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Concept Unit

Lesson Plan Template

Unit Working Title: Building a Community of Individual Voices

Unit Big Idea (Concept/Theme): Unique Voices
Unit Primary Skill focus:

Week:3 of 3
Plan # 8 of 9
Minutes: 90

Plan type: Summary

Content Requirement Satisfied:

- Embedded Technology

Unit Learning Objectives and Specific lesson objectives being taught in this lesson:
3. Students will know that writing is a unique way of expressing ones voice.
5. Express their voice in writing.
9. Write original texts to assert their unique voice in their communities.


a. Students will know how to create their own their own newspaper online
b. Students will understand that newspapers capture many voices.

Affective (feel/value) and/or Non-Cognitive:

c. Students will value the writing process, an how it helps writers produce an better final

Performance (do):

d. Students will be able to create their own newspaper using an online template.
e. Students will edit and revise their writing in the unit to include in their newspaper.


6.7 The student will write narration, description, exposition, and persuasion.
i) Revise sentences for clarity of content including specific vocabulary and information.
writing structure to fit mode or topic.
Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique,
relevant descriptive details, and well-structured event sequences.

Methods of Assessment:
[How will you know if the intended learning occurred?] List all methods of assessment used in
this lesson or which are related to this lesson and come in a future lesson. After each assessment,
indicate in brackets the number(s) and letter(s) of the unit objective and the related lesson
objectives that the assessment is evaluating.

Diagnostic Formative Summative

Students will be editing and Students will be creating their Students will submit a final
revising. They were newspapers today. They will newspaper as a final
introduced to ratiocinations be introduced to the format assessment with the major
and will continue to use this online and will begin writing assignments that they
to revise their letters today. constructing their newspaper. have completed this semester.
They will show me a blank
draft before they begin
working on editing and
revising their writing.

3,5,9, c, 3,5,9, a,b, 3,5,9, e,

Procedures/Instructional Strategies

Beginning Room Arrangement:

As students come to class, they will sit in their assigned seat. The class is set up in a double U
shape with one inner U and an outer U. In this arrangement, students do a lot of work with elbow

[10 mins.] Bridge/Hook/Opening to lesson:

We will begin class with a discussion of newspapers and what they are for. Students will be
asked to think about who newspapers represent in the media and what kind of things they see in
newspaper. The conversation will lead towards the understanding that

[15 Min] Creating Newspaper

Using the cite, Makemynewspaper, I will model for students how to create their own newspapers
using the application. Student will then take a picture of their art piece they created the first day
of the unit to add to their lesson plan. I will model this as well. Students will then copy and paste
their completed letters and poems onto their template. When they are finished, they will print it.
[6 Min] Ratiocination Review

We will go over the ratiocination assignment. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions
to me and the whole class before continuing to revise their lessons.

[50 Min] Editing Work

Students will have the opportunity to work in stations based on what they need to complete. They
can continue working on the ratiocination at one station. They can continue to peer edit their
poems at another station. Or they can finalize their newspapers and submit them before leaving.

[3 Min] Closure:

Student will submit their work before leaving. They will be reminded to bring snacks for the next
class when they will be presenting their newspapers.

Differentiated Instruction to accommodate one or more of my profiled students:

(This is where you identify specific aspects of this lesson which have been differentiated in order
to address the needs of one or more of your profiled studentsidentify them by name)
I will give the class the opportunity to create a newspaper article that is not online. I know that
Charnee struggles with using the computer on her own. If she would prefer to print her images
and texts to paste on a construction paper, I will give the whole class this option so that Charnee
does not feel singled out.

Also, for Louis and Sam who work at a slower pace than the other students, they have the option
of deciding which station they would like to work at based on where they feel they are and what
they need help on.

Materials Needed (list):

- Computer
- Individual student computers (depending on how they choose to create their art piece).

Materials Appendix:
- NA