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Stella Soltez

EDU 214 Final

Reflection and E-Portfolio

1. strengths and weaknesses of the assignments (discuss any challenges that you experienced

from completing the assignment)

2. what you learned from completing the assignment

3. An example of an activity taken from the assignment that can be used to teach the students in

your classroom

Assignment 1 Why I Want to be a Teacher. This assignment introduced they class to using MS

word. I have used MS Word for years. Having the background knowledge was a strength and I

didnt feel there were any weaknesses to complete the assignment as directed. What I learned

was watching the teacher instruct how to use MS Word. Mrs. Flowers did a great job

demonstrating how to use Microsoft. I would use this activity in my future classrooms. I would

have the students write about their summer vacation using MS Word. I would demonstrate how I

learned to use MS Word in my EDU 214 course.

Assignment 2- We had to create a classroom setup and write an explanation using MS Word.

We learned how to change the layout and how to insert clip art. I liked this assignment because

it allowed me to show my creativity and visualize my classroom, I would say this would be my

strength, my weakness would be that I had trouble aligning the clip art, but eventually I got the

hang of it. This assignment taught me how to change the page layout to landscape, how to insert
clip art, and change format. I would use this in my class for my students to create model as how

they view a scene in a book that they read.

Assignment 3- Showed me how to create a flyer and an award. My strength would be that I

could be creative. My weakness would be that I had to create my award and flyer without a

template. I learned that there are times I will need to design a flyer for an event and create award

for the students to highlight their achievements. I will use this assignment inform students about

events and awarding students success. In the future, I would do a similar flyer and award for a

science fair and award to give to my students.

Assignment 4- This was my favorite but challenging assignment. In the beginning, Weebly was

hard to figure out but after some time and patience, I started to enjoy creating my webpage. I

learned how web pages are made and that I could make one of my own that is functional and

informative. I would use my web page to highlight my work towards my degree. I think It

would look good on a resume for my future employer.

Assignment 5- This was a difficult assignment because I knew little about computers features.

When choosing a computer, its important to know what features they have and what students

need in the classroom. This assignment taught me what my preference would be when selecting

a computer, budget, and what students needs for software.

Assignment 6p1 and 2- This assignment was how to present information to students using

PowerPoint. I have used power point for many presentations however, I learned more features in

this class such as adding floating animations, and linking a web address to a YouTube video. I

think Power Point would be fun for my future students to learn and use towards their projects. I
would do an assignment for the students to create a power point for history class. The students

would do a timeline of events during the civil rights movement.

Assignment 7- This assignment, I had to use excel and create a grade sheet. I rarely used Excel,

but the step by step instructions were insightful. I would use to Excel to create a grade report in

my future classrooms. I would also teach my students the features on Excel. I would have the

students create a monthly budget with several categories and teach them how to sum up costs.

Assignment 8- I had to research and choose an emerging technology for the classroom. Students

now days are utilizing many forms of technology in schools. As a teacher, its best to become

familiar with emerging technologies to better serve students. I learned how teachers can use a

virtual reality device to explore many subjects and enhance learning to another level. Science

and history are two subjects I would consider beneficial using Google Cardboard box. Students

can explore historical people and events. Science is can takes students to outer space or see how

atoms break and form. Virtual reality is fun for the students and is designed to engage in the

students learning experience.

Assignment 9- Introduction to Prezi was a new software I have never used. I have seen other

students use Prezi for projects in other college courses and I liked how innovative in looked. I

would use Prezi in my classroom to demonstrate a timeline of events or give instruction for a

project. Prezi had a modern look and I like the way it flows together. I would teach my students

how to use Prezi so that they have the option to present their work that is different from

Assignment 10- We were given instruction on choosing a software for the classroom and

reviewing it. There were many choices for software that would improve students learning. This

assignment was a challenge for me because it was new information I had to learn and there were

so many options to choose from, which was overwhelming. I chose ABC Mouse and I thought it

was a great introduction for young learners to use this software. They learn knowledge as well

as how to use a computer. I would incorporate this lesson my future classroom for young


Assignment 11- I created a graphic organizer using Inspiration. This was a useful tool to

organize my lessons visually and demonstrate the lesson to the class. I learned that graphic

organizers could be beneficial to me because it is a simple way to brain storm a lesson. I would

also present this graphic design to the class to demonstrate the lesson as a visual aid.

Assignment 12 final- The final incorporated many of the features we learned to use, and how I

could teach my students about technology in the classroom. Today, students are using computers

to write essays, create presentation using PowerPoint, excel, Prezi and much more, lastly

students are using a variety of software, like ABC mouse or learning to type, to engage their

learning. I learned how to organize a create rubric for me and my students to follow for

assignments. PowerPoints is my strength out of all lessons we learned, I plan to use PowerPoint

to instruct my students on lessons. I would also have my students learn to use PowerPoint so

that they can be creative and present their knowledge.