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Andrew Goodman

ENG 112-01

Connie Douglas

March 22 2016

Voices Involved

As Collins Dictionary, an online dictionary resource, describes it, a

round table discussion is a discussion held at a meeting of parties or people

on equal terms (Round-table discussion definition). Although these

people may be on equal terms, it does not mean they have the same

perspective or viewpoint as the person next to them. The varying viewpoints

and voices at the roundtable depend on the topic. For the growth of the US

market, the voices involved are the SEC, public business chairmen, and

stockholders. The voices have been chosen after extensive research to see

all sides of the topic; the growth of the U.S. markets. The different voices will

be compared to see which is the most important and has the greatest impact

on our markets.

The loudest voice of the three is the Securities and Exchange

Commission (SEC). The primary mission of the SEC is to protect investors,

maintain fair, orderly and efficient markets, along with facilitating capital

formation (About the SEC, p. 1). The SEC is a voice in this topic because

they are the lawmakers and enforcers of all things in our market. They may

not have a direct impact of how our economy performs, but they set forth

the rules that are enacted for the economy to be able to perform well. In
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order for our markets to grow, every aspect must abide by the SEC rules and

regulations. Any dishonesty, actions, or investments that go against the rules

that have be implemented can result in lawsuits being filed. Some common

violations that can lead to SEC investigations include manipulating the

market prices of securities, stealing customers funds or securities, violating

broker-dealers responsibility to treat customers fairly, and insider trading.

These dishonesties can lead to audits of the company, accounting for fraud,

or supervising arrangements. The court can decide to suspend an individual

from operating and serving as a chairman or director of the company (How

investigations Work, p. 1). Additionally, these dishonesties can lead to the

forced closing of a company and/or charges and arrests being made. Without

the SEC, the citizens of the United States would not be able to safely invest

their money, resulting in overloads of scams and schemes. It would also not

allow for new companies to acquire overhead through selling stocks, not

allowing them to be able to expand thus impacting our economy. The SECs

viewpoint is that they hope for the economy to continue to grow while each

company complies to their rules.

The next voice at the table are the public business chairmen. Public

business chairmen have corporate titles given to them when they hold a

specific position; no matter the position the chairmen is, they have a part in

how a company looks and performs. These positions are particularly

important in a public company. If a company is private then it is not required

to abide by SEC regulations, making them irrelevant at this table discussion.

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Public business chairmen positions include, but not limited to, the Chief

Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer

(CFO), and Treasurer, to name a few. Public business chairmen have a voice

because their actions are what helps a company succeed. When businesses

are doing well in our country, then most likely the economy is performing

well. When companies are doing well or have the ability to do well then

investors will purchase stocks. The viewpoint of public business chairmen is

that they want their company to do well. They want to outgrow and

outperform any and all of their competitors. They want to create a monopoly

in their line of work and reap all profits.

The final voice at the table are stockholders. These are investors who

have bought a share of a public company and feel that the company will

succeed and continue to expand, leading to an increase in their stock price.

Determining what company to invest in can be a challenging process.

Investors typically choose to buy shares of a company that sets itself apart

from its competitors; this is referred to as a company having a moat. The

moat can vary from investor to investor because each one looks for

something different in a company. Stockholders can be anyone in the world

who has submitted an application to a brokerage firm and was approved.

When a stockholder decides that their shares should be sold, they can sell

them through a broker for profits, preferably. The viewpoint of a stockholder

is that they want their investments to do well. They want the company that

they own a piece of to succeed. This makes them profitable. They usually do
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not care about other companies doing well unless they have a personal

relation with the product.

Conclusively, each voice is needed in determining and helping the

growth of our economy; therefore, one cannot be determined more valuable

than the next. Without the SEC, there would be no regulation, without

chairman there would be no order within the company for it to operate, and

without stockholders, potential stockholders, or investors, there would be no

room for expansion with limited funds available for the businesses. There are

many questions left to be answered as far as the different voices discussed,

questions that could only be answered if they were to become reality. In the

end, our economy is running strong and we would not want to see any of

these voices to disappear.

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