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2307 Lebanon Road

Nashville, TN 37214
Non-Profit Org
US Postal Paid
Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN
Permit 2464
Church of Christ
2307 Lebanon Road; Nashville, TN, 37214 * (615) 883-6918

Current Resident or Volume 58, No.30 July 25, 2010

More Ways to Serve Adam Faughn
Joe Adams
This year’s mission trip is a very special You can make a monetary donation, and 773-2331
one (as each year’s is). One thing that you can also come to help with one of the
makes this one “stand out” is that it is Johny Baker
many areas of work, including just being 758-7654
lasting almost two weeks, instead of just here to visit and give a smile. We will have
one. Physical work and a Vacation Bible games and stories for the children, and will Ralph Brewer
School are the things that we usually do. also be making lunch for our visitors. Be 871-4849
However, there are more from Lebanon here to help, and don’t forget to come on
Worship With Us Road who are now in Forrest City, North Wayne Davidson
Friday night to help “bag” the supplies to
Sunday: Worship 9 AM & 6 PM * Bible Classes 10:20 AM Carolina, and who will continue the work 758-2705
be given away.
Wednesday: Bible Classes 7 PM there. JD will be speaking
Last Sunday, our eld- Earl Flynn
in a Gospel Meeting for
ers announced a new 889-1659
that good congregation,
and several of our mem- fund to help our Ted Fox
Give Away Day bers will be knocking members who had 754-7607
doors and doing other significant damage
On Saturday, July 31st Help will be needed on Friday works to help in that ef- from the flooding in Steve Ledbetter

11:00am-1:00pm night, July 30th to sort all of fort. We are so proud of May. Please make
sure you mark any-
the work that is being
we will be distributing school sup- the supplies and bag them ac- done, but we miss our thing turned in Jim Schroeder
plies to those in our Community. cording to grade level. folks! Please pray the 2nd (check or an enve- 754-8990
week of the trip goes well, lope with cash) to the
“flood relief fund,” and it will be handled Cliff Wilson
and that all return to us safely.
Lunch will be provided. properly. We are so thankful to our elders 889-6477
This Saturday will be our annual school for doing this. Whatever you can give,
supply give-away day. This is a great out- those in need will appreciate it.
Monetary donations are currently reach to our community, as we help
Lebanon Road, let’s serve! Pulpit Minister
those in need, and show them the love of
being accepted by the Young Christ. The young adult class coordinates
Adam Faughn
Adult Class. this good day, but they need your help!

Outreach Minister
Supplies will be purchased and Sunday Sermon Preview Harry Middleton
sorted AM: Through Death’s Valley
Youth Minister
according to grade levels. PM: Isaiah Saw Himself and His Mission JD Buckner
(731) 336-4768
Sick List Worship Leaders by Harry Middleton In Our Steps
WHAT ABOUT WITNESSING??? Peter, once having fled from taking a stand
 Tommy Goddard is at home doing therapy after Sunday Morning (Contact: Carlos 889-3185 )
We hear much about “witnessing for Christ” in for the Master, later urged every disciple to walk
knee surgery. Opening Prayer: David Cook our present day. Even some of our brethren are taking with the Master: “For even hereunto were ye called:
 Rose Ledbetter is at Vanco Manor room 301 for Read Scripture: Gavin Hammers to using it. The denominational world uses this expres- because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an
rehab. Closing Prayer: Fred Williams sion to refer to “a special working of grace.” example, that ye should follow his steps” (1 Peter
 Peggy Stewart had lung surgery on Tuesday at A dictionary definition is in order. Webster’s Col- 2:21).
Sermon: Adam Faughn legiate gives this: “Testimony, one who be-
Summit. She is in SICU. Song Leader: John Smith One needful reason our footsteps should be
holds or has personal knowledge of, to have
direct cognizance of or to observe with one’s fitted to our little ones who walk at our heels. What
Serving Lord’s Supper: (Contact: David 754-7085)
own eyes.” they see us do, they will at least try to do. And it is
Sympathy Marion Schow 1
The Greek word martus or martur is defined by needless to preach, “Don’t do as I do, but do as I
We express our sympathy to Alan Witt and family. Mike Windsor 2 Vine’s Dictionary of New Testament words say do,” for they seek to identify with us in order to
Mike Williams 3 as: “to aver what one has seen, heard, or be a person. It’s not what we say, but do, that com-
Alan’s mother, Ruth Witt, passed away on Tuesday
Johny Baker 4 knows” or “to observe.” municates.
night. Actual usage in the Bible is in Acts 1:8, 22; 5:32; Edgar A. Guest’s classic, “I’d Rather See a
Paul Tramel 5 1 Peter 5:1. These are but a few. Each time Sermon,” conveys much indeed. The imperative
Thank You Jack Vannatta 6 the term is used in the sense of stating what that separated Jesus from the Grecian philosopher
Michael Rader 7 one has actually seen or observed or has
 Dear Christian Friends, Thank you for all your was that the Greeks merely “spent their time in
direct knowledge of.
Don Morris 8 nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new
acts of kindness. The calls, visits and cards were Brethren who use the term do not use it in any of
Sunday Evening (Contact: Steve 553-2804) the above senses. I cannot bear witness of the thing” (Acts 17:21). Jesus, says Luke to Theophi-
a comfort. The flowers were beautiful and the lus, “both” did and taught (Acts 1:1). His life was
Opening Prayer: Billy Hutchens death of Christ for I was not there. I cannot tes-
luncheon provided after the services was greatly tify as to the work of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost not merely graced with wondrous sermons and in-
appreciated by our family. In Him, Eula Latham Closing Prayer: Bill Myers because I did not observe it. I can pass on to comparable teachings, but marked by miles of foot-
Read Scripture: Lon Keele others the testimony of Luke who wrote the Book prints. Footprints that led from the house of Simon
Sermon: Adam Faughn of Acts. I can pass on to others the witness of the leper, the tomb of Lazarus, and the despised
Flood Relief Song Leader: John Smith
the apostles but it is not my testimony. In other publican and sinner who desperately needed him.
words there is a difference between reporting People watched Jesus. People study his
For those who wish to assist their brothers and sis- Serving Lord’s Supper (Room) the testimony of a witness and bearing the wit-
ters who were victims of the flood waters, a fund disciples. Our sermons are out lives. Our notes are
Philip Denny 1 ness. When I preach I am simply passing on to
has been established. Checks should be made to my hearers (at least I hope it is passed on) the our convictions. And an unconvincing sermon
Jim Oakley 2 testimony of those who were actual witnesses. comes from a lesson we apparently do not find
Lebanon Road Flood Relief or just Lebanon Road
We are taught to speak as the oracles of God (1 real. We are not convinced. The audience is the
with proper notation on the check. The check can
Wednesday, July 28th (Contact: Keith 889-7366) Peter 4:11). For this reason we should be ex- world, and that world is filled with “little people” who
be given to one of the Elders or placed in the col-
Read Scripture: Gary Schow tremely careful in using the expression can see no higher than father or mother, and no far-
lection plate. “witnessing for Christ” lest we not be using it in ther than childhood and find the most instructive
Opening Prayer: Wes Carnahan the way the Bible uses the term “witness.” Let books to be example. In our steps marches tomor-
Speaker: Emory Buckner us speak as the Bible speaks then we can be row’s little army, and its battle will be fought on the
Youth Group Song Leader: Richard Roberson sure of the message we bear. plains of real, not make-believe, life. What kind of
----- J. A. Thornton -----
strength, what kind of “basic training” are we giving
Monday Night Madness, July 26th Announcements: Visitation team #2 and letter writers will meet them? They will be tomorrow where we have led
Be at the building at 6PM for the Harry Middleton - Ted Fox them today?

YOUTUBE Challenge Nursery Attendants Mark Your Calendar...

Erin Young
 Today: Sycamores services at 2:00 led by Michael Rader, Lynn Wright and Sonny Gossett
Clandestine, Tuesday, July 27th
The Record  July 19-28: North Carolina Mission Trip
Be at the building at 11:00
Sunday Morning Worship 305  July 31: Give Away Day 11:00—1:00
Bring water guns, sack lunch, and a
Sunday Evening Worship: 271  October 15-17: Ladies Retreat at Whispering Pines
change of clothes. Pick up time is
Sunday Bible Study: ___
Wednesday Night: 201
Contribution: $10,660.00

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