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Norwac Recordings List

This is a list of all the previous NORWAC lectures.. To order, SEE LAST PAGE. Return to Conference
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Antero Alli Robert Blaschke cont.

9029 The Comet Chiron. 0825 The Progressed Opposition of the Sun & Retrograde
Superior Planets
Sheila Belanger 0802 Sun/Mars: Vocational Analysis
9513 A Shamanic View of the Planets 0336 Transformation of America & the 21st Century Crusade
9432 A Spiritual Perspective on Mid-Life Cycles
9821 An Overview of Planetary Transits Anne Black
9719 The Astrologer as Modern Shaman 9624 8 Stages of Challenge & Growth: Squares & Octiles
0902 Bridges Between the Worlds T-Sq of Saturn, Uranus & Pluto 9407 Astro*Carto*Graphy & Relocation Charts
97PR01 Chiron: The Cosmic Shaman 9414 The Age Point Progression & Prediction
9832 Chiron Initiation Cycles 9519 Counselling Astrology
2007 The Chiron Initiation Cycles 9531 Lunar Nodes as Vocational Indicator (beginner)
2019 Dance of Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus: New Paradigms of 9607 Relationships & the Zone of Projection
0916 The Fabulous Forties: The Bridge Decade Agneta Borstein
0622 The Fixed Dance at the Crossroads of Change 9132 The IC/MC Power Points.
9420 Goddess In Your Chart 0623 The Myth of the Moons Nodes
9302 Introduction to the Transpersonal Planets 0643 Pregnancy Relating to Astrology
0102 Life Seasons: Adult Initiation Cycles 9112 Transits of the Nodes
9738 Mid-Life Epiphanies: Awakening the Authentic Self
Christian Borup
06pr01 Midlife Revisions
9631 Unaspected Planets
0936 The Quest for Authentic Medicine
9625 Your Birthmyth & It's Life Long Psychological Implications
0514 Tracking Your Astrological Life Story
0134 Transforming Consciousness Tim Bost
0650 The Underworld Journey to the Heart of Belonging 1235 Mercury Retrograde & the Markets: Trading and Investing
9502 The Warrior Path Strategies When Everythings Going Wrong
0537 Who is Running This Show? Saturn oppose Chiron 1212 The Transneptunian Factors and Financial Opportunities:
Lynn Bell The Power of Prosperity in the Uranian System
1038 Aspects as Defense Bernadette Brady
03PO01 Between Conflict and Desire: Astrological Mars 0412 Ecliptocentric Astrology A Sun Centered World View.
0324 Does the Full Moon Keep You Awake at Night? 0414 The Fixed Star: A River of Myth
12PR02 Health Ancestors in the Chart 0438 Prediction: A Therapeutic Tool
1230 Neptune in Pisces The Big Wave 04PO01 Profession and Money: A Medieval Answer
1020 Uranus in Aries to a Modern Question
1220 Vampires, Transformers and Enablers: Working with the
Energies of the 8th House James Braha
0311 Welcome to the Watery World 95PO01 Everything You Want to Know About Vedic
9536 Experience in Hindu/Vedic Astrology
Lillian Bennett 9503 Intro to Hindu/Vedic Astrology
1126 Blogging Astrology 9520 Practical Tips for Hindu Astrologers
Nick Dagan Best Chris Brennan
0507 Tales of Venus Retrograde 0950 Advanced Hellenistic Time-Lord Techniques
0637 Whats Up Uranus? 0923 Hellenistic Astrology
Tishelle Betterman 0742 Life, Love & Lots
0617 Moving Forward, Looking Back
0616 Understanding the Nakshatras
1307 The Origins of the Signification of the Houses
Robert Blaschke 1342 Seven Conditions of Affliction & Bonification
0602 Holographic Transits
0644 The Lunar Nodes on the Cardinal Cross
0302 Mirror Degree Synastry
Nicholas Campion Elsbeth Pryer Diehl
9918 1999 Eclipse & Why We Should Be Looking Forward To It 0607 Astrological Psychosynthesis: An Introduction
9437 Astrologer as Artist 0633 Huber Moon Node Astrology
9402 Current Events: The Planetary Dimension
94PO02 Mundane Astrology Elsebth & Robert Diehl
9943 Uranus, Pluto & Neptune - Into the Millennium 06po01 Astrological Psychosynthesis, Age Progressions & Aspect
Pattern Astrology
Gary P. Caton
1206 Cycles of Venus: The Evolutionary Journey of the Goddess Monica Dimino
of Sex, Love & Re-birth 0615 Another Look at Astrology
0603 Another Look at Mars
Arthyr W. Chadbourne 0647 Another Look at Mercury
0121 Lunar Mansions 0531 Another Look at National Backgrounds in Chart
2045 The Sunset Chart of Babylon Interpretation
0502 Another Look at Synastry and Relationships
Gary Christen 0525 Another Look at Work & Vocation
1025 Introduction to Symmetrical Astrology
1337 Off the Ecliptic Mark Dodich
1039 Solar Arcs 1231 Introduction to Esoteric Astrology
1319 Symmetrical Astrology's Founding Principles 2018 Introduction to the Seven Soul Rays
10PR01 Symmetrical Chart Analysis 1221 Relocation Astrology: Going Beyond Cookbook
Brian Clark
8611 What We Give Away in Relationships. Ronnie Dreyer
9720 Astrology of Self Esteem
Stephanie Clement 0140 Healing Signs
0313 Rectification the Easy Way 9703 Vedic Astrology Made Easy
9732 Vedic Predictive Astrology: Vimshottari Dasa System
James Coleman
9619 Venus in Transit
2026 9 Faces of the Dream Lover: Search for Soul Mate
9637 A Walk Through the Houses: A Vedic View
9924 Issues in Aspects
0114 Yogas in Vedic Astrology
2040 The Simplest Astrology: Masculine and Feminine Energy
9931 Solutions in Natal Astrology Ronnie Dreyer & Demetra George
96PO02 The Oracular Tradition
Andrea Conlon
0903 The Marriage of Astrology & Psychotherapy Adrian Duncan
0133 Astrology and the Daily News
Robert Corre
0107 Four Elements & Behavior
0646 On the Pivotal Importance of the Ascendant
0127 Youve Got A Problem, So What?
Darby Costello Carolyn Egan
1043 The Joy of Love: Venus
0526 Long Range Weather Forecasting, Part 1
1012 Jupiter: Your Access to Good Fortune
0532 Long Range Weather Forecasting, Part 2
10PO01 The Progressed Moon: Finding Our Way Home
1026 Self-Discipline & Community: How to Reap the Rewards of Alan Epstein
Saturn while Pluto is in Capricorn 8701 The Inconjunct.
8730 Chart Classification.
Barry Cowger
9117 Birth Order and Astrology, Part I Maurice Fernandez
9127 Birth Order and Astrology, Part II 03PO02 The Ascendant A Succession to the 12th
9343 Further Developement on Family Psychology & Astrology 04PR01 Astrology and Sexuality
9422 Mythology, Astrology And Dreams, Part 1 0513 Astrology Signs Revisited
9443 Mythology, Astrology & Dreams, Part 2 0722 Bisexuality, Homosexuality, Cross Dressing & Trans-
8939 Planets and Their Archetypes. Genderism
0508 Stock Market Trading 1139 Chiron Humility of a Master
0420 The House of Your True Career: The 12th House
Steve Cozzi
0924 Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction
8912 Exploring Local Space Astrology, Part 1
0432 Jupiter in Virgo
8934 Exploring Local Space Astrology, Part 2
1127 Neptune in Pisces
Rebecca Crane 0318 Neptune, 12th House & Pisces
0618 Working Astro-Therapeutically with Clients 0330 Planetary Pairs - Part 1
0509 Planetary Pairs Part 2
Donna Cunningham 0544 Planets in Aspect to the Nodal Axis
1336 Coming of Age Under the Uranus/Pluto Square 0749 Relationship Analysis
1314 Stelliums 101 0303 Retrograde Planets
0904 The Spiritual Role of Saturn
Robert Diehl 05PO01 Uranus: The Apex and Decline of Civilization
0538 The Astro-Psychology of Relationships 11PR01 The Yod Configuration for the Masterful
0638 Black Moon Lilith, Great Goddess
0608 The Family Model Jack Fertig
0520 Venus as a Primary Significator in Counseling 0820 Sexual Diversity: Gender, Orientation & Other Variations
Robert Finnegan Steven Forrest cont.
0826 Medical Astrology in the Modern World 0533 Lunar Phases in the Birth Chart
1032 Lunar Phases in the Birth Chart
Philyss Firak-Mitz 9620 Mars: Hunter or Prey?
0108 Eleven Signatures of Spiritual Growth 04PO02 Moon Intensive
0115 Prediction & Synthesis 0341 The Mighty T-Square
0139 The Nature & Cycles of Love 9919 The Mysterious Yod Aspect
9810 Neptune Enters Aquarius: The Electric Dream
Dennis Flaherty
1019 Oops, We Forgot Neptune in Pisces
9514 Astrology, Dharma & Right Vocation
1128 The Out of Bounds Moon
9032 Astrology of Relationships.
9542 The Part of Fortune (beginner)
0304 Eastern Moon through Western Eyes
0839 Planets Conjunct the Moons South Node
9320 Eclipses
0202 Pluto: The Wound & the Healing
1133 Mars: Self Determinism in the Cult of Speed
0748 Profession in the Birth Chart
9508 Mythic Measurements of the Moons Nodes
0527 The Progressed Ascendant
1107 The Nodes of the Moon 0651 The Progressed Composite Chart
1134 Progressed Lunar Declination
0331 Saturn: Lord of Truth or Consequences
9725 The Progressed Venus
9932 Vedic Astrology: Dharma, Vocation & Your Life's Purpose
0238 The Ruler of the Ascendant
Kristin Fontana 9632 Saturn: Staying in Touch With the Tough Old Bird.
1115 Evolution of the Goddess! 0328 The Sea Refuses No River: Uranus in Pisces
1343 Evolution of the Goddess II 9708 The Second House
0937 Evolutionary Transitions 2046 The Seventh House: That Elusive Other
1308 Evolutionary Transitions: Key Gates for the Growth of the 0122 Sexual Logic of the 8th House
Soul! 02PO01 Sexual Logic of the Eighth House
0714 Fumbling Toward Ecstasy: The Redemption of Lilith 0929 Sketches of Prior Lives
0838 Opposites Attract: The Evolution of Mercury & Jupiter! 0403 The Slippery Grand Trine
0925 Planetary Nodes: The Soul Journey 2020 The Third House: The Heresy of Perception
1144 Synastry & Composites: Souls Evolution through 0442 Transiting Uranus in Pisces
Relationships 9529 Triumph of Faith: Pluto into Sagittarius
0827 The Warrior of the Soul! 0901 Twenty-five Years
0624 Uranus in the 12 Signs
Jodie Forrest 0803 Vesta Reconsidered
0908 The Ascendant Your Entry Vehicle 0601 What About These New Planets?
9433 Creativity And The Fifth House 9834 What Do You Do?: Career Symbolism in the Chart
9739 Odin as Mercury 0430 When Im Thirty-Four
9608 Real-Life Astrology: Case Study of the Progressed Sun 0307 When Nothing Works but the Nodes
9642 The Second Saturn Return 1315 When Planets Hit the Ascendant
9715 Venus as Freya 1301 The Wise Old Astrologer
0926 Venus Returns 9301 Yikes! Its a Wing (Said the Catepillar): Saturn in Aquarius

Steven Forrest Leslie Francis

9321 The Ascendant in Two Octaves 0724 The Cross of Matter
0512 Astrological Ethics 1233 Living with the Planets
9412 Astrology And The Bible
0230 Astrology, Parapsychology, UFOs . . . John Frawley
9901 Beyond Description 0629 The Chart within the Chart
2012 The Bright (and Cloudy) Dawn of a New Age 06po02 Introduction to Medical Astrology
0723 Ceres: Beyond the Gender Ghetto 0639 Introduction to Horary
13PO01 Choice-Centered AstroMapping 0614 The Soul in the Chart
1338 Counseling the Current Uranus/Pluto Square Jennifer Freed
9416 Crisis In Confidence: The 6th House Revisited
0103 Undoing Relational Shame
0112 Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
06pr02 Electional Astrology Moll Frothingham
9942 Enlightenment & the Cosmic Blues: 12th House 1027 The Beauty of Libra
Symbolism 1344 The Daily Devotion of Virgo
0819 Eris: The New Planet 1209 The Elements of Astrology
9344 The Eternal Triangle 0939 The Off-Stage Leo
99PO01 Evolutionary Perspectives in Astrology 1216 Uranus Square Pluto: The Call to Action
9438 The Four Angles
0938 The Four Angles Stephanie Gailing
0712 The Future of Astrology as a Profession 1021 Planetary Apothecary: Wellness Suggestions for Outer
9748 Getting Spaced Planet Transits
9817 Goals & Aspirations: The 11th House Revisited
9612 The History of Freedom Adam Gainsburg
01PO01 I Feel Like Ive Known You Before 1033 A Fuller Venus; A Deeper Mars
1101 Imagining Ourselves 1202 Deepening Your Angles: The Fuel-Angle-Tool Technique
9509 Jupiter (beginner) 1232 The Evolutionary Phases of Mars
95PO03 Let's Play God
1007 Local Space
Andrea Gehrz Roy Gillett
0715 Daimons Are Forever 1135 Taking Ownership of our Lives & Our World
1102 Will our Cardinal & Mutable Future be for Good or Ill?
Demetra George 11PO01 World Economy and Astro-Cycles 1979 - 2024
8817 Ancient Lovers: The New Asteroids (Psyche & Eros).
9643 Asteroid Fever Michelle Gould
9812 Asteroids In Relationships 0702 Fundamentals of Electional Astrology
0325 Asteroids, Daimons & Fate 0619 Planets at the Bendings
0123 Astrological Hermetica 0735 The Secondary Progressed Moon
9504 Astrology, Mythology & the Archetype of the Psyche
08PR01 Basic Concepts in Hellenistic Astrology Margaret Gray
1037 Ceres, Persephone, Pluto & the Elusinian Mysteries 1121 A Walk around the Developmental Stages of the 12 Houses
9337 Dark Moon Phase of the Goddess
Deva Green
1236 Elements, Polarities & Modalities
1044 Evolutionary Progression/Development of the Soul
9537 The Enigma of the Three Astrological Liliths
0716 Four Ways Pluto Affects Evolution
9439 The Erotic, Spiritual, & Committed Dimensions of
0821 Pluto: Evolutionary Journey of the Soul
0833 Plutos Planetary Aspects & the Evolutionary Pace
2041 Fate and Free Will in Ancient Astrologies
1014 Pluto in Libra
9524 Finding Our Way Through the Dark
1028 First Steps in Traditional Astrology Jeff Green
0342 Fundamentals of Hellenistic Astrology 9211 Anima/Animus Dilemma
0831 A Golden Thread: The Transmission of Western Astrology 9518 The Archetype of Capricorn
0402 Guidelines for Effective Astrological Consultations 95PR02 Aspects, Phases & Key Planetary Pairs
0922 The Healing Power of Myth in Astrological Counseling 9128 Astrology and Your Chakra System.
0625 Hellenistic Time Lord Techniques 93PR01 Astrology of Sexuality.
0814 Hermes: Guide of Souls 9011 Crisis in Consciousness: Welcome to the 90's.
0425 Hermetic Medical Astrology 9313 Good-Bye to the Piscean Age
9836 Houses & Rulerships 98PR02 How To Analyze A Horoscope From
0807 Integrating Asteroids into Chart Delineation An Evolutionary Point Of View
2014 Integrating the Asteroids into Your Reading 97PR02 How to Determine Prior Life Dynamics
0214 Introduction to Hellentistic Astrology Between Two People
0104 An Introduction to the History of Ancient Astrology 2034 The Inner Nature of Venus: Ones Inner Relationship to
9417 The Lunation Cycle Oneself
9314 Mandala of the Asteroid Goddesses 8602 Issues in Freedom: The Uranus Effect.
93PR02 Mysteries of the Dark Moon. 8613 Issues in Self Improvement: The 6th House.
0652 Mythology & Archetypal Astrology 9111 Keys to Personal Identity: The Nature of Our Childhood
9303 Myths of the Zodiac Enviroment.
9601 On Divination: Oracles, Seers & Astrologers 90PR01 Metamorphosis Within Relationships.
1008 The Rising Signs: Twelve Templates for the Life as a 9716 The Moon and Its Nodes
Whole' 8902 The Nature & Function of Mercury.
9920 Self and Other: The Bottom Line 94PR01 The Nature & Function of Neptune.
0232 Thelma Mundi 2013 The Nature of Evil and Its Influence in the Horoscope
9401 Toward A Theory Of Asteroid Significance 0219 Nature of Evolutionary Astrology
1213 A Traditional Approach to the Topic of Relationship 8911 Nature of Personal Evolution: The Mars/Pluto Interface.
12PR01 Traditional Astrology for Yourself (part 1) 9613 Nature of Personal Evolution: Mars/Pluto Interface
12PR03 Traditional Astrology for Yourself (part 2) 9630 Ok, The Aquarian Age, Now What?!
9621 The Twelfth House (Beginner) 9333 Outer Planets and Trauma
0944 Uncovering Life Purpose in the Birth Chart 8828 A Planetary Method of Chart Analysis.
9933 What Kind of Astrologer Are You? 9813 Planetary Method Of Chart Interpretation
0905 When are the Malefics Bad & When are they Good? 9434 The Planetary Nodes
Dana Gerhardt 91PR01 Pluto: Evolutionary Journey of the Soul.
9227 Psychodynamics of the Moon. (92 Version)
2021 Drawing Down the Moon and her Phases
8812 Planetary Retrograde.
0329 Here Comes the Sun
9831 Saturn: The Structure of Consciousness
0308 Sacred Allies, Part I
89PR01 Saturn Conjunct Neptune in Capricorn.
0314 Sacred Allies, Part II
9413 The Search For Inner Meaning
Madeline Gerwick 99PR01 So We Meet Again....
1325 The Art of Choosing Auspicious Timing 9912 Trauma: The Walking Wounded
9934 Uranus: Freedom From the Known
Daniel Giamario 96PR02 Western Astrology & Eastern Chakra System
0503 Introduction to Shamanic Astrology
0528 The Mystery School of Life Lynn Greenleaf-James
9327 Being a Maverick Magician of Matter Delineation of the
Dr. Mitchell Gibson DNA Chart
0109 Astrological Patterns of Mental Illness (2001 Version) 0220 Sex Astrology
0145 Astrological Patterns of Psychic Abilities 9707 Sexual Astrology in Alternative Lifestyles
2022 Astrological Patterns of Psychic and Spiritual Ability 9610 Tantalizing Timing: Outer Planets Transit Strategies
2039 Modern Astrology: A New Look at an Old Science
9921 Signs of Mental Illness Eileen Grimes
20PO01 The Signs Workshop 0433 Mars: The Planet of Potency & Passion
Arielle Guttman Robert Hand cont
0713 Astrology & Mythology 9426 Profections
0703 Mythic Astrology: Healing with the Planets 0105 Receptions
0744 Planets & Asteroids in Astro*Carto*Graphy 1302 Saturn the Benefic
9140 Science Versus the Astrological World View.
Bruce Hamerslough 1004 The So-Called Arabic Parts
9034 Eclipses. 96PO01 The So-Called "Arabic Parts"
9403 Forcasting Backwards & Forwards 8802 Some Greek Predictive Techniques.
9828 Symbolism of the Parents
Robert Hand
8906 Tertiary Directions: An Improved Directing System.
03PO03 Ancient Philosophy and Spirituality In Astrology
9236 Towards a Theory of Divination
9712 The Astrologer's Role
01PO02 Traditional Astrology and Human Potential
92PO01 Astrological Ages (5 Tapes)
9647 Traditional Astrology vs. Psychological Astrology
9102 Astrological Symbols of the Father.
0828 The Triplicities
8825 Astrology, Magic & the Yoga of the West.
0346 The True Significance of Astrology
0754 Astrology, Morality & Ethics
8622 The Wave Theory of Astrology.
9626 Astrology: Symbols of the Earth
0956 What Are We Doing Anyway?
0248 Astrology & Language
9345 Whats New in Computers for Astrologers
0150 Astrology & Magic
2003 Whole-Sign Houses
0315 Astrology & Qabalah
0848 Why Astrology is not a Science and What Needs to be
8832 Astrology & the New Fatalism.
Done to Make it One
0727 Astrology & the Picatrix
1347 Why is it So Difficult to Prove Astrology?
0909 Astrology & the Soul
0548 Astrology & Western Magic Dennis Harness
0808 Astrology in the Corpus Hermeticum 9944 Astrologer's Shadow: Challenges in the Consulting Room
9721 Astrology of the Soul 0516 Eastern & Western Astrological Traditions
8943 Astrology Symbols of the Earth. 9328 Introduction to Hindu Astrology
9408 Basic Concepts Of Ancient Astrology 99PR02 Nakshatras: Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology
9225 Bipolar Nature of the Planets 05PR01 Nakshatras: Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology
0415 A Brief History of Predictive Techniques 9339 The Sacred Marriage: East & West
9304 The Cardinal Points in the Constellation 0545 Seven Chakras: Astrological Correlations and Remedial
9907 Day & Night Sects in Astrology: A New/Old Way of Measures
Restoring a Balanced Polarity in Astrology 9927 The Twelfth House: Misery or Moksha
07PO01 Dealing with Difficult Chart Combinations
9330 Delusion or How to Kid Yourself With Your Horoscope Ko Hashiguchi
2051 The Descent and Ascent of the Soul 0319 Constructing the 4 Pillars Chinese Chart
0309 The Elements and the Qualities 0343 Partner Matching By Chinese Astrology
9609 Essential Dignities
9926 Fate, Free Will & Contemplation Amy Herring
0707 First Steps to Analyzing Relationship Potential 1218 From Student to Professional
2027 First Steps to Reading a Chart Using Traditional Methods 1046 Integrating Aspects in a Natal Chart to Find the Theme
9203 The Fourth House: The Gateway To Within 0832 Reconstructing Pop Astrology: From Branches to Roots
0447 Foundations of a Post-Modern Astrology 1203 The Secondary Progressed Moon
0609 From Thyself and From Science
Lynda Hill
89PR02 Geomany - Terrestial Astrology (3 Tapes)
0241 Advanced Techniques for Sabian Symbols
0927 Going on the Same Journey
02PO02 The Sabian Symbols
9801 Good and Bad Planets: What Does It Mean
0203 The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle
0208 The Great Conjunctions
0213 Where To From Here: Saturn/Pluto Opposition
9547 Hot, Cold, Wet & Dry
0227 Ingress & Lunation Charts Joyce Hoen
0630 Interrogatory Method of Chart Analysis 9206 8th House as a Source of Healing
9747 Introduction to Electional Astrology 9231 The Sky, The Sea & The Earth
0116 Introduction to Electional Astrology (2001 Version)
05PO02 Introduction to Medieval Methods of Solar Revs Sandy Hughes
1015 Introduction to the Classical Method of Solar Revolutions 8604 Asteroids as Signal Flags.
08PO01 An Introduction to Medieval Natal Chart Analysis 8813 Chiron Emerges.
0656 Is Astrology Religion? 9334 Chiron: The Shaman
0515 John Dee - Astrology & Mage 9602 Chiron's Dance With the Outer Planets
1324 Jupiter the Malefic 8836 Cycles of the Dragon.
9947 Lessons of Ancient Spirituality for Modern Astrology 9113 The Dance of Death: Pluto and the 8th House.
0407 Matter & Form in Astrology 9107 From Delusion to Delight: Neptune & the 12th House.
0504 Matter & Form in Astrology (2005 version) 8620 I Ching & the Planets
9814 Medieval Method of Aspects 8918 The Magical Thread: Weaving it all Together.
9122 The Moon, The King and the Holy Grail. 9633 Soul-Journ Through the Chart
91PO01 Multi-Dimensional Art of Astrology 8631 The Symbols of Life.
8913 Multi-Level House Interpretation. 8732 The Living-Triangles: Elements in Actions.
1048 Nesceintes Nullam Libertatem Habent: "Those who are 9305 Uranus/Neptune Conjunct in Capricorn:
Ignorant Have No Freedom" The Shamanic Convergence
9505 Of Aspects, Orbs & Combustion 8714 Who Me? Reality in the Mirror.
94PO01 Planetary Periods in Western Astrology 8935 The Yod: Crossroads of the Soul.
Kelley Hunter Mark Jones
9409 Lilith Speaks: The Dark Goddess Of Our Time 10PR02 Arcs of Infinity - the Nature and Function of the Nodes in
9440 Outer Planet Generation Astrology
0804 Astrological Initiations: Timing Critical Transitions
Maggie Hyde 1003 The Bottom Line - Nature & Function of Pluto
09PO01 Cosmology for Modern Time One World Astrology 0745 Essential Sexual Nature
Workshop 13PR01a Finding the True Self (part 1)
0930 Gold, True Value & the Part of Fortune 13PR01b Finding the True Self (part 2)
0945 Love on the Nodes 09PO02 Finding Your Lifes Path : Pluto/Nodal Axis in Evolutionary
Aleksandar Imsiragic
0931 The Fork in The Road: Squares to the Nodal Axis
1317 Fixed Stars in Karmic Astrology
0708 Holding On & Letting Go: Saturn & Uranus
13PR02 Hermetic Astrology
0844 How to Identify & Heal Trauma
1331 Hermetic Astrology & Strings Between Incarnations
0946 An Intro to Higher Octaves of Personal Planets
Lea Imsiragic 1332 The Lightening Strike: The Uranus Opposition & its
1320 Choose the Right Career with Fixed Stars Meaning for the Individual
1303 Your Strongest & Weakest Points 1219 The Power of the Circle
0813 The Price of Healing
Jayj Jacobs 1204 Saturn: The Guardian of our True Potential
8703 The Astrology of History. 12PO01 The Silver Path of the Moon
8921 Bringing the Future Into Being. 1013 Towards an Astrology of Liberation
8940 A New Paradigm. 1040 The Unlived Life - How to Identify & Transform Unresolved
8907 Sexuality of the Sun Signs. Material
8635 Transit Flow Chart. 08PR02 The Venus Plan: Exploring Essential Needs through the
8617 The Visible Future. Natal Chart
8733 Visiting Other Lifetimes - A Regression Workshop. 1316 The Waters of Healing: The Potential of Neptune
07PO02 Whats Love Got To Do With It?: Pluto in Composite
Steven James Charts
9427 Discovering An Astrological Heritage
0204 New Relationships Alternatives Mark Kuenzel
0540 Planetary Retrogrades
Jeff Jawer
0935 2010 & Beyond Dan Keusal
1030 Astrology & Community 0822 From Study to Practice: Using What We Already Know
0906 The Astrology of Intimacy 0337 Image & Story: The Soul of our Craft
1207 Conflicted Needs - How the combinations of factors in our 0439 Two Roads Diverged-Evolutionary Intention Or Missed
charts shape the psyche Opportunity
0840 Chart Attack
2008 The Deconstructed Horoscope Liz Kirkham
1329 A Grand Chance: July 2013 Grand Water Trine 0829 How to Market Yourself with Astrology
0228 Healing the Astrologer 0947 Digital Recording 101 for Astrologers
0701 If Astrology Ruled the World Alphee Lavoie
1045 Inner Journey - Outer Life
0805 Can Marriage & Relationship Be Predicted
0426 The Limits of Individual Consciousness
9237 Chart Rectification
2042 Neptune in Aquarius: The End of Individuality
2048 Four Paths to God
0736 No Chart is an Island
9221 Horary in the Counselling Session.
0242 Nurtured by the Moon
2010 Introduction to Financial Astrology
1304 Planetary Purity
0834 Lose Your Diamond Ring & Find it with Horary
0830 Pluto in Capricorn: Taking Command, Transforming
9521 The Progressed Moon
20PO02 Successful Astrological Trading
0640 The Relationship Experience, Part I
0146 Tertiary & Minor Progressions
0648 The Relationship Experience, Part 2
0124 Weather Predicting
0434 Relationships & the House of Open Enemies
1217 Saturn: Door to Relationships - New road to Intimacy Gretchen Lawlor
0940 Storytelling with Astrology 2028 21st Century Medicine
1239 Transforming the Astrologer - Revisioning our relationship 9733 Astrological Timing in Health & Healing
with astrology 9717 Care of the Astrologer
1002 The Yoga of Writing Horoscopes 1034 Energy Medicine for Astrologers
0809 Zodiac Code 2009 Finding the Body in the Horoscope
1005 High School Astrology
Bill Johnston
1333 Medical Astrology: Sustaining Well-Being through the
0843 Fate, Free Will & Destiny
2013-15 Evolutionary Upgrad
2050 Hellenistic Astrology
1309 Somatic Astrology: Experiential Tools & Simple
0815 Rulers of the Nativity
9938 Whole-Sign Houses in Modern Astrology
Lee Lehman, Ph.D.
0413 Are Astrologers Slow Learners
0653 Chinese Medicine - Western Medical Charts
99PO02 Classical Horary Methods
20PO03 Classical Mundane Techniques ( 4 Tapes)
Lee Lehman, Ph.D. cont Gary Lorentzen cont.
0604 Classical Solar Returns 9534 The Pisces/Virgo Dilemma
0951 Classical Temperament & Modern Wellness 9335 Structure of Motivational Aspects
0915 Hope in the Time of Pluto in Capricorn 9726 Transits & Progressions of Pluto
0910 Horary/Electional/Event: Where the Lines Blur
2015 How to Find Lost Objects Michael Lutin
9914 Introduction to Electional Astrology 8806 The Horoscope and the Family.
0443 Lending Dignity 8818 Karma, Astrology and the History of the Soul.
0408 Longevity: Can We Predict It? 8804 Made In Heaven.
0210 Mercury & Moon: Mind/Memory/Soul
A.T. Mann
0221 Personal Safety & Danger in Horary Charts
1001 Astrology & the Akashic Records
9939 Timing: Is this Transformation or Just a Bad Hair Day?
9816 Astrology & the Art of Memory
2049 Using Astrology to Win in Conflict and Negotiation
0510 Buddhism & Western Astrology
0141 Wealth: 2nd House & Lifetime Financial Planning
0437 Chaos Theory, Junk DNA & Astrology
Marwayne Leipzig 0546 Chaos Theory + Junk DNA = Astrology
9744 Death, The Unmentionable 05PO03 Sexuality in the Horoscope
9423 Pulling It All Together 0143 Dated Solar Returns
8735 The Divine Plot: Astrology, Reincarnation, Cosmology
Mark Lerner 9807 Embracing Chaos
8919 America and Russia in the 1990's 0405 Family Systems & Life Time Astrology
8705 Lifetime Astrology
Rick Levine 01PO03 Life Time Astrology
1016 2020 Vision Extending Past 2012 0427 Log Arc Directions
9035 Astrology, Science & Religion. 8716 The Mandala Astrological Tarot
0635 Astrology: Science, Art or Magic? 9838 The Soul in the Horoscope
0209 The Astrology of Relationship 0111 The Spirit of Space: Astrology & Feng Shui
0932 Basics of Chart Delineation 1023 Tibetan Buddhism & Western Astrology
1237 Delineating Those Mysterious Septiles 1035 Your Stories & Life Quest
9614 Everything You Wanted to Know About Uranus
9935 Experiencing Yourself in the Cosmos Rose Marcus
0404 Fate versus Free Will 1321 Eris & Sedna
9829 The Future is Now, But Are We Ready 1339 isces & Our Iconic Journey
0948 Inspiration, Perspiration, Disillusionment
9538 Limits of Change: Saturn, Sun & Moon (beginner) Kim Marie
9903 Love, Sex & The Heart 1226 Economic Opportunity Awaits
0136 Magic of Quintiles & Septiles 1208 Manifesting Our Pocketbooks
0610 Mercury, Jupiter & Uranus 0728 Philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology
9219 Metaphysical Mirrors 0750 Planetary Nodes
06pr03 Navigating Your future with Transits
Marie Masco
9103 Pattern of the Universe: Intro to Quantum Astrology.
0522 Nodes of Eclipses
1201 The Problem with Astrology
0620 Topics in the Natal Chart: Vocation
9802 Quantum Astrology: On the Edge of the Dream
0125 Saturn: The Limit of Perception Karen McCoy
0234 The Saturn/Pluto Cycle 0147 Astrology & The Medicine Wheel
0419 The Signs of These Times (or Why I Became an Astrologer) 02PR01 Lunar Phases and Planetary Relationships
0810 The Sixties Inside Out: Upcoming Outer Planet Transits 0222 Time Lines
9820 Speed Reading a Chart 0106 Transiting Lunar Nodes
0704 Those Annoying Quincunxes 0237 Transiting Lunar Nodes
0746 Understanding the Planets from the Moon to Pluto 0120 Why Me God?: Pre-Natal Eclipses
1047 Uranus on Fire
9315 Using Transits to Navigate the Seas of Time & Space Mark McDonough
0654 Venus & Neptune 2024 Every Astrologer a Researcher
0444 Working with Aspects
1222 Working with Planetary Pairs Joan McEvers
0845 The X-Tiles: The Truth is Out There 8833 Don't Know the Time of Birth? Rectify!
8814 Insights on Interceptions.
Jim Lewis 8803 Where Should I Move?
8636 Advanced Perspectives: Cyclo*Cart*Graphy.
8704 Astro*Carto*Graphy and Mundane Astrology. Chris McRae
8632 Astro*Carto*Graphy - Plan Your Next Move. 0941 Astro-Locality
8715 The Peter Pan Complex - Astrology of Puer Aeternus. 0406 Demystifying Rectification
8616 Sex & Relationships as Shown in the Horoscope. 0534 Great Conjunctions
8734 What is a Nice Medieval Science Like Astrology Doing in a 0431 The Inequality of Eclipses
Century Like This. 0705 The Marriage of Moon and Saturn
0523 Mars: The Energizer, Motivator & Trouble Maker
Gary Lorentzen 0422 A New Look at Interceptions
9745 Astrological Ages & the Structure of History 0729 The T-Square Dilemma
9615 Composite Charts 0734 Timing Your Daily Activity
9526 Planets: The Dynamic Archetypes of Personality 0907 What Secondary Progressions Can Reveal
Kimberly McSherry Laura Nalbandian cont.
8706 Astrology and Human Sexuality. 1036 Chop Wood, Carry Water: Virgo & the 6th House
8736 The Outer Planets - Evolutionary Insights. 9121 Coming to Terms With Leo.
8717 The Reemergence of the Goddess. 1227 The Cross of Perspective: The Mutable Signs
2023 Despositors and Rulerships
Eric Meyers 9638 Divine Reality - The Neptune Connection (Beginner)
0952 Between Past & Presence 0129 Emotional Coping Skills
0511 Charged & Neutral Elements 9925 Faces of the Goddess: Ceres & Vesta
0911 The Intelligence of Reality Uranus/Saturn 0332 The Fixed Cross: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius
0421 Gemini: Is It All in the Head?
Nuno Michaels
9134 Home Sweet Home & the Art of Emotional Security.
1345 Conscious Co-Creation through the Lens of Astrology
0539 Jupiter Transits - Is Fortune Always Smiling?
1326 How Much Sun Can a Moon Take?
1340 Kassandra: The Trauma of Disbelief
13PR03 Playing with Planets
1022 Mars: The Art of Going to War
Laura Michetti 9425 Phases & Aspects, Part 1
0717 Practical Magic & Western Astrology 9444 Phases & Aspects, Part 2
0226 Polarities as a Point of Healing
Grace Morris 8926 Psychodynamics of the Inconjunct.
0751 Business Trends & Economic Cycles 0626 The Reclamation Project: Retrogrades & Karmic
0730 Pick the Best Stocks for 2007-08 Astrology
07PR02 The Business of Astrology and Working with Businesses 9937 Saturn & the Structure of Reality
0326 Saturn: Mastering the Fear
Roxana Muise 0841 Solar Return Techniques
8609 45 Degree Graphic - Playing With A Stacked Zodiac. 9232 Taurus, Venus & the 2nd House
8737 45 Degree Graphic Ephemeris. 0747 Uranus: Trauma as a Force of Liberation for the Soul
95night A Year of Solar Arc Aspects at a Glance 0521 Uranus: Understanding Karmic Trauma
9123 Aspect Syanstry. 0240 Venus/2nd House: The Essential Needs of Life
8914 Astrological Aspects for 1989. 9033 Virgo/Pisces Axis - A New Perspective.
9428 Batteries Are Included: The Chakras, Glands etc.
8928 Cancer - Sign of the Cat. Maggie A. Nalbandian
2017 Dress for Success 8718 The 12 Archetypes of Astrology.
9017 Guiding Your Inner Child. 9346 The Elements and Qualities
9212 Hide & Seek With the Moon.. 8623 How Firm is your foundations: Basic Astrology.
2004 Instant Solar Arcs for a Whole Year 8738 Keys to Interpreting the Natal Chart.
0409 The Mercury Retrograde Cycle 8837 Neptune: The Divine Connection.
9108 The Retrograde Cycle. 8630 Panel Discussion With the Pros.
9639 The Retrograde Shadow, A Holistic View 0243 Planets as Personality Functions
9827 The Rulership Mandala 9136 Polarities: The Nature Of Opposition.
0605 Taking the Fear out of Retrogrades 9019 The Qualities & the Elements.
8707 What Happens to Rainbows When I close My Eyes. 8937 The Ties That Bind: The Karmic Connection.
8819 What Will My Day Be Like.
Kari Noren-Hoshal
Michael Munkasey 0718 Astrology of Near Death Experiences
9336 Astrology and the Houses
9727 The Astronomy of Astrology Dorothy Oja
9535 Harmonics in the Horoscope 1009 Compatibility & Conflict - Synastry
9233 How to Use Midpoints 1029 The Davison Relationship Chart
9018 How to Work With Midpoints. 9404 Patterns Of Compatibility/Patterns Of Conflict
9006 How to Work With Midpoints. 9445 Timing The Future

Buz Meyers Alan Oken

8815 The Descendant and Your Alter Ego. 12PO02 Astrology & the Metaphysics of Money
8831 Eclipses Through the Houses. 0914 Astrology as a Tool
8807 Sexuality and the Natal Chart. 1224 The Astrology of the Times We Live In
09PO03 Creating Your Own Archetype - A Look at Uranus
Gregory Nalbandian 0428 The Earth & Saturn
9904 Astrology & Feng Shui 0401 From Pisces to Aquarius; from Duality to Wholeness
0611 Relocation Astrology 0928 The Horoscope of Sevens
1323 Saturn & the Nodal Axis 04PO03 The HoroscopePath to Healing
1205 The Moon: Our Biological Karma, Mommy & The Mother
Laura Nalbandian 1228 The Pluto/Uranus Square and Its Implications
0135 6th House: Issue of Self Improvement 0436 The Ruler of the Horoscope
0824 8th Harmonic Aspects: How Minor Are They? 0953 The Ruler of the Horoscope
9326 Archetypes of the Zodiac, Part 1
9338 Archetypes of the Zodiac, Part 2 Amanda Owen
9218 Aries, Mars & the 1st House 0636 Calling all Virgos: Re-languaging Astrology 21st Century
1327 Aspects to the Nodes 0631 How to Get Time Off for Good Behavior: The Education,
0933 Ceres ~ A Question of What Sustains Us Reformation and Integration of 12th House Planets
0949 Changing the Narrative: Mercury/3rd House 0606 The Moon & Destiny
9743 Chiron: The Betrayal / The Wounding 0737 Receiving with Neptune: Fulfilling Your Dreams
1223 Chiron: The Myth & the Application 0709 Transiting Nodes in Virgo/Pisces
Glenn Perry, Ph.D. David Pond cont.
0235 The Astrologers Shadow 9928 Saturn in Taurus: How Much Reality Can We Handle?
9803 Astrology, Synchronicity & the Soul 0835 The Slow Blossoming of Water Houses
98PO02 Finding the Life Script in the Chart 9512 The Soul & Spirit of Astrology
02PO03 Finding the Shadow in the Birth Chart 9709 A Study of Chakras for Astrologers
0229 Hard Aspects 0320 Surviving Outer Planet Transits
9611 Helping Clients with Difficult Aspects 0725 Transiting Saturn
2035 Neptune and the Imaginary Crime 0517 Unlocking Creativity in the Birth Chart
9815 Neptune & the Power of the Dream 9405 Uranus: The Key To Freedom
9826 Planetary Aspects as Personal Myth 9722 Uranus/Jupiter Conjunction Through the Houses
96PO03 Psychopathology & Healing in the Birthchart 0410 Your Evolving Emotional Intelligence
9644 Psychopathology of the Zodiac
20PR02 Saturn & Pluto Through the Houses Lucy Pond
0212 Saturn/Pluto: Turning Terror into Triumph 9307 The Eighth House
2029 Sex, Death, and Power: A Scorpio Triumvirate 9507 Moonstruck
9527 The Silence of Venus (beginner)
Kate Petty
1310 Apply the Power of Antiscia Mikel Poulsen
0643 Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!
David Pond 0321 Get a Real Job!
1017 12th House: Life on the Other Side of the Looking Glass 0233 How to Elect the Perfect Wedding Date
8722 Addictive Behavior and the Outer Planets. 0632 Lock and Load: Giving Clients the Bad News
9137 Allowing the Darkness for Creativity 0752 Ready to Read
9930 The Art of Relationships 0733 You Cant Read Everything You Believe
9312 Astrologer, Mystic & the Therapist
9008 Astrological Counseling. Fran Rackow
Pr92po Astrological Counseling in Times of Crisis . 0836 Financial Cycles
9818 Astrology for Teenagers
Lois Rodden
9340 The Astrology of Creativity
9104 Aspects.
0205 The Astrology of Revolution
9126 The Mc: Your Reputation & Career Choices
9804 The Awakening: Welcome to the Sagittarius/Aquarius Era
9118 Work, The Curse of the Drinking Class.
0801 Awakening into "We"
0823 Can You Live Within Your Means Richard Roess
9201 The Changing Role of Astrologers. 8923 Am I the Movie? Neptune, Pisces and the 12th House.
9746 Consciousness on the Run 8930 Chiron: Let the Beast Lead the Way.
9539 Dealing With Difficult Aspects
0627 Discover the Pantheon of Divine Energy in Your Chart Kim Rogers-Gallagher
01PR02 Eastern Mysticism for Astrologers 9506 12th House Script (beginner)
95PR01 Eros, Intimacy & Transformation: 0211 Americas Pluto/Saturn Transits
Pluto's Final days in Scorpio 0244 Astro*Carto*Graphy for Beginners
8941 Evolution of Capricorn. 9723 Building the Perfect Beast
0501 Facing the Shadow; Disengaging from the Fear Machine 9308 Chiron: Your Tragic Flaw, Your Greatest Strength
9604 The Fire Signs (beginner) 0322 The Company They Keep
05PR02 From Aries to Aspects: Everything You Need to Know to 05PR03 Composites, Progressed Composites, & Transits to
Give a Skilled Astrology Reading Composites
0917 From Chaos, The New Order Emerges 9447 Composite Charts
9037 Giving Transits & Progression Readings. 9331 Counseling the Pluto/Saturn Square
9114 Health Indicators in the Birth Chart. 9419 The Eighth House
0416 Intimacy & Isolation of the 8th House 0738 Fire Dancing in 2007 w/Jupiter, Saturn & Venus
8829 The Inward Journey. 9515 God Bless the Media
0310 Is It Inspiration or Illusion That You Are Following 9734 Jupiter Through the Houses
0706 Jupiter in Sagittarius 0530 Living With Angels
2016 The Moon in Relationships 9909 Looking At The New Millennium
0223 The Moon in Relationships 9809 The Mars Return
9418 Neptune: The Key To Vision 9540 Post-Conjunction Talk
9013 Outer Planets in the Birth Chart As a Call For Evolution. 0720 Pluto-Demoted, Degraded & Mad as Hell
1006 The Outer Planets: Friend or Foe? 9616 Progressions: Time-Lapse Photography
0612 Parenting & the Astrology of Young Children 0535 Rectifying Your Pets Chart
9222 Parenting With Astrology 9922 Saturn Transits Through the Houses
0131 Past Life Clues & Soul Purpose 9636 So You Want To Be An Astrologer . . .
2005 Planetary Phases 2006 The Taurus Traffic Jam
9618 Pluto in Sagittarius: The Anarchist, The Crusader & The 9837 The Titanic: Anatomy of a Disaster
Truth Seeker 9936 Transit Stories
9446 Pluto: The Key To Transformation 03PR01 Understanding Your Chiron: The Healer Inside
0912 Reawaken the Dream ~ The Aquarius Transits 0335 What I Did my NORWAC Vacation
0110 Relationship Counseling 2036 Whos On First?
1313 Ride the Wild Surf: Taking Uranus/Pluto Personally
91PR02 Right Livelihood: A Job With A Purpose (2 Tape)
9316 Saturn
1305 Saturn in Scorpio: The Test of Intimacy & Fear of Isolation
Barbara Schermer Mary Shea cont.
9216 Art of Astrological Counseling 9342 Solar Return or Birthday Surprise
9205 Astrology Alive! 95PO02 Solar Returns Workshop
9138 Astrology, Kriya Yoga and Consciousness. 9522 Stack the Deck w/Electional Astrology
9119 Creating Sacred Ritual.
9229 Turning Lead into Gold. Maria K. Simms
9431 Circle of the Cosmic Muse
Philip Sedgwick 1211 Claim Your Power to Choose
8741 360 Degree Revisited. 9628 Dial A Past Life
9830 A Look at the New Transpluto 12PR04 Dial to the Crux of the Chart
0440 Aspects of Creativity 9839 Future Signs for Magical People
0224 Beyond Transformation 9824 Lunar Phases & the Wheel of Your Life
9731 The Big Scoop, The Big Dipper 9410 The Power Of Midpoints And Dials
9718 The Blue Star Prophecy 1238 Quick Timing for Decision Makers
9238 Cardinal Virtues 9635 Your Magical Child
2037 Chariklo and Asbolus
02PR02 The Chart Speaks Jan Spiller
9945 Chiron & His Cronies 0806 Aspects to the Nodes: Compulsive Behavior Patterns
0340 Clues From Beyond 08PO02 Cosmic Love: Seeing Past Life Contracts in Comparison &
0846 Does Size Matter?? Composite Charts
1024 Dwarf Planets & Giant Goals 0817 Cosmic Love: The Gifts we are Exchanging
9109 Era of Enlightenment. 0837 Trusting the Tool of Astrology in Action
0739 Extreme Rebellion in Space
Gloria Star
8709 Galactic Astrology - Models of Growth.
04PR03 Accurate Astrological Forecasting
0731 The Galactic Core Gets Extra Cosmic
0137 And the Chart Will Go On & On . . .
0148 The Great Attractor
0741 An Astrologers Role in the Collective Process
9129 Heliocentric Astrology.
9840 Astrology, Visionary Action and Outrageous Possibilities
8924 A Heliocentric Primer.
0445 Astrology, Vocation & Success
9341 How to Survive & Get Something From A Retrograde
98PR01 Astrology, Women and Power
9436 I Gotta be Honest With You
0505 Astrology as a Guide for Connection to Your Inner Self
8808 The Inter-Planetary Transit Authority.
9009 The Co-Dependent Personality.
1041 Its More Than Saturn & Uranus & Pluto
0710 Deciphering Predictive Techniques
0628 Jupiter in Scorpio - Selling Sex, Death
1335 Developmental Astrology: The Astrology of Childhood
8816 Just Around the Bend.
0943 Dreaming the Impossible Dream
0316 Karmic Limbo
8904 Eclipses.
9038 Major Look at Minor Aspects.
9916 Eclipses, Mundane Events & Personal Challenge
0245 Mastering Mars
9124 Guidelines for Counseling Astrologers.
0918 Makemake, Haumea (and other planetary add-ons)
9629 Looking Toward the New Millennium
9640 Native American Star Lore
0726 Love & Other Fairy Tales
9116 Neptune and Mystery..
9641 A Matter of Degree: Sabian Symbols
1334 The New Planets We've Known for Centuries
0519 My Favorite Prediction Techniques
9329 Out of Contol: The Pluto/Saturn Square
1311 New Chapters: Revelations from the Moon's
9022 Planetary Returns
96pr01 New Relationships for New Times
01PR01 Psychodynamics of the Moon
0913 The Nine Most Important Cycles of Your Life
9528 Push Me, Pull You: The Jupiter/Saturn Square
0812 Okay, Whos Not Talking About Pluto in Capricorn?
8910 Real Dreams.
8931 Optimum Child.
9544 Relationship in the 21st Century
0126 Phasing In or Out?: Lunation Cycle
9915 Relationships For The Next Hundred Years
PO0399 Power, Sexuality & Spirituality
1229 Return of the Matriarch, Part II
0847 The Pulse of Love: Cycles & Relationships
0423 Revisiting the Nodes
9030 Reclaiming Personal Power.
1318 Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn: A Mutual Reception
0101 Reinventing Astrology
Made in Heaven
0417 Right Time, Right Place
0942 Solar System Stir-Fry
0541 Saturn in Leo: Time for Dramatic Focus!
0547 Soul Mates
9130 Setting the Stage: The Chart of the First Encounter.
025 Spiritual Indecision: Jupiter or Neptune
9819 Sex, Lies & Cosmic Red Tape
9627 Taking Care of the Moon (beginner)
8917 So You Think You're Not a Kid Anymore?
9424 Taking Your Pulse(ar)
9016 Time Warp or Does Time Exist at All.
03PR02 Thats It!
9911 The Trouble With Clients
9823 The Thermometer in Your Chart: A Look at Mercury
0818 Who Authorized These Changes? - Saturn & Uranus
0118 Two Times Two: Jupiter/Saturn in Gemini
0816 Venus - Reforming Social Consciousness & the Matriarchy
0919 Working with Sabian Symbols
8938 The Venus/Saturn Dilemma
0529 Whats Said About Sedna Marcia Stark
0641 The Y of Planet X 8603 Astrology and Healing
Mary Shea 8614 Astrology & Healing: Color, Music Therapy & Gem Stones
8629 The Zodiac and the Medicine Wheel.
9319 Heart Journey 1990 & 1991
9530 Heart Journey 1995
9510 How I Learned to Love My Saturn
9306 How I Spent My Summer Vacation: A Unique Vision Quest
Georgia Stathis Erin Sullivan cont.
0231 Astrology & Professionalism: The Warrior Walkabout 8726 Keys to the Threshold Struggle at the 8th House
0216 The Power of Eclipses in Prediction 1322 Mercury Retrograde: Cycles of Reflection
0649 Progressions, Solar Arcs & Eclipses 8743 The Modern Hero/ines Journey.
06po03 Touchdown Timing Techniques: Delineating Eclipses 8627 The Progressed Lunation Cycle.
0613 What Goes Around Comes Around: The Pre-Natal Eclipse 8820 Transiting the Mid-Life.
02PR03 Working Business Charts - Analyzing, Mapping, and 8612 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: 4th, 8th & 12th
Navigating a Plan with Your Clients Houses.
1341 Your Personal Heroic Journey: Saturn Across the Angles
Ed Steinbrecher
9003 Aspects Newly Constructed. Kelli Surtees
9031 Inner Guide Meditation. 1346 Active Aspects
9023 Shadow Dancing: Physics of Partnerships & Marriage. 1328 Combining Transits & Progressions
13PR04 Silver Strokes: Predicting with the Moon Cycle
Diana Stone
9430 All the Worlds a Stage Richard Tarnas
9808 Aquarius Rising: Not What You Might Expect! 0920 The Big Picture: Planets, Politics, and Our Changing
0149 Aries & Taurus Rising Zeitgeist.
8742 Astrology Above, Homeopathy Below 0753 Cosmos & Psyche
8927 Astrology as a Wayshower to the Gods/Goddesses. 0954 Deepening Transit Analysis
9741 Cancer/Capricorn Rising: The Parent Trap 07PO03 Harmonies of the Spheres: Understanding the Planetary
8710 Case Studies in Astrology. Archetypes through the Arts
03PR03 Clearing Negative Energy 0711 Planetary Cycles & the Understanding of History
9545 A Communication Model for Astrologers
0206 Consultation Charts: The Tao of Now Giselle Terry
9207 Electional Astrology (part 1) 1010 Astrology & Psychotherapy: The Crossroads of Healing
9223 Electional Astrology (part 2) 1042 The Moon & the Relational Nature of Growth
9323 Everything About Relationships is in Your Chart 0811 Progressed Moon Around the Zodiac
9511 Exploring Consciousness in the Horoscope 0842 Twelve Signs, Twelve Steps: Universal Patterns of
0344 Exploring Consciousness in the Horoscope Development
9730 Fractured Fairy Tales, Ruptured Rhymes & Mangles Myths
Martha P. Taub
20PR03 The Fundamentals of Huna Shamanism
9347 Uranian Astrology and the Uranus/Neptune Conjunction
9645 Gemini/Sagittarius: Not Just Chatter & Philosophy
9317 Uranian in Action
0323 Good People Who Tolerate Bad People
9224 Why Uranian?
0542 Homeopathy: As Above, So Below
9309 Horary & Electional Charts for Medical Matters Bil Tierney
9835 Horary & the Affairs of the Heart 8610 Ascendant and Self-Image.
9120 Horary Astrology, Part I 8618 Venus and the Higher Octaves.
9139 Horary Astrology, Part II
9940 Horary Astrology In The Work Place Ann Toth
9617 Horary Looks at Murder, Missing Persons & Mayhem 8822 The 8th House: Can You Live There?
9705 Horary Astrology Predicts Sporting Events 8916 Aspects: the Dynamics of the Horoscope
9348 Internalizing the Archetypes 0312 Astrologers Role in our Society
0524 Investing with Horary Astrology 9014 Conjunctions.
9929 Is Nothing Sacred? 9001 Creating the Whole You.
9004 It's All in Your Head. 2033 The Dance of the Progressed Moon
94PR02 It's Money That Matters 9736 The Haunting Of Capricorn
9441 Leo Rising: Not Always the Cats Meow 9318 Inner Aspects & Inner Life
0246 Libra Rising 9101 Jupiter & Saturn: The Effects on Society & You.
9523 Making Heads or Tails of Pisces (beginner) 9234 Let's Take a Good Look at Mars
2032 Musings: Looking Back Over 35 years 9541 The Marriage Chart
8932 Ninth House: When You Believe it, You'll See It. 0306 Masculine & Feminine Energies of the Planets
0132 The Past as Prologue 9135 Moon Madness or Moon Magic
8805 Patterns in the Horoscope. 9214 Mother & Father, Sun / Moon Polarities
9110 The Plumer's Helper or Whatever Works 9711 The Motivating Square of the Natal Chart
8724 Psychodynamics of the Rising Sign. 0236 Palmistry & Astrology
8908 Plucking Moon Strings. 8835 Palmistry: An Astrological View.
9240 Radical Alternatives for the 90's 90PO01 Palmistry: An Astrological View.
9910 Scorpio Rising 8711 Parents & Child - An Astrological Perspective.
9040 Shedding Light on the Dark Ages. 97PO03 Parent & Child - An Astrological Perspective
0424 Timing In the Horary Chart, Part 1 9605 Putting it to Work for You & Your Client, Part 1
0446 Timing in the Horary Chart, Part 2 9622 Putting it to Work for You & Your Client, Part 2
2043 Virgo Rising: Through the Childs Eyes 9646 Putting it to Work for You & Your Client, Part 3
9825 Waking the Western Shaman 9406 Qualities Of The Natal Chart
8619 Western Culture: A New Myth. 9208 Quintile Families
2011 Saturn Returns
Erin Sullivan 8621 Saturn, The Mother Goddess.
8725 Astrological Considerations 8637 Secondary Progressions.
1312 Astrology: Thinking Magically & Critically 9415 Septiles: Who Uses Them?
13PO02 Cosmic Shamanism: The Sighting of the Outer Planets 8727 Solar Returns - Your Spiritual Rebirth for the Year.
8826 Hermes: Teacher, Trickster & Theos.
Ann Toth cont. Topaz Weis
0201 Spiritual Life & Spiritual Growth 9710 Astro*Carto*Graphy: Dancing in the Footprints of the Gods
8909 Sun & Moon: Masculine/Feminine - Which One Are You? 9806 Astro*Carto*Graphy Simplified
9310 Transit of Pluto or A Trip to Hades & Back 9923 Destruction/Betrayal or Production/Vision
0345 Transiting Planets Across the Midheaven 9714 Relocation: A Psychological Perspective.
9516 When Do Events Happen in Life 9833 Right Place, Wrong Time - Or What?
8933 Transits & Their Aspects. 9905 Saturn & Pluto Influences on Astro*Carto*Graphy
9713 Where Have You Been For The Last 7 Years?
2030 Your Financial Affairs Leigh Westin
0634 Declination Dynamics
Noel Tyl 0642 Progressed Declination & the Eye-Opening Lifetime Graph
9010 Astrologer's New Professionalism.
9728 Astrology's Magic Measurements Joanne Wickenburg
97PO01 Getting a Grip on Prediction 9429 The 4th, 8th & 12th Houses
8625 Getting Through to the Unconscious in Astrological 0955 Aspects are all About Growth
Counseling. 0119 Chart Comparison
8823 Instant Keys to the Horoscope. 8746 Eclipses.
8810 The Interplay of Neptune & Pluto. 0740 Eclipses: Precursors to Change
8608 Master Analysis of the Houses 2044 Exploring Creativity
9742 The Master Art of House Analysis 0732 Family Connections
9210 The Neccessity of Crisis? 8638 Family Ties.
9215 Predictions with Solar Arcs 9546 For Better or Worse: Chart Comparison
9235 Psychodynamic Analysis of the Houses 8925 From Traditional to Psychological Astrology.
8839 The Simplicity & Magic of Solar Arcs. 9729 In Search of a Fulfilling Career
8633 Solar Arc Predictions with A Saturn Retrograde Bonus. 09PR03 Integration Through the Lunar Phases, Nodes and Part of
Donna Van Toen 9917 Intercepted Signs: Enviroment vs Destiny
8624 Astrology and Gems. 8801 Jupiter's Promise.
0536 Astrology of Astrologers 9805 Living with Transits
8605 Introduction to Astrology. 07PR03 Living Your Chart
8626 Mars as a Vocational Significator. 9411 The Moons Nodes
8728 Mars in Synastry. 9623 Nodes in Chart Comparison
8745 The Part of Fortune: Not Just Another Pretty Point. 9517 The Outer Planets (beginner)
0536 Astrology of Astrologers 0442 Progressions and Directions
9005 The Retrograde Dilemma.
Patricia. Walsh 0144 Retrogrades
0921 Astrological Lessons from Past Life Regression 9230 Retrograde Planets
1018 Imagery, Storytelling & Astrology 9105 Solar Return Charts
1215 Images of the Moon 9606 The Solar Return Chart
13PO03 Journey to the North Node 9706 The So-Lunar Polarity
1031 The Karmic Transit of Our Time 9941 The Spiral of Life
1306 The Mutable Cross 0934 Transiting Retrogrades
1330 Mutual Reception Saturn & Pluto: Time to Embrace the 8607 Transits & the Moon's Nodes
Shadow 9822 Understanding Aspects
1234 Pluto Passages 2001 What Do You Really Want?
10PO02 Soul Dramas: Identifying Karmic Complexes in the Natal 9015 Why We Get Sick.
Chart 9324 Working With Clients
1210 What If Were Not Doomed? 9501 Your Most Intimate Other
1011 When Planets Square the Nodal Axis
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