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English 114A

15 March 2017

Society and Gender Roles

Way back when men and women were constricted to gender roles, women

were supposed to stay home and tend to the house chores and children while the man

makes the money and so forth or labeled as a house wife and nothing further. Things

have changed slightly overtime, women still have difficulties in the work area mainly

with job positions but now mostly everything in the ads, commercials or magazines

are about pleasing men and how to make them happy. Rarely we see men in ads half

naked trying to appease the women. But now in society, mostly we see woman trying

to impress men. More people favor big butts and big breast so women go out and

spend fortunes on liposuction, or butt and breast shots. Social media is promoting big

butts and everything in between, because throughout the years women try to impress

men, and fulfill a mans needs. Basically gender roles and social norms are a cycle that

is never ending because year after year individuals see women pleasing men nonstop.

Little girls shouldnt grow up thinking that pleasing men is their purpose in life, and

little boys shouldnt grow up thinking its okay to let women do all the work and think

they are mightier than women. Men and women should be equal in every part, saying

men and women shouldnt be divided by social or gender norms.

Some men or women like a never ending cycle of gender roles because thats what

they are used to but over the years meaning now, theres something called being sexist

thinking men are supposed to do this and women are supposed to do that. What men dont

know is that women an do things they cant and do most things they can so it doent make
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anyone worse or better. A magazine cover in cosmopolitan magazine has 60 sex tips that

women should know and so forth, so that women can please a man in sexual ways. The

magazine cover then has in bold yellow letters, which catches the readers eye , and it says

What to do when your guy gets all quiet. Everyone knows that this text is talking about

what a woman can do to please or keep their man. Moving forward, the woman on the

cover is wearing tight shorts and an open shirt with nothing under. Publishers and

photographers put this together not only to get views but also to bring in the woman

readers, so that they can take credit when women follow these gender roles. Not to

mention when you go deeper into the magazine they have fashion trends for all year,

which isnt as bad as the other bold magazine titles that this magazine has, because the

trends and everything that doesnt involve sexual matters is in the smallest font. Usually

men are the focus point and women are sent to appease them. This magazine is a prime

example of that because of the way they choose their words on the cover and the way the

model is dressed. Readers wouldnt see a man on a magazine cover half naked with sex

tips on how to please women in bold letters around him because thats not what society is

used to. Magazines and media in general promote all types of things to get money and

willing people buy it and follow it and spread it so it can seem normal, just like a cycle in


Gender is a big thing in everyones life, especially kids because kids, little girl or

little boy have to find who they are and what they want to do. Gender to kids is whether

youre a boy or a girl and it probably doesnt go any deeper than that because kids have a

simple but smart mind. Girls shouldnt be raised to please men and boys shouldnt be

raised to be superior to women, everyone should be raised equal and nothing different. Or
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kids shouldnt be forced to be masculine or feminine because kids should always have a

choice or a say in something .In the article Becoming Members of Society by Aaron

Devor he says Members of both genders are believed to share many of the same

characteristics.... Both male and females are popularly thought to be able to do the many

of the same things but most activities are divided(40). This quote is key in adults life but

mostly in kids life because girls and boys should have that mind set even though boys are

genetically stronger and have body hair and voice depth, no one should grow up thinking

one gender is superior than the other. Now in the article Night to his Day by Judith

Luber she slightly says the same thing but she goes deeper into what society thinks about

gender roles, She says, If men and women are doing the same tasks, they are usually

spatially segregated to maintain gender segregation and often tasks are given different job

titles as well(27). She even goes on to say that when the wall between men and women

starts to fade society some how finds a way to put it back, meaning that majority of

society wants gender structure and they want to make sure that gender roles remain and

there is no change as the years go on . People have to try to break this cycle so this

generations kids can grow up being who they want and not get denied because they are a

man or a women or trans gender roles and their boundaries should still continue for

structure. Some may even say, women are supposed to stay home and take care of the

house and kids if the men are going out and making money or that for women to make

mony they have to pose have naked or dance half naked . But the simple fact is that

women can have a decent job and make decent money too, without posing half naked.

What these people dont know is that in the article Racial Differences in Men's Attitudes

about Women's Gender Roles by Kathleen M. Blee and Ann R. Tickamyer, they do a study
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on males and see how they feel about women with jobs and so forth and the testers had a

hypothesis on what should happen in the future. Basically the study showed that men

would be more liberal to women gender roles in the future. Also in the article Breadwinner

Status and Gender Ideologies of Men and Women regarding Family Roles by Jiping Zuo

and Shengming Tang talks about breadwinning as in if women make money and if men

make money but the best part of the article is when they said, despite economic

advantages for men of having their wives in the paid labor force wives higher earning

status might enhance wives power in the martial relationship and pose a threat to mens

masculine self identity. With that being said men and women have hope for a change in

gender roles. Nobody knows if things will change or if things would stay the same. One

thing that should change is individuals mindset for gender roles, because nothing is going

to change if mindsets dont get changed about the topic.

In Conclusion, women and men shouldnt be separated when it comes to gender and

their roles and job roles because someone is going to feel more superior than the other.

Kids when they grow up are going to think boys are more superior to boys or vice versa

which shouldnt be the case. Someone shouldnt feel ashamed of who they are because of

how society thinks or says. Little girls shouldnt grow up and think their only option to

make decent money is posing half naked with provocative writing surrounding them. Also

someone should have to feel obligated to clean and conform to the other gender and the

gender roles that society put amongst them because its the right thing to do in everyone

elses eyes .

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