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King Khalid University (KKU)

Northern Illinois University (NIU)
Mobile: +966505793301 (WhatsApp)

Personal Background:
v Birth in Saudi Arabia in 1979.
v Saudi Citizen.
v Speak Arabic and English.
v Interests: Training and Development, Reading, Planning, and Swimming.
1989 / 2001 v Bachelor degree in Islamic Law, King Khalid University, Abha, KSA.
2008 / 2010 v Master in education from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.
2013 / Expected 2017 v Ph.D. Candidate in Instructional Technology, Northern Illinois University.
2016 / Expected 2017 v Master of Science in Educational Research and Evaluation. (NIU).

Graduate Certificate:
v Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, USA
Distance Education
2015/2016 v Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, USA
Workplace Learning and Performance.
2016/2017 Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, USA
Advanced Quantitative Methodology in Education.
Work Experience:
2001/ 2003 v Teacher, Secondary and High School. Sarat Abeidah, KSA
2004 / 2006 v Teaching Assistant of Teachers' College, Dept. Instructional Technology.
2005 v Training in Self-Learning in Teachers' Colleges. Abha, KSA
2005/2006 v Head, Edu Media and Public Relations Committee at Teachers' College.
2007 / 2011 v Teaching Assistant in KKU.
2011 / Present v Lecturer at KKU.
2011 / Present v Supervisor and trainer in Administrative leaders preparation center at KKU.
2011 / Present v A volunteer in Social Rehabilitation and Self-awareness Committee.
2011 / Present v A volunteer in Social Development Committees, Abha, Saudi Arabia.
2011 / 2012 v A presenter for technological and self-aware lectures about digital culture, The
ministry of Communications and Information Technology, KSA.
2011 / 2012 v A presenter of courses in (Social networks - Mind Mapping).
2014 / 2015 v Graduate Assistant Staff LEED & SEED Departments. NIU (Webmaster).
2016 v Graduate Assistant Students ETRA Department.
2016 / Present v Graduate Teaching Assistant ETRA Department.
Internship: v ETRA Department, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, USA
Jan19,2016 During the internship, I conducted the following projects:
To 1. Design and develop Mobile Application for Saudi Students Association.
May13, 2016
2. Evaluate the app based on ACEA standards.

Teaching Commitments: v Introduction to education technology.

v Producing educational programs and tools1.
v Producing educational programs and tools2.
v Using computer in education.
v Using LMS Black board Virtual classrooms.
v Computers in Education.
BA Subjects:
v Islamic Subjects.
v Arabic Language Subjects.
v Education and Teaching Methods.
v Research Methods and referencing.
v Psychology.
v Research Project.

MA Subjects: v EDU5LTE eLearning Technologies in Education.

v EDU5TLV Teaching and Leaning in Virtual Environment.
v EDU5RME Research Methods in Education.
v EDU5CDI Curriculum Design and Implementation.
v EDU5DME Drama and Movement Education.
v EDU5MT Methods of Teaching.
v EDU5CIS Communication and Interpersonal Skills.
v EDU5ICE Intercultural Communication and Education.
v EDU4UML Using Multimedia for Learning.
v ETR540 Survey Research Methods.
v ETR724 Multilevel Modeling.
v ETR501 Proseminar in Educational Research and Evaluation.
v ETR699C Master's Portfolio.
PhD Subjects:
v ETR520 Intro to Research Meth in Education.
v ETR538 Developing Education Software.
v ETR525 Qualitative Research in Education.
v ETR521 Educational Stat I.
v ETR522 Educational Stat II.
v ETT536 Web-Based Learning.
v ETT560 Instructional Design I.
v ETT552 Instructional Technology Diverse Culture.
v ETT564 Training & Performance Technology.
v ETT510 Instructional Media and Technology.
v ETT569 Practicum: Instructional Design.
v ETT590 Workshop in Instructional Technology.
v ETT740 Seminar: Education Technology Fondants.
v ETT741 Seminar: Instructional Technology Theory.
v ETT742 Seminar: Instructional Technology Research.
v ETT743 Seminar: Instructional Technology Problems.
v ETR797 Independent Research Assessment.
v ETT561X Human Resource Development.
v ETR720 Advance Research Method in Education.
v ETT798 Research Seminar in Instructional Technology.
v ETT530 Instructional Technology Tools.
v ETT592 Special Topics in Instructional Technology.
v ETT535 Distance Education: Design &Delivery.
v CAHA540 Curriculum/Program Development in Adult Education.
v CAHA533 Learn How: Apply Theory Adults.
v ETT539 Courseware Systems Development.
Research Interest: v ETT799 Doctoral Research & Dissertation.

v Online Training.
v Instructional Design Models.
v Design Thinking.
v Social Network for Education purpose.
v Motivation on Online Professional Development.
v Developing Technology in NGOs
v Qahmash, A. I., & Jabli, N. M. (2013). The Benefits and Barriers of E-
learning in Higher Education in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Emerging Trends in
Computing and Information Sciences, 4(11), 877-880.
v Albalwai, A. E., Jabli, N. M (April, 2017). YouTube Acceptance Among
Northern Illinois University Saudi Student. College of Education Student
Research Symposium. Poster presentation at Northern Illinois University.
DeKalb, Illinois.
Short Courses:
v Train of trainers (TOT)
v Fast reading and Portrayal Reading
v The Self Establishing Trust
v Creative Thinking Skills
v Certified Certificate in (N.L.P)
v Word Processing & Office Application
v Strategic Thinking for Individuals
v Plan for your Life
v Time Managing
v Profession in Media
v News & Dialogue Programs Production
v Communicative Skills
v Secrets of Success
v Future Making
v Network security
v Leadership in Action
Computer Skills:
v Microsoft Office (word, Excel, Power point, Access)
v Web Design (Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Wiki, Model)
v Internet and Email programs
Experience with:
v Balsamiq Prototyping Software
v Morae Usability Testing Software
v Conducting Gap/User Needs Analysis
v Designing Usability Protocols
v User-centered Design Data Analysis and Reporting
v Conducting Heuristic Reviews
v Facilitating User Focus Groups
v Constructing User Personas
Professional v Prototype Development and Testing
1995 / 1997 v Member of Scout club at High school. Jazan District, KSA
1998 / 2000 v Member of Scout club at King Khalid University, Abha, KSA
2001/ 2003 v Supervisor in the Activities Committee. Alsarah District. KSA
2003 /2006 v Member of the Activities Committee at Teachers' College. Abha, KSA.
2014 / Present v Member of Association for Educational Communications and Technology
2014 / 2015 v Event Chair in ETRA Graduate Student Association (GSA) at NIU
2016/ Present v President of Saudi Student Association.
2016/ Present v Member of Honor Society. USA
2016/ Present v Member of International honor society in education. USA
2016/ Present v Member of Association for Talent Development (ATD)
2017/ Present v Member of Golden Key International Honour Society
Prof. Wei- Chen Hung
Dept. chair
Educational Technology, Research and Assessment Department, Northern
Illinois University.
DeKalb, IL. USA
(815) 753- 8175

Prof. Thomas Smith

Educational Technology, Research and Assessment Department, Northern
Illinois University.
DeKalb, IL. USA
(815) 753- 9445

Dr. Peta Heywood

Faculty of Education, La Trobe University
Melbourne, Vic. AU
Phone: +61 3 9479 2641
Fax: +61 3 9479 3070

Dr. Abdullah Alwalidi

Saudi E-University
Abha Branch General Supervisor
Phone: +96617241716

Dr. Fahad Alahmari

Dean of E-learning Deanship
King Khalid University
P.O. Box 960 Abha 61421, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 96672417615
Fax: 96672418115