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While at VT involved in (Ethiopian Student

From Association) ESA, (Students of Hip Hop Legacy)

SOHHL, and (Black Student Association) BSA.
Through these organizations she slowly

Blacksburg to received skills that would be used post-

graduation. I ended up on the BSA as the
public relations executive and I realized, hey

New York this is fun! What more can I do with this, Said
Former Hokie transitions into the
working world after graduation and Mustafa continues to work at Yelp and
continues to network to become more
gives tips on receiving a job post-
experienced in her field. As an alumni she
graduation intends to keep in contact with her sorority
By: Jordan A. Lozama sisters as well as student interested in what her
job entails and wondering how she got where
ayla Mustafa former graduate of Virginia
she is. As an alumni we are meant to help
Polytechnic Institute and State University
shares her thoughts on ways to increase those that are still working towards a degree,
likelihood of receiving jobs after we are here to answer question assist those in
graduation is to use the people you know as a need of guidance, said Mustafa.
Jordan Lozama: What attracted you to the
Mustafa received her a position at Yelp in the major?
advertising and sales department through a Layla Mustafa: First coming into tech I was an
close friend from high school and sorority sister International studies major: that didnt work
of AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority out werent meant to pursue it. I ended up on
Incorporated). Both of whom worked for Yelp the BSA [Black Student Alliance] as the public
and helped with ways of how to receive a relations executive and I realized, hey this is
position. fun! What can I do with this?

Mustafa has been a marketing and advertising

JL: Where do you work? What is your job title?
associate for less than a year. Raised in
Mustafa: Yelp app website in the advertising
Northern Virginia and educated in southwest, and sales department.
Va. She came in to school as an international
studies major but changed routes after an JL: What do you do?
unenjoyable first semester. Mustafa: I do advertisement and sales for the
Mustafa earned a degree in Public business. Each person is assigned a designated
Relations from the College of Liberal Arts and area mine is Michigan and Vermont. So a small
Human Sciences. With minors in political town in Michigan and a ski town in Vermont.
science and philosophy. The minor of We look at different areas content but we have
philosophy was unintended." I really liked a listing. I educate people on what Yelp is. As
philosophy so I took multiple classes and I was well as do advertising consultations one to two
so close to the amount of credits just love how a week on mobile online strategies.
philosophy, how there was no definite answer,
JL: How did you find out about your job?
said Mustafa.
Mustafa: I learned really quickly [to network]. JL: Do you feel your major is being put into
My BFF from HS worked in San Francisco office, good use?
I reach out to her ended up getting an interview Mustafa: Every single day theres a lot of
in NY and two weeks later I was moving to NY terminology..I still majored in communications
and Im learning to come up with campaign
JL: Do you like what you do? plans. Tech does a really good job at preparing
Mustafa: The answer changes by day: a lot of you for the amount of work
people yell because they dont know what Yelp
is other times for instance like on Saturday JL: What are your career goals?
there was a party with people who write Mustafa: I dont have an answer for you. I
reviews and I received a full days pay for that didnt take my job for it being a tech company. I
event. Each day is different so it depends what just knew the industry I wanted to be in and a
Im doing on a daily basis. city I wanted to live in.

JL: Did you seek the location out or did you just
randomly ended up at yelp?
Mustafa: I didnt seek out the location the job
just happened to be in NY but it did contribute
to me wanting to do it more because I always
wanted to work in a city

JL: Where there any major people who you

helped you get to where you are today? For
instance contributed to you getting your job
and degree?
Mustafa: My best friend, and Adil Kappa
(member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity)
Photo by: Review Writer, Lisa Coleman graduated in 2012. I had interactions with him
On Saturday, Jan. 28, Layla Mustafa (attended he works for tender in [Los Angeles, California].
right) at an event hosted by Yelp for people who I was trying to figure out what I want to do. Big
participate in giving reviews on the app
companies such as, tender, Facebook, snapchat,
twitter, there are a tone of people in the
background. I looked into it and used him as a
JL: Do you feel prepared enough for the job
resource. Looking for jobs connections with the
right people. My sorority sister work for yelp
Mustafa: Youre never really going to be fully
kept hitting her up and that why I think Im here
prepared starting a career out of college. I had a
to network at the end of the day when you be
lot of foundation but every job is different:
in wondering why you need to maintain the
specializing in one specific thing. I received two
months of training and at the end of the two
months I felt really prepared. Tech prepares you
in the sense of work ethic.

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