller mounts are fitted to the they were. wheels, but I used four instead. the suspension units glued to the
photo-etched mounts and the hull. Fortunately, Inside the Armour At this stage I drilled and pinned hull, there was now a small gap
Another anomaly presents actually provides the third return the idler wheel. This allowed the on the track run between the two
itself here. The instructions make rollers and their mounts in the box wheel to be adjusted when the middle wheels. An appropriate
no mention of the third (centre they are just not identified in the track lengths were glued to the top width slice was cut from a spare
mounted) return roller on each construction sequence. In a classic and bottom of the idler. track link. This was glued into the
side. I only noticed the third case of do as I say and not as I Now the drive sprockets were space as a shim.
roller in reference photos after do, this would be the ideal time to glued in place and the suspension Over the course of the following
construction was well underway install the centre rollers (Parts 11 x units, complete with the bottom few hours, the track lengths both
and the running gear was 2) and their mounts (Parts 47 x 2). track runs, were test-fitted, jiggled, top run and bottom run broke
complete. I thought perhaps that In Step 9, instructions suggest fiddled and finally glued into place apart on several occasions. Just be
these were not fitted to all A10 that seven individual links should with equal proportions of super patient and all will be well. Handle
be glued to the drive sprockets glue and bad language. The track the tracks with care and reassure
but I found that six worked better length broke apart into several yourself that the breakages can A

The instructions suggest seven individual links

should be glued to the sprockets but I found that
six worked better for me.

Similarly, the instructions recommend five links

for the idler wheels, but I used four instead. Note
that I have drilled and pinned the idler wheel.
This allowed the wheel to be adjusted when the The tracks are taking shape now. Note that the middle return roller is not fitted here. The instructions make no mention of this middle roller, although the parts are
track lengths were glued to the top and bottom supplied and it is clearly fitted in every reference photo I can find.
of the idler.

August 2013 - Model Military International 17

p 14-21 A10Cruiser 088B.indd 17 14/06/2013 10:50

FEATURE ARTICLE Inside the Armour 1:35 scale A10 Cruiser Kit No. 35056

The photo-etched muffler guard was annealed over a The two-part muffler guard was bent with the assistance of Mission Models Multi-Tool
candle to soften the metal, making it easier to bend (Small) and UMM-USAs Rollmade II Rolling Tool.
into shape.

Some micro-folding The finished muffler

is required for in place. I am still
the drivers hatch not satisfied with the
locking hinge. positioning of the
exhaust pipe entering
the muffler though.

B be fixed. Fortunately, ITA supplies parts but I found that there was to interlock the two photo-etched
plenty of spare lengths that can be enough flex for the tracks to be parts and bend them around a
used for repairs. bent without heating. Also, the piece of fine copper wire.
In fact, if you are building the pinned idler wheels were a tight fit The muffler and its two-part
North Africa and Greece version and did not require gluing, so they photo-etched heat shield went
with the big sand shield on the could be rotated to obtain the best together exactly as advertised. The
port side and want to save yourself fit with the top and bottom lengths. photo-etched parts were annealed More brass origami is required for the legs
some trouble, you can get away (softened) over a candle before of the fuel drum. The curved bend was
made first, then the legs were bent to the
with not fitting with the portside Flying Finish they were bent into shape using
appropriate angle. This is what it should look
top track run at all. Nobody will Although the running gear Mission Models Multi-Tool (Small) like on the inward facing side
ever notice it is missing behind the presented a number of challenges, and UMM-USAs Rollmade II Rolling
sand shield! it looked good when it was finished. Tool. The holes in the edge of the
Matching up the straight runs Once this was out of the way, mesh guard clicked into place over
with the idler wheels and the drive construction proceeded very the corresponding resin mounting
sprockets was another fiddly task, quickly. plugs. Nice.
but there were a few pleasant The hull fittings were glued in I had some trouble getting the
surprises. I thought that I would place per the instructions. No real pipe from the hull to the muffler to
have to heat the tracks with a problems here, although folding line up properly. Despite repeated
hairdryer to bend the straight the locking mechanism for the test-fitting and some trimming, I
lengths always risky when drivers hatch was challenging. I am still not really happy with the
surrounded by other fine resin found the best way to do this was result. and the other side, viewed from underneath.

The legs are a tight squeeze on the front fender. I found the best chance to find enough clear space was to The fuel drum glued in place. The drum overhangs the edge of the fender.
slice off all the raised detail in the area.

18 Model Military International - August 2013

p 14-21 A10Cruiser 088B.indd 18 14/06/2013 10:50

I decided to make a
rack for these cans
from plastic strip,
angle and scrap sheet.

The lengths were cut

using my NorthWest
Short Line The
Resicast produces a gorgeously detailed set of British 4 gallon flimsies. Chopper II.

The only other tricky aspect of bottom corner. The flawed

the hull was the external fuel drum. resin was sanded flat with a
I have provided a couple of photos coarse sanding stick, then the
showing the required shape of the imperfections were covered with
photo-etched mounts. Also, I found thin plastic sheet cut to size.
that the raised detail cast on the New rivets were punched from
front portside fender needed to my Waldron Sub-Miniature Punch
be sliced off in order to provide and Die Set, then fixed to the back
enough clear space for the mounts of the turret using super glue.
and the fuel drum.
I damaged one of the resin A FEW FINISHING TOUCHES
headlights when cleaning up the A number of wartime reference
part, so I contrived replacements photos show A10s in the Western
from Italeris Crusader kit. This Desert and Greece fitted with a
kit contains a spare set of lights, rack for 4 gallon flimsies (cans for Bolts were formed using
which I drilled and mounted on petrol, oil or water) on the back the smallest punch from
my Historex Hexagonal
copper wire. These are actually of the hull. Although I could not
Punch and Die set.
a later style, but it wont matter find a really good photo, I could
as the lenses will eventually be see enough detail to guess at the
covered by helmets. approximate size and structure of
Two fire extinguishers are these improvised racks.
provided but no mention of these I started by cutting a floor for
is made in the instructions. I fitted the rack from styrene sheet. I
them to the front starboard and made sure the depth was sufficient
rear portside fenders. to fit a flimsy, while the width
There are also two mysterious matched the rear of the hull.
shapes with woodgrain texture Dimensions were around 7.5 mm x
included possibly jack blocks - 47.5 mm.
but I left these in the box. Next, four 11 mm lengths of
The turret was very .060 plastic right angle were
straightforward once the repairs cut and glued into each corner.
had been made to the distorted These were reinforced with fine A

The components
were assembled
using Tamiya Extra
Thin Liquid Cement.

A length of angle
strip was glued
underneath the
rack to form a solid
mounting point with
the rear of the hull.

The rack glued in place. Note that I have also installed a square piece of plastic next to the muffler. This will eventually
carry the Arm of Service sign.

August 2013 - Model Military International 19

p 14-21 A10Cruiser 088B.indd 19 14/06/2013 10:50

FEATURE ARTICLE Inside the Armour 1:35 scale A10 Cruiser Kit No. 35056

The turret bottom

blanking plate is New rivet heads were
riddled with gaps, punched from my
but it doesnt really Waldron Sub-Miniature
matter as you will Punch and Die Set.
never see it on the
assembled model.
More important is
that the rebate for
the stowage box
is not sufficient to
let the turret sit
down properly on
the hull.

My faithful old Dremel Motor Tool blew up

during my last project, so it was time for a
new one. Guess which is which

After the area was sanded down, the back and

side faces of the turret stowage boxes were
replaced with strips of plastic cut to size. The
new rivet heads were added at this stage too.
Inside the Armour 1:35 scale A10 Cruiser Kit No. 35056
Accessories & Materials Used
B horizontal plastic strips. Two plain
plastic strips were also fitted to Resicast Item No. 35.2343 4 Gallon Flimsies. 8 x
the back of the rack, as well as a Shell, 8 x MT
backing plate. Verlinden Item No. 0075 Nuts and Bolts
A strip of angle was also glued Evergreen Strip Styrene: No.101 - .010 x .030 Strip;
across the length of the bottom of No. 124 - .020 x .080 Strip; No. 218 - .020 Rod; No.
the floor. This acted as a positive 219 - .025 Rod; No. 291 Angle .060.
mounting point between the rack Evergreen plastic sheet (scraps from larger sheets)
The cutting wheel EF Designs Strip Styrene: 6mm x 0.25mm
attachment was and a convenient ridge on the
Fine copper wire and fuse wire (various thicknesses)
used to grind the back of the hull. Hexagonal rivets
rebate to a point punched from my Historex Punch Tools Used
where the turret and Die set finished off the rack. Waldron Sub-Miniature Punch and Die Set
would sit down on The final touch was to add a Historex Hexagonal Punch and Die Set
the hull.
square cut from scrap plastic on Mission Models Multi-Tool (Small)
the rear fender. This will carry the NorthWest Short Line The Chopper II
Arm of Service sign UMM-USA Rollmade II Rolling Tool
CMK and Tamiya Saws
INTERMISSION Flat Nose Electrical Pliers
I do enjoy a good quality Modelling Products Used
multimedia model, and Inside the
Tamiya Extra Thin Liquid Cement
Armours 1:35 scale A10 Cruiser Revell Contacta Cement
certainly falls into this category Selleys Super Glue
with its excellent casting, high level Zip Kicker Super Glue Accelerator
of detail and generally sound fit. Milliput White two-part epoxy putty
Despite some anxious moments Tamiya Surfacer
(well, perhaps hours) while working Tamiya Masking Tape (6mm and 10mm)
The bottom of the on the tracks, this has been a very
turret displayed a enjoyable and satisfying project Accurate; very high quality casting; relatively
casting flaw. It looked low parts count; link and length tracks; useful
so far.
as if it was melted, options; illustrated instructions; high level of
and some rivet head Multimedia kits almost
always demand some level of exterior detail; interesting subject; includes
detail was missing
Commander figure.
from the rear face of improvisation and creativity. They
the turret too. are a great way to expand your Distorted casting on bottom corner of the
modelling skills. turret; brittle track lengths; some vagueness
and omissions in instructions.
NEXT TIME: Available from
Next time, Brett will scratch Thanks to Inside the Armour for the sample
build a little stowage, add a
couple of crew figures, and
paint the model. Rating

20 Model Military International - August 2013

p 14-21 A10Cruiser 088B.indd 20 14/06/2013 10:50

Multimedia kits almost
ays demand some
level of improvisation
and creativity. They are a
great way to expand your
modelling skills...

A little more detail has been

added to the stowage boxes here.

Only minimal filler was

required, mainly in the places
where the sand skirts met the
mudguards and track guards.

August 2013 - Model Military International 21

p 14-21 A10Cruiser 088B.indd 21 14/06/2013 11:25

KIT PREVIEW Hobbyboss 1:35 Soviet T-26 Light Infantry Tank Kit No. 82496

The T-26 saw

widespread service in
the Spanish Civil War The one-piece lower hull will speed things up.

and in the opening

stages of the Second
World War. Andy King
examines HobbyBoss
new 1:35 scale kit of
this important tank. The lower section of the turret. Note the nice rolled steel


CAR he British Vickers Mk E
6 ton tank was designed
by Vickers-Armstrong
in 1928 and although
traces of flash here and there and
the only mould-pin marks visible
are on the main gun and underside
of the fenders, along with other
brackets which is nice as moulded
styrene ones can look quite
clunky, especially on such a small
tank like this.
The clothes rail antenna. Take care when removing this
from the sprues.

the British Army didnt place any holes for various bits fixed The turret is a two-piece item
orders it was exported to many onto the top of them. Speaking and the hatches can be modelled
other countries including Poland, of holes, its nice to see that open or closed but as there is no
Brazil, Japan and China with the HobbyBoss has made the effort interior detail you may want to
Soviet Union developing it further of tooling hollow items such as keep them shut. The large aerial
as the T-26. Initially the tank the gun barrel, exhausts and horn. for the 71-TK-1 radio that goes
featured twin turrets armed with Dimensionally the model checks on the outside is moulded in one
a machine gun in each one (Type out okay length-wise but the width piece and will need some care to
A) or a single turret equipped with is about 2mm too narrow, which clean up the mould seams and
a short barrelled 47mm 3 pdr gun in my (very humble) opinion, is not remove from the sprue. The track links are small and designed to be workable.
(Type B) but in 1933 the Soviets a deal breaker. Moulded detail is The barrel is one piece and also
put a larger turret on it equipped good however to be nit-picky the has mould seams top and bottom
with a 45mm cannon and 7.62mm rivet detail could have been a bit so care will be needed when
MG (T-26 Mod 1933). sharper and the bolt heads are removing them so as not to flat-
A logical follow on to not that well defined, however the spot it. Also if you are choosing
Trumpeters earlier twin-turreted only alternative is to remove them the more colourful paint scheme
T-26 Model 1931 release, this all and replace them with styrene then it is worth leaving the gun The pins for the track links are positively tiny!
is the Model 1933 (although it ones made using a hexagonal mantlet (part L2) off to make
says Model 1935 on the box) and punch and die set. painting easier. On another nit-
is an early production version The instructions follow a typical picky note the three lifting rings
featuring a riveted hull and gun sequence and starts with the on the turret top are moulded
mantlet, square turret hatches running gear. The suspension standing up whereas looking at
and un-armoured headlight, later looks quite delicate and made photos of the real vehicle they
models having a welded hull and to be moveable according to the lie flat.
mantlet and a round turret hatch. amount of no cement labels on It is great to see an injection
In the typically sturdy the sheet so this should be good moulded kit of an important
cardboard box you have 12 for a giggle or two, especially between the wars type and
sprues and a one piece lower when putting the tracks together. HobbyBoss has done a good job
hull moulded in The individual tracks are very with this one. The chassis was
green styrene with small and will require careful used for quite a few versions
some delicate parts removal. To put them together plus the amount of different
wrapped in foam, 16 you need to insert an even smaller operators will no doubt lead to Nice sharp detail on the drive sprocket.
in brown styrene, a pin in either side although my more aftermarket decal sheets
bag full of individual Tip of the Day here would be to appearing. This looks to be
track links, one clear insert the pin, glue it THEN cut it another excellent little model from
sprue, a small sheet off the sprue when the glue has HobbyBoss and has just gone to
of etched brass set. There is a jig included to help the top of my to do list.
and a decal sheet. with the alignment of the links and Highly recommended and
There is also an note that the track lengths are hopefully well see more pre-war
A4 sheet of paper handed too. types appearing soon.
for the two colour Moving on, and the rest of the
schemes. hull goes together with some Thanks to Creative Models
All parts are well etched detail here and there
for the review sample
Markings are sup- Photo-etched parts are supplied with the kit.
plied for two Spanish moulded with some including the fender support
Civil War vehicles.

22 Model Military International - August 2013

p 22 T26 Pre 088B.indd 22 14/06/2013 10:51

Keep your Model Military International
collection safe in a high quality binder.
Each binder holds 12 issues.
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when the draw takes place. Open to readers worldwide.

p 23 ADs Collated 088.indd 2 18/06/2013 10:50

FEATURE ARTICLE Meng Merkava Mk.3 BAZ w/Nochri Dalet Kit no. TS-005

Anthony Sheedy feeds his Israeli armour addiction with MENGs latest
addition to the Merkava family the Mk.3 BAZ with Mine Roller.

24 Model Military International - August 2013

p 24-29 Merkava3DBaz 088B.indd 24 14/06/2013 10:52

Mengs Merkava Mk.3 BAZ features striking box art.

ecause it can shoot down
attack helicopters.
If that isnt enough
to make the Merkava 3 The new turret parts.
BAZ bad, then Im out of ideas of
what will.
Hang on, Ive got one. Lets
add a mine roller. Its even more
impressive because BAZ doesnt
really need this anti-air capacity
currently, but should any of the
new powers emerging from the
Arab Spring Awakening decide to
action their rhetoric and attack
Israel then the IDF can rest
comfortably knowing theyve got
the capacity to shoot down the The large single upper and lower hull pieces.

enemys air cover (thats assuming
The tank was already the IDFs formidable F-16I Sufa
hasnt got there first) then roll up
of the toughest their mine fields before lobbing in
shells and a section of infantry to
looking vehicles around. mop up any enemy fighters who
are too dedicated to scamper.
The mine roller just BAZ (Falcon or Barak Zolher
in Hebrew, Shining or glaring
adds more menace to lightning depending on which
Internet translator you use) is
the already intimidating the codename of the Knight Mk
.3 fire control system (FCS). This
Merkava 3...

new system (still using the 120mm
smooth bore barrel) includes an
auto tracking and independent,
fully stabilised, panoramic
Commanders sight (much like the This kit includes well-moulded tarpaulins a
Abrams) that allows the Merkava nice touch!
to have an actual hunter/killer
capability. The BAZ FCS allows
for multiple target tracking and
engagement, while it and its target
are both moving. The two downed
drones stored at the Merkava
skunk works are testament to the
effectiveness of this system. For
the state of the art FCS to work, The clear sprue.
new sophisticated ammunition also
had to be developed and produced
by the Israeli Arms Industry,
including the 1st official use of
depleted uranium in the APFSDS-T
(Depleted Uranium Armor Piercing
Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot
Other than the Commanders
rotating sight, another main
The new vinyl tracks are well detailed, but they
difference to the earlier model are too long for the running gear.
Merkava 3 turret is that the
smaller oval shaped loaders
hatch has been replaced with
a larger round hatch similar to
the Commanders, which allows
better access. The chunkiness of
the front of the hull is due to the
engine being mounted in the front
of the vehicle, which is unique
to the Merkava variant of MBTs
and this feature is enhanced on A The kit decals are superb.

August 2013 - Model Military International 25

p 24-29 Merkava3DBaz 088B.indd 25 14/06/2013 10:52

FEATURE ARTICLE Meng Merkava Mk.3 BAZ w/Nochri Dalet Kit no. TS-005

Tamiya tape and Blu-Tack were used

to mask the nonslip free areas.

The MENG hull with Games

Workshop non-slip applied.

B the Merkava 3 due to the new 3D BAZ (see issue 78 of MMI), the roller heading in the desired Tamiya tape and Blu-tac to mask
thickened driver and engine which is the latest incarnation direction, however extensive the nonslip free areas and Games
armour package. Originally the of the tank. I am sure that their driver training in all environments Workshop texture paint to add the
front mounted engine was to allow decision to release a prequel in must be undertaken as incorrect texture, however other modellers
extra protection for the driver, as the form the more commonly seen manoeuvring will damage the roller have used fine sand to great
well as a rearward escape route slab sided Merkava 3 BAZ is a or tank or both.. The MENG roller effect. The beauty of using sand
for the crew. After the lessons reasonable idea sales-wise. Adding is the later type D (Dalet) easily over texture paint is that one can
learned during the 2006 intifada, the Nochri Dalet mine roller will identified by the reinforced boxed remove the non-slip in high wear
the IDF has scarified some ammo guarantee more kits walk off the construction of the arms, rather areas to create a damaged surface
to enable an infantry section to be shelf due to there being many than welded tube construction seen in a more realistic way.
secreted in the rear of the tank to IDF subjects where the roller on the earlier version, which was Many modellers wished MENG
protect it against terrorist attack is used, not just Merkava. The based off the Russian KMT-4 roller. had added the tarps for the
during the night or while operating Nochri Dalet or roughly translated As with MENGs previous stowage bins on the hull and turret
in built up areas. Foreigner, Model D, mine roller Merkava, the modeller will have along with crew weapons and
makes a tough looking tank even to apply non-slip to the model. ammo boxes to their Merkava 3D.
SPRUES tougher and once fitted the roller This is a fairly simple process, I was very pleased to see MENG
MENG kicked off this heavyweight adds nearly a half a length to with masking of the areas where listened to its customers and
family with the poster boy of IDF the tank. The thick chains and there is no non-slip being the most added these details for the BAZ
Armour in the form of the Merkava cables are used to assist keep time consuming. I chose to use release. Like any good politician

I chose to use the Blast Merkava 3 update set to speed up construction. This includes new turret basket Panzer Aces supplied the excellent IDF water can, while the aerial and base was taken from the Aussie
and ammo boxes, amongst other things. Armour set of the same name.

The Blast smoke detectors are a welcome addition due to the scale thickness of the door. A spent case catch bag is a must have addition to IDF barrel mounted .50 cals, and this item is included
in the detail set.

26 Model Military International - August 2013

p 24-29 Merkava3DBaz 088B.indd 26 14/06/2013 10:53

The MENG tracks are too long, and therefore the
model really can only be built without the side skirts
on. Once on though, this oversight is hidden.

I used 20 thou plastic

rod for the width
indictors, which
appears over scale
until painted.

Side skirt securing

chains were added
using left over ball
armour chain from my
Academy Merkava 4.

though, MENG has given with one to the launchers from lead wire
hand and taken with the other. along with conduit brackets made
The chunkiness of the Sadly, the beautiful individual from lead foil and detailed with a
front of the Merkava links found in the 3D kit have been Panther road wheel nut and bolt.
is due to the front substituted for rubber band tracks, I chose to add a Panzer Aces IDF
mounted engine, a
feature unique to
which Im sad to report are too water can, which fits perfectly into
Merkava. long for the models running gear. the kit mount, while the vertical
This isnt a problem if you plan to kit aerial mount was replaced
add the side skirts, however its with an angled one taken from
still a let down. the Aussie Armour aerial set. The
Due to time constraints, I MENG .50 cal machine gun and
chose to use the excellent Blast mount are exceptionally well done,
Merkava 3 update set to speed up however a spent case catch bag is
construction and improve on kit a must-have addition to IDF barrel
details. This includes new turret mounted .50 cals. Fortunately
and hull stowage baskets, ammo this item is included in the BLAST
boxes, crew weapons with mounts, detail set. I also added the manual
smoke grenade launchers and firing and cocking cables to the
grenade thrower and cage. The set solenoids and cocking handle of
itself is worth it for the new cage, the MG using copper wire.
as the kits one-piece moulded Other details on the turret
item is quite average. The Blast include the rectangular armour
smoke detectors are a welcome code plaques welded to the roof
addition due to the scale thickness armour module.
of the door and the well-detailed The kit gives you the option
grenades. I added wiring conduits of adding width indicators to the A

The Nochri Dalet or roughly translated Foreigner

mine roller makes a tough looking tank even tougher.
The thick chains and cables are used to keep the roller
heading in the desired direction.

The MENG roller is the later type (Mk 3)

easily identified by the reinforced boxed
construction of the arms, rather than tube.

August 2013 - Model Military International 27

p 24-29 Merkava3DBaz 088B.indd 27 14/06/2013 10:52

FEATURE ARTICLE Meng Merkava Mk.3 BAZ w/Nochri Dalet Kit no. TS-005

Aerial view showing the mass of

the Merkava 3 BAZ and Nochri.

vehicle, the pastel chalk stuck

B hull, and in my more to the anti-slip coated
opinion the overall surfaces than not creating
look of the Merkava an effect where the smooth
3 is enhanced with surfaces looked to be washed
this feature. I used 20 thou clean by the rain whereas the dirt
plastic rod for the width indictor from these surfaces collected and
poles, which appears over scale stayed in the non-slip. Streaks
in the photos but once painted in and were added to the vertical
flat black looks fits the part nicely. rear of surfaces using the same oil paints
Also added to the hull were side the lower to simulate the exhaust, fuel and
skirt securing chains, a feature hull, hull and turret oil staining commonly seen on
achieved using left over ball and horizontal surfaces active service Merkavas. The vinyl
chain armour chain from my where the crew drags it up recommendation tracks actually look quite good
Academy Merkava 4 turret. during entry to the tank. After the would be to follow under paint and I proceeded to
mud was dry I primed the vehicle in the colour advice for treat them with the same colours
COLOURS the familiar grey stuff. option two, which I think is far more and washes used on the tank, but
I wanted to represent the model The model includes markings for accurate. That being said, I wanted with gun metal highlights on the
in muddy conditions, where mud 2 Nochri equipped vehicles, one to go out on a limb so I used the guide teeth and links.
and crud would build up on hull, from the Barak Brigade and the Vallejo Israeli primer as my base The IDF would pick up and
while the rain washed upper other from the 460 Brigade during coat and weathered from it. The drop off mine rollers, rather than
surfaces would appear clean. An the 2009 Cast Lead operation. original primer colour was lightened assign one to a specific tank. This
example of this can be seen in The kit decals are some of the best with Life Color 1973 sand before is because every tank was fitted
the contrast between the smoke Ive used; thin, minimal excess film clear coating with Future, applying out to be able to push one in case
chargers and turret/hull roof. and strong enough to withstand the excellent kit decals followed by the previous Nochri equipped tank
Excellent reference can be found of a bit of moving around to get the another coat of clear before adding broke down etc. and to achieve this
muddy Merkavas in AFV Modellers positioning correct. I honestly do various washes. I airbrushed on I painted the tank and roller to look
must have Modelers guide to not see the need to substitute Tamiya Buff and Flat Earth around slightly different in colour. As no
the Merkava 3D where pictures these decals unless you want to the lower hull and under the turret one owned the mine roller, they
have been taken of filthy Merkava depict a different vehicle entirely, before applying the same colour do tend to have a little bit more of
3s at a firing range in a long ago in which case there are many more over the model heavily diluted with an unloved appearance, with less
acquired Syrian army base. options available now with the new tap water. Using a hair drying to maintenance or care given than
With construction complete, I Echelon items being the pick of the speed up the drying time allowed the tank. This can be seen in the
started the weathering process by litter in my opinion. me to start applying the Rembrandt way chains and rollers go rusty
mixing up mud and crud made from I would not recommend following pastel chalks and oil wash chasers or the red painted service areas
static grass, Humbrol flat brown MENGs colour advice in the first to the tank. This mix really started can turn a more pink as the paint
paint and yellow concrete sand to marking option colour as I found to add depth and tonal variation oxidises with age. The rusty, faded
brush onto the areas of the tank the Gunze H27 Sandy Brown to the mud and crud as well as the and oxidised paint was achieved
where it collects: suspension, front far too brown to be realistic. My vehicles surfaces. Like on the real by adding more white and ochre

The IDF would pick up and drop off rollers, rather than
assign one to a specific tank. This is because every
tank was fitted out to be able to push one in case the
previous mine tank broke down etc. Thus I painted the
tank and roller to look slightly different in colour.

28 Model Military International - August 2013

p 24-29 Merkava3DBaz 088B.indd 28 14/06/2013 10:52

Meng Merkava Mk.3 BAZ w/Nochri Dalet
Kit no. TS-005
Tools and Accessories Used
Games Workshop texture paint.
Tamiya Grey Primer Fine
Tamiya Arcylic Paints
Vallejo Arcylic Paints
Windsor and Newtons Oil Paint
Rembrandt Pastel Chalk
I wanted to represent the model in muddy conditions, and added built up mud The kit decals are some of the best Ive used; thin, minimal film excess film and Merkava Siman 3 by Desert Eagle Publishing
and crud on the upper surfaces while clean on the rain washed areas. This strong enough to withstand a bit of moving around to get the positioning right. Merkava, by Tankograd
can be seen in the contrast between the smoke chargers and turret/hull roof. IDF Armoured Vehicles by Tankograd
Merkava 3 by Museum Ordinace

High Level of detail and accuracy, mine roller.

Absence of non-slip.
Available from
Thanks to Meng Model for the sample


The back deck showing oil and fuel staining, the Blast smoke launchers detail Blasts rear bins and tool bag are also great under paint, as well as speeding
isnt apparent until theyre painted. up construction due to them being one piece.

washes over the base colour as adding a figure from Verlindens The tank was already one of the
well as painting the service areas modern IDF tank crew set with a toughest looking vehicles around.
pink and adding red and white replacement Hornet head set low The mine roller just adds more
washes to achieve that faded out in the cupola. menace to the already intimidating
oxidised appearance. For a finishing touch, I added Merkava 3.
Chips and scratches were an Israeli flag from Echelons new The Meng Dynasty continues. I added an Israeli flag from Echelons new IDF
applied around the drive sprockets, IDF decal range, and was suitable Long may it reign! decal range, and was suitable impressed with the
hatches and high wear areas with a impressed with the realism of realism of its fall.
fine brush and sponge using Vallejo its fall.
German Black-Brown and Red
Primer. Final weathering consisted LAST WORDS
of oil and fuel staining and spatter MENG was onto
around the engine and back deck a winner with their
along with a good oiling of all the Merkava 3D, and theyve
machine guns. Aerials were made backed it up
from brass rod detailed with cable strongly with this
ties and securing rope before new release.

The mine roller just

adds more menace to
the already intimidating
Merkava 3.

August 2013 - Model Military International 29

p 24-29 Merkava3DBaz 088B.indd 29 14/06/2013 10:53

FEATURE ARTICLE Brach Models French R35 / PzKpfw 35R (f) Kit No. BM 085

Steve Zaloga finishes
the resin 1:35 scale
Brach Models
Renault R35 kit
in a colourful

30 Model Military International - August 2013

p 30-34 RenaultR35 088B.indd 30 14/06/2013 10:54

fter having built a few ASSEMBLING THE KIT
of the old Heller Renault Brach's resin moulding is excellent.
R35 kit, I was pleased I had no problems with bubbles,
to see that Brach Model and the kit design minimizes the
was releasing a series of high-end need for a lot of sawing to remove
resin kits covering various models parts from the mould sprues.
of this famous little tank. I settled I started with the interior. I built
on their kit BM 085 which covers this mainly out-of-the-box and the
the late R35 with the APX-R1 kit provides all of the essential
turret along with the Renault- elements. Colouring information
pattern unditching tail. The kit is a is sparse. I got to see the insides
multi-media effort, mainly in resin, of the Saumur R-35 last summer,
but also with a nice photo-etch fret and it was basically painted in
and a small decal sheet. The kit is white with the transmission tunnel
not inexpensive at around Euro 82 finished in a medium industrial
($100), and I ordered mine from green colour, and the gun assembly A view of the hull interior after painting but before attaching the left side.
Blast in Paris. in the usual army dark green. Once
Overall, the kit was up to I had the interior finished, I sealed
Brach's usual high standard. The up the basic hull parts.
kit comes with numerous options. My preferred glues for resin
The turret can be done in any of kits are a gel version of ethyl
the standard versions including cyranoacrylate (CA) glues. the
the original APX-R with the "fente particular brand I use is BSI Insta-
Estienne" diascopes, up through Cure IC-Gel. I find that this works
the APX-R1 with the later 37mm better than liquid CA glues as the
gun and the slit-style episcopes. gel allows parts to be positioned
The kit includes a full turret and more easily. One of the main
hull interior; there is a separate drawbacks of CA glues is that
upgrade kit for the engine. All the they are not especially strong to
hatches are separate including the sheer force. So for some major
engine area. assemblies, I reinforce the joint A

A view of the finished interior. The kit provides

the 37mm ammunition as individual pieces!

August 2013 - Model Military International 31

p 30-34 RenaultR35 088B.indd 31 14/06/2013 10:54

FEATURE ARTICLE Brach Models French R35 / PzKpfw 35R (f) Kit No. BM 085

The most frustrating aspect of the project

was the individual link track which were pure
torture to assemble. Small resin link-to-link
track are simply a bad idea.

B with 5-minute, two-part epoxy.

Once I had completed the hull
interior, I turned to the suspension.
The Brach kit is particularly
good in this case, offering much
better detail than the old Heller
kit. Furthermore, the assembly is
very simple. The exception to this
is the kit track. The kit includes
link-to-link resin tracks. Although
the detail is quite good, resin
link-to-link tracks are a horror to
assemble. They are intended to
click together, but the material
is so soft that after putting a few
links together, the joint between
the links has been damaged. As
a result, the track lengths do not
hold together very well. In the
case of plastic link-to-link tracks,
this can be solved with some liquid
cement which stays soft long
enough to get a whole set of tracks
together. The only way to get
resin tracks together is CA glue or
epoxy, which completely ruins the
opportunity to drape these tracks
for proper sag. My solution was to
"paint" small lengths of tracks with
a solution of carpenters glue, water
and flow enhancer. This keeps
them together well enough to get
them on the suspension, after
which they can be fixed in place
with very thin CA glue. This was
torture, and as a result, I would not
recommend this kit for anyone but
the most patient craftsmen, or for
modellers willing to throw away
the resin track and buy a set of the
much easier Modelkasten track.
I never thought I would refer to
Modelkasten track as "easy", but
compared to these misbegotten
tracks, they are a pleasure to
assemble. Once I had the tracks in
place, I primed the suspension with
some Tamiya Khaki Drab before The finished model prior to painting.
adding the fenders.
After all the trouble with the
tracks, the rest of the kit was
straightforward to assemble.
The turret is very nice, but after
finishing the model, I began to
have suspicions about its size. On
comparing it to the old Heller kit
and the newer Bronco Hotchkiss
H39 kit, it seems that it is based
on the Bronco kit. The Bronco kit
is much better detailed than the
old Heller kit which has led many
modellers to believe it is more
accurate. Unfortunately, it was
based on an unreliable set of plans
that have a major dimensional flaw.
The Bronco model is too narrow,
and this led to other distortions in
sizes, including the turret. I only
realized this after painting the
model, so by this stage it was too
late to do much about it.

32 Model Military International - August 2013

p 30-34 RenaultR35 088B.indd 32 14/06/2013 10:54

I attempted to paint some of the larger areas on
the tank using the airbrush. I chose to use light
grey on the turret since it was a good start with the
other lighter colours. Likewise, a pale yellow in the
center worked well. The hull front and rear were in
standard army green as was the unditching tail.

This is how the model appeared after the

basic camouflage painting was completed.
The problem with these colourful schemes
is that they appear to toy-like. Weathering
is definitely needed.


One reason I wanted to build
this model was the possibility of
using one of the very colourful
Renault schemes from the 1936-37
period. The French author Pascal
Danjou has pioneered the study of
French tank camouflage, and had
a nice article on this subject in his
magazine "Minitracks". In addition,
the French magazine Batailles &
Blindees had a wonderful piece
on the 21e Batallion des Chars de
Combat by Laurent Deneu (No.
37, June-July 2010). I decided to
do the tank of the 3rd Company
To make the chevron markings on the turret corners, I masked some The name on the right side of the turret was made by first making a black and white pattern
commander, Capt. Perat. I white decal sheet using Tamiya yellow kabuki masking tape. of the name using Adobe Photoshop, and then tracing the design on clear decal paper on a
airbrushed the basic colours, light box using a Speedball calligraphy ped and thinned Vallejo White acrylic paint.
but then did most of the rest by
hand-painting with Vallejo acrylic.
The black lines between the
camouflage patterns were done
with a Faber Castell PITT Type F
(Fine) artist pen. This pen uses
India ink which is permanent and
won't bleed the way that some
marker pens do.
The markings are a mixture
of dry transfers, decals from the
stash, and some hand-made decals.
The large letters on the turret are
dry-transfers from the Woodland
Scenics brand aimed at model
railroaders. The French cocarde
on the hull front comes with the
kit. The officer insignia, two red
chevrons on a white background,
were painted on white decal
paper. The white convoy circles
were made from decal sheet. The
matricules (French registration
numbers) were done on black decal
sheet using dry-transfers. The A

August 2013 - Model Military International 33

p 30-34 RenaultR35 088B.indd 33 14/06/2013 10:54

FEATURE ARTICLE Brach Models French R35 / PzKpfw 35R (f) Kit No. BM 085

B name "L'Aiglon" (Little Eagle) was Modelspec

painted on some clear decal sheet
using a Speedball calligraphy pen Brach Models French R35 / PzKpfw 35R (f)
but with thinned Vallejo acrylic Kit No. BM 085
paint instead of ink. To get the
size and shape right, I scanned
the illustration of "L'Aiglon" from Nermrod Tankistes Franais Juin 1940 (N35064)
the magazine article, inverted Decals
the colour from white to black
Woodland Scenics Model Graphics MG719 Condensed
in Adobe Photoshop, and then
Roman Railroad White
used this on a light box to trace
the name with the pen. All very Paint
complicated, but it is much less Vallejo Game Colour 32 Scorpy Green
trouble than trying to draw the Vallejo Game Colour 46 Ghost Grey
name on the tank turret itself! Vallejo Game Colour 49 Stonewall Grey
The finished paint scheme and Vallejo Game Colour 62 Earth
markings result in a colourful Vallejo Game Colour 45 Charred Brown
but very toy-like appearance. Vallejo Game Colour 39 Plague Brown
To reduce the contrast and the Vallejo Model Colour 70958 Pink
colour saturation, I airbrushed the Vallejo Model Colour 70811 Blue Violet
Vallejo Panzer Aces 320 French Tank crew (green)
model in a dust glaze consisting of
a small amount of Tamiya Khaki Reference
in a solution of Tamiya Clear and Batailles & Blindees, No. 37, June-July 2010, pp. 50-65
thinner. It is important to apply
this in thin mists, because if too High standard of casting; useful options;
much is put on, the elaborate generally very good fit and simple
camouflage painting will be ruined. construction.
I then proceeded with various Not inexpensive; difficult assembly of resin
washes and dry brushing to finish
the painting.
I mounted the finished model on
a simple base using some MiniArt
individual link tracks; undersized turret.
Available from
Brach Models:
upOverall, the kit was
to Brachs usual
vacuum formed cobblestone on a
high standard...

simple sheet plastic base.
The figure is from Nemrod
(Tankistes Franais Juin 1940:
N35064) with a Hornet head.
The finished model on its presentation
base. The black base was made from
Evergreen .030 thou sheet plastic with the
cobblestone coming from some MiniArt
The figure comes from vacu-form cobblestone street.
Nemrod with a Hornet french
tanker's head substituted.

34 Model Military International - August 2013

p 30-34 RenaultR35 088B.indd 34 14/06/2013 10:55

KIT PREVIEW Meng 1:35 Pick Up w/ZU-23-2 Kit No. VS-004

The doors are separate too, and may be posed open or closed.

Interior detail and textures are nicely done.

Topless, anyone? The one-piece

body and separate roof section.


Meng has released the first in a new line of Land Cruiser
Tray detail looks great too.

pickups, this one fitted with the Russian ZU-23-2

anti-aircraft gun. Andrew Judson takes a look.

eng Models has really due to its mobility. bumpers and wheels, leaving you
made a mark in the Inside the box, we are met with with a very nice rendition of a
hobby industry with seven sprues of tan, black and Toyota pick up.
their great kits and green parts, the main cab and roof Now we have the ZU23-2. This
interesting subjects, and here of the vehicle, five vinyl tyres, a has ten stages in its build with a
is another one to add to that sheet of photo etch, poly caps, a lot of detail, making this in itself Windcsreen and windows are supplied in sparkling clear
collection. This comes in the small decal sheet with dashboard a brilliant little kit in its own right. injection moulded plastic.
shape of a Toyota Land Cruiser, markings, and finally an eighteen It can be done in the transport
though not specified on the box, page instruction booklet, with mode, or in three different firing
nor are there any badges, most very clear easy to understand angles, and can also be finished
probably due to licensing reasons; drawings and on the back page, either ground mounted or vehicle
and the twin gunned ZU-23-2, some colour profile drawings of mounted. This is a great option for
quite a weapon. the vehicle and the gun. The flow those who only want the vehicle
Both of these have served quite of the build appears to be in a or the gun. For vehicle mounting
prominently through out different logical order, beginning with the option, Sprue E has the H iron
conflict zones, especially Africa chassis, suspension, driveline, sections to mount the gun in the
and the Middle East, Iran, Iraq and though there is no engine. utility section.
Afghanistan. Next is the construction of This is going to be a fun kit to The gun is moulded in dark plastic.
The ZU 23-2 is a Russian made the interior, which is basic but build and paint, and weathering
weapon, developed in the 1950s more than adequate straight will be offer all sorts of interesting
and then mass produced in the from the box. This is followed by possibilities, from mild to
1960s. It has a high rate of fire the building of the cab and rear absolutely battered as seen often
and its primary role was anti- utility section. I thought it was on news clips and photos. Really,
aircraft though in recent conflicts very clever providing the roof of the only things missing are an
has quite often been used the cab separately, making it a lot engine and opening bonnet, but
effectively in the anti-personnel easier to detail the interior with I am sure the after-market will
role. When mounted onto a vehicle clutter and equipment as seen address this in the future.
such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, in most military vehicles. It will I think Meng has come up with a
it becomes a lot more effective also be a lot easier to paint when winner with this one. You can see
wanting a two- that they have really researched The gun may be built as ground mounted, or fitted in the
tone finish. the subject, making it more of Toyotas cargo tray.
Next are the a want into the already growing
doors, which may stash. I would highly recommend
be posed in the this one, and really look forward
closed or opened to seeing what modellers make of
position, another it in dioramas and vignettes. Top
clever option. Job Meng.
Then its the final
assembly of parts Thanks to Meng Model
such as the foot
for the sample
rails, mud guards, The modest photo-etched fret.
Decals for the dashboard are colourful and detailed.
August 2013 - Model Military International 35

p 35 Pickup Pre 088B.indd 35 14/06/2013 10:56

Think Tank - M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer
An M109 in German service.
Note the tracks and smoke pro-
jectors mounted on the turret.


Stuart Ransley explores the origins, development and variants of the M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer.

he M109 is a self-propelled HISTORY entire self-propelled artillery pro- and redesignated the T196E1 and
155 mm howitzer. The In January 1952, preliminary gram occurred in June 1954 and T195E1 respectively.
vehicle entered US Army studies began for a self-propelled decided that future concepts of the The T195 had a number of
service in June 1963 howitzer to replace the existing T196 would be prepared along the failures occur in the suspension
and was eventually adopted as 155mm M44. Most designs for same design that was proposed for and final drive during evaluation at
the standard artillery system for Self Propelled Artillery had simply the Howitzer 110mm Self-Propelled Fort Knox.
NATOs Mechanised Divisions. It added a towed artillery piece to a T195. Questions were raised over Further work was carried out
has been upgraded over the years modified tank hull in an open top the adoption of the odd calibres. to rectify the problems that
since its introduction, with the configuration. With the advent These were dropped in favour of had occurred during evaluation
current version being the M109A6 of the first Artillery Location the 105mm and 155mm howitzers, and in December 1961 both
Paladin. Radars, accurate counter battery particularly after the 155mm cali- prototypes were classified as a
The M109 has been used in fire became a real threat so the bre had been selected by NATO as Limited Production Types. In July
action during the Vietnam War, US Army wanted a fully enclosed its standard artillery calibre. 1963 both types were classified
Arab Israeli Conflicts, the turret to better protect the The first prototypes of the as standard A with the T195E1
Iran Iraq war, 1990-91 Gulf crew. In April 1953 the Ordnance designs were completed in 1959. becoming the Howitzer, Light,
War, Operation Iraqi Freedom Tank Automotive Command The 105mm T195 came first then Self-Propelled, 105mm, M108
and Afghanistan. The design has authorised the development of the 155mm T196 six months later. and the T196E1becoming the
proven to be highly dependable and two new designs, the T195 110mm Both prototypes were powered Howitzer, Medium, Self-Propelled,
well-liked by its crews. SP Howitzer and the T196 156mm by a Continental petrol engine. In 155mm, M109
The M109 has been widely SP Howitzer. The first designs for 1959 the Army decided that diesel The first M109 and M108 vehi-
exported and is or has been used the T196, were rejected. It wasnt rather than petrol engines would cles were issued to the US Army
by a number of countries including until May 1954 that a concept be used for all future combat in June 1963. After experience
Israel, Spain, Egypt, Germany, and was finally approved. A review of vehicles so the prototypes of both in Vietnam it was found that the
UK to name a few. the military characteristics of the were fitted with a diesel engine 155mm outperformed the 105mm

36 Model Military International - August 2013

p 36-41 M109 TT 088B.indd 36 14/06/2013 10:57

Howitzer so the decision was
made to withdraw the M108 from
service. Some M108s were sold
to allied nations; while many were
converted to M109 or used for
other purposes such as OPFOR
(Opposing Forces) training.

The hull and turret of the M109
are constructed of all welded
aluminum, with the turret to
the rear of the hull, the drivers
compartment to the left front and
the engine compartment to the
right front. The drivers position is
accessed via a single piece hatch
that opens to the left. The turret
is fitted with two square hatches
on either side, these open to the
Aerial shot of a US Army M109 in Vietnam (photo US Army). Side view of an M108. Note the size and shape of the gun barrel and the lack of recoil spades rear of the vehicle. There are two
(photo US DoD). hatches on the rear of the turret
that are used for ammunition re
supply. The hull has two hatches
at the rear of the vehicle to give
access to the fighting compart-
ment. Either side of the hatches
are the recoil spades that are
lowered manually before firing.
The M109 has a crew of six con-
sisting of:
Three ammunition handlers
The vehicle commander is
seated on the right side of the
An M109A1 wearing turret and has a cupola that can
a four colour camou- be traversed through 360, it has
flage scheme a single-piece hatch that opens to
(photo US Army). the rear. The gunner is seated on
the left side of the turret and has
a square single-piece hatch that
opens to the right.

The M109 is fitted with a Detroit
8V-71T, turbo charged 8 cylinder
diesel engine. This is coupled to an
Allison Transmission XTG-411-4A
cross drive transmission which
gives a maximum road speed of
56.3 kmph. The vehicle is fitted
with torsion bar suspension that
Side view of a US Army M109A2
consists of seven dual road wheels
serving with IFOR in Bosnia and
Herzgovina (photo US DoD). with the drive sprocket at the front
and the idler at the rear. There are
no track-return rollers. The tracks
are of the single-pin, centre guide
type with replaceable rubber pads.
The M109 can ford to a depth of
1.82m without preparation but can
be fitted with a amphibious kit
consisting of 9 airbags which are
inflated from within the vehicle.
The vehicle was propelled through
the water by its tracks.

The M109s main armament
consists of an M126 155mm
Howitzer. It can be elevated to +75
degrees, depressed to -5 degrees
and traversed 360 degrees. Gun A

August 2013 - Model Military International 37

p 36-41 M109 TT 088B.indd 37 14/06/2013 10:57

Think Tank - M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer

Front view of a US Army M109A2 serving as part of IFOR in Bosnia and Herzgovina (photo US DoD). Front view of a US Army M109A3 from A Battery, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery at McGill
Base Bosnia and Herzgovina (photo by Staff SGT Ron E Long US Army).

B traverse, elevation and depression

are hydraulic with manual controls
for emergency use. Rate of fire is
normally 1 round per minute but
can be as fast as 3 rounds per
minute for short periods. There is
also a M2 .50 cal HMG fitted to the
Commanders cupola.

This was an upgrade for the M109,
which replaced the M126 155mm
Howitzer with the longer barrelled
M185 gun. This increased the range M109A2 of C Battery, 1st
by nearly 4000 m with standard Battalion, 41st Field Artillery
ammunition. The first conversion (Photo SPC Gary Bryant).
kits were available in early 1972,
with the first vehicles becoming
operational in 1973. Apart from in 1979. This vehicle used the M109A3 M109A5
the new gun tube there were many modifications recommended in Mid This was the designation given This vehicle has the 155 mm M185
other upgrades including:- A new Life Improvement Program for the to the M109A1 vehicles that were cannon in M178 mount replaced
Hydraulic motor was added, due to M109A1. These included:- The new upgraded to M109A2 standard. with the 39-caliber 155 mm M284
the heavier gun stronger torsion M178 gun mounting, A bustle was cannon in the M182 mount, this
bars were added to the front two added to the rear of the turret M109A4 gives the A5 a maximum range
road wheels, the gun travel lock to accommodate the new Rocket This was the designation given to of 23,500 meters with standard
was moved from the engine deck Assisted Projectiles which were M109A2s and M109A3s that were projectiles and 30,000 meters with
to the front of the vehicle and a being developed. This had the upgraded with Nuclear, Biological, Rocket Assisted Projectiles (RAP).
new weapon mounted rammer was added benefit of increasing the and Chemical / Reliability, The vehicle can carry 36 rounds
added. By April 1981 all M109s in ammunition stowage from 28 to Availability, and Maintainability of 155mm ammunition and is fitted
US service had been upgraded. 36 rounds. The travel lock at the (NBC/RAM) improvements. These with a 440 hp engine instead of
front of the vehicle was changed included: - air purifiers, heaters, the standard 405 hp engine.
M109A2 to a new counter balanced one, the and Mission Oriented Protective
This was a new vehicle that flotation system was removed and Posture (MOPP) gear. This gear M109A6 "Paladin"
entered production in 1978 with a new engine and turbo charger was stored under new gunners This vehicle is the latest version
the first vehicles being delivered was fitted. seats and stowage boxes. of the M109. It has a number of

Internal view showing the gun breech of the 155mm Howitzer. Internal view of the turret of an M109A2. Ammunition stowage may be seen at the rear of the turret.

38 Model Military International - August 2013

p 36-41 M109 TT 088B.indd 38 14/06/2013 10:57

improvements these include:
1. Increased armour protection
2. Redesigned internal ammunition
3. Upgraded engine and suspension
4. Improvements to the M284 gun
and M182A1 mount
5. New fire control system
The upgrades to the fire control
system allow the vehicle to halt
and fire within 30 seconds with
accuracy equivalent to the previ-
ous versions of the M109 when
they were properly emplaced, laid,
and safed. This process previ-
A very dirty M109A2 in Bosnia (photo SPC Glenn W Suggs). M109A5 under Repair (photo by Pendergast4).
ously required several minutes to
complete under the best of circum-
stances. This allows the M109A6
to halt, fire and move off to a
different location thus avoiding the
threat of counter battery fire.
Ammunition stowage is
increased from 36 to 39 155 mm
The M109 was exported to a
number of countries. These export
vehicles usually carried the letter
B after their designation, eg.
M109A1B. These vehicles were
slightly different to the versions
in service with the US Military.
Before the Islamic Revolution in Iran the US supplied the Iranian Army with several hundred M109A1s. During the Iran Iraq War, Iraq captured a number of these
The M109 was or is still being
M109A1 Howitzers and put them into service. These vehicles were destroyed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. (Photo US DoD).
used by many countries including,
UK, Spain, Egypt, Israel, South
Korea, Iran, Germany, Holland and
Switzerland. The Swiss and the
South Koreans developed their
own versions.

(PzHb 79/95, PzHb 88/95)
This version of the M109A1 was
produced for the Swiss Army by
Ruag. The vehicle had its original
155mm gun replaced by a new
Swiss-designed L47 155 mm gun
with an increased firing range of
up to 36 km. It was also fitted
with a new fire control system and
greater ammunition stowage, this
enables the vehicle to fire 3 round
bursts in 15 seconds or continuous
fire of over one round per minute.
Upgraded Swiss PzHb 79 and 88
(M109A1) are known as respectively
PzHb 79/95 and PzHb 88/95.
Spanish Army M109A5 155mm Self-propelled Howitzer comes
K55/K55A1 ashore at El Omayed, Egypt as US, Spanish and Egyptian
These vehicles are South Korean Forces conduct amphibious operations, during Exercise
variants of the M109. They were BRIGHT STAR 01/02.. (photo SRA D. MYLES CULLEN, USAF).
originally based on M109A2 with
additional local upgrades. They
are fitted with NBC protection,
automatic fire extinguishing sys-
tem, and a modified ammunition
stowage. The K55A1, is a complete
upgrade of the K55 which brings
the vehicle up to M109A6
Originally ammunition resupply
for the M109 was accomplished
using the M548 supply vehicle.
This wasnt a particularly success-
A U.S. Army Soldier from Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 82nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st
ful system as the M548 was unar- Cavalry Division drives an M109-A6 Paladin Self-Propelled Howitzer to different checkpoints
moured and offered no protection during a top gun competition on Camp Taji, Iraq, Oct. 10, 2007. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior
for the crew or ammunition. A US Army M109A6 Paladin (photo by Senior Airman Steve Czyz; USAF). Airman Steve Czyz) (Released).

August 2013 - Model Military International 39

p 36-41 M109 TT 088B.indd 39 14/06/2013 10:57

Think Tank - M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer

A U.S. Army Soldier of Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 82nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division does U.S. Army Pvt. from 5th Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, uses a cal meter on
maintenance checks on the M109-A6 Howitzer during the top gun competition at Camp Taji, Iraq, Oct. 12, an M109 Paladin tank to calibrate targets before a live fire exercise at Guzlani Warrior Training Centre on
2007. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Steve Czyz) (Released). Contingency Operating Site Marez, in Mosul, Iraq, May 28, 2011. U.S. Soldiers of 1st Cavalry Division are in
Iraq in Support of Operation New Dawn. (U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Aaron Herrera/Released).

Rear view of an M109A6 showing the interior of the hull doors (USAF photo by Tech Sgt John Houghton)(Released). A Swiss PzHb 79/95 during a Parade.

Another view of a Swiss PzHb B M992, M992A1, M992A2 FIELD ARTILLERY

79/95 preparing to fire.
This vehicle is built on the chassis
of the M109. The turret has been
replaced with a fixed superstruc-
ture enabling 93 rounds of 155mm
ammunition to be carried. It was
originally fitted with a hydrauli-
cally powered conveyor system
designed to allow the quick upload-
ing of rounds to the M109 howitzer.
This was recently removed as it
proved to be too slow and the two
horizontally opening doors were
changed to vertical opening so as
to provide protection to the crew
during resupply operations. The
M992 has been further upgraded
to be able to effectively work with
the M109A6 and is now designated
The M109 has been an effective
system since the 1960s, It has
been upgraded over the years and
was due to be replaced but with
the cancellation of the Crusader
program it will now remain the
principle self-propelled howitzer
for the US Military for the foresee-
able future. A rear

40 Model Military International - August 2013

p 36-41 M109 TT 088B.indd 40 14/06/2013 10:57

Republic of Korea Marines fire artillery from a K-55 self-propelled gun July 18 in Tonghyeon-ri, Republic of An Egyptian Soldier gives signals to his tanker while moving on shore after dismounting a U.S. Navy vessel
Korea during the Korean Marine Exchange Program 12-7. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Pfc. Anne K. Henry). during the Amphibious Landing Exercise on the Mediterranean Sea, Sept 15. The exercise is one of six major
events conducted during the Central Command directed, Coalition Land Forces Component command/Third
U.S. Army run Bright Star exercise. (Photo US DoD)

A rear view of an Israeli M109A1

(Photo by Sgt. Ori Shifrin, IDF
Spokesperson's Unit).

An Israeli M109A1 conducting a live fire exercise.

(Photo by Sgt. Ori Shifrin, IDF Spokesperson's Unit).

An M108 that has been converted to resemble a Russian ZSU 23 4. The M992A2 Field Artillery Ammunition Supply Vehicle. (photo US DoD).
(photo US Army).

A rear view of an M992 Field Artillery Ammunition Supply Vehicle.

August 2013 - Model Military International 41

p 36-41 M109 TT 088B.indd 41 14/06/2013 10:57

FEATURE ARTICLE Kinetic Model Kits 1:35 scale Self-Propelled Howitzer M109A2 Kit No. K61006

Kinetics dynamic box art.

Andrew Judson builds Kinetics 1:35 scale M109

42 Model Military International - August 2013

p 42-45 M109 088B.indd 42 14/06/2013 11:09



ale M109A2 straight from the box.

A. The big main turret part.

B. The lower hull is moulded as a partial tub. CONSTRUCTION
C. The main upper hull moulding. The first part of the build deals
D. The tyres are moulded separate from the with the gun mantlet and the
front wheel hubs - nice for painting!
turret. The mantlet is built up in
seven stages. These went together
fairly well, although some parts

needed a bit of manipulating to get
inetics 1:35 scale M109A2 together, or there were no locating
comprises approximately holes or lugs to put in correct
328 parts in caramel position, sometimes leaving you
coloured plastic. Bucking to guesstimate where to put them
the trend somewhat, Kinetic has unless you have good reference.
no multimedia parts or even vinyl Once built, you end up with quite a
in this kit. The focus seems to detailed gun mantlet, although only
be to keep the building process with external details and no breech
as simple and straightforward as or internal details.
possible while retaining a decent The next six stages covered
level of detail. building of the turret. This all
Kinetics plastic parts are went together very well, although
presented in a caramel colour and this is where I found some detail
are mainly free from moulding flaws. a little on the soft side. The rear
Some of the smaller parts have a baskets on the over scaled side
little flash to clean up though. too, although still acceptable for
The level of overall detail is good. an out of the box build. There were
There is no interior but hatches some parts again that didn't align
are supplied as separate parts. I correctly that went into place
am sure that it is only a matter with a little sanding. These were
of time until some enterprising mainly the side doors and the rear
resin manufacturer decides to baskets. I was not very happy with
fill this large space for all those the tools on the turrets top. They
superdetailers out there. were very basic, and if I was to A
The big 155mm barrel is split
into two horizontal halves, with
alternative muzzle brakes being
supplied as an additional two
parts each.
Link and length tracks are
supplied in black plastic - long
straight sections for each top and
bottom run; and individual links
and connectors for the front and Link and length tracks.
rear curved sections. The tracks
are generally good, but the track
pins are poorly represented on the
edges of the track connectors on
the long runs.
Markings are provided for three
vehicles - one each British and US
from Iraq in 1991, and a NATO-cam
US Army machine based in the
USA during 1987.
The small decal sheet is printed
by Cartograf. As you would
expect, registration and printing Markings are supplied for three vehicles.
are perfect. The decals are excellent.

August 2013 - Model Military International 43

p 42-45 M109 088B.indd 43 14/06/2013 11:09

FEATURE ARTICLE Kinetic Model Kits 1:35 scale Self-Propelled Howitzer M109A2 Kit No. K61006

B build another, would replace these length system, which look pretty
with aftermarket variants, as I good when they are together. I
would also with the Commanders believe these tracks are available
The multi-part lower
.50 cal machine gun. Mine even as a separate item and would make
hull fits together well.
suffered with a big sink hole in its for a much better option than
side that required careful filling the rubber-band type, if you are
with putty. building the Italeri kit and want to
After the turret was built it was enhance it a little. I was impressed
time to add the mantlet, which that the amount of links you are
one would think should be easy asked to use in the instructions
- just glue in place - but not so. was spot on, leaving a natural track
The gap to place the mantlet, was sag. Overall, the running gear was
approximately 1.5mm too narrow, for me the best part of the build.
so out came a fine file and sanding Next I assembled the upper
stick, then a bit at a time until I had deck. I found the level of detail
a snug fit. I then skipped a couple here okay. Next I glued this to the The turret is busy
of stages, and glued the barrel lower tub, and lastly, constructed with boxes, racks and
together, which was in two halves, the rear stabilisation spades.
followed by the flash suppressor, The building is now complete,
sanded away the join marks and and its time to paint!
glued this in place as well.
With the turret complete, it was PAINTING AND MARKINGS
now time to start on the lower hull As I was building this kit out of
and running gear. This consists of the box, I also decided to paint it
ten stages in total. with one of the four choices. Three
I believe that the lower hull tub of these are for Operation Desert
was over engineered, with a total Storm, two US and one British; and
of nine parts just for the basic one US serving in the US in four
shape, leaving you to ensure that coloured leaf pattern, typical of the
everything is correctly lined up 1980s. Markings for all of these is
and level or you will be faced with very basic.I decided to paint mine
further problems later on when you in US Desert sand for a vehicle
A little filler was required at the upper hull rear corner. The figure was sourced from Verlinden.
put the top deck on to find it does serving with the 24th Inf Div 1991,
not fit. It would have saved time is Operation Desert Storm.
this could have been done as one I sprayed the entire vehicle in some very light dry brushing over bringing more life to this vehicle.
part. I will say though, that I had Tamiya acrylics, starting with a the washed areas to tone things Detail painting of the running
no problems with fitment at this base coat of XF-59 Desert Yellow, down a little and also to further gear was next, starting with the
stage, Phew!! followed by a second coat of the enhance some more detail. wheels. First the tyres of the road
Now with the basic tub done, same mixed with a little XF-57 At this stage things were wheels were painted, and then
it was time to start on the Buff to lighten it up a little and looking pretty good, but it just using True Earth products I applied
suspension and running gear. also bring out some of the detail wasn't quite there yet, so some a layer of Fading Agent No 1 to all
Assembly was trouble free but I and shape. Once this was all dry, I more paint was mixed up using the centres, allowing them to dry.
thought the detail in the wheels then started to apply pin washes the two base colours, only this This was followed by a layer over
was basic, and a little on the soft around hatches, tools, panel lines, time with less desert sand, making the top of Fading Agent No 2. When
side for my liking, considering bolts and rivets; and around the an even lighter colour. This was dry, this brings out all the wheels
the three parts per wheel when wheels bringing out more detail sprayed in a light mottled pattern, details and also the effect of a layer
assembling. than I expected - very happy at starting from the centre of each of dust and grime from travelling
I then began on the tracks. this stage. panel surface outwards, bringing across miles of desert terrain.
These are provided as link and After the wash was dry I then did out further the shape and detail, With the wheels done, I then had

Assembly of the
suspension and running
gear was trouble free.

The fit of the mantlet into the turret was tight

plastic had to be trimmed from the turret in
order for the sub-assembly to fit in.

44 Model Military International - August 2013

p 42-45 M109 088B.indd 44 14/06/2013 11:10

to paint the tracks, which was also Tyrant Skull, Heh heh, love those
done by brush using a 50/50 mix names!
of XF-1 Flat Black and XF-64 Red For a little more detail I also
Brown as the base colour, followed added a couple of Legend covered
by Lifecolor UA703 Rust Light backpacks and a pack without
Shadow, applied this to the end the cover. The two covered packs
track joiners, inside and out, and were finished in the chocolate chip
then by a good layer of True Earth pattern typical of that conflict. The
Fading agent No.2. plain pack was painted Olive Drab
Once dry, I then carefully lightly and given a dusty coat to mix in
dry-brushed the rubber track pads with the rest of the vehicle.
in Lifecolor UA733 Tire Black and Now with everything painted
UA731 Dirty Black, leaving some it was now time to apply the
The figure was was painted up with a For a little more detail I also added a couple of Legend
of the dust effect from the fading markings, which consisted of the
mixture of Tamiya and Citadel paints in covered backpacks and a pack without the cover.
agent to give a nice worn effect. two side markings on the turret the Chocolate Chip Pattern.
I was quite happy with the end and also the two on the guns fume
result. Lastly, I applied Fading extractor. These were coated I was quite happy with the end nice starting point, though some
Agent No.2 inside the running gear with Gunze Mr Mark Softer which result and got the desired finish I aftermarket would not go astray to
to blend everything in together. bonded them well to the paint was after. improve on it.
With all the base colours taking away any silvering, followed I will say the kit isn't the best I Since building this kit I am
complete, and washes applied, I by a light mist of heavily diluted have ever built, but it is still better aware that there is now a set from
only had to pick out all the finer Tamiya XF-57 Buff to give an than the Italeri offering. BlackDog to turn this into a vehicle
details like the tools, weapon and aged and dusty look. The vehicle This was a fun project, and if serving in Israel, and also a full kit
a figure, which I decided to add for was pretty much done other than you want to build an M109 at a done by AFV Club which I have not
scale effect. The figure used was applying some Easy Mud Pacific good price then this would be a seen as of yet.
one I had spare from an oldie but Beach around the lower hull and Happy Modelling to you all!
goodie, Verlinden set, more about light sprayed with the same
him later. diluted mix to blend in the decals.
Metallic colours were added Now the vehicle is finished.
to the tools using XF-84 Dark
Iron and dry brushed with Citadel FIGURE
Mithril Silver. Once dry, a very The figure was sourced from
light wash of Black was applied. All Verlinden. This was painted up with
timber handles were done using a mixture of Tamiya and Citadel The tracks were fast and easy
Citadel Elf Flesh with a couple of paints in the Chocolate Chip to assemble, and represent a
light coats of Greyphonne Sepia Pattern. A series of washes was nice drape along the run.
over the top, leaving some now applied to bring out the uniforms
acceptable looking tools. The .50 detail and then a very, very light
cal was also painted in the same coat of the diluted buff mix was
manner as the metallic parts on sprayed over the top. I wanted him
the tools, but a light coat of True to appear on the dusty side, hence
Earth Fading Agent No.2 was the facemask to help him breath a
then applied over the top giving a little easier and stop the stinging
slightly dusty appearance without blast of the hot dry sand and dust
going over the top. The common in Iraq.
ammo can was painted in
Tamiya XF-62, then CONCLUSION
dry brushed With everything done and the
with Citadel challenges overcome on the way,

Kinetic Model Kits 1:35 scale Self-Propelled
A light mist of heavily diluted
Tamiya XF-57 Buff gave an Howitzer M109A2 Kit No. K61006
aged and dusty look. Paints & Finishing Products
Badger Renegade Airbrush
Tamiya Paints; XF59 Desert Sand, XF57 Buff, XF85
Rubber Black, XF69 Nato Black, XF84 Dark Iron
Citadel Paints; Tyrant Skull, Badab Black, Devlan
Mud, Gryphonne Sepia
Lifecolor; UA703 Light rust Shadow, UA733 Tire
Black, UA731 Dirty Black
True Earth; Fading Agents 1&2,
Easy Mud; Pacific Beach
Gunze; Mr Mark Softer Decal Solution
Tamiya; Extra thin Glue

Improvement over Italeri kit; link and length

tracks; not overly complex
Poor fit of parts in areas; soft detail.
Available from
Thanks to Lucky Model for the sample
Decals were coated with
Gunze Mr Mark Softer.

August 2013 - Model Military International 45

p 42-45 M109 088B.indd 45 14/06/2013 11:10

FEATURE ARTICLE Young Miniatures 1:10 scale British Tank Crew Item No. YM 1835


Matt Wellhouser describes
the painting and shading of
Young Miniatures big 1:10
scale British Tanker.

46 Model Military International - August 2013

p 46-49 BritishTanker 088B.indd 46 14/06/2013 11:10

he moment I saw this kit environment, they would get dirty
released, I knew that it quite easily, so dont be bashful
was on destined for the about adding grime and dirt. Being
workbench. It smacks of a simple kit of only six pieces, it
character and a subject not usually goes together very quickly too.
found in large scale busts. The collar, beret, torso and head
This is Young Miniatures 1:10 are the major parts. I usually leave
scale depiction of a British tanker the head off until final assembly.
in the WWII Pixie Suit, sometimes As with all of Youngs kits, clean-
called boiler suit, denim up is minimal and fast. A couple of
overalls or even zoot suit. The light primer coats and the model is
figure is sculpted wearing the ready for paint.
heavy insulated suit. From what I
understand, the suit was created Onto the Painting
to protect the crewman from I started with the face - painting
The head has been mounted on metal The primed main body casting, also on a temporary painting
burns and the like. In the more arid the eyes. I like to lay in the eyes
rod and a small block to make handling mount.
climates the crews wore light shirts first, then work on the flesh tones. easier during painting.
and shorts. That must have been The basic eyeball is painted with
a fun time in the tank when hot a mix of Off White, Basic Skintone paint the pupils looking to the side, Series 7 sable. Brush size does
shell casings were flying around! and a touch of Brown Sand (all not straight ahead. Believe me, this matter! You need a brush that will
The pose of this guy just has you colours are Vallejo Model Color makes alignment so much easier. hold paint, and at the same time
envisioning this chap hanging out unless noted). Dont make the Once the black is dry, move on have a nice tip to keep you from
of the hatch on a Sherman Firefly. eyes too white - that would scare to the colour of the pupils. Blue, cursing out loud. The brushes are
A little research on the web and everyone at the model shows! blue grey, and grey green are the expensive but they are well worth it.
in the library identifies the suit, and Once I was happy with the tone, I easiest to paint. They also show For the eye colour, I mix a
opens up some wonderful colour use some Burnt Cadmium Red and the detail of the eye better on large couple shades of blue to add some
options - mostly tan and a variation Old Rose to add a little colour on scale figures. Most of my army is dimension to the eyeball. Think
of tan or khaki. Since the suits are the edges of the pupils then Flat blue eyed. With figure this size, about it as if you are painting a
usually worn over uniforms and the Black is used to place the pupils. usually the eyes are easy to paint. sphere - shadows and highlights.
nature of the armoured fighting Remember - go easy on yourself - I use a # 00 Windsor Newton Once the coloured part of the A

The eyes are the first area of attention. The basic eyeballs are painted off- I mixed a couple shades of blue to add some dimension to the eyeball. The flesh mix base colour, shadows and highlights are all mixed
white, while the edges receive a coat of Burnt Cadmium Red and Old Rose. Flat Black was used to place the pupils. using Vallejo acrylics.

I like to start with deep shadows, then work my way to the highlights. On this figure, the hair was painted using Flat Black, then various I use a mix of Burnt Umber and Black for a 5 oclock shadow. This mix
At a point about 80% complete, I add the hair colour. browns for highlights - Chocolate Brown, Burnt Umber, and then is 90% water and 10% paint - very thin.
Brown Earth as a highlight.
August 2013 - Model Military International 47

p 46-49 BritishTanker 088B.indd 47 14/06/2013 11:10

FEATURE ARTICLE Young Miniatures 1:10 scale British Tank Crew Item No. YM 1835

B cornea is done, paint in some The colour mixes are kept very
pupils. Dont go too big - this guy thin, about 50/50 water and
is not a drug addict. I use some paint to start, then as you get to
reference drawings of eyeballs blending areas the mix is closer to
I downloaded from the Internet 80% water and 20% paint.
to guide me. Finally, I coat the It is important to be mindful of
eyeball with a few coats of Future the amount of paint on the brush.
Floor Polish, although you could I use a scrap piece of paper to
use any acrylic clear gloss if you unload or draw some paint off
prefer. I just happen to have a the brush before it hits the model.
The torso was gallon of the stuff. Practice with your mix and the
undercoated in the
amount of paint- its easier than
folds with Flat Black
sprayed from my Face Up me trying to tell you how to do it.
airbrush. Now it is on to the facial colour. I I like to start with deep
tend to use the same mix on most shadows, then work my way to the
of my figures - it works well for me. highlights. At a point about 80%
I do add some other colours as I go complete, I add the hair colour.
depending on the subject, but they I like to at least lay in the base
are added in small quantities. colour so I have some contrast
on the flesh tone. On this figure,
Here is the basic flesh mix the hair was painted using Flat
(all Vallejo Model Color): Black, then various browns for
highlights - Chocolate Brown, Burnt
Flesh Mix Table Umber, and then Brown Earth as a
Base: Brown Sand highlight. Be careful not to add too
stark a highlight otherwise youll
Shadow: Brown Sand + Burnt Cadmium Red
have a punk rocker before you
Real Deep Shadow: Add Black Red know it.
Highlight: Base Color + Sunny Skintone I use a mix of Burnt Umber and
High Highlight: Highlight + Basic Skintone Black for a 5 oclock shadow. This
A mix of Tamiya Khaki mix is 90% water and 10% paint
Drab and Khaki was Other Colours: Add Burnt Umber to deepen
shadow mix. - very thin. If you are hesitant to
used for the base
Pixie Suit colour. Add Violet Red and more Burnt paint black over your beautifully
Cadmium Red to give more colour painted face, make the mix weaker
in the cheeks and sunburn nose than you need. It is always easier
to add paint than to take it away.

The collar of the uniform is

some type of darker canvas.
I used Vallejo Panzer Aces
Canvas for that area.

I added Sunny
Skintone for
highlights and
Camouflage Black
Brown for shadows.

The beret was painted

with Flat Black and
Sunny Skintone for
the highlights

48 Model Military International - August 2013

p 46-49 BritishTanker 088B.indd 48 14/06/2013 11:11

The beret was painted with Flat add in any colour Vallejo paint to Tamiya Khaki Drab and Khaki was is some type of darker canvas. I
Black and Sunny Skintone for the tone the colour down. In this case, I used for the base colour. Once used Vallejo Panzer Aces Canvas
highlights - pretty straightforward added black and some brown to the dry I started work with Vallejo for that area. The inner section
here. The headband part of the mix. Then when the badge was dry, Acrylics using a combination of of the suit - which may be the
beret was coated with a semi- I very carefully hit the highlights German Camouflage Beige and tankers uniform - was painted with
gloss clear to look like leather. The with straight Boltgun Metal. Khaki for the basic colours. I added English Uniform (fitting, eh?). The
badge was painted with Citadel The torso was undercoated in Sunny Skintone for highlights best highlight for that colour is
Boltgun Metal. The nice thing about the folds with Flat Black sprayed and Camouflage Black Brown for Sunny Skintone. The sweater was
Citadel metallics is that you can from my airbrush. Then a mix of shadows. The collar of the uniform painted with Russian Green mixed
with Olive Grey. The shadows of
the ribs were painted in with the
This figure would
be an excellent
same colour and black added. The
first large-scale highlights were the base colour and
painting project. - you guessed it - Sunny Skintone.
When researching this uniform,
I found several pictures of British
Tankers. It seems the pixie suit
became real dirty in service. I
doubt these chaps had time to
stop at the local laundry and
have them cleaned and pressed.
I used Andreas Inks to add some
grime and dirt to the front of the
suit. The inks come in a variety
of colours and are water based.
There are very strong pigment,
so be careful when you use them.
They work exceptionally well for
deepening shadows and other
effects. I used he black and brown
inks. I just dabbed them on with
a brush, diluted with about 50%
water. I worked them in the chest
area. I was really pleased with the
effect. They are also quite useful
for accentuating gunstocks and
similar items.
After some touch-ups here and
there, the figure was done. It was
mounted on a nice walnut base.
I used the kit-supplied plinth. I
drilled it through the centre and
added a brass rod for security.

This is a killer kit to cut your teeth
on large-scale figures. With 6 parts
and really only four for the bust
itself - its an easy one to build and
paint. Plus, its a fantastic subject.
Enjoy! n

Young Miniatures 1:10 scale British Tank Crew
Item No. YM 1835
Brush Used:
# 00 Windsor Newton Series 7 sable brush
Paints Used:
Tamiya Grey Aerosol Primer
Tamiya acrylic XF-1 Flat Black; XF-49 Khaki;
XF-51 Khaki Drab
Citadel Boltgun Metal
Vallejo Model Colour (Various see body text
for more details)

3 Fantastic sculpting; high quality moulding;

straightforward clean-up.
7 Nothing worth mentioning.
Available from
Young Miniatures products may be seen on their


August 2013 - Model Military International 49

p 46-49 BritishTanker 088B.indd 49 14/06/2013 11:11

BUILD PREVIEW Miniart 1:35 GAZ-AA Cargo Truck Kit No. 35124


Graham Tetley stays in from the cold with MiniArts 1:35 scale GAZ-AA truck.

f you like trucks, then this goes together shall we? recommend that you add all of the sprue in one piece is a chore
latest kit from MiniArt will Construction starts with the required detail onto the two chassis (especially when you are sneezing
keep you busy for a few of engine which has a high level rails and then add the crossbeams. & wheezing), and cleaning them
those long winters nights. of detail throughout, just add To be fair the fit of the crossbeams up without breaking them is even
Or, in my case, over Christmas plumbing for realism. I would is very good and my chassis came worse. Whilst the finished article is
when the Cold From Hell had me advise that you leave part A12 out all square without too much a thing of beauty, sometimes the
housebound. separate at this stage and leave it care being needed. simplicity of how Tamiya do things
First impressions are very until Step 32 where you can clearly Now is the stage to crack open is most welcome. The tyres are
good. This is typical MiniArt in see where it goes. your favourite tipple. You will need made from seven pieces that, when
its standard of mould quality, it. Steps 12 to 18 see you assemble assembled, replicate the tread
instructions and presentation. The THE CHASSIS OF PAIN & PLEASURE the fiddliest parts in the Universe. pattern perfectly. Very Nice!
box comtains 16 sprues in total, Turning to the chassis, this is made Miniart has replicated all of the Is it over yet?
four for road wheels, then one of lots of separate pieces so please gear linkages in perfect detail, but With the hardest part of
with two German figures on it, one take care and test fits lots before these parts are connected to the assembly now over we add the
etched metal fret, one clear sprue applying glue. A lot of the parts are sprues by multiple attachment fenders and running boards to the
and the rest are devoted to the tiny so beware tweezer launch. I points. Getting them off the chassis. I would recommend that
vehicle and cargo bed.
A set of decals gives you
markings for seven trucks, all in
a variety of paint schemes, with
three German and four Russian
vehicles represented. There is
a tiny amount of flash on some
parts but nothing that cannot be
easily cleaned up. The instruction
booklet has 48 steps with clear,
uncluttered, drawings and I should
add that half of these relate to the
construction of the chassis.
Kits are made to be built, and
this one looked too good to just
leave in the box, so lets see how it
The completed underside with all those painful linkages.
50 Model Military International - August 2013

p 50-51 GAZAA Pre 088B.indd 50 14/06/2013 11:11

you fit the cab floor part DA16 to
these running boards before they
are permanently affixed to the
chassis as will need a little wiggle
room to get a good fit.
We next move on to the cab
front and windscreen. There are
some insanely small parts that
make up the windscreen fittings
and I ended up leaving them off.
The fit of the main parts though is
very good. With the cab in place The completed engine assembly.
our attention moves to the bonnet
and doors, where more unfeasibly
small parts are added to represent
hinge locks and handles. The rail
that mounts the horn & headlights
fixes to the fenders and I found
that the leads to the lights were
best attached when the headlights
themselves were firmly attached
to the rail. Some Christmas Cheer
with make assembly go smoother!

IS IT NEW YEAR YET? About 3 hours work here... The nice engine compartment.
The cargo bed is a very simple
last stage of construction and
just the thing when your cold is
feeling better. A few etched parts
are added, but in the main this is
a plastic affair that fits perfectly
and simply slots onto the mounting
points on the chassis.
Last on the agenda is the figures
and whilst the detail is good the
fit of the leg halves to the torso is
far from perfect. The driver figure
does not fit too well into the cab
his feet dont match to the pedals
for a start - so I will be leaving
mine out.
So, thats it. This is not a The basic cab. The windscreen needs a clean. The spare wheel. Radiator detail.
beginners kit due to the finesse of
some parts and tricky assembly,
but the overall fit is superb and
the level of detail is the best. Be
careful with the chassis and plan
ahead, and try not to build it when
you are full of cold. Other than
that, this is a lovely kit that not
only challenged my assembly skills
but looked good at the end of it.
Highly recommended.
The fan assembly. The rear light and tyre tread detail. The rear light and tyre tread detail.
Thanks to Creative Models
Ltd for the review sample

The detailed underside. That rear transmission is all its glory. Headlight mount and cabling.

Tyre tread detail. Spot the windscreen wiper. The completed model, sans doors.

One of the figures. August 2013 - Model Military International 51

p 50-51 GAZAA Pre 088B.indd 51 14/06/2013 11:11

Figures - A round-up of the latest figure sets on release...

1:35 SCALE 1:35 SCALE
Tamiya has a new set of These two sets of figures arrived for
1:35 scale U.S. Modern review recently, 6036 Herman Goering
Infantry to join its growing Division (Tunisia 1943) and 6006 Cross
figure collection. of Iron (Eastern Front 1944). They are
In common with some of both re-issues dating back to the 1990s
their other recent figure and although moulding standards were
releases, the sprues were good for the time, theyre not a patch
originally released by Master on what Dragon achieves these days.
Box, in this case in two sets. There is some flash and mould seams
Whereas some may have present on parts plus there are irregular
doubts about the reboxing flow lines on the figures that will be
of Italeri military and aircraft tricky to fill in.
kits under the Tamiya label, Detail is not as sharp as current
there should be no unease standards such as the undercuts of
based on the source I n this collars, folds in the cloth and uniform
instance. In my opinion, details and personal equipment is
MasterBoxs figures are at confined to whatever is on the sprue
least the equal of Tamiyas plus a small selection of weapons. These
home-grown product. items have since been superseded by
Tamiyas new boxing contains eight figures four Dragons Gen 2 items and
U.S. Army and four U.S. Marines. The Marines are moulded Im surprised that these were
in semi-action poses, while the Army are looking a bit more not included in the reissue
relaxed ideal for sentry or checkpoint duty. of the two sets as all current
More than 150 parts are packed onto the two Khaki coloured boxes of figures have them.
sprues. Heads, torsos, legs, arms and in some cases hands are The Cross of Iron figures
supplied as separate parts. Helmets are hollow and sit over the all feature the later M1943
bald heads. There are plenty of packs, weapons and goggles pattern field grey uniform
for all the figures. that deleted the pleats on
Moulding the tunic pockets. Two of
quality is the figures have the familiar
excellent and marching boots with the other two
detail is sharp wearing shorter boots with gaiters
on all the around the ankles. Weapons included
figures. Each with this set are two PPsH machine
is completely guns, an MP40 and MP44.
unique. The Herman Goering figures, although
The intricate primarily an airborne unit, are depicted
Army and wearing army uniform and includes
Marines digital three figures with reversible camouflage
camouflage smocks and one in the tropical version
patterns are of the M42 tunic.
illustrated in All feature the tan trousers with large
the instructions patch pocket on the left leg. Weapons
with colour include the MP40 machine gun, MG42
callouts from and Kar 98 rifle.
Tamiyas paint Although the recommended retail
ranges, but price for the two sets is lower than the
youre on your current crop of figures from Dragon, I
own when would have liked to have seen at the
painting them! very least the newer Gen 2 personal
A sharp eye equipment and weapons included.
and steady Getting away from the negatives, these
hand will be figures can still be useful with some
helpful for work and possibly replacement heads
both. The plus if you collect Dragon figures you
instructions are will have a surplus of weapons and
printed in black equipment in the spares box anyway.
and white, but In conclusion they are not THAT bad
the uniforms, for nearly twenty-year-old mouldings,
plus close up detail of the patterns and equipment, are also and at the low price would make an
illustrated on the sides of the box. ideal introduction to beginners at figure
As a bonus, Tamiya has supplied a sheet of MRE cartons modelling, but still there are better
printed onto brown paper. These may be cut out and glued figures out there by Dragon.
together as an accessory for your figures. Recommended.
Tamiyas new 1:35 scale U.S. Modern Infantry set is a welcome Thanks to the Hobby Company for the
bundling of two excellent figure sets, and will be an instant review samples
grab-bag for anyone planning a modern Iraq or Afghanistan Andy King
diorama or vignette.
Highly Recommended.
Thanks to the Hobby Company for the review samples
Brett Green

52 Model Military International - August 2013

p 52 Figures 088B.indd 52 14/06/2013 11:12

Diary Dates To have your event included on this page, send your details to:
Diary Dates, ADH Publishing, Doolittle Mill, Doolittle Lane,
Totternhoe, Bedfordshire, LU6 1QX, UK
Tel:01525 222573Fax:01525

July 20-21
20th July 2013 SHOW
21st July 2013 PAINTATHON
The Great Hall, Oundle School,
Oundle, PE8 4GH
Doors open 9:30-4:00
Entry 3.00

If you are interested in figure modelling you

will love Figure World
Here is what a prospective visitor to Figure
World will experience:
A warm welcome September 14-15
An opportunity to talk figure modelling to JERSEYFEST MODEL KIT AND STATUE
others with similar interests FAIR USA
Displays of figures covering all areas of the hobby put on by clubs and individuals. The "Jersyefest Model Kit & Statue Fair"
(Yes bring your work there will be space to display it. All welcome: from first-timers is the premier show of its kind on the
to gold medal winners) East Coast and attracts many hobbyists
Demonstrations on figure painting, by top modelers who will be happy to share their and collectors from all over the nation
experience and skills and abroad.
An opportunity to relieve yourself of some cash from the UKs top figure and
accessory manufacturers and retailers The vendor show is Saturday, Sept.
14th and Sunday the 15th, 2013 at the
The core to the success of Figure beautiful Crowne Plaza Fairfield Hotel in
World 2012 was the large area where August 11 New Jersey, which is not far from Newark
members of major modelling clubs and Avon IPMS Model and Wargaming Airport and Manhattan. It features resin
the public, displayed hundreds of their Show and plastic model kits, statues, replicas,
model figures. Here visitors can spend Date: Sunday 11 August, 2013 collectibles, art, supplies, seminars
time in a relaxed atmosphere, studying Time: 09:30 to 16:30 and demos, a big model contest, special
the work of figure painters and sculptors Venue: Thornbury Leisure Centre, exhibits, etc.
from around the UK; picking up ideas and Alveston Hill, Thornbury, South
inspiration while looking at the different Gloucestershire, BS35 3JB It will include figure and vehicle kits
ways each exhibitor interprets their Price: Adults; 4.50, Children under and collectibles of all kinds including
subject. 16; 2.00 monsters, spaceships, females
Free parking. superheros/villains, etc. celebrating
Features: Club displays, Trade
For those staying all day there are light movies, TV, comic books, and fiction in
stands, Open competition, Tombola.
refreshments available in the venue and general.
for something more substantial there are
a good range of eateries in the town of September 7 The show has many top vendors,
Oundle, only a few minutes walk from The Cornwall Scale Modellers Show producers and artists as well as various
the venue. St Johns Hall, Alverton Street, educational programs on kit painting and
Penzance, Cornwall. TR18 2QR building.
Following on from the show on the 21st Traders, Club Stands, Competition,
is THE PAINTATHON. On Sunday the Refreshments. Movie special effects artists will be there
Great Hall will be open to anyone who Time 10:00 to 16:30. to share secrets about how they created
wants to bring their paints, putty and Entry 1.50. Children under 15 free models and effects for films.
current projects along and have a space with adult.
to work alongside fellow modellers. This E-mail Over 14,000 square feet of beautiful
opportunity to share ideas and work hotel event space in several rooms with
together with fellow enthusiasts is free over 100 vendor tables.
to all figure modellers: just turn up and
you will be very welcome. October 5 See the latest list of vendors and artists
For more information: North Surrey Military Modellers here Group Annual Show,
Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill which is continually expanding.
Avenue, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 4DP

August 2013 - Model Military International 53

p 53 DiaryDates 088B.indd 53 14/06/2013 11:12

Vallejo has expanded its finishing range with six new acrylic washes. These are:
76.519 Olive Green. This is intended for adding shading around rivets and
other structural detail of vehicles that are painted in a faded green.
76.520 Dark Khaki Green. This is for producing shadow tones on Khaki and
other light camouflaged vehicles.
76.521 Oiled Earth. This will reproduce the effects of accumulated dirt
when oil, grease and fuel combine with caked dust.
76.522 Desert Dust. This is intended to reproduce the natural accumulation
of dust and sand on pale coloured vehicles, especially desert-based units.
76.523 European Dust, representing the most common dust found on
vehicles based in Europe and in urban environments.
76.524 Blue Grey. This is a wash for Panzer Grey and similarly coloured
The washes are presented in 35 ml plastic squeeze bottles with flip-top caps
no lids going missing or falling on the floor with these! Being acrylic, you will
be able to thin these with water.
These are interesting new products in the very busy area of finishing and
weathering products. I will try a few of these out on a future project and let
you know how I go.
Thanks to Vallejo for the samples.
Available online from Creative Models Limited
Brett Green

A modeller can get by with a basic suite of tools sprue cutter, knives, sanding
sticks etc. if he or she is focussing on building kits straight from the box.
However, if you have ambitions to do a spot of scratch building or super
detailing, then an entirely different category of tools will be very helpful.
UMM-USA has recently released several craft tools that will be useful for
working with multimedia materials such as photo-etch and plastic sheet,
updating kit parts and building repeatable shapes from scratch.
The first is the Rollmade II, Universal Roller. This tool is designed to allow the
rolling of photo-etched parts. The diameters of the six rolling hollows are 5.5,
6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5 and 8.0 mm. A set of smaller diameter rolling die are also
available from UMM-USA.
Ideally, for rolling photo-etched parts, the metal should be annealed. This
involved holding the part over a naked flame for a few seconds until the
photo-etched part discolours, then allowing it to cool.
The metal will now be softer and easier to roll without kinking.
The metal should be placed over the desired hollow and pressed in place with
a piece of fine dowel, metal tube or perhaps the handle of a thin paintbrush.
Next is the UMM Rivet Master. This is a set of 24 Swiss-made beading tool set
in a convenient plastic storage box.
Set offers beading tools in the sizes #00 - #22, a wooden wood handle and a
base for the 24 punches.
This beading shafts are made from hardened tool steel. Simply select which
size beading head you want to use, insert it into the handle, then press down
firmly on the model material to obtain a sharp recessed circle.
The beading tools may be used to represent rivets, small screws, circles and
holes and may be used on plastic, resin, wood, paper / cardboard and photo-
etched metal.
The third UMM-USA tool under review is the Maxi Punch and Die Set Pt.11.
This set contains hardened tool steel punches and a round aluminium die
block. The punch diameters are 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5
and 6.0 mm.
The punches are capable of dealing with sheet and strip plastic up to .080
thick. They are useful for paper and cardboard too.
This Maxi set produce discs used for rivets, hatches, and buttons for figures,
etc. I have also found these punches very handy for making small circle masks. I
simply apply a strip of masking tape to thin plastic or cardboard, punch out the
number of circles I need then peel off the tape to apply as a mask on my model.
The uses of this tool really are only limited by your imagination.
These three tools will be ideal companions for the super detailer and the
scratch builder.
All Highly Recommended.
Available online from UMM-USA
Brett Green

54 Model Military International - August 2013

p 54 Incomming 088B.indd 54 14/06/2013 11:13

Book Reviews

Michael Rinaldi is a world-class armour modeller whose work will be familiar
through his extensive portfolio appearing in magazines and on the Internet.
A few months ago, Mike released the debut publication from his Rinaldi Studio
Press imprint, Tank Art 1 WWII German Armor. Mike has now followed up
with the logical extension Tank Art 2 WWII Allied Armor.
The sub-title to this book debut is A Guide to Painting and Weathering WWII
Allied Armour. The book succeeds superbly in its stated aim as a step-by-step
painting and weathering guide for modellers.
The hefty volume is presented in a squarish format and is printed on 208
pages of glossy, high-grade paper between its soft covers.
The contents are broken down logically, commencing with Products and
Materials before moving on to three Chapters discussing specific techniques -
Weathering Principles; the increasingly important Hairspray Technique (with an
emphasis on distressed whitewash) and Oil Paint Rendering.
The bulk of the book is dedicated to five master class examples of painting and
weathering. Mike uses these five models as the blank canvas to demonstrate
his wide range of techniques. The five models are a Churchill Mk.III in weath-
ered Russian whitewash, an M26 Pershing, a Char B1bis (Marseille), a Sherman
Firefly Mk.Vc and a KV-1s Ehkranami.
The finishes demonstrated are:
Distressed winter whitewash
Overall Olive Drab
Hard-edged camouflage schemes
Heavy mud and weathering
The finishes are described using three parallel narratives. If you are a visual
learner, the photographs will provide a comprehensive guide to the tech-
niques on their own. However, each photo is accompanied by detailed and
useful captions that describe the technique in more detail, along with insights
into their application by the Author. The body text is very readable and adds
another layer of detail to the descriptions.
Each model Chapter is rounded out with a two-page Quick Reference guide
summarising every step of painting and weathering for the specific subject.
The photography is the other highlight of the book, beautifully compliment-
ing the outstanding quality of the finishes. All the subjects are evenly lit and
brightly presented against a crisp white background. The photos are large -
the two page spreads are particularly impressive - and outline the techniques
in the most useful sequence.
The overall layout is bright, attractive and consistent too.
The last Chapter is a Gallery and some points on sculpting figure models. This
Chapter has been prepared by Radek Pituch.
Tank Art 2 WWII Allied Armor is a fantastic guide to painting and weathering
the Rinaldi way. The techniques are extensive, the subjects widely varied, the
photography and presentation first rate and the text ably supports the images.
If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to obtaining high quality Soviet,
British Commonwealth or US WWII painting and weathering finishes, this
really is the ideal one-stop manual.
Available online from Rinaldi Studio Press

August 2013 - Model Military International 55

p 55 Books 088B.indd 55 14/06/2013 11:13

1:48 Scale A round-up of the latest news and releases
Damned if you do and damned if you dont
seems an appropriate maxim for any manufacturer
Even so, some of the same people seem willing to
gladly build the kit out of the box and place it on a
in the hobby market today. Being a manufacturer competition table!
of anything model-related leaves one open to all It seems that everything is open to complaints
sorts of criticism. these days. One company that will remain
I remember back in the day, any new kit was nameless has drawn criticism by offering products
welcomed with open arms. Kits were cheap apparently repackaged from a commercially
but, brother, they were often nasty. Detail was available product. What some consumers dont
something not included so you generally added seem to realise is that, yes, the product is available,
it yourself. Tracks were easy to assemble but had but it is more convenient for modellers to buy it in
as much detail as a rubber band. Construction the bottles the aftermarket guys are putting it in.
sequences were few and far between (probably, as The really funny thing is, Ive just spent the last
there were so few parts) and instructions well, they five minutes of your time complaining about
were generally pretty basic affairs. Accuracy well, It seems a strange double standard that some will complainers, which is fairly ironic in itself.
that sometimes seemed to be guess work on the gladly pay a couple of hundred bucks for a round In my opinion, we modellers have never had it so
part of the kit designer and die cutter. Yes indeed, of golf and fill up their SUV for another couple of good, so spare a thought for the manufacturers
we had it good back then. hundred. But paying over fifty bucks for a kit with a out there. Its not all beer and skittles (whatever
I am sometimes amazed at comments that I see zillion and one pieces is just highway robbery! that means) and it is impossible to please everyone
on the various Forums complaining about how Then, there is the Goldilocks crowd. Too many all of the time.
kits have risen in price. Some protest that it is an parts, too many small parts, not enough parts
absolute outrage and the hobby is doomed.
I just shake my head in wonder.
or not accurate enough due to a small fatal flaw
on the right side of the bottom half of whatever.
Until next time Luke Pitt
1:48 SCALE
1:48 SCALE ITEM NO. 48D15
POLISH INFANTRYMAN This new decal sheet from Toro Models consists of eight
WITH UR AT RIFLE different marking choices on seven different vehicles. The
ITEM NO. 48F27 vehicles covered are the German schimmwagon (in two colour
This new addition to schemes) Sdkf2 250/10 (in green), Kubelwagen (in sand),
from Toro Models is Panther (in camouflage) and
a companion to the a Panzer IV (in green). Non
figure we reviewed last German vehicles covered are
issue. The same basic the Greyhound (in green)
comments apply but and the Autoblinda AB41 (in
the figure consists of 8 sand). All in all, this is a very
very well cast pieces. worthwhile decal sheet with
What sets this figure my only criticism being the
apart is the inclusion lack of colour call outs.
of reference material. Included is a small colour leaflet Highly Recommended.
with five photos of the uniform depicted and worn by Thanks to Toro Models for
a re-enactor. On the reverse side is a history and colour the sample
guide of the AT Gun. An outline of the shoulder bars Luke Pitt
used to differentiate enlisted men from officers is also
included. On top of this is a small waterslide decal sheet
for the shoulder boards. The figure does not disappoint ADM MODELS
with the sculpting and pose rendered to a very high 1:48 SCALE
standard. The all-important facial detail is superb and I EUROPEAN DOUBLE SPAN BRIDGE RUIN
particularly like the way the hand is cast onto the very ADM Models is a small outfit hailing from the UK. This is the first opportunity I have had to
finely rendered AT gun. This is without a doubt a top review their product and I must say Im impressed. The kit represents a destroyed double
drawer release. span brick bridge that is littered around every part of the European contentment. The ten
Highly Recommended. hand cast parts include some wonderful detail. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into
Thanks to Toro Models for the sample this kit and with a bit of work it will be a wonderful addition to any diorama. I particularly like the road section with its distinctive and weathered cobblestones.
Luke Pitt Highly Recommended.
Thanks to ADM Models for the sample
Luke Pitt

56 Model Military International - August 2013

p 56-57 48Scale 088B.indd 56 14/06/2013 11:14

Luke Pitt hosts MMIs examination of the growing world
of 1:48 scale military models, figures and accessories.

1:48 SCALE
Concrete road barriers are
a very common sight today
so these two sets are very welcome additions. The so called long set
consists of four 8cm long barriers, two of which are of the sloping end
barriers and two are of the oblong variety. The casting is very well done
with no imperfection in evidence. The short set is basically the same
but instead of two long oblong barriers this set includes four short
barriers of 4cm in length and two 8 cm sloping end barriers. These two
sets are an almost a must for any modern diorama.
Thanks to Plus Models for the review sample
Luke Pitt

Royal Models has quite a large array of 1:48 scale updates that
seem to have fallen through the cracks over the years. When
Royal forwarded these to our offices I was quite surprised at the
complete nature of the product. Over the next couple of months
we will review a couple of sets a month and I believe you will be
surprised just how good that these are.
The first two sets are:
M4 Sherman (early production) update Item 475
T-34 /76 (model 1941) update Item 474
Both of these sets at first glance seem quite complex. Lets look
at the Sherman update first. This update includes four photoetch
frets and a small bag of resin parts that include the periscopes and
various nick knacks that would be impossible to replicate in brass. EARLY PUMA WHEELS
The four photo-etched frets include 143 pieces and basically cover One of the reasons I like 1:48 scale so much is its
everything you would ever need to update the exterior of any connection at grass roots level with modellers all over
early Sherman. The parts are wonderfully detailed and include a the world. One of these modellers is a gentleman
lot of detail that others have missed. This is a real super detailers by the name of Charles Kelley. He has contacted this
delight. The set also includes a brass road wheel mask (which is a column with exiting news. He has taken the bold
nice touch). step of commissioning a set of wheels suitable for the
The next set is for the 1941/76 model of the T-34 and late model Puma. I asked him about this development
again includes four photo-etched frets with around 80 and he has come back with the following reply:
parts. All of the grille work is supplied and the mesh is The idea came from the lack of suitable tyres for
notably fine and in scale. Two tool boxes are included a Normandy-era Puma. The current Italeri/Tamiya
and all the little U shaped tie downs Twelve ice spuds Puma features a tread pattern more commonly seen
and leather straps are also included, all in beautifully with very late 234s. Since there were no available
rendered photo-etch. Both sets include easy to read and tyres with this earlier tread pattern I commissioned
comprehensive instructions. As with the Sherman set a Mr. Michael Kalbfleisch to draw up a CAD design
road wheel mask is also included. for me. The subsequent CAD design was realised
You have to hand it to Royal Models. Both of these sets through 3D prototyping and now I am in the stages
are very effective. If youre in the market for an update for of finishing the master. The tyres will be available
either of these vehicles I dont think you could really go commercially in resin under my new brand: 148tanks
past these. (, website under construction).
Highly Recommended.
Thanks to Royal Models for the review samples
Luke Pitt


1:48 SCALE
These two releases have been available from Archer
for quite some time.
The first set is a collection of US helmet markings
consisting of various forms of Red Cross emblems
and a selection on MP and USN markings. All are up
to the very high standards set by this manufacturer.
The second set is a group of four air recognition
flags used by the Germans during the Second World KEN SWENSON
War, applied to either foil or some other backing Here is a photo of the 1:48 scale Vickers Light Tank
medium these would look fantastic on a model. from Ken Swenson, shipping now. You will be able
Highly Recommended. to make two versions, European, and Middle East.
Thanks to Archer Fine Transfers for the samples The cost will be USD$40.00 and will be available by emailing Ken on
Luke Pitt
August 2013 - Model Military International 57

p 56-57 48Scale 088B.indd 57 14/06/2013 11:14

KIT PREVIEW Riich Model 1:35 Universal Carrier Mk.I with Crew Kit No. RV-35011

The floor is moulded with plenty of detail for the interior

Luke Pitt gets an parts.

early look at the

brand-new 1:35
scale Riich Models
Universal Carrier
Mk.I with Crew.

Full engine detail is provided.

his model has been a included and is moulded as a assembl. You may complete this
long time coming. multiple part affair and is very in various positions to suit the
Converting and well done. Unfortunately, most drivers height.
updating the Tamiya of this will not be seen when the A set of three figures is
Universal Carrier has always model is complete. The lower hull included and they are very well
been on my bucket list but I ust is made up of just three parts done. The only real fault with
confess that the very thought of in total with the drive train/ these is the moulding of the ears, Some stowage is offered too.
spending vast amounts of money differential attached to it. Overall or lack thereof, on the heads.
on that kit just turned me off. this assembly is very well detailed The facial detail, however, is first
Admittedly I did purchase the and accurate when complete. rate as are the fabric folds on the
old Modelkasten track set many The distinctive bogie uniforms. Speaking of fabric folds,
years ago for that very purpose, assemblies are made up from 23 the rolled up tarp on the vehicle
but oh boy, those links are small! parts each and are very well done. itself is by far one of the best
It is therefore pleasing to report You have the option of using renditions of this I have seen on a
then that this new kit from Riich either a metal pin and photo-etch mainstream plastic kit.
is a cracker and basically blows or a plastic part for the connector In summary, this is a very good
anything that has preceded it out rod between the two road wheels kit and is in my opinion better
of the water. but, in reality, when the springs overall than other kits that have
Riich Models 1:35 scale are installed, almost nothing is preceded it. The one thing that The tracks are provided as link and length, saving some time.
Universal Carrier represents seen of the rod itself. The road does impress me with this kit is
the Mk.I production variant that wheels are very well done with its feeling of quality. The model
differed from the later versions a fine manufacturers mark on is packed with options and really
by the inclusion of minor fittings. the rubber portion and a fine rib needs nothing in the way of
These variations are in themselves pattern on the inner face of the aftermarket detail sets. Judging
welcome, as they differentiate it wheel itself. by this release, Riich Model is at
from the Tamiya offering. The tracks are of the link and least as good as the class leaders.
The kit comprises 475 parts length variety and while Im not If you have all those various
moulded in grey plastic over a huge fan of this type of track, updates for the old Tamiya kit
12 sprues, with one of these they are the most effective and in your stash it may be time to
in clear plastic. A further 128 sensible solution for this vehicle. offload them and buy this kit.
photo-etched parts are included The tracks are very detailed The individual links are tiny but perfectly formed!
as well as 32 springs, both large but care may be needed when
and small, and a length of twine removing them from the sprue
and chain. A well-illustrated gates. The tracks also exhibit
and precise set of instructions slight sag, which is a nice touch.
is included with the option The all important side wall
of four marking choices. 44 thickness is for the most part
construction steps are called out very well done and is a vast
for, which is a huge amount for improvement over the Tamiya kit.
such a small vehicle. There are however, a few small
The standard of moulding is knock out pins to contend with
very good, but most will be hidden from view Springs and metal rods for the running gear.
with detail on the completed model. The Bren Guns are beautifully moulded.
on all parts The interior, dashboard and
rendered to a instrument cluster are fine
high standard. representations, with the radio
A complete being rendered very well, both a
engine is photo-etched guard and plastic
options are included. In reality
though, the plastic guard is so fine
you would be hard pressed not to One of three photo-etched frets.
The kit decal use this piece. This really sums
sheet is well Thanks to Riich Models for the
this kit up. It is all about options.
printed. sample
Take for example the drivers seat
Clear parts are provided for the headlight lenses.
58 Model Military International - August 2013

p 58 UniversalCarrier 088B.indd 58 14/06/2013 11:14

KIT PREVIEW Hobbyboss 1:35 Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf. F (VK 18.01) Early Kit No. 83804

Turret top detail.

Road wheel detail.


HobbyBoss has now released an 1:35 scale early version Drive sprockets feature crisp bolt head detail.
Panzer I Ausf. F. Graham Tetley takes a look.

remember that, not so long is most acceptable. Weld seams To conclude, the clear
ago, if you wanted a 1:35 around the hull and turret are instructions, low parts count,
Panzer I Ausf.F your only very good and test fit of the main link and length track and small
option was resin. How times parts shows that fit is remarkably amount of etch makes this a
have changed! good. Tracks are provided in link great intermediate kit or just a
HobbyBosss version of and length and come complete quick, fun build to practise your
this kit come moulded in sand with hollowed-out guide horns skills on. For the asking price it
yellow plastic on 8 sprues, with and a test-fit of a few links to is not too bad at all and it looks Smaller parts are equally well moulded.
a further two for the tracks, as the drive sprockets shows no fit like the vehicle it is supposed to
well as a photo-etched fret and problems at all. The tools provided represent.
separate upper & lower hulls. come with their mounting straps Recommended.
Clear pre-stamped plastic pieces moulded on so would benefit from
are provided for the visors and replacement clasps and clamps Thanks to Creative Models
two Balkenkreuz round off the if you so wish. The etched fret for the sample
marking options. does not supply these, but instead
Moulding quality throughout is gives you the engine louvres and
very good with no flash or molding a few other bits. Strangely, about
imperfections on my kit. Any a half of it is not called out during
knock-out pin marks are hidden construction. The building of the
although those underneath the kit of pretty much standard and
fenders could do with being filled. it is a quite basic so I would not
Detail in some places is a little expect any problems.
Link and length tracks
basic notably the hinge detail The instructions are nicely
on the fenders but overall it drawn and very clear. You can
paint this any colour you
want as long as it is Panzer
Grey and a nice, one page,
The engine deck.
5-view, painting guide is
provided for clarity.

The side hull is moulded with locating holes ready for the
The lower and upper hull characteristic torsion bars of this variant.
parts moulded in one
piece each Photo-etched and clear parts.

August 2013 - Model Military International 59

p 59 PzIF Pre 088B.indd 59 14/06/2013 11:15

KIT PREVIEW Dragon 1:35 Pz.Kpfw.III (5cm) Ausf. G Early Production Kit No. 6639
The new decal sheet.

Not much space in this baby!

Graham Tetley
examines Dragons
latest entry in
their ongoing
quest to release
every variant of
the Panzer III
ever produced a
1:35 scale early
Pz.Kpfw.III (5cm). The turret with the roof retooled for the 'G' features.


he Panzer III was a Early G to the ranks. for this particular version, but
medium tank developed As you would expect, most nothing more than basic modelling
in the 1930s by of this kit has been seen before skills will see you through. The
Germany and was used with very few actual new parts instructions are typical Dragon
extensively in World War II. The added. The only thing that I can nicely drawn but sometimes
The G-style drive sprockets.
official German designation was see that is 100% new are the cluttered so just take your time
Panzerkampfwagen III Sd Kfz. etched brass fret and the decals. when working through them.
141 (abbreviated PzKpfw III). Everything else is stock Dragon I have to report that there are
It was intended to fight other Panzer III with an early Panzer IV no surprises with this kit and it is
armoured fighting vehicles and cupola included for an alternative a typical, high quality, Panzer III
serve alongside the infantry- version. The turret is exclusive as only Dragon do. Construction
supporting Panzer IV. However, as to a G but appeared first in the should pose no surprises and from
the Germans faced the formidable Cyber Hobby G with Wading Gear the many that I have built the fit
T-34, stronger anti-tank guns (6765) so cannot be said to be should be excellent.
were needed. Since the Panzer brand new. For a Panzer III fan like me, this
IV had a bigger turret ring, the So what we have in this kit is a kit has to be welcomed.
role was reversed. The Panzer IV re-box of various other Panzer III
mounted the long barrelled 7.5 cm bits, all brought together to give
KwK 40 gun and engaged in tank- an early G. The included Goodie
to-tank battles. The Panzer III Bag has the Magic Tracks, two
became obsolete in this role and pre-bent pieces of wire for the
for most purposes was supplanted headlight conduits, clear parts for
by the Panzer IV. the visors and new markings for
From 1942, the last version 5 vehicles from 1941- 3 vehicles
The new photo-etched fret Main gun housing.
of Panzer III mounted the 7.5 from Russia (2nd, 13th and 16th
cm KwK 37 L/24, better suited Panzer Divisions) and two from
for infantry support. Production Greece, both from the 2nd Panzer
of the Panzer III ended in 1943. Division.
However, the Panzer IIIs capable It is not advertised on the box,
chassis provided hulls for the but you get the option to model
Sturmgeschtz III until the end of either the initial or the modified
the war. version. To be fair this is nothing
Specifically, compared to its spectacular as it just involves
predecessors, the Panzer III Ausf. moving one part and filling two
G added extra armour to the gun holes, but it is there nonetheless.
mantlet and was initially armed The main variation though is in
with the 3.7 cm KwK 36 L/46.5 the cupola as Dragon provides
(later 5 cm KwK 38 L/42) gun. Magic Tracks individual track links.
optional parts for either the late
600 were produced in 1940-1941.* or early versions.
Thanks to The Hobby Company
Dragon continues their Moulding is clean and crisp with Limited for the sample
quest for world domination of no flash on my kit at all. Some
everything Panzer III by adding an surgery is needed on the fenders
* Historical background courtesy of Wikipedia The correct gun mantlet.
60 Model Military International - August 2013

p 60 PzIIIG Pre 088B.indd 60 14/06/2013 11:15

KIT PREVIEW Dragon 1:35 British 25-Pdr Field Gun Mk II w/ Limber Kit No. 6774

The new gun shield.

The firing platform.


The slide-moulded one-piece barrel.

Andy King reviews Dragons 1:35 scale 25 Pdr Field Gun,

the most widely used British howitzer of the Second
World War and well beyond.

he OQF (Ordnance Quick and 32 rounds of ammunition should be quite fast. As with
Firing) 25 Pounder field were carried within this. other artillery pieces you need
gun was designed in the Dragon has just released the to decide fairly early on whether Nicely presented muzzle brake.
1930s and first entered Mark II 25 Pdr in 1:35 scale, which you want to display the model in
service with the British Army in was the most common version a firing or transport mode. The
1940. It was the principle heavy used in WWII. In the box you barrel is a slide-moulded item
artillery piece well into the 1960s have five sprues in grey styrene, but the muzzle brake is made up
with a few still being used for a small sheet of photo-etched from two pieces which will make
training purposes in the 1980s. brass and four tyres moulded in clean up tricky, especially on the
As well as the British Army, it Dragons DS Vinyl. inside. The limber has optional
equipped Commonwealth forces The kit was first released in parts for the tow hitch and the
and others such as the Free 2011 and featured a full crew doors can be modelled opened or
French, Greek and Polish and was but this time around the figures closed with two separate drawers
used on many fronts during WWII. are omitted. The only other real for the ammo, but as the front of
After the war it saw service differences between this and the the open drawers are thin etch
in Korea, Malaya, the Indian Sub earlier issue is a new gun cradle they look slightly odd next to the
Continent and the Middle East. and shield mounts. thicker moulded closed ones.
Recuperator housing.
The gun weighed in at 1,633 The standard of moulding is Painting instructions are rather
kgs (3,600 lbs), could lob a shell excellent with no flash to be seen dull with the choice of either Sand
a maximum of 12,252 m (13,400 anywhere and the only visible or Olive Drab for North Africa
yds) and as well as firing HE mould-pin marks present are and Europe respectively and
ammunition it could use Armour underneath the mudguards of the absolutely no decals whatsoever,
Piercing rounds in an anti-tank limber. Some mould seam lines but then again I dont suppose
role. It was also used as the main are present on parts but these will artillery pieces are the most
armament on the Bishop and be easy enough to remove. colourful things on the battlefield.
Sexton Self-Propelled guns. When The instructions seem clear As per usual, colours quoted are
transported, the gun was hitched enough and owing to the relatively from the Model Master and Mr
to the limber or Trailer, Artillery, low parts count (by Dragons Hobby ranges.
Number 27 to give it its full title standards anyway) construction It is good to see a new model
of this important piece of British Ammunition is moulded in place in the limber.
artillery as the only other injection
moulded kit of the 25 pdr is very
long in the tooth now.
Lets hope Dragon will
eventually release a new kit of the
Quad tractor to tow it as well!
Highly Recommended.

Thanks to The Hobby Company

Limited for the sample The breech.

DS flexible vinyl tyres. The included photo-etched fret.

August 2013 - Model Military International 61

p 61 25Pounder Pre 088B.indd 61 14/06/2013 11:16

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64 Model Military International - August 2013

p 64-65 Contact NI 088B.indd 64 14/06/2013 11:16

Dragons 1:35 scale Type 95
Light Tank by Luke Pitt, with
reference by Bruce Culver.
Next Issue
On sale 1st August 2013 ISSUE No.88 August 2013,
Published July 4th 2013

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SMALL PACKAGES ...and much more!

Due to many influencing factors, we

Trumpeters 1:35 scale 8.8 cm Pak 43 auf Leichte Waffentraeger cannot guarantee the appearance of the ADH Publishing 2013
above projects, but well try our best!
(Ardelt) finished in a striking scheme by Thomas Morgan.
August 2013 - Model Military International 65

p 64-65 Contact NI 088B.indd 65 14/06/2013 11:16

The Last Post..
The Editor
examines the
The large one-piece upper hull moulding.
AMG (Arsenal
Model Group)
1:35 scale Heavy
Armoured Car
ADGZ (Late)
The lower hull is moulded as one piece too. Kit No. 35502


hen this kit arrived The model company hails from actually very nicely done. The
on the doorstep I Ukraine and this appears to be material is quite hard, and the tread
The turret is presented in flat pack format. honestly wondered only their second or third offering. pattern is crisp. There is a feint
if it was some kind The packaging and box art appears circumferential centre seam line,
of once-off prototype or perhaps quite professional. but this should disappear if you
a Wehrmacht 46 style of Underneath the attractive lid rough up the tread with a sanding
theoretical vehicle. It is a very odd are 181 parts in low-pressure, stick. The sidewalls are really
looking duck indeed. limited run injection moulded impressive with very fine raised
Once again, though, Google was plastic (grey in colour), around ribs and Continental lettering
my friend: 42 photo-etched parts on a single obviously no fear of Trademark
The Steyr ADGZ was originally fret and 12 vinyl tyres. infringement in the Ukraine!
developed as a heavy armoured The large (and yes, it is a large Youll have to cut out the thick
Wheel hub detail is nicely done too.
car for the Austrian army (its vehicle) upper and lower hull parts vinyl plug in the middle of each
designation was M35 Mittlere are each moulded in one piece, tyre before assembly.
Panzerwagen) from 1934 and so we dont have to worry about Options include four jerry cans, a
delivered from 1935-37. assembling a complex flat pack for rack, a shovel, pick and axe.
The Austrian army was using these critical areas. Surface detail Markings for four vehicles are
the ADGZ armoured car at the is quite crisp for a limited run kit, included on the small but sharply
time of Anschluss. 12 were used comprising recessed holes plus printed decal sheet. All the
by the army and 15 were used by raised panels and rivets. The hull schemes are overall Panzer Grey.
the police. The Germans used them hatches are all moulded shut, and No clue is offered about the source
The smaller parts look great very good their for police work and some were there is no interior detail. of the decals, but they look good.
short-run origin. taken on by the SS and used on the The characteristic louvres on the In summary, this model looks
Eastern front and in the Balkans. (nominal) front of the vehicle are impressive in the box. However,
The SS ordered an additional moulded shut, but it would not be a you dont want to be completely
25 ADGZ, which were delivered major task to cut separate louvres lulled by the crisp detail and
in 1942. An interesting feature of from strip plastic and fix them in quality of the plastic. Being a
this vehicle was that there was no the open positions between the limited run kit, you should be
rear. Either end was capable of two photo-etched side strips. prepared to spend some extra time
driving the unit. The cylindrical turret is made preparing the parts, test fitting and
As part of the initial operations up from four main parts, which potentially filling and sanding.
of the Invasion of Poland, the SS includes a separate Commanders Even so, this is a small price
The sprue runners include rows of bolt heads
that may be shaved off and used to supplement Heimwehr Danzig used three ADGZ hatch. to pay for a nice looking replica
the detail on the model. armoured cars during the attack The smaller detail parts of a very unique type. I cant see
on the Polish Post Office in Danzig, are crisply moulded Tamiya coming out with one of
and lost one during the with minimal these any time soon!
battle. imperfections. And if this isnt enough to grab
AMG was The black your attention, Google adds one
also a new vinyl tyres are more interesting tidbit at the end
The photo-etched fret. name of its entry:
to me. After the invasion of the USSR
a few ADGZ armoured cars were
rearmed with turrets from the
Soviet T-26 model 1933 light tank.
Now that sounds like a fun
Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Creative Models

Australia for the sample
Markings for four vehicles are provided. Tyres are black vinyl.
Detail is crisp and impressive for this media.

66 Model Military International - August 2013

p 66 LastPost 088B.indd 66 14/06/2013 11:17

Dragon Kits are distributed in the UK by The Hobby Company Limited, Knowlhill, Milton Keynes, MK5 8PG
See the full Dragon range at
Find us on facebook
search Plastic Kits UK Dragon models are available from all good model shops

p 67 Dragon 088.indd 8 13/06/2013 15:03