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Model TS-203B
INSTRUCTION MANUAL On application of power front panel display shows
the Real Time Clock and if preprogrammed start
TS-203B TIME SWITCH time matches with RTC, relay comes ON and
remains on till the set duration time.
NOTE: ALL DIMENSION ARE IN MM Manual Override Facility: By pressing the manual
button provided on the front panel the user can
toggle the output relay status there by flashing of
This facility is conditional and gets terminated
a) Power failure
b) Altering the RTC
c) Completion of original intended program.
d) Changes in program settings.

Terminal Details
CONNECTIONS SIDE VIEW A1, A2 : Source voltage

P1, P2 : Open- Clock Setting Disable

Short - Clock Setting Enable

E1 & E2 : Open- Programming Disable

Short -Programming Enable

NC, C, NO: Contacts

Contact Rating
16Amps@250V AC Resistive

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a) No. of program : 4 programs in 24 hour span.  Lift the battery cover.

Once the product life is over,
b) Short the terminals E1 & E2 to enable programming. you may send back the unit
 Install 1.5V AA size batteries as per
c) By selecting the Mode switch Position 1 through 8, the start & to EAPL for disposition.
polarity marked on the battery
duration time of each program can be set as give below :-
Mode Swt. position Function  Close the battery cover to avoid the TROUBLE ANALYSIS
1 To set start time of prog No.1 electrical shock.
2 To set duration time of prog No.1  Unit not working.
3 To set start time of prog No.2 Check power supply
4 To set duration time of prog No.2 CAUTION (Rated supply should
5 To set start time of prog No.3 be applied).
6 To set duration time of prog No.3  Do not apply power to P1 & P2, E1  Check the battery
7 To set start time of prog No.4 & E2 terminals. voltage.
8 To set duration time of prog No.4  Do not reverse the battery polarity  Check the program
9 while installing as this will damage settings.
10 } To display real time clock. the time switch permanently.

d) Keep the Mode switch in the reqd. position. Press program HRS HINTS ON CORRECT USAGE
or program MIN button to set reqd. timing. Repeate the same for
other settings. After setting 4 programs the mode switch must be  After programming the time switch
brought to either 0 or 9 to save the program. remove the shorting across the CONTACT
terminals E1 & E2 where ever
RTC SETTING applicable. This facility will prevent Electronic Automation Pvt.
the tampering of program setting. Ltd
 Short terminals E1 & E2, this shorting shall be potential free. # 20, KHB Industrial area
Apply power to source terminals to display the real time clock. Newtown Yelahanka
 To alter Hrs. press Hrs. button on the front panel. The display rolls Bangalore -106
b/w 00 to 23.
Ph : +91-80-28567561/2 /42802345
 To alter Min. press Min. button on the front panel. The display rolls
b/w 00 to 59. Email :
The required RTC can be set by altering the above said buttons.
 In case of power failure the RTC display goes off. However, the
clock continues to run with the battery back up provided in the
unit. The display comes ON after a small delay when power is

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