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Project #2 Essay: Watercolor Pendant

The watercolor pendant is created using watercolor paper, sprue wax,

arches 140lb paper, cutting board, X acto knife, and pliers. A total of 8 layers

are used into making the pendant, 2 for the front, and 2 for the back and 4

channels. The watercolor paper has to be prepared first and you will need

the primary colors and within them have different variations of the primary

colors. Wet both side of paper so the paper will not warp during the painting

process, begin on one side of the corner of paper, dab paint along paper but

do not blend any colors. We want the colors to blend naturally using a

splattering technique; you can change brushes and stroke but do not blend.

When paper is mostly dry, sprinkle some table salt for effect.

To create the pendant, make a design that has a curve for the channel

to insert the cord later. Having a curved channel makes it smoothly flow

through the piece. Cut out the basic resolve shape and copy the design 8

times. Cut the first shape with the X acto knife and use a cutting board.

Resist lifting the blade off paper; this results in having a smoother cut. Glue

the pieces together using an adhesive; glue the 2 front pieces together, the

inner channels and the 2 back pieces. Insert sprue wax while gluing the

channels together. Once layers are glued, enclose piece in a paper towel and

press against round item to give it a curve.

Next, using sand paper start to shape the pendant and put it into a

toaster to melt the leftover wax in the channel. Get fishing line and insert it

where wax was before. Take the cord (twine) and insert to clean out the
channel of any wax residue. Cut out pendant shape on watercolor paper and

face down and glue it, apply the pendant that has the layers glued together

to the watercolor paper. Press piece together and burnish surface, do a final

sanding to smooth out any rough edges or harsh lines. Paint the edge of the

pendant to give it the watercolor effect and apply backing paper. After that is

complete, sand off the edges and varnish the piece with polycyclic. Biff the

surface after applying 3 coats and it will smooth out the entire pendant. Final

coat with undiluted varnish, place pendant in oven for 20 minutes, and apply

the last coat of varnish. Use the cord for the pendant and use string to attain

cord to pull it through. Glue the clasp to the end of wire to make the necklace

form and let it dry and pendant is complete.