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Brian J.

8 Acme Place Phone: (908) 403-2702
Colonia, NJ 07067 E-mail:
Online Portfolio:


Perth Amboy Public Schools, Perth Amboy, NJ July 2010 - Present

Teacher of Television Broadcasting
2016 All American High School Film Festival Teacher of the Year.
2015-2016 Perth Amboy High School Governors Educator of the Year.
Create and manage the Television Production Curriculum, providing three different types of courses with
prerequisites (TV Production Foundations, Broadcast Journalism, and Advanced Studio Production).
Establish a morning show entitled The Panthers Roar, broadcast live during homeroom daily (provides the
Perth Amboy High School community with school news, entertainment, student-produced feature stories,
Public Service Announcements [PSAs], commercials, and current events).
Incorporate e-portfolios into the TV Production courses for students to document work and reflect on projects
by blogging.
Budget for Television Production equipment, field trips, and programs for students.
Budget for the Visual, Performing Arts and Media Department.
Assist in the design of a new Television Production Studio for classes and Perth Amboy Television (PATV).
Collaborate with educators around the country to obtain new/innovative resources for students to utilize, such
as: ESE Networks, ISM Films, CNN Newsource in the Classroom, and the All American High School Film
Secure funding for and attend the All American High School Film Festival in New York City.
Participate in the new Perth Amboy High School Working Groups to develop the plans for the new high
school and future theme-based academies.
Disseminate school-related information on the high school kiosks.
Oversaw the production of a student-produced documentary on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Students
filmed along the Perth Amboy waterfront and the Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights.
Created a workshop and train teachers on the effective ways of utilizing the iPad for instructional practices.
The training was also presented at the McGinnis School Tech Fest in the Spring of 2013.
Developed an emergency evacuation plan for the Television Production classes since students are around the
building filming projects in conjunction with the Vice Principal in charge of security.
Assisted with the development of the high school Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO).
Created and operated a Summer Television Production Program the Summer of 2013, 2014, and 2015 in
conjunction with the 21st Century Program and the Citys Recreation Department.

Perth Amboy Public Schools, Perth Amboy, NJ October 2007 June 2010
School/Community Relations Coordinator
Produced the districts monthly newsletter as well as the quarterly newsletter called The Educator.
Maintained and updated the districts website (
Developed and operated a social networking site ( called The Online
Supervised Perth Amboys Local Access Station (PEG Channel) and District Print Shop.
As Supervisor of PATV, new student-driven programs on the station such as, Eye on Health and
Connecting with Your Schools, were developed and maintained. Morning announcements at Perth
Amboy High School were established to broadcast on a daily basis. This established an increased role
in student involvement with producing various programs for the local access station.
As Supervisor of the District Print Shop, an online tracking system (using Google Docs) was
developed to monitor jobs going in and out of the Print Shop. This established a more professional
environment and cost-effective solution to jobs not getting done or being lost in transit.
Held monthly meetings with the district Home School Liaisons to increase family engagement in the schools.
Traveled to the homes of district parents to produce a Parental Engagement in Schools PSA, which airs on
Formed and oversaw a committee to look into and eventually purchase a new web content management system
(School Wires).
Organized the first Back to School Pep Rally for local businesses to donate school supplies to students.
Brian J. Wilson
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Play S.A.F.E., New Brunswick, NJ Summer 2011 2014

Instructed students ages 5 12 on strategies to help them make smart decisions/choices and cope with
Established a program that enabled students to become student journalists. Students took pictures of summer
program activities and produced a newspaper and video that aired at an End of the Summer Gala.
Assisted with the End of the Summer Gala that showcased students work over the entire course of the
Audio/Visual technician for program activities.
Produced a highlight video of summer activities.
Supervised students on trips to the Liberty Science Center, Sandy Hook, and the Prudential Center.


The City of Perth Amboy, Perth Amboy, NJ June 2007 September 2007
Public Information Officer
Wrote, edited, and oversaw the writing of copy; reviewed and evaluated for policy content; stylized
informational and promotional materials such as press releases, publications, radio and television programs,
and photographs; and assessed the value and effectiveness of written material.
Planned public information programs and disseminated information to inform the public or affected groups
about the work of the agency.
Arranged and directed press conferences, radio, or television interviews of management officials.
Established and maintained cooperative working relationships with media representatives to ensure the
understanding of the agencys programs and to create and maintain a favorable public image.

WMBC-TV (Local Media T.V., LLC) West Caldwell, NJ August 2004 June 2007
News Reporter
Solely directed, produced, and developed over 300 stories by actively researching sources.
Developed a valuable network of contacts to enable secure interviews with notable figures such as: David
Stern, NBA Commissioner, Lou Lamerello, General Manager of the New Jersey Devils, Former Governor Jon
Corzine, Senator Frank Lautenberg, Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, as well as a host of other federal and
state law/policy makers.


2013 Saint Peters University, Jersey City, NJ

Master of Arts in Education Educational Leadership (G.P.A.: 4.0)
2004 Kean University, Union, NJ
Bachelor of Arts Communication
2015 New Jersey Department of Education
Certificate of Eligibility Principal
2014 New Jersey Department of Education
Standard Certificate Supervisor
2011 New Jersey Department of Education
Standard Certificate Teacher of Television Broadcasting


Member of the RTNDF High School Journalism Project Listserv (Kent State University)
Member of the Academy of Scholastic Broadcasting
Member of the Journalism Education Association
Member of the New Jersey School Public Relations Association (2007 2010)
All American High School Film Festival Video Production Resource Community


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, and Outlook), QuarkXPress 6.5, Final Cut Pro X, Operation of Video
Technology Equipment (cameras, sound board, and NewTek Tricaster Production System, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram, Weebly, etc.), Web 2.0 tools (Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Weebly)