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Tigris for Hotel Management

Date: November 19, 2015

1 Introduction
Tigris is a suite of open-source enterprise management applications. Targeting
companies of all sizes, the application suite includes billing, accounting, purchasing,
warehouse management, and hotel management.

2 Features
Item Description

Point of Sale Touch screen interface for shops

Restaurant extensions for This module adds several restaurant features to the
Point of Sale Point of Sale:

Bill Printing: Allows you to print a receipt

before the order is paid
Bill Splitting: Allows you to split an order
into different orders
Kitchen Order Printing: allows you to print
orders updates to kitchen or bar printers

Sales Management Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoicing

Inventory Management Inventory, Logistics, Warehousing

Invoicing Send invoices and Track Payments

Accounting and Finance Financial and Analytic Accounting

Purchases Management Purchase Orders, Receipts and Vendor Bills

Hotel Management Hotel Management System

3 Hardware and Software

3.1 Server
Item Notes Minimum requirement

Processor speed 2.5GHz

Number of cores 2

Memory 4GB

Hard disk space RAID (160GB + 160GB) 320GB

3.2 Networking
Item Notes Minimum requirement

Wi-Fi Router For networking devices 1

3.3 Point of Sale

3.3.1 Point of Sale Configuration Options

Optio Item Description Minimu
n m

A iPad or Android tablet Tablets take a lot less space, their 1

touchscreens are a joy to use. And they
are light enough to be freely moved
around your shop. Or you can put them
in a nice stand and secure them on your
front desk.

B Industrial Hard to break and steal, industrial 1

Touchscreen touchscreens are the perfect solution
for shops and restaurants with a high
volume of staff and customers. The
POS on industrial touchscreens is
compatible with the same peripherals
as Laptops & PCs.
C PC or laptop Running your shop in your browser on 1
your PC or Laptop is the cheapest and
most flexible option. USB barcode
scanners are natively supported.
Receipts can be printed on any thermal
or inkjet printer compatible with your
web browser.

3.3.2 Point of Sale Peripherals

Item Notes Minimum

PosBox The PosBox is a small device that 1

allows you to use the same
industry standard USB POS
peripherals on every device (PC,
Mac, Linux, iOS, Android ).

Barcode Scanners POS will work with most USB 1

Barcode Scanners, connected to
the PosBox or directly on your

Receipt printers a) With the PosBox. 1

The PosBox is compatible
with popular models,
the EPSON TM-T20, the
TM-T88 and the Star
b) On PC. POS can
print on any web-browser
compatible printer. This
includes most inkjet, laser
and thermal printers,
connected by USB or via

Cash Registers The POS can operate any EPSON 1

compatible cash register. We
recommend the Metapace K-2.
Cash registers can be opened
manually with a key or remotely
by the POS.

3.4 Software
Component Software

Server Operating Ubuntu server 14.04.3 64-bit

Database PostgreSQL 9.3

Enterprise Resource Tigris

Planning Software

4 Deployment and initial configuration

Initial Development and Deployment

Item Description

1 Strategy and Meeting to establish the projects purpose. All

architecture implementation answers flow from an understanding
consulting of the projects purpose.
Once the projects purpose is understood we move to
specifying the information architecture. The
information architecture consists of writing functional

2 Solution The implementation phase involves installing and

implementation, configuring the tools and frameworks we will use to
deployment, fulfill the plan in the previous phases.
configuration and During the deployment stage, we will install the Mobile
testing Optimized web directory on the relevant servers out in
the world for its intended audience and users.
At the testing stage some data will be entered into the
application. We will test the web application with the
entire project team.

3 Training Training staff on how to use the various modules in

5 Optional Maintenance and support
Maintenance and support

Item Description

1 Application maintenance Backups, Upgrades, Bug fixes

2 Infrastructure support Maintenance of the infrastructure to host

server side

3 Consulting and Training Installation and

configuration of additional modules.
Further training on
existing modules and additional
Further customization of
Tigris to suit the clients requirements.