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Terminal Objective: Develops and delivers with skill business stories that have plot structure: exposition, conflict,

rising tension, climax, and resolution.

Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity

Remember all the

elements to craft a Job aid using real
story and delivery Quiz: Elements of world, professionals
dynamics used to Story and delivery Quiz Review. Feedback examples for each
make a business dynamics. Job Aid Peer Rubric review and Take the Quiz before story making element.
point. Feedback discussion. the review This is group work.

Uses specific details of Write three very short

setting, character, and stories set in business Write three very
conflict to make a situations. Facilitator short stories set in
point. feedback. business situations.

Delivers the story with Guided Analysis of a

proper pacing, timing, Physical (or Video) modeled situation and Stories told by learner
and transitions. Present story in small Demo/Discussion. story delivery.
group workshop and
receive peer feedback
on pacing, timing and Present story in
transitions using small group
rubric workshop and
receive peer
Presents story with feedback
authenticity and skill.
Terminal Objective: Differentiates when a professional situation requires a story to clarify an idea.

Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity

Adjust in a
professional setting
after observing
through nonverbal
cues an audience is
not understanding or After analyzing a case After analyzing a case
connecting. study, get peer and study, video examples
facilitator feedback. audiences listening to
a speaker. One very
Determines what bad model and one
complex ideas or data good. Participants
needs a story for Video Examples of explain nonverbal After third case study
comprehension. three case studies/ cues and confusion present story in
observed. small group
workshop, with
3rd video case study analysis/Discussion.
Chooses an Guided analysis of group evaluation
leads to story picking case study and and simple rubric.
appropriate story to
group activity with audience observations
clarify complex idea
simple rubric. After during 1st modeled
and remembers key
analyzing case study, presentations. 2nd
story details from
get peer and and 3rd discussed as
facilitator feedback. group using observe
and comment activity.
Present story in small
Delivers a story so it
group workshop, with
relates to and clarifies
group evaluation and
complex idea.
simple rubric.
Terminal Objective: Communicates effectively what works or can be improved in peers stories using clear and
precise feedback.

Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity

Recognizes the
elements of a story
while listening to peer.
Simulation and
Judges how these Quiz. After story videos,
elements impact the group discussion
audience. Guided analysis, peer focuses on
Simulation and Quiz,
Video review using observe questioning presenter,
feedback through
Examples/Discussion and comment activity summary of observed
Critiques the flow and group discussion.
of videos of presentation, and
pace of story. participants telling evaluate using simple
first story before rubric.
Expresses with clarity
and compassion what
works and needs

Terminal Objective:In an appropriate professional situation, constructs extemporaneous stories and delivers them
with timing and impact.

Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity

Decides the audience
is having difficulty
something or does not
feel connected to

Rubric reviewed.
Understands the point
story should make.
Present story in full
Present story in full Video Examples of Stories presented by
group workshop.
group workshop, familiar business learners and
Constructs in head the
group and facilitator situation. Presentation peer/facilitator
basic elements of
feedback using graded example modeled by Questions answered evaluated using
story. about final
rubric and discussion. facilitator. rubric.
speech process and
Deliver the story with
compelling and
clarifying results.

Explains the
connection between
present situation and
a remembered story.