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Teacher: Meg Strauss Date: February 9rd, 2016

School: Holyoke Junior High School Grade Level: 8th

Content Area: English
Title: Follow the Rules Lesson #:_9_ of _16_

Colorado State Standards Addressed:

Standard 1.1.a.ii: Follow rules for collegial discussions and decision-making, track
progress toward specific goals and deadlines, and define individual roles as needed.
Standard 3.1.a.v: Establish and maintain a controlling idea appropriate to audience
and purpose
Students will further understand the difficulty of personal adaptation as it relates to
their final assessment.
Inquiry Questions:
What does it mean to personally adapt? Why is personal adaptation difficult?
Evidence Outcomes: (Learning Targets)
I can: understand the difficulty of personal adaptation.
This means: I can display this difficulty through my own personal memoir.

List of Assessments:
- Students will turn in a reflective sheet describing a time in which they had to
personally adapt to a situation. Students will reflect on the difficulty of that
personal adaptation. This, in a sense, is the students topic proposal for
their personal memoir.
Planned Lesson Activities
Name and Purpose of Name: Follow the Rules
Purpose: Students will learn and consider the difficulty behind personal
adaptation. Students will reflect on their own personal adaption and the
difficulty they personally faced.
Approx. Time and
Materials Duration of Unit: 50 minutes

Materials: Enriques Journey excerpt and assignment

Anticipatory Set When students first walk into the classroom, I will have them write
down a silly rule on the board. This rule could be something like, You
cant sit in chairs, or You cant say the word like. After each student
has written down their rule, there will be about 25 rules on the board.
As a class, we must follow these rules, which is clearly going to be very
hard. This will show students the difficulty of personal adaptation.
Procedures Teacher Actions Student Actions

1. 5 minutes- 1. 5 minutes-
Give students slip Actively listen to announcements.
of paper Answer attendance question
What is your
favorite day?
2. 5 minutes-
2. 5 minutes- Come up to the board and write a silly
Have students rule in which the entire class has to
come up to the follow.
board and write
down a silly rule
the class has to

3. 15 minutes
3. 15 minutes- While still following the rules on the
Writers board, write in your writers notebook
Notebook- using the prompt provided. After ten
This is done while minutes of writing, either volunteer to
still following the share your writing or listen to your
rules peers read their writing.
Tell students to
get out their
writers notebook
Have students
write the prompt
cancelled in
Tuesdays lesson
plan (see
Tuesdays lesson
After students
have written for 4. 5 minutes
ten minutes, have Partake in a class discussion about the
volunteers share difficulty of following all of the rules.
4. 5 minutes
End the rules
Have a class
discussion on the
difficulty of
following these
Tie the rule
activity into 5. 20 minutes
difficulty of
moving to a new Read the excerpt from Enriques
school, city, Journey. After you have read, begin to
state, or country. think about a time in which you had to
personally adapt to a situation and
how hard that adaption was for you.
5. 20 minutes Write 7-10 sentences about this
situation. This situation will be your
Hand out topic proposal for your final
Enriques Journey assessment, which will be your own
excerpt. personal memoir.
Have students Turn this reflection into the teacher.
write a topic Start packing your belongings and get
proposal about a ready to go to your next class.
time they
adaptation and
the difficulty
around that
Tell students that
what they write
about will be the
base of their
personal memoir
final assessment.
Closure Students will reflect on a time in which they had to personally adapt to
a situation. Students will also decide what memory to write about for
their own personal memoir.
Assessment Students will turn in a topic proposal for their personal memoir.
Students will be assessed on if their topic fits the theme of personal
adaption, as well as if their topic reflects the difficulty of personal

Notes to Self - I dont know if incorporating the idea of immigration into the
classroom would be too politicalI guess I will just have a feel for
the school by the time I do this lesson.

Read the following excerpt from Enriques Journey by Sonia Nazario. This is a novel that

describes a young boys journey from Honduras to the United States.


But Lourdres (Enriques mother) cannot face Enrique. He will remember only one thing

that she says to him: Dont forget to go to church this afternoon.

It is January 29th, 1989. His mother steps off the porch. She walks away. His mother

never returns.Enrique is bewildered. Who will take care of him now that his mother is


In this excerpt, Enriques mother leaves him in Honduras to work in the United States. Enrique

has to learn to adapt without his other being there.

Your turn! Write seven to ten sentences about a time in which you had to personally adapt. In this

paragraph, reflect on the difficulty of that personal adaptation. This will be your topic proposal

for your personal memoir. In other words, tell me what you are going to write about for your

final assessment.