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Lik Rosalinde - Lik Rosalinde dominira u As You Like It.

Na taj nain je realizovana

sloenost njenih emocija, suptilnost misli, i punina njenog karaktera tako da joj
niko drugi u drami nije ravan. Rosalinda sebe daje u potpunosti u nekim
okolnostima. Ona kanjava Silvija za njegovu iracionalnu odanost Phoebe, izaziva
Orlandovu nepromiljenu koja je jednaka sa Platonskim idealom. To to Rosalinda
moe igrati obe strane na bilo kom polju, ini njenu prepoznatljivost i
neodoljivost. Rosalinda je posebno omiljena meu feministikim kritiarima, koji
se dive njenoj sposobnosti da obori ogranienja koja joj kao eni namee drutvo.
Sa smjelou i matom, ona se preruava u mladia, kako bi se borila za ovjeka
koga voli, te ga ui kako da bude utiv, paljiv ljubavnik - vodstvo koje nije
dobrodolo od strane ena. Tu je kominost u Rosalindinom shvatanjima o
konvencijama mukog i enskog ponaanja, ali elizabetanska publika je mogla
osjetiti odreenu koliinu tjeskobe u vezi njenog ponaanja. Uostalom, struktura
muko- dominantnog druta zavise i mukarci i ene koji imaju dodijeljene uloge.
Takva je, na kraju, Rosalinda odbijajuci aradu vlastitog karaktera. Osim tih
suprotnosti, Rosalinda je poznata po tome to je nevjerovatno snaan enski

All the more remarkable given that Shakespeare created Rosalind way back in the
Elizabethan era. Its still very much a patriarchal world, Thompson said. But
Shakespeare is kind of the Elizabethan feminist. For evidence, look no further
than the fact that Rosalind gets the final word in As You Like It making her the
only female character in the entire Shakespeare canon who gets to deliver the

n As You Like It, Rosalind is the daughter of the duke; she demonstrates gaiety
and good sense in her attitudes toward the other characters.

Perhaps the best reason for this is that on the throne of England was a queen and
not just any queen but Elizabeth I who was an extremely well educated and
powerful woman.

Rosalind is witty and strong and also well educated. She understands human
nature and teaches Orlando what love is all about. Through her, other characters
also learn this lesson.

As we know, Elizabethan women were considered as a very essential part of the

household, but a silent and consenting part at that. Rosalind's character is very
radical for its time and place in that she is the wittier character in the whole place
(therefore, the most intelligent), she was opinionated, she held back nothing, and
even the men who were near her seemed weak and silly in comparison.

It is just very interesting to analyze how an Elizabethan play gives one woman so
many rights and opportunities to speak out, confer, explain, and give an opinion
when women were always seen and not heard. Hence, Rosalind is the Elizabethan
icon for modern feminism.

Some critics assert that the paramount reason that Shakespeare characterized
Rosalind as the hero was to honor Queen Elizabeth I. Elizabeth was a mighty ruler
in England, some say perhaps the mightiest, and had had some great successes
in bringing peace to England. Others say Rosalind is cast as the hero to exemplify
the Christian qualities--theoretically best personified by a woman--of
steadfastness, kindness, love, wisdom, brotherhood, and marriage.

Use of humor

KAKO VAM DRAGO, nadasve poetian opis romantine ljubavi u pastoralnoj

sredini, s obiljem sveanih prizora;

As You Like It as a comedy, and therefore has interwoven elements of

Shakespearean comedy throughout this play. These elements included the use of
a jesting clown, songs, masques, tension and surprise, disguise, verbal/visual
humour and, of course, a happy ending. Touchstone, the clown, never fully
develops as a character and tends to remain a comical theatrical convenience.
He is intriguing and puzzling because his occasional shrewdness and his
professional skills, which consist largely of putting up a faade of pseudo-
scholarship, seems to contradict his simplicity.

Touchstone and Jacques represent two different kinds of humor in As You Like It.
Touchstone is the duke's fool, which means he is allowed to say anything he
wants to say and get away with it. In fact, the fool, or clown, in Shakespeare's
comedies, often has the best lines. One of the jobs of a jester in the days of kings
and queens was to keep the monarch from getting too big for his/her britches.
So Touchstone is very broad, bawdy humor, and is someone the lower classes can
relate to.

Jacques, on the other hand, is just a fool. He has a rather jaded, silly outlook on
life and is amusing without trying to be, rather than funny because it's his job to
be. He does deliver the famous "All the world's a stage" speech, and thus, speaks
directly for Shakespeare, but Jacques is more often the butt of the humor rather
than its instigator.
The two characters, with their different approaches to the idea of what's funny,
actually complement each other, and Sahkespeare plays them against one
another's styles to comic effect.

these two characters Jacques and touchstone are known as the wisefools of the
play As you like it and an observant feature in these cahracters are that although
Shakespear employs humour through these characters that is also witty and
sarcastic for they speak of some reality ina witty manner through out the play
Jaques is a drunkarn philosopher and Touchstone is a foolish scholar

Touchstone is initially the fool to Duke Frederick. Ironically, any fool to someone
important had better be damn smart. Touchstone is brilliant. Through humour, he
is able to spin out the truth without offending anybody that could do him harm.
That's pretty much what a good fool needed to do to keep his job and stay alive.
Touchstone uses his wit, especially with words, to get to the heart of the matter.
Like his namesake (touchstone- used to detect precious metals) usually has a
message of substance behind his humour. At times his humour is bawdy and
observant at the same time.