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Written Assignment Manager, HR

1. Design a New Hire Integration process which will help new employees in CCS
understands the organization and come up to speed within 3 months of
joining. Please design the high level process with timelines and list out the
documents or other material that you will develop as a part of the process.
(Max 1 page).

An On-Boarding program helps a newcomer integrate and adjust to the
physical, social and psychological demands of the new job or organization. It
also ensures:
Communication of company values and vision
Consistency of information given to a new joiner to help him become
effective in his position
Promotes early engagement
Below is the New Hire Integration process with high level processes and
respective timelines.

This is the broad level structure, tentative at this stage. Various changes and
tweaks will be made in line with the requirement of the organization.
2. Each month several staff members have been careless in getting approvals
for their leaves, work from home, punch in/punch outs which makes it difficult
to calculate salaries at the end of the month. How will you address these
individual cases and what corrective measures would you put in place? (Max
half page)


By 21st of each month monthly dump of attendances and leave records will be
sent to the line manager. Manager will have the responsibility to
communicate all unapproved leaves, delays and absences to the concerned
employees and request for a reason of such occurrences. If an employees is
found to be a repeat offender (3 unapproved absences / delayed approvals)
he will adversely impact the annual performance review and bonus.

To facilitate the process for the Line Manager, the HR SPOC will identify the
differences in two data sources and highlight the same with the Manager.

To ensure that employees and Manager are particular about making these
mandatory inputs to the monthly records a formal process around availing
the leaves and absences will be put in place and appropriate employee
communication will follow.
3. As HR Manager, you will need to coordinate all recruitment & interview set
up, on boarding, exit management with each department head, who are
extremely busy people and may not give you time as requested. Describe
how you will respond as the HR Manager in the following situations and what
are the systems and processes you would put in place to make it easier for
the department heads (Max 1 page).


With effective planning and proactive decision making, the interviews with
the Department Head can be easily arranged. As the first level solution a
monthly calendar with specific timeslots for conducting interviews can be put
in place for arranging interviews with the department heads. All the
interviews will be lined up in a fashion that allows the organization to
maximize the number of interviews conducted in a days time.

In addition to this, each Department Head will be required to identify 1

deputy for this purpose in order to carry out the skill and competency related
assessments of the candidates in a situation when the Department Head is
not available on the day of the interview. For behavioral aspects and cultural
alignment HR representative can conduct the interview in lines with the
organizations core values and vision statement.

Technology solutions can also be deployed to address the time consuming

process wherein VC and Skype based interview modules can be run for
conducting the interviews remotely. This initiative will not only address the
issue of time constraint but also provide flexibility to conduct interview for
candidates located in a different geography and will maximize on the output
of the involved recruitment cost.
4. How will you measure your success in this role at the end of 1 year (provide
specific indicators), and what are the top 5 priorities that you will work in
your first three months in CCS? (Max half a page)


To evaluate any ones success it is very much important to understand what

are the KRAs for that position. From an outside viewer at this stage I believe I
am not in the right position to comment on the internal frame work of various
HR processes and any evaluation of my success in this role will not be a
justified explanation. However my key priorities during my first year will be as

Operational Excellence Adherence on recruitment and other HR process

SLAs thereby strengthening the succession management framework both
internal and external

Employee Engagement Working towards increasing level of engagement

at the workplace across levels.

People Development Focusing on putting an effective learning framework

in place and enabling the organization to transform into a learning
organization. This can be linked to the employee self-development KRA in the
annual performance management review.

Statutory Compliances Ensuring statutory compliances, conducting

periodic internal audits and providing internal audit stores

HR Matrices Implementing various HR matrices like Attrition Analysis for

talent segment, critical skill set, high-potential and high performance.