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DEC 2015 - JAN 2016

Goal 1:
Get Fit

Goal 2:
Volu 3:
RECOGNTION raise quality of deliverables, and
meet tight deadlines. On the

BUZZ RSAM-mobile project since its

inception, Teenu has learned a lot
about the system with her proactive,
tasks and exceed customer team-oriented approach. Life is not
expectations. More projects in similar all work though, she is also an active
technologies are likely, thanks to their participant/organizer on a number of
outstanding efforts. As a UI guru, fun activities.
Sherin is helping the rest of the Kochi
team come up to speed in UI
Sherin Mathew programming and fix UI issues that
Off to a rapid clip from Day One, are typically a nightmare for core
Sherin Mathew has been able to Java/.NET/Ruby developers.
dispatch a number of tasks with
speed. Going beyond his core .NET
skills, UI issues were the first on his Abhinav Kumar Singh
list. Next was the React/Redux Test, test, and test again is Abhinavs
self-learning group where Sherins UI motto. Committed to excellence in
programming skills came in handy for testing, he takes full ownership of GG
completing the React/Redux POC for projects by finding critical defects
Sigma Aldrich in record time, the first Teenu Joy early on and helping the dev team in
step for the iNET JS project. An Going from entry-level to expert was diagnosing the issue. Other projects
achievement all the more remarkable a swift takeoff for Teenu. Her passion are the beneficiary of his skills as
considering the team had no prior in her work and the extra hours she well, not just the GG ones. By
experience in the technology. The put in surely helped. As a key building strong capabilities in
team comprised of Sherin, Arun, and member of the team, she helps automation testing, he has been able
Rojin was able to deliver iNET project accelerate development activities, to further step up his value add.
that he takes up. An example is implement them, Vatsala has
designing and developing the Galley become a key resource. Leadership
Planning UI where Flex based and processes go hand in hand, a
graphics play a key role. Leveraging truism that she has proven by gaining
his exceptional skills in Flex, he took the knowledge to set up process and
on the responsibility of bring in results that are appreciated
single-handedly upgrading Flex to its by all. Never one to shirk extra
Saranya N latest version and successfully responsibility, she puts in the effort to
Solid testing requires tech skills as completed the GP UI within the get the job done and demonstrate
well as domain knowledge, something deadline. With his dedication, hard outstanding performance. Known as
that Saranya understands well and work, and pragmatism, Vimal has a people person, she is well liked by
consistently applies while taking become a source of knowledge for her team members as well as folks on
ownership of TGG projects. Ever new team members as well as a great other teams.
committed to testing excellence, she asset to the project and Marlabs.
makes sure that no bug escapes her
BUZZ Prashant Rajbharti
Getting the work done completely
and reliably, first time around, is
Prashant Rajbhartis motto. His
dedication to work along with his
Vimal Asik readiness to take up new
Getting tasks done on time, every responsibilities has raised overall
time, never mind the complexity, is productivity. As someone who can be
Vimals credo. Delivering quality, bug Vatsala Ravindra Shetty depended upon to produce expected
free code that does not impact Having grown quickly from an results, he is widely appreciated for
existing functionality happens to be a individual contributor to an adept his coordination with clients and
common denominator in the tasks lead, able to take decisions and employees.
s SandD, an
ET Marlabs launche
K Arvind Sandeep Kumar Sinha d distribution
It takes all the learning one can do to Sandeep has all the traits of a great end-to end sales an
stay ahead in the fast moving tech resource: enthusiasm to learn new management applicatio
world. This is something Arvind has technologies, complete ownership of ing and vibrant
ET Marlabs, an excit
taken to heart. From learning and tasks, good client relationships, and mpany, in which
Salesforce solutions co
implementing the Puppet tool for TGG timely updates. No wonder that ke last year, has
Marlabs acquired a sta
DevOps to handling Kaplan Linux several client accolades have d-to-end sales
launched SandD, an en
support especially during application followed.
distribution management
migration with minimal KT from the nch of this
application. The lau
customer to learning Azure for GG, he marks an important
has continued to dazzle with his ability olution of the
milestone in the ev
to quickly learn and step up. Far from ming a global
bottling up all that knowledge inside company toward beco
him, Arvind is ever ready to share it player.
with others and mentor new team platform, SandD
Built on the Salesforce
members, a trait that has won him Pramod Vincent ine and mobilize
is designed to streaml
considerable favor within the team. Never say no to any task is a principle ough flexible,
the sales function thr
Add immense hard work and that Pramod closely follows. An ed capabilities.
intuitive, and cloud-bas
dedication in handling multiple exemplary approach to handling tribution (S&D)
Unlike other sales and dis
projects, readiness to take on new tasks and managing requirements t, it is a
apps in the marke
responsibilities, and ownership and means that one can count on timely t can automate
multi-dimensional tool tha
perseverance and it is easy to see and flawless execution when Pramod y size. Working
sales organizations of an
why he is a winner all the way. is on the job. force Enterprise
in tandem with Sales
deployed within
Edition, SandD can be
st of traditional
two weeks at half the co
S&D management

Read more about Sand
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ith Wheele
Awareness Session on Security Testing
This session was conducted for all the leads and
the Project managers in Mysore by Rahul

BUZZ Sanathanan, Sr. Engineer - IT Security.

Overview Session on Development Ops

Enterprise Services
The Project managers and leads had to undergo
yet another session on session on DevOps
Enterprise Services by Balaji Baradhazhvar,
Technical Director Enterprise Architecture
Services in Mysore.
Session on Lean Six Sigma Training on DOT Net on Node Edge
SQA and Six Sigma continue to be valuable skills Raghavendra N conducted a knowledge sharing
in a project managers arsenal. Therefore session onDot Net on Node Edge.
extensive training on Lean Six Sigma was
conducted for some of our project managers in JavaScript for Node.Js for Testing Team
Bangalore. Several sessions followed by an The testing team in Mysore had a series of
evaluation were on the agenda in the program sessions conducted by Raghavendra N on
impeccably delivered by Ashish Sivadas. JavaScript for Node.Js.

Business Etiquette JavaScript Sessions

The importance of business etiquette clearly A series of JavaScript training sessions were
cannot be over-stated. Accordingly folks in conducted at Kochi, to give our associates an idea
Bangalore were the beneficiary of engaging about the popular JS frameworks. We had an
sessions conducted by Prathima Prabhu from the introductory JS session followed by sessions in
HR Team. Bootstrap JS by Sherin Mathew, Angular JS by
Praveen Achuthan, React by Arun Joseph and
POSH Node.js by Rojin Paul. Team had a good
Besides process and soft skill trainings, introduction to theses frameworks through the
Bangalore teams also learned about Prevention sessions and advanced level sessions are
of Sexual Harassment in sessions for all that planned for the forthcoming months.
were deftly anchored by Prathima Prabhu.
Congratulations on
your Long Ser vice
and crossing the
milestone with us
Xavier Pazhayattil 18 Years Vimal Asik M B 05 Years
Jayachandran Nair 17 Years Nanda Kishore Bochkar 05 Years
Srinivas Kanna 15 Years Harikrishnan N R 05 Years
Shibu Varghese 14 Years Ashok Reddy P 05 Years
Muhammad Naufal 13 Years Venkayya Chowdary
Md Mahaboob Pasha 10 Years Chundru 05 Years
R Ramesh Kumar 10 Years Ravi Prashanth H S 05 Years
Oommen Mathew 07 Years Renuka S 05 Years
Jeevan Abhimatt Sourav Jain 05 Years
Umamaheswara 07 Years Dinesh Gurupur 04 Years
Merlin Soumi P 07 Years Sunil Kumar Darla 03 Years
Rajiya Sultana Begum 07 Years Venkatram Dasi 03 Years
Sudhansu Sekhar 07 Years Ashwani Kumar 03 Years
Saravana Kumar Keba Gnana Prakash A 03 Years
Gurunatham 07 Years Vigneshkumar K S 03 Years
Arun Moothedath 06 Years Abhishek Anurag 03 Years
Bala KP 05 Years Harish B Nagaraja 03 Years
Rajesh Velli 05 Years Adarsh C N 03 Years
Raja Kumar. S 05 Years Sam Alexander 03 Years
Ashwin Hiremath 05 Years Sajith Gopinath 03 Years
Sudhir K V 05 Years Lu Yang 03 Years
Stache Bash
Team Sentinels organized this much
awaited New Years Party rather
differently this year! A relay race
between the teams was followed by
an enthralling Tug of War. And if
that was not enough excitement for
the day, the event ended with a feet
stomping DJ party followed by a
sumptuous dinner. In line with the
event name, Stache Bash short for
Moustache Bash, the party props
wore moustaches this year! Certainly
it ushered in 2016 with a bang!
our Mysore colleagues. A face
painting competition presented a EVENTS
surprise challenge to participants. In
one of the most memorable parties
we had during the year, every team
participated in spreading joy.

HP Food Pantry
The Marlabs New Jersey team
celebrated this season by donating for
the ones in need. Heres what
Highland Park Community food
pantry had to say about us. Way to go
Felicitation of speech and hearing
Creative Party impaired children
Mysore is well known the world over As a tradition, this year also our
for its unique culture, art, and heritage Mysore team felicitated 10th
that has stood the test of time. This standard pass out students of
time it was a colorful, year-end bash academic year Yr2015 of
named the Creative Party that Puttaveerama School for Deaf &
brought down the curtains on 2015 for Dumb. Way to go team!
Christmas Celebrations
Not to be outdone, the Marlabs Kochi
team celebrated Xmas in style! Teams
kept the spirit of Xmas alive by
decorating their bays as part of the
Bay decoration competition. Our
Santa and carols singing team visited
other offices at the TransAsia
Corporate Park that is the venue for
the Kochi facility and regaled them
with Xmas songs and gifts. Cultural
events and fun games were also
organized as part of the celebration.
A warm welcome
to the new additions
of the Marlabs
Narendra Gangaiah Salupalya
Seshidhar Bandi
Chaithra Thimmaiah
Pavan Muniswamy Raja
Sharath Sharma
Anil Kumar Inkollu
Anuj Kumar Tripathi
Sheryl Mariam John
Rakshith S P
Shihas Arakkal
Sachin Madhusudhan
Jithin Chandran
Sheenam Garg
Syed Farooq Syed Khader
Saleem Muddasir
Md Faizul Haque Ansari
Shwetha Hiremath
Asit Kumar Mohanty
Shridevi Angadi
Manoj Kumar
Parameswaran B
George Penaslin Genner Maria Thomas
Santosh B Desai
Raghukul Auditya Tiruvayapati
Dilip Kumar J M
Gajendra Baragur Venkataramanappa
Pengfei Qian
Vadamala Balaji
Manoj Kumar Hiremath
Manish Kumar
Kavya K
Ravi Shankar
Gopakumar C Menon
Astika Kumar Mishra
Ramanand Punnupu
Avinash Vadagaynavar
Kiran Babu
Siva Sankari V
Arshad Hussain
Atul Pramod Idurkar
Tapas Kumar Mahala
Ravisha Sadashiva
Gaurav Khaneja
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Sarvesh Ma h a ri chandan, Ra
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Dubutavalu, Dayanand V
Raghavendra e rnekar, Mura
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