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Creon: (Sadie) do you admit it? are you guilty or not?

Antigone: yes Im guilty I dont pretend otherwise.

Creon:(sadie) you soldier get out!! You are clear of all your charges, free to go
back to your unit.
(Chiara) now tell me simple yes or no. did you hear all my order for forbidding
the barrier.
Antegone: of course I heard it how could I not!
Creon: (Chiara) and yet you dare to disobey the law?
Antegone: yes I did! because its your law! not the law of god!
Creon: (Sadie) you still insist upon being put to death- merely because I refuse to
let your brother go out with that grotesque passport. I refused him to have a
proper burial because that is what the mass jibber jabber wants. (both) THE
Creone: (Chiara) Then why Antigone, why? For whose sake? To raise them
against me?
Antigone: No
Creon: (Sadie) for whom if not for them and not for Polynices either?
Antigone: For nobody. For myself!
Creon: (Sadie) You must want very much to die. You look like a trapped animal.
Antigone: Stop feeling sorry for me. Do as I do. Do your job.
But if you are a human being, do it quickly. That is all I ask of
Creon: (Chiara) I want to save you, Antigone.
Antigone: You are the king, and you are all- powerful. But
that you cannot do.
Creon: (Chiara) You think not?
Antigone: Neither save me nor stop me. Only this you can
do: have me put to death.
Creon: (Chiara) Have you tortured, perhaps?
Antigone: why would you do that? To see me cry? To hear
me beg for mercy? Or swear whatever you wish, and then
begin over again.
Creon: (Sadie) I was a fool to waste words I should have done this from the
beginning I may be your uncle but we are not a particularly affectionate family.
Thats all.

Antigone: You are a loathsome man! I frighten you that is

why you talk about saving me, everything would be so much
easier if you had a docile, tongue tied little Antigone living in
the palace. Ill tell you something, uncle Creone: Ill give you
back one of your own words. You are too fastidious to make
a good tyrant. But you are going to have to put me to death
today, and you know it. And thats what frightens you. God! Is
there anything uglier than a frighten man!

I honor him dead as I loved him living theres no shame in

Creon: (Chiara) and the one he murdered wasnt he your brother?
Antigone: my mother bore them both and I love them both
Creon: (Chiara) if you honer the one you insult the other.
Antigone: Neither of those dead men would say that.
Creon: (Chiara) particulary it would hes brother was a traitor does he merit no
greater respect than that!
Antigone: but he was not an animal, they both died together
and they were both men.
Creon: (Sadie) yes and the one died defended his country while the other
traitorously attacked it!
Antigone: the dead have their rights! And we have a duty
towards dictated a common decency!
Creon: (Sadie) and if good and bad are to be honored equally where are our
values patriotism, duty..
Antigone: death is another contrary. Such things may not be
valued there may even be crimes
Creon: (both) an enemy is still an enemy dead or alive!
Antigone: no I was born with love enough to share no hate
for anyone!
Creon: (Sadie) very well share your love by all means share it with the dead I
wish them well of it!