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What is childhood obesity?

Since the 1970s, the growth charts to see if

number of children your child is a healthy
with obesity in the weight for their age,
United States has tri- sex, and height.
pled. One in five chil-
BMI at or above
dren in the United
85th percentile and
States has obesity.
less than 95th per-
Obesity is when a per-
centile are consid-
son has too much body
ered overweight.
BMI at or above the
You have probably
95th percentile are
heard your childs doc-
considered obese.
tor talk about their
body mass index or
BMI percentile. Your Causes of Childhood
childs doctor uses Obesity

Is your child at risk of becoming Lack of physical activity

Energy imbalance
overweight or obese? Environmental factors
Socioeconomic factors
How much time your child drinking more than the body
spends sitting still in front weight or obese. needs, it leads to weight gain.
of the computer, watching Our bodies use energy from
television, or playing video Encourage your child to be
foods and drinks for healthy active for at least one hour a
games plays a major role in growth and physical activi-
their risk of becoming over- day and cut back on TV time.
ty. If you are eating and
How can you prevent childhood obesity?

Encourage healthy eating. Educate

Increase fruit, vegetable, and Teach your child
whole grain intake. the importance of
healthy eating and
Limit sugar and saturated fats
physical activity
Reduce sodas
Read food labels
Increase and support physical together

Limit or avoid time in front of the


Participate in at least an hour of

physical activity daily.

L o n g Te r m I m p a c t s of C h i l d ho o d O b e s i t y

Obese children are more likely to be obese as adults

and they are at risk of developing chronic diseases
such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
Because of the increasing rates
Children with obesity are at higher risk for having: of obesity, unhealthy eating
habits and physical inactivity,
Breathing problems we may see the first generation
Fatty liver disease that will be less healthy and
have a shorter life expectancy
Joint problems than their parents.

High blood pressure -Former Surgeon General

Richard Carmona
High cholesterol

Anxiety and depression