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Chapter VI

Corporate Social Responsibility

We work hard to guarantee that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the

heart of everything we do. We work in line with our company to ensure we continue to

share our passion and purpose to make life healthier yet exciting!

At Scentimental Fragrance Corporation we see Corporate Social Responsibility

as an OPPORTUNITY, and not a requirement.

Three Key Elements are:





Environmental protection awareness begins at the earliest stages of fragrance

development and continues to receive high priority throughout the creative and

manufacturing process.

We place a high priority on environmental protection standards when selecting

our partners and suppliers. All raw materials undergo rigorous regulatory checks to

ensure both human and environmental safety.

No to Plastic Bags
Led Lights
Reforestation and Rehabilitation
Water Saving Campaign
3Rs Campaign
Waste Management Seminar
Cleaning the Environment: Awareness Campaign (Every 3rd Week of the Month)


Motivation, inspiration, respect and flexibility are core values we promote in

Scentimental Fragrance Corporation. Employees and management work to improve the

creative atmosphere to optimize quality and achievement. Flexible hours and

supplemental training programs are two initiatives that help employees balance life and


Apprenticeship Program
Healthy Lifestyle: Marathon (Every 1st and Last Friday of the Month)
Daily Bible Devotion
Management and Leadership Seminar (Quarterly)
Best Employee and Best Store Award (Monthly)
Fire and Earthquake Drill (March and July)
Christmas Retreat: Promote Employer-Employee Relationship (December)


We encourage our business units to develop program with organizations that are

relevant to local community needs, and we support our employees efforts in getting

involved and contributing to society.

Our Store Teams will support in raising significant amounts of money for

charities, they worked hard to generate money through donations in store for services

provided, such as gift wrapping.

Run for A Cause (Every Month)

Career Programs
Disaster Relief Operations
Feeding Program (Every Month)
Free Zumba Dance Workout (Every 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of the Month)
Charity Works: Visit different charities (Every Month)
Scholarship Program for the citys indigents

We will start and continue each year to make a difference in each of the 3 elements,

ensuring that we are giving something back and to make sure we are continually

reviewing all that we do in our business practices. We believe that an extra pair of

hands really helps to make a difference!


The proposed organization shall be a corporation for it is the most appropriate for

the venture. It will be name Scentimental Fragrance Corporation and the product name

will be MOSCENTO.

In order to accomplish the goals and objectives of the corporation, All the

members should properly contribute to attain the success of the business. Scentimental

Fragrance Corporation most significant reason of establishing a business primarily in

innovating a perfume with mosquito repellent not only to earn profit but also to help

individuals and the country to decrease one of the major menace in the Philippines

the mosquito-borne diseases. Mosquito repellent seems to be the answer on preventing

mosquito bites that can reduce mosquito-borne disease but most of it contains and

smells like chemical that can be harmful and hazardous for the people who use it.

There is no existing manufacturer of perfume with mosquito repellent in Cavite so

the proponents had an advantage of establishing a business to the market. The markets

of the business are the residents of Dasmarias, Kawit, Silang, Trece, and Indang