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Subject : English Supervisor ________________

Date:02.02.2017 Coordinator ______________
Teacher: Dronic Oxana
Form: V
Topic: Does Angela Like Ice-Cream?
Lesson type: Mixed lesson
Additional Aids: pictures, textbook, notebook, blackboard, chalk, stickers
Time: 45 min
Level: beginner/low-intermediate
Specific competences:
Communicative competences: Receiving oral messages (Listening)
Pragmatic competences: producing oral messages (Spoken interaction)
Communicative competences: Receiving written messages (Reading)
Communicative competences: Producing written messages (Writing)
S1.4.2.Execute specific requests pr commands;
S1.4.3.Find or place the named objects;
S 2.3.1. Read out-loud the specific studied phonic drills;
S 2.3.3.Develop of imitative reading in accordance to the sounds done when reading or speaking by the teacher, or recordings;
S 3.2.2. Participate actively in song interpretation, by respecting the rhythm and intonation;
S 4.3.2. Reading aloud of simple clauses or instructions with the appropriate drill;
Operational objectives: (formulated according to Blooms taxonomy)
By the end of the lesson:
Knowledge- pupils will be able to memorize and list at least 10 new words, introducing them in sentences.
Analysis: pupils will be to choose and translate the new words from the son they linsten.
Synthesis: pupils will be able to develop a discussion about what the members of their families like.
Application: students will apply the new grammatical patterns in their own questions Do\Does
Stages of the Operational Tachers Activity Strategies(methods, Time Assesment
lesson Objectives techniques, forms of
(Learning activities)
I.Evocation Get the pupils The teacher greets the pupils and calls the register. The pupils Attention capturing Direct
Warm Up and organized for answer to greeting. The teacher asks several questions Eg. 1.min formative
preparation the lesson How are you \What date is today? Ice-breaking assessment
Then the teacher checks homework. The pupils retell the Whole class work 2-3min
ex.1.p.62 presenting the vocabulary they learned at home and
Loud reading
read the essay about their friends.Ex.5 p.63

The teacher anounces the competences and the

subcompetences of the lesson. They are stuck on the
blackboard in the order of their achievement..

Introducing a New material: The teacher introduces the new topic. The Audiolingual method Indirect
II. Realization of new topic; The teacher refers pupils to the ex.1.,reads the new words Phoneme discrimination formative
meaning Introduce new and asks pupils to repeat after her. The pupils repeat in Chorus repetition assessment
vocabulary chorus the new words after the teacher. 1 min
Introduce new
speech The Direct method, 4 min
whole class work
Vocabulary: The teacher shows some pictures to pupils that Induction Direct
represent fruits vegetables, and food: tea, egg, coffee etc. The
pupils induce the translation of words from the pictures and
put them down in their vocabularies together with their
transcription and translation.
patterns; Pre -reading: The teacher directs the pupils to the ex 5 p. 65, Indirect
Introduce new reads the task and asks pupis to read one by one the text. Opinion sharing formative
grammar rules; The pupils are ready to begin the reading of the text. Argumentation 3-4 min assessment
Introduce new While-Reading: The pupils read the text and substitute Turn Taking
material words for pictures. Substitution
through reading Speaking: The pupils speak about food.. For ex: Do you like
Silent reading
ice-cream? Yes, I do\No I dont
Further, the pupils are directed to ex 3. They read the task, the
Group Work direct
expressions and build short dialogues and present them in The Communicative formative
pairs. For ex: Does Jemmy Duck like tea? Method assessment
Yes she does.
Do she like ice-cream? 2-3 min
No, she doesnt.
Grammar Presentation: The teacher gives to the pupils Self Discovery(Induction 4 min formative
some handouts with a question : +Explanation) assessment
Does your mother like milk? Whole class work
Does your sister like cheese?

After reading the sentences below the pupils are supposed to

induce the rules of Present Simple questions building Do
III.Reflection Practice the new assessment
vocabulary; Vocabulary. Whole class work
The teacher directs the pupils to a song with food, fruit and Scanning
Practice 4-5min
vegetables and asks pupils to point out all the unknown words
pronunciation Searching
and to write down in their copybook. The pupils write in their
drills; copybook the new word with translation. Then the teacher
Practice gives to each pupil a piece of paper and asks them to find the
grammar focus; words from the vocabulary. Eg. Fruit, banana, orange.
Practice The pupil who is ready the first receive a candy. The pupils Listening for detail
speaking search the new words.
Post-Reading , turn taking, 3-5 min
The groups present their work. argumentation
The teacher directs the pupils to ex 6 and asks them to Whole class work
read the task. The pupils read the sentences and say if it direct
Apply the is True or False. formative
knowledge of assessment
speaking, whole class work,
grammar, Speaking and grammar production: The students are frontal questioning
vocabulary in directed to the ex 4 and are asked to speak about their families working on cards
IV. EXTENSION pupils own using the present questions building. The Communicative 3 min
contexts, Reading and controlled writing (homework): the pupils are Method,
asked to go to the blackboard and mach the word with the
creatively Personalization 3-5min
Creative writing (homework): The pupils are asked to write
what their favorite food is and to memorize the new Controlled writing direct
Go through the vocabulary. formative
lessons The teacher refers the pupils to the competences and assessment
objectives; subcompetences of the lesson. The pupils decide what
Setting competences have been achieved and what have not, they Generalization 2 min
homework make conclusions. The teacher gives marks to pupils. Systematization
The teacher announces the end of the lesson, thanks the
pupils for attention and says goodbye. The pupils thank Indirect
the teacher for the lesson and leaves for the break. formative