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1. Define source code.

Ans. A program written in high level language is called

code. Computer cannot understand the statements of the
source code directly. It is converted into object and then
2. Define object code.
Ans. A program in machine language is called object
code. It is also called object program. It is directly
understood by the computer.
Source code is written in Object code is written in
high level or assembly machine language through
language. compilers.
Source code is easy to Object is difficult to
understand. understand.
Source code is easy to Object code is difficult to
modify. modify.
Source code contains fewer Object code contains more
statements than object statements than source
code. code.
3. Differentiate between source code object code.

4. What is ANSI C?
Ans. The American National Institute (ANSI) developed a
standard version of the language known as ANSI C.
5. Write two characteristics of C language.
Ans. Characteristics of C language are as follows:

Well structured.
Case sensitive.
Hardware control.

6. Define unstructured programming languages.

Ans. In unstructured programming language the entire
logic of the program is implemented into a single mode or
function. The programs written in these languages are
difficult to understand, modify and debug.