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ARLINGTON VA 22204-2490

April 4, 2017


Dear Mr. Sanders:

This is in response to your DD Form 149 application received by this Board On

March 9, 2017.

Your request is being returned on the basis that the Board for Correction of
Naval Records does not address requests to make clerical corrections to records and/or
documents unless records are at least 62 years old.

The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) has cognizance over requests
to] change records less than 62 years old. You may send your request to the following
I National Personnel Records Center
Military Personnel Records
I Archives Drive
St. Louis, MO 63132-1002

In view of the above, no further action by this Board will be taken on your
re uest.


Head, Records Section
A/I( .1,5j 4-'
OMB approval ex
(Please read Privacy Act Statement and instructions on back BEFORE completing this application.) Dec31. 2017
The public !"f""1ing bunlen for this coIIecIion of infonnBtion is estimated to average 30 minutes per response, inckKlingthe time for reviewing in5Iruclions, searching eJCiSlingdata sources, gathering
and maintainmg the data needed, and completing and reviewing \he coIIecIion of infonnallon. Send comments regarding this burden _ate or :my oilier aspect of this collection of information,
including suggestions for reduci~ burden, to the Department of Defense. Washington Headquarters Services, Executive Services Diredorate. Oiredives Division. 4800 Mark Center. Drive. .
Alexandria, VA 22350-3100 (07 ). Respondents should be aware that notwithstanding any other provISiOn or law, no pen;on shall be sutJjecI to any penally for failing to comply WIth a collection
of infonnation if ~ does not display a currently valid OMS conIroI number.
i. APPUCANT DATA (The person whose record you are requesting to be COlrected.)
b. NAME (Print - Last, First, Middle Initial) c. PRESENT OR LAST d. SERVICE NUMBER (If appflCable) e. SSN

ARMED SERVICES (Active Duty, Reserve, the type of coun} FROM ACTIVE DUTY (YYYYMMDD)
National Guard, Retired, Discharged, Deceased)

I am requesting that my racial Ethnicity on my military record be changed to what is presented on this SF 181form.
My racial Ethnicity is Native American and White.


I have been misidentified as Black and that is a misnomer. Black is a color and not a race. "Black has no standing at law" as stated by the former
US president Barrack H. Obama.

OCCURRED (Entry required)

records ~ pertinent to your case, please send copies. If Veterans Affairs records are pertinent, give regional office location and daim number.)
Form SF '81, HJ R194, Motu Proprio, Pope's Apology to the Americas, Pope's message of peace,
American Ioeclaration On The RIghts Oflndigenous Peoples
D.C. I. tl no exoense to the Government) oc one)
1i.a. COU ~SEL (If any) NAME (Last, First, Middle Initial) and ADDRESS (lnducJe ZIP Code) b. TELEPHONE (IndudeArea Code) 504-717-0551
d. FAX NUMBER (Inc;lude Area Code)
12.AP\~ I'ANT MUST SIGN IN ITEM 15 BELOW. If the record in question is that of a deceased or incompetent person, LEGAL PROOF OF
DEA OR INCOMPETENCY MUST ACCOMPANY THE APPUCATION. If the application is signed by other than the applicant, indicate
thena ne (print) and relationship by marking one box below.
IN M 12 ABOVE (Forward notification of all changes of address.)
~ - -

d. FAX NUMBER (Include Area Code)


Sections 287 and 1001, provide that an indMdua/ shaD be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.)

16. DATE SIGNED ["tAR G 9 2017

15. ~;]RE V JL, (YYYYMMDD)
().oj 7/DJ./J-I:> I
DO FORM 149, DEC 2014 PREVIOUS EDITION IS OBSOLETE. - Adobe Design 'r 9.0
@Yi~ m P~gIlJlIoarn ~~ffi (PIeaie mag the PfiY~QYAet smterngrn god iftfootioos bgfm oompleting form,)
-_. ----
Nijme (lm. Fir~t! Middle Initial) Soel~!SeeYfity NYmll~r BiMdte {MImth and Year)

&ANDIR8~ JR, eARLI b 0611857

Privacy Act itatement

~1tmiattyiiJnd fiiJel tnfoffflitiOfll~ fOOY~~ ynder the authQrity of 4~ U,S,C, ~iQn2000~16 ind in eompliafle with
the Offti;e gf Man@f;lemnt @nd aygg~ 1 $)91 Revijon m
th@'fimnrmm for the CI@3~ gf r-~ml DiilkI on R~~
mld gthnigity. Providing th!3 ,nmrm@tion i yolunmry and ha 1')0 impe!m on your employment tly, but in the intnoo
of mi$i!{lg inmrmiiiltion! yoYr employing ggQOOY wi!! atrempt to lQentffy yoYr raee and @ttmieity by mYilI QOervaooft,

infolfflation i~ YRd ali nf;-e~!)'.tl;} pl~" for @qualemployment gppt.}mmity ltm;,1\l9hoyttJm r-edeml ~Qvemment, It
I a!g Yd by the U, S, Offiee of Pemoone! Mooggeffient or employing f;!gengy maintaining the ~rd to I~te
individY!lll for p~lWflnel feei1!r~ 9f iyryey feJX)n and in U'!e pmdygti~fIof $Ymmary ~(;fiptive S1a.ti~ and
~"a!YtiMI studies in sy~ m the fu!'lOOolfmr whiOO the ~m$ are oollemed miD fflaint!lltfled, ~f for rel!lltOOworkfgr~
~tYdl~, ..

Soe191 $g{lYrity NYmber (s.lSNl i$ requoted under the ~ytbority gf ~m:lytive Om!!}f 9397, whieh rftquiroo SSN be Yegd
for the f,JYq}Qe ~ Y!'!imrm, orderly ~dmlnilrntigf!gf p@mQftflel feoom, Providing thlfi infol'fmiltign i!} volynttiry and m!!Yre.
to do so will have fie effeet on your employment status, If SSN is oot provided, however, gUm!' ge~ liOYfeeS me)' be
y~ to obtain it.
- - -. -_ ...- - . -_. . -

Sp@eifjc; IwmtNetiOM; i!'! twQ !ly~ti~ne pel@wE!r~d~i9f1@g to identify your ethflieity aM raee. RqartftcH of)'OW' im~r to
QYItion 1.go to g~Qn 2,
- --- -~ -, -
Q~tm 1, N@ ygy Mi3~nk; or Limflo-1 (A OOfQO Qf OYlmft,Mexief!,Pwrt~ Ri~ ~g!.!thPI' C~ Ameri~, f gther
$~ni" eyJtyreOf QH.gin. f@9gffil~ @f mee.) .
LlY 111 No

AAelAb eAftg~gfW
(Cl'1oo1t mooy ~ e!,}ply)
A peffign hving Qrigin!?in Emy !:!f th@ 009ifl~1 ~@ gf Nlilrth iilflQ ~g!.!U1 Amerie
Ooolygifl,fJ e~.mtff.}' AJIffifiea), ~!'lg wtm m!)irniJift ~I ffiliatifl Qf oomIDYflity
iil~~hmel'!t .
A persen havifl9 I;)ri9,I"$ if! i'my gf the Qfi9iflel p~pI of th@Far (ggt,$Q\rtheam
MiS1, {;If the IMien Y~ntil'!~t in!ygln!;'l, mr @(E!m~@, e{lmtJOOi, OhiM, !!'!Qi,
,Jgjltm, t(~miil, Mtgy~~.I"iilkitaf!. ~ Phmppi~ 11~!1fJ,TI!ailaoo. ~ Viemam,

A perofl h~ving Qri~im~in any Qf the Q/'i9ifm!poop!gs of H~~ GYMI, Sf.}m09, Of

gm ~fi@ !19nQ,

A pgrn!;)!'l hviflg {;!rigins il'! allY of the ri{Jil'!!'I1 pegf}legf ~Yffipe, the Midt!!~~~ !)f

~ffivi@y @!imfm oot YNbl@
B. Res. '194

In the House of Representatives, U. S.,

Juby)J!), BOOB.

Wh~l'~a~ millions of A& iCM18 and theil' de~cel1dMts WID'I:!


enslaved in the United -jttlte~ and the 18 1\mel'iean 010=

nies Il'om1619 throug'h 1865;
Wh~r~as ~lav(ilryin Ametiotl resembled no other form of i11'\1'01
Utltary ~e't'Vitlld~known in history, M Afrl~Rn~ were eap-
tured and sold at auctiou like imUUtlUlte objt1lcts or RID"
"'lerOfUlI A&iCf1l1~ forced into ~laveI')f were brutalised, hnmlli-
ated, dehllmMiz~d~and ~mbjegted to th~ indignity of
being stI-tptled of thmr names and hetita{fe,
'Vllerea~ en~laved familimlw 1'13 torn allm aitel having' beoo

sold mepaI'ately from one another,

\Y'1tn~a-,the s~t~m of Ililavtnj~and the mceral :raci~m aft'amllit
per~onfijof Arictrn descent upon whicll it depended be=
came ~tttrcmch~d 111 the Nation's ~oc1alfabric
~'l~ren~ mave:rywas not officially abollshed until the pastllas'e
of the 18th Amendment to the United ~tate COfi~titu..
tion 111 l' 65 aft~Hthe end of the Civil Win;
Wllerealil after emaneipation from 246 year~ or ~lRVe1'Y1Afri=
can ..Ameritlal1S aeon saw the f!{\(ttID2'political social, and

economic ~'ahls they made durillg' R~omustru -tiou evia=

a.rated b viml~nt raeism, lynChing~l di8Gnfr'anchiS{\m~fit1
Blatm CodeLil and l'acial s~gr~gntion lawti1that Imposed n

rigid syst~ln of officially ~lUlction~dI'ama! ~~gr~g'iltionin

virtually all tll't1a~of lifej
""ll{~r~mith~ ~~t~m of de jt1r~ rtmifj,l ~t!w~~ationknown (till
"Jim Crow," which arose in certaln part~of the Nation
following the Civil Wal' to ereate separate and unequal
~oci~tieti! for whit~l;} and AfricMzAmerlcan~J was a direct)
r~!iult of the raci~m agait-mt p~r~on~ of African d{u~(l~nt
engender~d by SlaV81jl'i

\'fJ:l~'rnas a (l~ntmjraf\~r
th~ offif'lal end of ~lav~lj? in Am~rz
lea, Federal action wsa required durinp; the 1960~ to
eliminate the dt\illI'e and defacio ~~tetIl of Jim. Cro-w
throughout parts of the N arion, though its vestig1!/iistill
linger to ihi~ day;
'Vllef1la~ AfriclID~Anl~rican~ contmue to l!!tlftet'frOln the com..
plex interplay between 81aVlin"j~ and Jim Orow=lonff after
botll ~;ystcms were formally abo1i~h~d through enormous
damagt1 and loss, both tanglblt1 and intilugibll, including
the 101!i~ of human dignity, the frustration of Caffi~rt1and
professional liv~s! and the lOllS'=termlOkjj~of 1ncom~ and
'Vh~I't1~ th~ ~tory gf theenslavement and de jUJ.'e!!!egregation
of AfriCID'hi\luelicans and th~ d~111nlulnizin~'atrociti~~
committt}dagain~t them Mould not be puried from or
minimised in the telling' of Alneri{'.f'Ul lJjst{)r;r~
'Vh{ll'ea~ at} JWJl'SJ 200S, dtlrin~f a trip to Gor~~ lfilland, Sen",
elral, a fOl'm~r ~av~ port, President Georg~ W, BUl1ih ac'"
IDlowledged slawlj!ls conti'fltting legllcj! in Am~rlcatl lite
and th~ need to confront that legacy when he ~tated that
11Ila'Velj'fi 'was . , , one of the Sl"eate~t crml{lf) of hi~tory
. , . The racial bigotrj7 fed b~r &lavery did not end with
,,1awljT or 'with S~{\Tt;lff1l,tion And matlj' of th~ ili~~tii that
still trouble AmJ~t'i~ahaw recta in the bitt~r ~'Perieflc~
of otMl' tim~~.But however long the jt)Urt'le-y, our dell1tiny
i ~et: liberty wld ju stiee tor all.",
Whereas Pl'~l1iident Bill Clinton abo aokt1owledg~d the d~ep ..
eated problems eauserl by th~ oontinuin~ legacy of rae-
Ism againet African wel'lcan:!l that began with ~lavel'Y
when he initlated a national dialogue about race,

Wltm~us to 1A~llUitUl upoloS'Y is HU impQl~ant and fJJ~tm~l1JtU'Y

first step in the proee s of racial reeonetliatlon,

Whcrca,~ an apoloaY for of brutal dehumanlaatlor,
and injuijtices cannot eI'I10 the past, but conie' man of
the wrongs committed cM speed rl1{~ialhealing and ree ..
Ollciliation W'ld help ArneriClans confront the Qho3tfciof
thtdr PR~t,
'\Vhtll'eaa the legislature of the Commonwealth of Vir-:il1ia hilfl
rooootly talum the lead in adoptlng a resolution officially
exprefimt2' appropriate remorse for ~lavery and other
Stilt~ legi~latur~lil have adopted or ar~ con ideriui timilar
WheI~{ui it i~ itllportatlt for thi~ (lOUtltry, wlu{~hleflally reeog-
fliz~d ~lavtwy thrcugh its Oonstituecn and its ltlws, to
mal~~ a fOlmal apolo!1:Y fOt, ~lavffijT and fcw it~ sueeessor,
Jim Crow, so that it 011 mow tOl,\Vtll'd and ~eelf rec .
oueiliatiou, jilllti{;~J aud harmotl)" for all of its cit~eu.
Now, th reforfj, be it
ResoZved, That the House of ~presentatiw
(1) ackuowledses that l'llavery is Incompatible WIth
thu basic foundIDg prificil}l~1'3 !~@o;mg~d i-th~ D~clliram
tlcn of Ind~p~ndtIDce that all men are created ~qlUtl;
(2) acknowl~d8'~8the t\mdMlootal it)jut':!ti~~J
brutalitjr, and inllUIDfitllty of fJlfiV~t'yfind Jim Crow;
(3) f1polQ~~ . to A1rlcau l-UneriCtm~ on behalf of the
people of the United Sta.te for the wrones cmmmitted
{\ft'tu. ~t tilcm find thmr anec iora who ~ufibrod undor'
ma;v~!'yand JUll Cl'O'Wj and

(4) ~"Pr('M1J~~~ Its commitment to f'~ctiQ~th~ lln-

gering eonsequeneea of th~ mlsdeeds (mmmitt~d agaimt
AfriCatl JUn~riCIDl~ under ~lav~ and Jim Crow and to
,top th~ occurrence of human rightfii vlelations in the m..




In mJf tlm@~f th@ eemmen ;ood ls int;f@~ingly thf@iilmfl~d by tr@n~n~Ugflill

rtlaftil~d erim@,t-heimpro!' f u e of tl'lQ m~rk ~md(;)f th@ ~c:onomYI i~ wlilll
es by b~rmfim.

It jj th@fI~f(}f nee '~iilry fer th~ inmmJtitlMI ctlmmufllty 00 !1lagpt iJdlilqL1gt~

lijgal ifl~tfum~nts t~ f.m;}\I~nt ' ne! eount@f criminiill \lIe;tMti~~,by pmmotifl~
Ifl~fftfltigMI jlJdlei@1eo@~mti@n on erlmlnilll mltt~ffi,

In ratifying nlJm~rolJB in~mgtigm')l conv~noonin the~e areas,~nd ilctiflQ I15@

on ~h~1f of Vg~im City Sttlt~fthe H@!y~ ht! f.:OMtlnt!y miinmln d th~t
~uehug~mtmm ere G~ me~lfm t@PF wn m/ft I aetiviti~~ t!'lot thffigt~n
hYm~mdi9flity, th@common good gnd ~ac@,
With fl Vi~w to mnewlngthe Apostolic See's eommitl'Mnt to eoop~m~ t-o thefje
Iilnd~,.by m ens of thl Ape5t'Olie /"@tmf I~~y@dMtJh! Proprio, 1 ~miilbHh thit:

1. Th@ c;:gmp@ttlnt Jyc:Ut;ial Authgfiti~!jgf Vatican City Statf.1 ihiilll illtlIilXlilrei1il

ptmal juriidlctlon ovef'

a) erlm~~ t;tlmml~d @;ii1i~t th~ ~eufity# th~ f\Jndlilm~l'ltillflt~r@~

er th f}Iulm(my gf th~ H()ly~ ;
b) friroo~ mf@fffid to:

'" in Vatil::i1InCity mgtlfl lJiJw Ng. VUlt gf U July ~01~1

~oflmiflins SlJfJfJ~ffJMtgty NfJfff!6 on f:rlmlnill !JJw

. in Vgti an City State Law No, IX, of 11 July 20U,

(;Onmifliflg Arooflfimcnts ttJ tIl~ CflmlflillCOO@{Jnd t!l~
f:rlmifliJl PffJCMllffl efXI~

wh~n uch crime! are eflmmitt~d by th~ pf;!r-jan~
~f~rr~dto Inr:mf~Qmphl b~low, Inth~~rei~~ af
thiir flJnctlon~i

c;) ~ny I:Jth(i!f e;rim~ wha~(i! pm~(i!~lJtIQn I~ mQYif(i!t:! by in Iflt(i!rm~tlgnll

I;f~errnmtratifled by th~ Holy see, If the ~fpetrator f~ phy~i~11Y
p~ti@nt in the t@rritory of Vitiein City State iilnd hili net btllim

4. The !;rim(i!!j ftlfel'ffid m in pgl'!gflph 1 Iffi m b@judged pUffiyant to th~

erimin@llaw in fore@in Vatican City ~tatlll iilt th@tim@of th~ir ~ammj!j~IDn,
without pmjydlt:;~ to th~ fJ@nemlpfjflelpl~!jgf th~ I@Q@I ~y~m en th~ mmpor~1
iilpplieatiofl of eflmiflalliilw~,

3.for th~ pl.lrp05~~of Viiltic~n(;fiminiil!liilW,thlil followin9 p~rnoruJ fU~d~~m~d

"plJDhe (JffI~/~/9(~

m~moor~,gffit:iji"~ iilfld ~rntmn~1of tt'll~ \fiilrieY gr;fltJ gf th~

RomfiU'\ CYrl~ ind af t.h~tl'UitltYtlOfl~bOfln~md te it.

b) j;lipgll~giilt~iilnddipklmilltie pir~c:mf\~1 of th~ H@1y~~.

t:;) th~~ p~ffion wha S~fVe as f~pffi~~nmtiVei, mgniil~~r5 or

di~ctom, ~~ well es p~f~on~who ~v~n (/(J f~ct()rMfl~9~ or ~X~ft:i5~
control ol!~r the efltitl~~din~ctlydep~ndenton th~ Holy~~~ and
Ii~t~din th~ F~fJi~ry(}f '~mgni~1 juridieil ~mon5 ~pt by th~
Governorate of Vitleon City ~t~tG;

d) mny gth~r peffion heldin~ an ~dmifll$trltive Ofjydieiallmnd@te in

th~ Holy5@lilf ~fIl!jfl~nt or t1lmpomry,Plidor uflPlid, irf~~~ctiv~
of that pifonfs i~niority.

4. Th~ jUfi5dietlcm ffiflilff~d te in parl1f,Jl'flph. 1 ef;lmpl'l~ awo th~ !ildministfativ~

Uibility of jYfidieml eersens iri.~lnfJfrom crim@, i~ r~!3YI~d by V~tiClilfl City

~. Wh~fl thtjl ~ame m~tt@ffiam pr~t\leyt~d in atl'!~rState~ttM pfgVi~iQI'l!1lin

faf(;~in Vliltle~n City ~bfl on eOneYfrentJuridictlonhill flpply.
6. Th~ conwnt of arti~~23 of J.,awNo. CXlX of 21 Nov~mb@r 19B7, which
gppmw~th~ JIJdlc.lgiOrwr (Jf V{1~f1 City Stfitf! fmTIgin~ in fgrtf.l,

Thi5 I dQeidQilnd Qmbl~h, anything to the eontmry ngtwithmnding.

l@tt~r is~uQdMotu Praprkl will ee pmmulgatQd by
I establish that this A~lie
@ pYb~tioo in t:Qs~QfWtomRomano,~nt~ring into fore~ on 151ptwnbor
(loon in R(JffIt}, ~t t/J@ A{JMtflllt: ~/~, flntt July ZtI,Q tIK1fiml flf my

'~:JlU OlllJlll ~li(OOIlf1!a'l.~!PlllI 1JIl!!

.@iXI1iSi,JIl)!\l.I\Uflll1(;l.Wl1mW! ~ill. ~~~!f]l!l)llJ[1P'!ilPJ~~ ~ ~1lll]!l!1IIldlm]plllIffill$,~ ~:uam~

dIlf!li!bJl ~JL, .~~ m.xaj~ clt!!PI~SiIe
~ \lIl.~.Q~ ~l\dllWlilllPl~~d!!ll2~d lllB'.llll1l.ll[1ilO,
~ 1!lPll1l.'Sl~lJRillal!dilltm ~\\.liJJIlO;J;lIIJl!!Ql'1r

J!l1!IlI'ttlJ!llll1llYT. maa~~, "$.~'$ Jl1O'~~ dlGJPl J! ~W.t.2!\::ll!jpl1lIr!!

liWlUJ1lI1fun~ilIJl1G']plIlmBl:Dlll!fl1llO!.n:q;;JX!jpl UliWl'J1jJ P ~~m "s:~,~ .lijF}q1l!1!1ltlil9! ~ ~l!!lI

~~;mull n~rolillll~ ~ lFmtt1l1[ll1lU1ll1ll1:)1lI1l!~~'.IreID'q
"S"ll1l ~um~.&imum]<lJlautt\\i)
UlllR'J!Jl1!IItIflll ~ 1lpll1lllU1O~.


.~ ~alt ]jl9ll1l!i~;mqjlI '']!Im~ <:lllml!lllli!jpl1Jl!Ilm! $lS'~]j1'\Ull1!:.lIdAlpJlllllj llmffil.d11llJlO)

~ ":!lsll1ll!lI d1.l!lll"UllJ! ~.xrl!re: ~. ~ ~lUllfIl!IlW
$IJ~1r.C1ll1!pmnlllJPl \!l\lEOl~.DllmWllJI!!l!l!"1I

"l!Ill!d!IP'1~$J1l1llI.lJ\lljd'~WI!j $4lJl1l11llf1li1lI1:

l!li~d,'1P'TmWd;lIlm ~~ IMm~.:ud~m{~IlTfl.lf.~\\.~~!Pll!Sl~!W\l1t~_~r1llTht(Jffi,~JjI!ll~~t(]pl~~\~llJlll~~ 1lIlWIlJl.l!;;JUlJ!limm.J(Q1~muL:/)tI2lillll.Sl ~


;l,llJlll~1!tip> qfli1g;d{~~
JID t'dllDh\lllmM~1fO',.~$ d!Upl\S;lm1\W::e ~:tmUDliWOO ~.wJ ~ MCljl~uq 'lpflli1!!ip ~.~;;s,~ a.ilflI!.lKlJJ[IlliD
11!llJ1lI[ "sisJal!ll~~UCll'!JJ
~ II,~

~ OIJllJllllm1! m~~JID ~Ud<oo;li!I dl~iNl ~up ~~1l1!lfliI!IDlJ) dI..l!ciJ&.!l$i\lll!l"$ d J!'AW'!!ljfJl[ ~ Uffllti&\\.llt!lJl'.lDl!IliJ!Illlll

l~$l"S'd!tJu1l!!JL, :1f/l'@AiJ!tld)M;}J'1IJI.Jf. e:lm.~ill!f!WIlllDm1!:"IP'1!S2~ 2\!ffl!. "~1lUfPl2i![ll.~ mlDl?lPmll1!Tl~;ro) Si.~lJlTd)A!ID d:l!1!~Il]QOO.ll1!ll ~$~dii1jpl ~1lt" "lBl~~ ~~"

'''l!II(!1l11! ~ sdlmm.n$
$ll:~.rllillll ~ ~llII.1!go;~.I1~;J;0! $;l;~~ SIDl(Uimr~1lfl][ :ll$1!IDJlt@e:
~m][@J>.J!Ol ,,.$1lJl.$l~WJ@",~<d:lllPll'~Jl~'3ililjm!{!.IL.1lIlllJ)~$~ ~.<d!ID!<iIl ~ ~mBi1!Tll!lil~~1!llJI

SiO'!!"011 Al1ffi.j[ .1lJl!!!lIS ~::JlI

)0 ,SU!S 3A1UD, .10J Saldo;)d snOUaSJpUI 01 S3Z!~OIOdyS!:tlfe.J:l( adOd
~(\l. d1J.i<u"SJ['l1ll!l'J'rollOJ""
~ .F.;l~W~Qjp):UUlllI (Ill!~ ~~(li1OJIflj[ "1l11A\.~ tmq:!il'G~0l d~1IpOO&SJ s;.IE<l!l&Ulli1!Iifi;K,UIiJ! jp:w'dg1lTlEllp .:tQ,'1il1!I!ll!!P.~ ~1l1l!!im!l~plO:$

pe ~gm]j!'JJmd;'1IlI!~lOOld'll!f1ll'R.~ ~@'tlij!Si:utrr!Dl;;mmIQ) $;1aUj! dlJHl':&~J!B'~ F-1e;~lIll$ "l!(Il]pi~ l!UJ!

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M~~G~ OF-H~ HO!JN~~


1 JANUARY ~al~

1. At th~ b~~irtnirtg@f thm New V@arf whl~h W~ w~loom~ IiIS GOd/~ fijlilcioy ~ift
m /ill! hUff\llIfl!tV, I OfT@f h@al1flllltwish~~ of pI1U,U; to ~v~ry mg/'l ~fld WOfflifl, m
glt th~WtlrltV p~gpl~~ iilnd n~tlornilto h~iut~ of ~tillt@ ~Fld goY@mm@nt, lnd t@
mli9loy~ I~gd~ffi, In ggin9 ee, I pray fgf' gn end to Wiilffi, eOflfli(;~ ~nd th~ ~nllii!t
sYf'fgring ~y@d by hyt'n!!\ln ii!~@ney,
by ~pid@mi~p;jt ~md pr~~~nt, lima by thfll
d~vltgti{m wrought by niltufil d~iIt~ffi. I pray ~~~c:if)lIy thillt, em th~ blil~of
eur eenmen ~ltifl9 to eeopefite with God and ~II p@opl~ @f gooo will f6r th~
~dv-!f1~lm~flt of haflflony ~nd P~~6~ in th@ world, W~ mllY ffifiist th~ mmpmtJon
to ii\ct in a mlilnn~r unwmtny of our hum~mity.

In my Me~~ag~ for P~~e~Ia!lt Y~i;lf,I ~poke of l'th@ dt}~if~ for il fulllif~", whieh
iFlC;lyd~i ~ IOfl~lflfJ for frlt~rnlty whleh dmw Uti to f~lIgw~l'Iip with oth~ffiiilfld
~ffilbl~ \,IfJ to 5fil~ tl'l~m not iUll enmIG or riVg~t but iJ~ bmtn1' ilmd ~itef to
b~ ot;~pt@d ind @mbFtl{;@d".[lJ Sin(;@ W@ ere by fliittlJf~mkititll'lal ~in~~, m~flt
to find fulfllmont throygh int~rpor~ofl~d mlltkm~hip~ ifl~pif@d bV juwce ana !Qy@,
it l~fYndlilm@f!til for eur hymun d@v@Iopm@ntthat our di~nity, fr@ooom ilnd
autonomy 00 iJeknowl@dfl~d IiInd ffi~peemd. iragicallyr tn@ @fOwiflfl OOlJfQ@ of
man'!J~Ioitation by 1'Mf) gflWIy damagel th~ lif; ef communion and OUf .
~f;llIin~to foFtJ~ int~rp@ffign~1mljjtion~ ITliuk@g by m~pectf jY~~ iltna lov@.injj
@bomif\liIbI~rmenom~ngn, which IHd~ to (;ont~mpt for th~flJndii)m~flmll'ighti of
Ot.h@fS~fld to tft@ ypf'.m~~jg!,\ofth~ir fr~@dgm iiI!'\ddigfjity/w~1 IMny f'Ofl'flJ. I
w@uld Ii~ bri~flVto oon{iid~1'th@~@/ o thiilt, if! tn@ light tlf God/ wt)n;t, W@ esn
e{)fmid~f iiJlI m~n imd wemen =na ICJtIf}@.F9IiivtJ8, but IJrfJtoor6 i;JfIff sigmm',
IJsttmlf1{j to GtxI~ {JkJnt(Jr hlltniJflity
~, ihf! tn@m@I hgv@th~en fgr thij ~~( m@~fJ@ i dmwfl from ~int PiJull~
~tter to PhilemonIn t willen the Apo~tI(j! a~~ h~ efrw~r to we!eoffl@
OnliiimUj, farm~rtyPhi~mf,m'~ ~IIWf naw ij Chrl5tian Md, th~ffifar~,~cegrdinfll
tg Paul, worthy gfb~inQc;on~idlred q IJmtMr. ih@ Apo~tlCl of th@GQntil@
wfit~~:\\P~rhaps thi~ i~why he Wi!l pi~d fram yOy far ~ whil@, t/'lflt veu mlflht
have him !;niu:Kfor ev~r, no ,gng~r Jjl ~ IliIIY@ but mom th~n i ~!ave, iHj ~

_;jIw~ve!iWH1,Y~iIOOefl/@f!/m@l!~ltl!Dnnl~ff~~=r-~141mtJt!~@=l{Mii:f!i~moodi!~~1Ij,hlml 1m
'" 167 '"

AGIRBS 2888 (X..LVI"()1l6)


(Adaptgd at ttu~third plM\!fY I!IM~5i(}!4Held M Joo 1~ ~()16)

MCALLlNO tOO etmtimUl of resolution A(j/lW~t 28g'i (XLlV=O/14), -'Draft Amed~WI

D~el!lrilti{m on tH@Ri~hts of Indilmlml PQople,nas well 3 1111th@PftlV!tl\lli f@lltl}uHoflllOft thIs iIJlm~,

RECALLING i!l~o the HD@eiafatiou on tb~ Ri~htl ofth~ IndigcmOWl Peoples inthli
Amm@WI;B doemncmt AOIDBC, 79 (XUV",O/14), which ~ilff'inm tlW pro~1i in pr(}motm~ WId
eff~eti.v~ly prot~ting thg ~h1 of thlil indig~Muli poople!i Df the AmW'iw if! a priority fm the
Or~lL~tign of Am~rlean Smw;

MCOONIZlNQ th~ v!llWlbl~ YPport providllld by th~ Dl@mber ~mtl;l!! tlbliefVm' st!l~l th~
t}f~!W1 lIen i~l Md Iffltitie3 of the Or' ~()D of ArMrieiHl StilW fm' tlu~ pff}e~within th~
\Vorkinl Grou.p to PfllPml tH@Draft AmericlUl Deellll'atl.ofl 00 ttw RWtt8 oflmUI(!flOlli Peopb~ftj

MCOONlZlNO IDl\WU th~ impoIWltp3rtieipMlo!l ofmd.!~@DO\lliPOOplf~3oftlw AiMti@!Ui in

th~ proeelili ()fprilpluing thii D@eliwtio ;

TAIUNO INTO ACCOUNT tl1tl l~nifl'llmt !;ontribytign tHat th~ mdiB~ngll~ pgoplcm of th~
A..mwicM ha l~made to humilflit)'!

1. The United St\ltl; ftltllilW oommindto llddr~~a~ tft@ ~~nt i!l~lUlilgf gonem to md.i~t')Y3 pl3gplg~
~f-g the Am~ri~il!ingl~ ~ombiltlns30elml di~~tfliltiOO ilgilimt i~\mOOA peopllSl!ood".
2. eMMa fl3itm'ilt~!i It!! ommitmMt itl 1l ft!n~@d fglilt!ODlI!llp with it 1ndil~ntlll8 poopltl, bll!!d ee
f:Wgnitltlll gfri~U!! f~iltl~ eo=tlplufltioo illul pilltllmbip. Cimildll ilDtlWfully Imai\~fd; .
2l2ormOl~71 ((1);) !Black Um IP,uiliiic-IBIP- lIiinme[ilile In Public - BIP

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01111iI1liis'TGlII1I1lJnt.wmIer IMoomlmg SIlmrW' aM gTee!ls him
IIDysayiirng "'!tt:'s 0011" 1Iiirstt"'IBILAClIC' presiidlamtt o1f h
IU1lI1lielil Sta1I!eS"

.....Ptresiirlle'l1ltt Oibamna repliies 'TOIIII1l I OOII1l"ttIIodt att

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lflHIlS IS TlHE !FUININiEST SIHYr!! INl"Dtt(])1I1l~caltll 1IIiIIe

Ptresiirlle'l1ltt p!la)1 IbaSke1IIbaSi aoo siirng. !me iis aIIsD a
greatt OOII1I1Iel!Iiiallll!!Bif\\?l( 1IlhIeIPresidIeIrntt s!ta1be1il a
lie ... see Woo llIl1INmre'l1l11B sima! !me lIS oott 1I!hIe
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~-Wlii~ Chonce Phir ..

ILiike Cmnment 1ba:1Ie


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Ahmed Kamal Bey lIllniis ii'S tIhxe iimre,jinxr iimfhooJmn:allilDlTIl

_-J4. ._JJ..:11- .-. __ 1L.._4I._._ ~Ir!)'" ::- .IIIL.._ .a:!--J,i.-A&-._

\Wiriille alIlCI!llmritEmrtL.

Iliit\Pls1l1w,ww.Jfaoeb(!)(jjk.mnmmlac~1 rnRuiliifJio1.mIiitClS1.a.iltl!!'Ji1t8.0lf;l1lil:3ii':tl71I0.1I!5.9tl4.1I11;9E~i'li898.Ol66tliI!J874l!l9tltl:37?1.3MiI'8:S0l~J!!e=:3'81tti1eater !\f/n

ihe I"U'!!, CenY ~YfeillY must adhere to the 19(1l{ Offi@eof Mana~ement and ~Yd~et (OM~) temdaffis an raee and
ethnieity wI1ieh gYide the Censys ~ymau In elaifyin9 written reseensee to the raee question;
Whito =A pergfl hgvifl~ griSlfl in Slnyof the ori~iflal peoples of ~uro~, the Middle ~iilst, gr NortM Africa,
8hlekor African American =A person having 'Origins ~fl:any of the .Black raeial-gmups of Africa.
Amerian Indiln or Alukl Nm@ = A -,mrnon hIWing origins in any af the originalpegple gf North !MId6ayth Ameriea
(includingCfmtml America) and who maintains tribal Iffiliation or community attachment. .
Allin = A persgfl havifl9 grigifls IflillflY gf the griginal people of the Fal' ~iiIt, 6gytheast Aia, or the Im;liafl~'ubeofltinent
inelYding, f1lr @Xii)mple,CambOOia,'Yhln~!m:na,Jgpan, Kor~a, Malaysia, f'akltan, th@'Ph1lippinellands, Thaihilnd, and
Niltiv@HtlWiliiilnor OtherPtlcifiel$lander = A person havifl9 origins Inaflyof the (;lriginal peoples gf Hawaii, Guam,
~amgill, or ather Paeifi@ Island.
'ftle t997 QMS~tafldaf'd~ p@lmit the repeltingaf maf'@thaflone mee. An ,individYal' :repane to the faee 'question I .based
An indlvidYal' reseense to the raee question is based ypon self..jdentlfieation, The Census aUreilll.!ages not t@lIlndividy!ls
whieh boxes to mtlrk or whtlt heMta~e to write ln. For the fimt time In Census ~O(lO, Individuals wen~ pre@flt@{!with the
option te s@lf.iidemify with mo~ than on@ml'<-e!"a tnis eontinued witM the ~O1'O'CefilliiYi. Peopl@wIiIoidentify with more ~hii!n
one raee may 'ooooe to .provide multip!eracc in r~pon@to the mee{luestion. For example, if I feponatmtidentifie IS
"Asian" and "White," they may respond to the qy@tionon race by ehe(lking the appr'Opnate 00x'@ that desenoo their meial
identititl elM/or writinf;l in these identititl on the paee j')rtlVided.
What 13 Rilce1
l'hedataoo raee w@r~d@nv@{!from iilflSW@rsto the {lyestion Of! race that WiilSaskml of individuiillsifl the United 6tates, rne
Census !iiyreay go!!eets meial data in aeeoffianee with ~uidelines provided by tM U,6. Office of Man~ement and ~ydget
(OMS), emd these eata are biiJ3edon self"id@n.tifio!tlt)fl,
'fi'1e mCiaicate90ries included In the eensue qg@tignnair'@gem~mllyr'@fleeta 1lcial definition of 'rage ree09f1il!l:edln t'his
eoyntfY and fll~t an attempt 1'0 'define rnee bi@!ogically, anthropologically, or genetieellly,ln addition, it is fficogni~ed that the
eate~gnf of the rae@itemineIYderacialandnationaloriginofSociocYltura! groups, People may eheese to repaJt more than
one me to iml,ieate their meiiiJl mixture, ueh as "Amerioan Indian" and 'Wh,ite, n Peaj')le who identify their origin as,'Hispanic,
:Latino., f Sf:lanisn may 'be of'illflyrace,
OMS requires five minimgm eelt~oIies; White, BI@eko!' Afftm!n Amerim!n, American Indtanar Alaska N@tive,A~jafl, and
N!tive Hawlilafl Of Otl'ler P!;!eifie Islander,
Reasons for gollegtinginformation on race
Infgrmation on rsee i f'@l;1uired
for maflY F'edeml f:lrograms and is eritical in making poliflY d@flisions, particYlaMy for eivil
fights,State '\;Isetnesedata 10 moot ~e9islative r~dltriQUn9 .f:lrinclJ)le..~aee data also ar~ used to .promote eQual
@mployment o~portYnities and to assess moial dis~aritie in health and nvironrm~ntal risks.
Contagt U3
For llIssistance, please (lontaet the census Call ~nh~r at 1=80()..t)~3=8~82(tol! free) or visit gsk.eeny.!;lav for fyrther

l.ast reViSed; July 8, 2013

'lflE//2JiJJ1i7! liIhe Ilnt'e!!!lTafeClll iP'0s1S9I!:0rntilartW Etilluati'0II1lIilai81 5:):stelilill

lationsll Center for

IES CES EducaltialJ1i Statistics

PEDS A '. .t , --

DefinitionlS for New Ra,ce alnd

Ethnicity Categories
Ralce/ethn~cuty{new definit~on)
CC'a1!e:g;oli~es f.ewet:ol!le:dl ilm 1199;71ilW ~1h:9)(();fliiice of Mlamag;e:llTiJ:emlt amd 8iwdg)e1! ((OI'Mt8i))
timat. alie wsedl ti:(I)ld'esccl!ifu:e g,1T0WPStio w.lhhc:lhl i'rndl;wi'd\!Jal:s fuel'oI1l9J. iderntiiflw w,i~lrn" 01i
bel'<Dm:9]i'lill tfile ayes 0~ tilhe C!:(ilI1l1rrlIlTW'IIli1iW.
1Ihe cafe:gplii'e:s dkrn mDt derno.1!e s'ci'el1l]jifii'c
f.efiimf.ti"Oms of al1ltiJhnl!llPci:C!lgf:calll!ltri'glms. 1Ihe desi'gmatti:C!ll1ls are usedl tli:lJ catiegmtriize
US. c[1!iizems, lie5ldemtt all'ems" al1ldi (iltilh'eli e[j'g,mre mOIil-ccitiizel1ls. Ilrndf,wi:d'wal:s are
as~edl1!o f1i'fiS,1:d'es:L'9matte etilhmi'cci!ti.was:
lHi's;rPami:o::~!Dr. lLa~i:l1l:0l!Dr.
1I>I'0tIHfslPal1l'i'c Olr lLati'mo

See:ollldl" i'l1ldi;Wj'd'wal's are as~edl tio I:rn:dfO::'afe ol1te tOrrI1li1tOlieliaces tmat aplPl aml!lmg)
time [mlrow.i'Ill'Q):
AIiIll:em:o:::a1ilUl1ldfal1lJo.rr Atas~al !N'ati;We
al'ao::;~ tOrrA1iiri:ccalil Amn:errEo::'alil
!N'am,welH'aw.aifalil 01i O1l1h:errlP'ao:::i'jji'o:::l!s'l!amden

lftiispaIl11i:e:or lLatiilil:Q)

Ihttl!lS-d/iilci:es\ eClI[!i0Vli'J!!edslS'eti'0rnliilefi'rnitl.0111S\ 1/"31

'l1/2'3I/2fJJJfl7! lfllre l'mfegpatedllP'(!)stsEl<i:l1lmi1liimYJ lEi1liuC!:ati:(!)mllilat'al5~sfeJili1l

Ifou pe17S0lm <ufJ:CC'lUlhal1\l"Mexi:<1::al1\l. Pw:eiTl!l!lJ !R[:alrn. Sowtlhl COI1"

Ceml7aU Amem'<1:alrn" 011"co~I1T.e11"
SlPami'slhl cr::1U1~l!JlieCOI1"
~esa/idr.ess olf /iae:e.

Ar.m:elTiieaml Ilm:cl.ialill Cinr Af.askCll f-lati,ve

Ifou peus:ol1l1 1il'a~i'1i191(\)tri~Jms i'l1l1am,w off tiliTe ol1i'9jil1Tali pecopl'es (!Jt: INkolitilhlalnd! SCOUl~1h1
Amelifl(l;al ((i;mIIUJdi'm91Cem,Ul7all Armr.erri'Ii::al))wlh:(O)rnn:ai'm~arms ;Ullitilurrail i'demtiffJi:a::a~i'comltl1m0W:g1h1
tiliilD:all afffiil'iiafi'col1l1 Oli' a::co:mmn:wfJIiil!.Waf~:liTrnnemt,


Ifou pel7Sorm Ihallliing] olii's[ms i'rmam, o1i tille orri'gJmal1 pe:tilpl'es QfJ: tiliTe Fal1" East" ScollJ~lheas;1t
AsfCl1" COI1"tilhe ~mrlIarm SIlJIiJ::I!)m~fmemft" i'm:c::.I'IlI:di:m@j"
f011"e~arnn:pl:e" Ca'li1ir!ll:co:diCl1"CItri:l1Ta\,
Umdi'al" JJapal1\l" li(orre81" \'M'al'asiia" Paki'stal1\l" the IP'IhIlIIPPj:me lisl'alinds" 1itilairamd~ alrrdl

Bl1ack or Afrri'calill Am:elri'cali11

Ifou peliSolill lhallli:m9J orrigjins i'ml ali1& I!lfl:tlile !b11act: ~cc:i'an !1lJ1CD.lUpS
off Afliri::al

N'anve Hawaiiialill or Ottilerl' Paciifi:c f,'eIr'

fA pefiSOI1l1 Iha~i'mgl om'Q,i'ms f1ill am, off tJll'e orrf:gj'l1Tali peopl'es of 1H\]" Gtual!lnl" Samoal"
Oif ottlirel1" Pa:iffii: 1:S'11amds.


Ifou perrsorm lhallli'lilgJ om:gj'ms iilill arruW olf tliTe ol!i'g,Imalipeopl'es of EIlJUCDlPe" ttifl'e rMif.d'lJ:e
lEast" 011"INbfittlhi Afrri'cc8l.

N'oli1llesi:d'em! aHelill

fA \llefiSOrm w:!h'CilIi's; 11T<!l]:

CI1I!::ltii\zeml Oif Iila~i'orn'all coff ~fu:elll'rnj~edl Stafies amd! w:1i1{l1i's i'lil ~Jhi's;
:ollJm~r.w om! 8l wis'aloll tternn'!ilonar.w !basi's amdl d'm:es; m:ott mav/e tithe rri:slhl! to nermraiili1l
j'm:l'ef,imi'tteflw. INbtte:: 1N~<!lmrresii'd~emttal:i:e:ms .me ttCDl!be rrepofitt:edl se!ilanati:el:w i'ml time pi!a:es
puo,whd'eldl" rratili1:e11"tilh'am j'lil am& (i)fi' titile rrae:iiaIWe.1!Ihmiic c:::atie:gfilm:es; desl!:rriiDeldi alb:l!lVie.,

Resid'elil! al1i'eli11(am:d otfrr.eli elr.g:vliJ.~e liI:o:lit-ciJ1i2:eIilSi)

mtt'(ps,lllnC!:E!S, eI1ll!lJjllvliIiJooslS'ectimml.Cdefiimiiti0li15 '1JJ'3>

212'31Q@1f7j liIile l'rnt'El!!IJ1at:edlI?'CDSlSwcoE1l1l8~Ei!liul!:ati'm (iJataJ 5sfer.rrn

A. p:er.sml11l w.m(i]) is Ill.CIltell ciittiiz.ellli mlT ma1iIDIllafi CIlf ~Iil:e lU'miitte:dlS~a~:es !bwt w.itrm) liTas 1lle:e:1I11
ald'mmii1lttedlas al Cegall imn:mn:i'g,liamtrfOIT liliTe pWIi\p:mse CIlt mlhtai'II1i'1!19Jpelilill1am:ell1t rresfmell1ll
alIelill stanUJs (all1dl W.HI(i]) 1h:<Dl:dseiittmeli ami sl'f:ellli rregjs1irrati:mlill trralicrll ((lFm:tr1imrr55i11 en 11-
11511" eIluelim'p<DlisllJ 1R''elilti: CC'amdl((IF<D1ilim1 1:-68'8\}" <D1i'ami Alilii;Walmefila~I!JJlie lR'e<Dlidl
((IFCOnlllill11-9'AI)wiittlrn ell l!1(!)tiatiii<D1I11
filIT:a:ti:C:mIllIW6:lfS I'eg,all iimn;mni:gpall1ti:s;tia1llUs Sl!Jcml as Sel1:'tiii<D1711
2J!JW lR'efl!J~ee" Sell:tii:<D1I11 210:8 As~I'ee" CC'l!lllTdiittiIDIlTSU IEl71tirramttPaliIDIe:e !!lITCC'UJii:rarrn-
lHai~jisllli}\' INnte: lResi'dell1D: ai:iiem:s are tll)) Ille rrep<Dntedl ilill titre) 8lPJPIJ'OIP,m'ateliatCi:aIVle1i:lturriie:
t'a:tte:9;tll:lii'es afo.m:91w.(11iT1l!Jinf1ie:c:l1States diizell1s.

Raeel!eftil:mr.eiity I:lliIklil:C!),wJIIl

lil!1:e catiegpli)f wsedl till))liepCIlrrtl: sllwdemlis COlTe:rrnrplh)ees wmose fiare am:dl etlhmjei~
are rrrtiltt ~m0WIl1"

I I' Ed:ucatior:llStatistlcs

1EJ.p,IJ0:rretine 1i1ll5,trii1tlUiteof EdllUca:m:omll S<Ci:ern:ces IllES Polli:des alllldJ Si1taJrrtdlallds Ad!dlii1tuolil'ali ResotlJmces

UES liES Ce'l11Jtr.errs; P\iJlib;~i:c Access iP'o:IIi:c.Y' ERI:C

!Heme INICIE:E iP'vf,wa:cw a1fil:dl S:ec:1lJ1I1fi~ !P'ollrdes; Siitte:ma11P1

A,ib;OllJiIt !NiCER IN:CES StarliilStiiccalli SitrellJrl,diellrrdls Orr9;a111111l2altti:ol11'alllCih'arr1t

Ofiflli:e llliflDiiiedtcutr IN:CIES lP'e.err lRe'lti:ew iP'Jrcocess;
lD'eplU!\iy/ lDi'fiedm:tr fiDn'
IH~CD:ri1i,.el ED [)'altallltnNte'lIllticrrw
Admniim:istraliiiillT1l amdllP'cofiit.w
1D'el!llUtiW lDiilatcutr fllln- Sd'em:ce !Fed! Si1tat$;
l!l;elibie.w<D:frfi'ce I!lwdbJi'ca;tti'0ms;
S(!;liwcoll Sean(!;1ill
Datal ULS~Depanlllll:ent of
!FtlJllIldiillllg) I~Hcl:5'Z'C!lme

~!ews IN:CSIER

lI1ttP.sdili1ees;, ei!l\ !!JJDXltiiPei!lsiS'e.~ii!lmtfefiimi:trcoms; 3R31

2:Jl2!3//1.1iJJfI7I lD~fiimi'tiiDms; fmrrIN'ew/ R'aC!:e)amdilEtliTmi'<i:ii\tW C'af8!!JlDrries;11 MCC:R'A<Dl


Qws1toonJ Seallrm



C'1011TIllpil!1lIlllllE lf1'JHJI1fS ~ Definitions for New Race and Ethnicity Categories

Oeflnltlons for New 'Raceand Ethnicitv Categories
Professional Competencies

Comprehensive Student Rec:ord Race/ethnidty (new definition)

Project Categories devekilped iiriI199J !by 1lhe Offioo of lMamgemem aoolBiJJdgst (OillJ.lIB) fua! are used to describe
i!J1fOOp5 to ~idn iimllMtllllllalls 00B0:rng"fdootlnfy w,in!hI, or bekJlrogm Ithe eyes off lIihe oommlUllfilil!y. The categories do 001
dleridie sciiemlific defiinmlfls of anilh~fca! origm. The diesiigll11a1li1OOl$
are used to categoiTiize U.S_cittiizens.
PuE:dkations lresimlell1lt Cll~iiell1ls"CllIl1lIdioffIhlSifeUflgIDHe If1IfO)trn-dilliizellllS. IllIdIiNuiirllualls sire as!kerlllto iI1iffit desfllll!f1alte eitlhul11iitiitwas;
Hil'Spall11iicor lallioo or
!Not iHliispanii:c or iLa'dir:no
1 Col15titllJition Day
Ssoond, nmlliiVildools are askerlltro iirndlic:ateme or more !rCBOOS tihtattapply alllilOOgtilIe ~irng~
I! Student Right to KEtO' AmIe:ritcaJ1lllrnlliiaftl or AIlas!k.a NalliitJe

~ IFERPA AsliaITll

~PEDS Reporting IBAadk or AiliriCainl AIrn11elTikcaJrn

~IPIDSData OoIIUkedibtrn Sdlledlwlle . lNlattiMe iHalwaiiiallfll or Olllh1er Padilfti:c sllandelf

lDe1!iiJrni:1!imifliS b iN!eY!'' Rare allTrd
-panic or Latino
8Jefirimlg Ram aoo Blhll!llikci1iy Datal
1iIttj;l!tlwwWl.aaC!:Jra(i)) [m~ire5(!JI!Jr.(testtl!lrrm'l!ll i'amti:eiiiJjlecjs,.rreJll0r.tjimg/iileffimili'(!Jm5)-f0n~mew~ac!:El"amdJ.etli1mi'C!:i~"C!:afegj!Drries; 1'1,(3]
'ZP2'$/ll@1fl! lD:effmiti'(!)ms f0IT N~ew IRla<!:e) am<illlElthmiii:ilW' Catem,<Dni'es; U MC:R.t.\O

A person of O!JIballll" Me:xiicIm. PIuIem Riccm. So:urttlt1!or Cenb"a1 Americallll. Oil"omtuerSpail1lm OlJIUlbure Ir0Ifiigf:i
FAOs 0IflI Rare arnd IEtffilIRliidy
Iregaroless of moo.
R~ lUIooetr IPEDS
American Indian or Alaska !Native
FimR VeI!"SiIDfl off CIlassiftkl::'alUilOll1l olf
IlTIS1lrudlimlool1lPmgll'allf111lS A ~ !tnaWlgj oogiilrns en any IOf!!lhelOri!lliimH peoplles of Nolrtltll 300 So\tuffltn
AlmellilCXil (iInldiUllliillllg! Oe!l1lttJra~
TaumtnlOl!ll1lW (CIIIP-200{Q) Reliooseldl Anmell'iCa) mo maiintiii!l11s iidleJllUiiffitta'diitm iliIiimUJIg!hltnbal1 diWm 01'1" tOOifIl1IlmiUllrnHty alllladhimelfll1t.

RIPEnS Datta Cc!WiedIiimrn COOI11lgJeS , Asian

~Otnl ~1Ti!1" 2OOJ)
A ~ifS[):rn !tnaWlig o.rfIgnifils ii1lla!l1Y tIDf 1!lhIe OOigfu'lllaHpoop!les of 1!lOO Far iEaslt. SoIluIfueast Asia, or fue Uooiiall1l

Reool!1I1Imetrndattiioos fIN IIPtEDS SwllOC:GlI1Ittiimelflllt"

iim:!liul'!ll~. for examplle" Camlb:l>diia, CiIliiJrna" RIOOiia"Japall1l" lI'Wrea. lMaliaysiia, iPa!kisIDal!1l"'!I!!1te
Red!esigrrn Oweniew oft' iP1hlilfiPpfuoo IslaOOs" Thailaoo. aoo V!ielJrnam.
.Adil'lliillf.esllTmeirmes I8Iaek or African American

BIPEDS Repcrnr1Iimg ReqllJifremern1ls A person having ongms H!I1liti!l1lYof tills MaCk mciaJ gll'OOp5 of Nric:a_
Preset!1l1tal1lioo (_pdfi)
llive Hawaiian 01" Other Padfic Islander
BIPEDS Redesi~rrn - Curr1!aiEmen1i: o1f
A perso:rn It1amg miigUI!1lSin alfllY of ttBe OOigioo! ~ of iHlawaii. GluIam. Samoo. or ollltner IPadic Is!I<mds.
I White
I RacelEthnicity Reporting
il A ~l11l ituaviirng OOigHII1ISWrnall1lYm ttltne oogH!I1Iall ~s of Eiulmpe, ti1Ie Miitllidille Eas!t" or NIortIhI Mri.I::a.
I SofomGn Amendlmelilt
'"'lonmsiililell1t alien
II TDJll'ayer Relli.efAd
A person moo !is loot a dillllzell1l or lI1latiooall o!f fue UiniiihOOlSHaites alTlld me iis ulf1lltihlis OOIUlIf1lIDrwon a wilSa or
I Teclirnical Assistance Resollllf'ces 1tempor.tllfY 00. dgtot to remalill1l iIl1ldeifii!l1lHteiy.iNote: iNIoll1lresiidient a~ilel!1ls are 11000
aoo does not !tnave 'ilI11e
reponied separnillely iirn fue iJ:D8aces
prowiirllOO" ratlhler fualfll iil1l alrny ef 1titlI:e mdiaMeI11nic categOOies descmibed
Ii Voter Regi'5traItion
Cofpotcd:e Connedion
Resident alien (ami other e!fiigffJb!le lf3OTI-ICi6izef1ls)

A. pe.rsorn ~ is oot a amlZellD or mmmaH of 1I'heiUniit.ed Sttaltes 00t mtno has 00eIrn adlmiiUfted as a ~n
veterans immigra:rnt mr tthe pufiiJlOSSof olbmmrning pemnarnellill residetrnt ~ slaWs (aoo MIlO Ihdds efil!tner an ae
regiislJraiJiiIm caRll (Foomll-55l1 or 1-1511),a Temporary Resident Card (Form 1-688). or an Anrii~~re
Journals IReoord (Fo.rm 1-94) Mfu ell m:1ltaOO>!rn 1!tnattOOifllveys llegaD mmfl9ifalfrt smros SllIdhl as S:edliimn 237 Reif~"
Soc!Jio!n 208 Asy,1ee. CorndiktD!I1la~ Einlilrnl!1lt Pamllse or Ouiooll1l-lIiaiimiall1l >_ Nolte: lResiirlIoolt allii.ell1S are 110be repor1l:ell
Tap mntoAACRAO
iiI!l1l!hle appropriime lI"CIICiaYettlhlrnit:c ~ abng wiill!hliUl1lied StaItes ciilIiizens.

mtf]jl!i/'wIMWJ,aa(;lTa<D1<DrrgJttres0Wrr(;esii!:l!lt!TIlllPi j:am(;eil'We!rls;.rrel!l<'mgJtideffmili'0ms:-fmlT-m6W" rra(;;e-am!ill-etli1mf(;i~'-afe@Jilrrle5) 'ZP3

'lJ!1:'JI11JiJ'I1Jl! Iilefflfiliiti;(l)ms: INleWi R'aEll am!!!1EtIi1mii:!:it' <C'ateg$ilnies:IIAACR'AIOl

Trending TOIKc; Ra~~nkHyunknown

lilhle ~ used! to report s!hu1denlls 0If elI1I1IptIDyees w:tRose race amll elllhlnii::iiU.y aire If1IOIl:iImo'MiI.

_G+l] 1


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O:me~ntt Ciindle~, Sui~e~" \I?Ial'Sitriif1lllllkOl111"
OC ~
lmtterTilili!iililmEil~imrn Sarwiil::res:~2m ~ IIltI'!laim lrat2U!2 2!lB-91I61111IFa~4m) fal-&\!5F

Iilttp1fzw,WWI.aaC;;rra\!l10ITfireS:COOlrrGeS&C!lJit[!PI i'amc;;e/.itpedsrrepm!itimgif,idefi'mi:ti'<Dms--f<DIT-mew"iiaeeam!ili-et1iTmi'iiW-Gafegpr.ies: '3//!I,

'Zl/2:'3J/2iID1rlf JI\'IlajlGlIlII IPb!Di:ea:t - G'emelTall ~'rimS!is> ~'!Dt 11(!J(l)):: liIilelLi'elllelT <C:0091

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Document: Ancient Medieval 1sill Century 1&b Century 17!b Century 1aJ.bCentury l 1g!b Century ! 2o!b Century 21! Century
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General Orden No.1. : The Liebel' Code


PlrelP:a:rredi IllW IFl1allil(C'i's lLi'el!le:rr" prro:liTi1lliJ' a:s Ge1rn:erralfl Orrm:errs rNio.. 11(();C)1
Ii'J,wPlresi'(jlerilit: ILJlitcm:I'lnI"241 AIP:rrilI1!8631 ..

~rn,s~rnlJ:d:QIil<Storr the G<1l'iterrmm.el1lit Qf Arimi'es (!);1f tlite U:mli~e:dl Staitie:s; trill tilhie lFi:e'I'dI" prrelP'a'rredllblw Ftra'Jilci's, lLi:ene,rr" IL.IL..IDJ."Orri'g;i'rn allrw 11ssw:e:dJas Gell1:e:rra>lj 1

Ormterrs !N:o. 1lc):C)l. AdllillJltia:l1Iltt@em:erralfsOfJffi:c:e. 118631" Wia:smrll1~)fflJll1llla;g8\: <G~(1),'\te:rrm:liTi1:eli1lti:


Table of Comtents IAIiti:el'es

Sedicmll Mlalitiallalw - MifitarJY j,llIlilsdidi:oli1l - Mlil:itarry necess[ty - Retalliart!foD" 1-30

Se:df.oli1llt p'llIblle and plTiValte plTopelity o.f tl!1e eme,IIli1lY-, I
P'liolec:.ti:oli1lof: peITSOIIIS~alnd espec[all of wC).efili~ of: liel[gJom!~tl!1:eallits, ail'iTdsici:em:c:es -, 31-47
PllInlsl!1m:emt of cliim:es ag,ailllst tl!1~ei'IIII!1'abifalmtsof hostil~e COllll';~

Sedi:on n.~Deselitell's - Plirsom:elis of Walli - Hostalges - Booty OIi1lthe baHle'fi:efdl

Se&1i:onlY.. Pa1II'tisallls - Alili1iT.edenemlie,s not b:efolllgjlll~g to the itosltife allimy -
Scou.ts- Alimed pliowfelis - W'ali-liebels.

Se&1ion v.. Safe-c;ond'u:&t - Spi'es - Wali-traitors -

Cap1llllied messengelis - Abw:se) of tllle f'ag 0,1'tliw:ce., I l!-104 I
Se:&1i:olillV~" Ex:chan~ge oj' pliisom~elis - 1F'la~gsof truce - frs\g;S o.f pliC!Jtectii.'C!J1iIl 105118
Sedi:on Vn\~11!1e Paliole 119134
Sec:.1i:oli1lVIIJI.AliIIli1lfs1ii:ee- Capitufaii:oli1 I 135.147
mttl!lltla'.al 10111\1 <NJ1.~alE!1e!!Il!Jh119.t1m
_ ~emfwr.)i/l i'elilen:aSI!l) 1VQml
2Yf2(3YQJ)llU' A'lbal'<!JTi1IlPliI!l1'ett - GemenatllOmderrs> fi\J~I!l\.1:(!)l!)::liliTe !Li'elbelf C:ooe


lit is; rn:o l'OIlT.g]EHl"c:co:rns:i'd:e:rredi Je;wfjl\JilI - CO:11li

tiltre l!:ol!111l1ralliJ"ilt is; Ih:efdl no tile 031S:e:Jr[OIlJIStillTeacl1n o;f ti!h~e l!al'i/.WCDJfwallr - tio ffo:lTc:e tilh:e 5'llJb~ds; 1iJ;~'~lhle ellT.e:1iIi11W i:rnlt'o time
sel7'l1i'll:e: o~: tilite 'W[dallii~lIJiS gjj(D;'ltelilitrml:ern~'. eXiIC:efPlti:tilh:e l!a~tieli s'lhio:w:I:dl11lliCrll:l!alum" a~ti:eli 031fa:ilT a:rn:d1cl!J:/ilil'p:I'etie C:0lIitQillJ:e:s1t(iJ,ttilille: litostile c:ow!rn:til1Jf (l):rrd!iis~Il'i:d" tillla~ iiti:is
rresolNte:dl to Jreetpl tillle COllJil!TiI!liJ" d:is~.Jri!<eti"011'p:lace p:elima:l1l:el1l~r,w as [tis ow,rrn O3ll1l:d1li1i1'al~el:tral p:uilii:ol1li of i~s CO,WI1liC:lO!lIJililrtirw.,

Ad., 34.

k;, a: gJel1liet1aH Imd:e:. tilh:e tp)lTop:elillw lb:eI:CO:lIT.giil11;g) to I!:lhllJlrr<elhles. tiCO)litco:stp:i~ars. or (l)Jtlite:1Testia,IbJf[slmlili1:e/illtis of allm eXi:d!J:si~ellw dl'a:I1[tiam:le c:Jtraliade:rr" to
es~allb;lislhl/ilil'em~S alti: e:dllU:c:a,tii:CO:I1li. all!' fiOllJIIIT.d1artirolT1's1fo:1itihe tp:IH01Jrli1;altiiID:11li
off ~lIT.o,wl:e;(ij~g;e" wlIl.etioor p:llJilb:ll:c s:c:Ih:ools" 1IJ111l:i~elisi~i'e:s"ac:ad!emm:i'e:si O1fflle:a:miiJITg 011'
oJl:l'.seli'Walttorri:e:s" liIi1illJ Se:IlJiIili1Sco,f tithe fii'Jn:e arrtis" ou co)fal sll:iernltiimtc C!hla:lia:de:1i SW:l!:l!ll P;1fCD:tp:e:rrtiW
i is lillOlVtio be C:(O'l1lisim:e:rre:d1tp:llI'fal'i'ctp:JrCD'tp:e:rrtiW
i'11litlil:e se/i1lS:e of l!l'allia:gJJFatp:1hl
311;; Ib:w~:rtr m031WIDle taxedl er IlJIsedl ~1ite:fJ1l ~I!r.e fPJlllilb:~iE;senim maw "eqiUlltrre iitt.,

Ad., 35.,

CI!a'ss'i:cali Wlllliks OJf anti" ItiiIb:Jrallii:e:s" sll:i:e:lmtiiffiiic; c(l):U'edIllllS\, lIT'tp:11e::i'o,l!JiS1;/i1lS;tiI11!Jlmeliltsl"S:Ul:C!hi8'$ aJStilT\lllitco;mi~a'ti tie[eSlr:O:IP:es. O3iSweill as m:os:pfttails" mllJs;li Ib:e
se:C:UlllI'ed! agaII1l~st 8!llj 8Nlo.f,dia:Ib:I'e j'1ll~WIIiW"e,'IJ'El:1il1Wtite:1111tlitew awe CCiJ.Il1Jttai'm:e:dlI'Imlibfl1iiffii'e:dltp:l!a.<ess W,lhii'lS:ti:Ib:e:s:[eg;edl (l):Ii'Ib:mm1lb:ail1d:edl.,


I'Ms:IU!c:1hiWCiJ.lflks o,1f O3lrrti~ITlb:l1a1Iiies;" ll:oUe:di'co:I1llS" 011'i'l1liStlil!Jlmel!Tltis 1iIe:lbrn:g:iiI1l:9,i~o a\ lh:os~i'I:e rn:a!tii:ol11Jer g;oi~elitmlili1le:Iil!tt" Ca\1ill be Fe:IiIi1:l'>Je:dlwi~lh:co:l!Jltri'rny;urrw" time IiUlII'eir (/)Jf
tilh~e <eo:lIT.qjllJ:e:rrrllT.gJJs~artie er l!l'attii'CD:llllmalY o1T:dle:rrtl1te:M W) Ib:'ls:e:.i2edJ a:rn:di rre:m(OJ".le:d! fbli tilh:e l!J:e;lil:efiil Ci);iftlh:e) sai'dII1l'a~i'ornl., 1lh:e 'ld~ilili1'artte o,wlil:e:rrslmiip: [s tiCDlbe: g:e,ttle:dl Jb.y
tilh:e e:liliS.l!JIi'lIT.gJ~rreaiU.y (O;r pe:a.ce ..

111ll!Iil:\lll case shaH! tilh:e:y be SCiJ.fdl011'gJJL~el1llaWlaY/., fff ca:p:ti.I!J!rre:di Jb,y the ailrm[es (l)1If1i1h:el\J!1111i~e:dl
StaEs" lIT.o,lislh'aUi tth19;Y'ee'll" be p:liiN6aiteliy atp:tp:liop;riiaite:dl" (01i'
walrnlti(o:I11i~yd!es~m~edl Oli i'rnU:lIJme:dj"

Art, 31.,

lillie lUJl1liiille:dlStiailie's a<e~/il(i)JWlie:d:9:e a!lmdl tp:1i!!l~ed" iirrnHl:ostiil:e) C:OllJlrn,tilites o:c:cUllpi:e:d IbJWtili1~e:IiTi11"

rei'i'gJiiolill O3II1l:dlrrntCiJ.lia:[ltt~;:s~lii~t~y p:l1iMaro:e lP)mrPe:titi~;; tilh:e tp:e:l1'sornls 0I1f
tillle) rI1111h\03\lbJiittal1l~"
estp:e:ICratllw tlh:ose: olf' W(l):rrntel1ll: allittdl the S81:liedl1l:ess o,fi: dlo:rrntes1iic; 1Te:1'a~i'CiJ.I1l;s.([);1mm1ses ]Dl ~ltre <eolll~rral1Jf sm:aiUltile liig;crlTlD:llJis:llwIllwllillislh:e:dl..

lill1lis 1TIlJI1'ed;oe's not il1lltierrife:rre -wiittlhi tlite 1i'i:91ih1E

alfi tlh:e) 'lJii:tolTiDW!S i'rn,wa:dle:1T{CD) tal the p:e:(l):tp'i!e orr tilh:eiili p:m:tp:errliw" to J!ewy jf(l)'lic:e:dll:l1JalrniSl" 00 lb;iUe~ S'co:l'dli;e::II'Sl.lIT to)
aptp:lilD:fPJrriialtie pmtp:e:IT1lJ" es;p:e:ICialllw Ih:co:wiSes" Ilands" IIll1Jalts 0)" Slilli'tp:S>"O3ili1:dlclhiwIITclhle:s" ](l)'1i tieIili11tp:O:Ii03:11Jf al.l11:dimn!i~aIiW lU:S:eS

An'., 31.,
IP)jL~03ltie tp:ITCD:f1le~l" lUll11!liess1fbrrf.eiittedl Jb.Wclii'rilmes; all' by alflll'e:l1lises of ttlh1e o,W,Iil;e:Ii~ ca:rrn Ib:e se:iizedl ollT:Ey bW waiYJ O1f millitta\11Jf 1IT.e::essi~J" f;o/T tilite SWlfiltp:o:liti (0:11'Otitrr.e:1i
be/i1ie1iiilt CD)iftith:e allilili1iW OIT (J;ll'tilh:e: lU:l1lli:te<diStames.

1i1ftl1Ie) (l),WI1lie:rr!hJ.asIll:co:ttfiJ:e:d!. tth:e c:01ili111ili11alI!l1Idlilll:g!

wi:I:~ caiUlISe lTe<e:ei:fPJtisto be g:iNJe:11l1"wlh'i;clhlmalY sene: tilh;e spCiJ.l:isltie:d!l!lwl11:e:1T tiO) crlb;tai'l!ll iim:dle:ml1lii~"

Ad., 31.,
liltt'jjll/laXlallillil\ Iawl. ~al el ecillutl1!~~ (Celilt\!lrr~j,1iem:asfll#.S'e2' gjl2fiJ
'Z//2:'3Ifl.1rT1 lffuiB; /D'aw irm<O!!Jmtes;: "m'0lfiiJtrts wlhili:1in tIi1ewlhi~elilillatmW;a$ ih0wmc!lltml rres~.:"

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!arch 06, 2016 'GiiftCares

at Amazoacom
.~NQrights which the white 'man was bound to respect. ~,!lI~

Oil'li iMard16.1 1857n ttlll:e 1lJ).5. SUIIllllelrn11e C(IJllU:li1t nS5lU:e:d! iittPs cc~:Jlmttli(lJlwelisuall d.ecciisiJ(IJl1!1J(IJl1!1J w.
Si1Jli7:rt/iff@trd - re1felilredi ti:.(!)as "the Dred Scott case."

line IPllaiillli1tiifffn Dred Scott. WlalS a sllawe IP'lUlli"Cih'a$Oedl ffir):1iI!1Jttlh:e BI101WI fFalmiJIi,, o1f Stt. 1l.(IJll!J'iisiill1!
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1L8l3] Ill,, I!.JJ.S. Arlilill'' SllJlrg;e'01ml John Emerson.
Owe'lr ttlh:e lIT.ex.1t: 12 ,,ealrslf IEmeIiS(!):1!11 ro0~ SCCCDlti:1t wuttlhl ilTiirrml to waurn(lJlllJs pllacces VIJIIh:elre Ih:e w/aiS
ass;ilg)lIT.ecdi. 'i"J/lltell'll IEIilllIersCDlIl1! dlfte:di iill'll 11.8:4J.3SnSccoti:1t ttrnedl1to
d< n ]'Jre:lIlle. Sllte: d.eliT.uecdI Ih:us retq;llJ:es1t.
1P1lJ1icc:lilase lirus flre:ed.(IJlrrml ffr<D:m till:e

SOn UI!1J11.8416 . Scc::oti:1tsurelifull Ihils freedarrml <D:1Il1

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tta~ell'll Ih:vm [0 EIIIIUIltCDliis . wllh:erre sUawe:lT" WlalS 1ll1r(!))l!tiiib:iitt:eliill,, stta1te lIaw/n alltdl tt:0\ ttlh:e WiiswliT.5i1rm
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Portrait of Dred 50()tt Iby ILouts tre:gJarrde:ol aJS /tJe:u/frgs; at' ami otrT!ffe'liii([]:Jr
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uWorkersof tbe World, Unite! You!
Iml 1tihle IDrred Sc@tttt: llfedisiilDlrill,! tlll:e SIUIIPIl"elrnlle OilllUllr1t CClDllTldlUd:edl ttJhl.altt'l 1IJ.!m:d!er 1!:ihle: tlJJ.5.
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'bave nothing 'to lose butyour chains!"
'lItIl!1Ia:1ill ffiirn:dlll'IlaJlily!llIli,ffffe:UlID1Itl!fm ([f "1b:(D:Q:R~
IlIi1'GlIl: [~e.mJ ttllri! w.m:nlkM" ..
lFelDl~n zenI'U

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"Dying/lsanart, likeeverythm
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w/ere 1tlh:emaiil111ffm;(cIlJ!slDlffhisfamous HouseDivided speechOJIm.luBe:16.1I; the
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p,:emmr5i fuSf 1!lin1f.."
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CCll.urt"s d~eciisil({lll'll ttU(1))k: away! tthe IiUg)ItT.ttS(1)Jjf "The business of America is business"
-a famously unfair misquote ...
sates 1t(1}J make: trltteiJlT' (1))WIII'lldetisnmms am:d TH[ POUTtAL QUADRllll,
WCDllUlld el'Pel!1,\tlll'allliy! ffOJJrce the Ileg;allilzaltiiClIill WI\:e:1ll P.lresi':cl'err.1i: WlalTlilHill(if.. JlIIa:ndi:rr91 cfiie:d1
, MUS I C by D'red Scott Ifno:ml CIlIl:ea:nt-nella:tm:dL
Clff sllall'Pel1'y! tltTmw:g,I1tClw,1t tliTe CClllIl!1ifaiy/_
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IlalwlffllJllllly! d~lDlwlBtrlhl IJ)Jrredl SC.CD!tt1t1l iil!11!tlh:e free uThere is less in this than meets the
Strate (1)Jff' Dlilliirn:lDliis/" ILfiIIT.Cli1l1illsaiicrll" \\'ewelTy/ eye.":i
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EllUilIllClUSi" Clli iill'll allTIiy/ (\)'.ttlh:er fflree Sfialtte.'" .JIarn ()}UOl1Ih'II Read more

IlJJsilm:Qj a cqlll.J:llltte 1T1i0:mrn tlh:e BillD:llell IlJm:[(!);IJIill Ulet It Snow!JI- the Christmas song
aliso ma.d:e a ffalIilIT.Cll!l:5" C(!);I!'1re:dt thatisn't ..
Detail of an 1860 'political cartoon
It~e:nw~e.'a;f)'a;lt[mirri~JJl'cm; ttITm:e'" w.1te:1i1111 ~:ea:IT-=='-:::-
smow,ing Abe ILirncolrndarnoilitg w.ith a Sln.m:e:ene'_.,
!r.~A\!lmJ/lSe diWlled ag,sJilJJsf: itself' :blaok wornan to Dred Smtt"s t!ulite
lil:ean!IJ~6i ~ Read more
CClJIJJ1!J.'OI s,falfJ.fI!. I [fJ'eUiiewe itlf1liis;

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dJifssJ:Uwed; I 1fi'OJ fiI.'O:t exf!Je~t
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J;{fsl!awe'fiY WlDDIIa/iTrest ttlfre fI!J'JrttlfreJr sPJread! J;f iif: iIltrr.d! pl!ac.e iift: wifreJre tt/h:e /fJwlfJlItc
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iiits aJdl'i/l(jJ'tr"aJties WliiDU/fJI!Js/f7Joft fonward ttiiDUoft s/fraJIIU bec.'Cme aJUolke UaJ'lMfl!1ll/ii/fTJaDI/ ti/fre ,,, ~
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dment all1Idi Fourteenth Amendment 1t11))ttlh:e 1UI.S. Oo)msttuttul1tiico;li1I/l 'Wilh'ucmlo,ffiidaUl1w p:mlh:iilbii1te'c:Il

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Itlh:([);se greatt lIegall "J'nc.1toliiies. Hi(1}J'W/e"J'errlJ he dnd ell1l1m;w al ib:lriIeff p:elillllld! off 1fJree.'(!~IIlIili1l_

ShaJr1tllw aiftteli' ttlh:e Su:p:lreme CCO)urths c:!:eeeilsilol11l UI11l1L857/l Jirrem~e EmeliS:OI11l'J;; Se.'CIDlm:d! lh:usib:alITd
clillill"J'ulltcedi her t<Dl Irerum IDlwm:elislh:iip off Smttlt !to ttlh~e BII<DlWl1falimluDw Ulill St. lL<DlllIUS..

lifil:e: Ih:ead! <Dlff1t1h:e ffallimlflDw at: tli1:at tume was ~liissoUJlrii C'lollitgJli'esslillllalili Henry Taylor Blow" 131
5t11"0II11:9J<Dlp:p:0li1lerrrdt<Dlff:s:llal"J'eI1'W. Robert Deis (aka "SuibtropicBdb")
JI'\6e ibe:e'1i1Ialltlllli'iiti:elin iirrncome! nOlillll1l (o:1f' a'mmtt1h:err.
<O111llM!aw 26/l 11.851' /l BII<Dl'W1g;al"J'e SO),lttt Ih'iis 1fll'eecd'CO;liTill- wlhiiml was a.llllco;'W/edl 1lJ:1IT.<d!e:1r IMliissol!J]iii Iiaiwi nl!lrr li111:flllie1tfu8~1l1I 3\5 'wea:rrs .. K'\6e W/liittteli1l furr
<rfe,sp:il1le titre SUIp:l1'eme Cowli1t."s Iiw;lIfim:gJJttlh:a1t::s:ttal!tes cco:llJlld l1l:co,\tp:11'~Ih'iJlb:ii1tsilCll"J'eIl'W. ma:g,arzEmsin adl a~e:md:esp gONlerrml!li11e:Jilli:
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li'lIldlCllW/l liTils tiJ:(O:c:lJW IliJes UI!ll a grave in the Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis. 1F<Dl1r1iIIl1al1llWweallrSn ii1t magooim:es /fOIi' trille ~ellTJ"s ~dwe:li1trl!Jrre.lLrlb:lia:1iW
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BUDGET bythe Bureau of the CensYliiin the only in the dectlOnial Ctln5US(which
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AGIiiNev: Extlcutive Offictl of tlu~ about OMB's decision to; Katherine K, martgag(ll(lndinS applications), md in
Pfllidtlnt, Offietl of Managemlmt and Wallman, Chitlf Statiliititiian, Offi{;tlgf meditial md {}thtlrresearch, The
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YMMARYi ~y fui Ngti~l\h QMD i Washingtgn, D,C" 2(1)03; flm; (ill02) 395- ar~ ng~anthrgpmgt{it;ally or
Its decUiion contleming the n45, e!~ntifitiaUy bastlg,
ftlvisitm tatistieal Poliey Dif(~etivtl ~L~eTRONle AVMA!ilIUTY AND ADDRSS~S: B. CQmp"lu~min R~vkw Pr1)ti~M
No, 15, RaCI'land Etlmitl ~tiind&ds for ThY! Ft'!dt'!m Rt'!gWt'!r Notice and thll
Fl'ldtlral ~tatities and AdminUitrativtl rlllattld OMB Ngti{;tls gf Juntl9, 1994. Partic;ularly sinCg the Hmo cefl5Y1ii,the
RQPorting, OMl'l is ll~epting the August 28, 11)1}~,lmd July 9, 191}7,artl tangards hav~ {;gm@undtlr inCflli!!;!in/i!
retlommendation5 of thelnttlragtmey avaUabltl eltltitm. frgm thtl OMB eriUeim from th9S@who beHllve thilt
Cgmmitttltl for tlm Rtlvi@wof th@R!l!;ial Homtlpage en th _ Wide Web: thtl minimum (;atllsmifl tlt forth in
and Ethnie ~tand&ds with the f'elllowmg ~~~ttP;lIwww.whitehaYliie.g!~1WH1 Dirtletive No, l~ dQ m~treflect the
two modifit11IJigM; (l) tht) Asian gr EO, IOMBlhtml/fgdrgS,html~~, increi!!;!ing diversity of gur Naoon's
P{letfie blander eateggry will b@ F@d@fi!lR@ ~ t~f Ngtictl are alse pgpulatifm that has ftl!lulttlg primarily
separatoointg two tlattlgorie-"Aian" availlibll\\ .. @ l},S, frgm grgwth in immigratign md in
and "Nativtl Hawaiian or Othtlr Paeifie Government PrintinS web 5ite; interracial marriases, In reliipornle to the
Wllndtlr," {If\d (g) thQ tQrm "HY!p{lf\ie" .g~http;/www.atic~.gpo.ggv/~Y dow critieUimlii, OMB aoooYfle@d in July 1993
wUl bQ changtld tg "Hispanie orl.atino," iltie/a!;eHO,html~~, Qutlstions about that it wl'lYld undertakfl a
Thtl fllvistlij sttmdard wUl h{lV{lfivtl a~cesliiing thg F@dtfi!l Rt'!.sttr tmlintl cgmpfllhfln5ivfl revitlw gf the clID'~nt
minimum eattlgoritlS for dala on f!l!itl; VHl may btl IDrtleted tg categofitl fOf dam gn filce md ethnitiUy,
Amtlriean Indian er Al~ Nativtl, ttllephone (i'!0i'!)~ llH 530 or toll freg at Thilii rilView hilliiOOtlficgnduettld ever
Asim, BIaek or Afiicm Arnericm, (888)~98-M98: to fax (~O~)lH2-1262; tht! last four ycmrs in collaboration with
Native HawllUm or Oth@r Pacific gr to E-mail ~~!WQati(;eslj@1Wo,gQV~~, the ~nttlf'tlncy C,?mmitttltl for. the
~lander, md Whitll, Thtlre will be two Thi~ Ngtice is'available ill paper copy R@Yltlwg, thtl Rlleml and Ithm!;;)
eategoritl for data on flthrneUy; frgm the OMB PubUtiatigns Offitltl, 725 Standilfds, whi{;h OM! tltablUJhtld in
"Hisparnc; or Latino and "Not Hispanic; 11th ~trllet, NW, NEOtl, Room g~OO.
II March 1994 to facilitate thtl
or Latino," Washinutgn. D,e, 20l)OS; telephone particiPlltion of F@d@ralageneies in the
:r~ ~~ppllilm~ntary~\'Irmatign
fui .. otic:;eproYldes baekgnnmd
in (g02) S9!F7S3g; fax (g02) 395-6137,
ft~vitlw, Th@members gf Ule lnttlfill3lilncy
Committel'l. from m{}rnthan 30 cill.
inf'elrmatifm on the tand&ds (~@etion S~ Evinger. ~tamtical PoU~ rt!pr~ent thtl mmy md divt!me eral
A); a summary of the c;ompreheftivQ Offitle, Office of Information and needs for data on raee and ethnicity,
fI~view preeess that btlg{lf\in July If)~S Resulatory Affairs. Office of including statutory reqrnrilmllntlii fill'
(Stletign B); a britlf ',iyngpliiigf the Managemtlnt and J}udgtlt, NEOB, Room such data, 'fheIntefagency Cgmmittetl
public cgmm@ntliiOMB rQcQivl\\don the Hl~Ol. n5 17th ~tretlt, N,W .. dtwtllgpl'ld thl foUowing principles tg
rQcommendation5 for chmses to the Wi!!;!h n. D,C, 20503; Mtlphon@; sov~m the review prgC~S;
stmdards in feSpQn5e to 9, (202) 3093; fax (lW2) 395-iill41), L The racial md ethnic categories set
1997, F~d~ri!l hgisttr No .cUlm ~YPPLM(gNTARY INFORMATION:
fm1h in th~ standards shguld fUlt btl
C); OMB's f:h~(liign5(In thtl :!pe{;ifie interpreted as beinl3 primarUy biglggical
rl\\~ommtmdatiQn5 gf the Interagency A, liuikgmuml or gtlnetic in rnf~fflnel1l,Race and
Committtltl (~ection D); and information For more Ulan 20 year:!, thtl ~urnmt ~tlmicity may be thought gf in tefmlii of
on thll work that is undtlrway en stmgafd:l in OMB':l ~tatisti{;al Pgli~y social and cultural ch&actllristics as
tabulation issues ~ocillted with the Dirtlctivtl No, 1~have provided a wen all ancestry,
gf muHiJ)le rlltil\\rl\\spgnstl eemmen language to pmmote g, Respect f'()rindividual diS!lity
uniformity md comparability f{}rdata shguldgmdtl the processes and m@thods
Thll revitld standards for the en raetl md etlmieity fgr th! pgpulation fgr coll@cting data on rac;tl and tlthnicity,
claliiliiificatitm gf Fedtlral data on ractl gr9Up!i spe~ified in thtl Dirtlctive, They idllaU,Y,rtlPondtlntself.1dt!ntifieatitm
and etlmicity are prilsented at the flOd were devldoped in cooperation with hQuld btl faeHUattld to the ~feattl!lt
gf this notictl, thllY ftlplatitl and Fed.tlral agtlneie to pmvide (ign5Uit~mt fOOent pmJiblt!, rtleggnOOng that in
!lUJ)l\\fslldeStl!tUitieal Potier Dirl'letive data on race and etlmicity throughout seme data eelleeuen systems obstlrver
No, 11), thtl Federal (illvgmment, DQvelgpment identifitlatign Uimort! praetitial.
~f-f-geTIVIli DAf~: 'fhll m~w stmdards win gf the data standards temmtld in large S, 'f9 the exttlnt priulticable, the
b@used by thtl BYrtlllu gf thQ CtlrnlUSin mei!!;!Yrtlfrgm new repgfl5ibiHtitllii to eonctlpYl iIDd ttlrminolggy shguld r@flQ{;t
the ~OOOaeelmnial CQrnlY,Othl'lr (lnforctl civil rightlii laws, Data were elflaf and generally un@rstood
Feder=.alprograms ll.hOU. Idad. gpt the needed to mfmitor equal access in def.mitions that em aduevt! broad
5tand_ . as (lgn as pgssible, but not hgY5inJ;I,edu~ation, employment, and pybUe ileetlptantltl, 'fo i!!;!Yftlthtly ID'e
Illltlr tl1 J!'inUllry 1, ~QQ~. fgr use in gther ID'{las,f'()rpgpYlatign5 U!at r~liabltl, mgarn~, ami undtlf5tm~d by
household SYfVe,Y'administrative historically hag tlx(Jerienetld respgndentlii m_ gbsl\\l'vers, the racial
forms and nwords. and other data
colle(;tion5, In addition, OMB hi!!;!
d:is<;;riminationand differential
treatmtlnt because of their race or :'!d::t:~b!d:f~~j~a
Federal Resister I Vol, 62, No, 210 I Thursday, Odober 30, 1997 I Notices 58788
appf"Opriaw sei~ntifie m@thodQloSi~s, The prmcipal objective oftbe r~view on the review preeess, ineludin~ a
induding the soeiillseimees, has been to enhance the aeeura(;y of the summary of th@eomm@nts on tfte June
4, The raeiill and ethnic eategori@s demographic inlormation collected by 1994Fcacw .~tGr Noti{;Q,and
showd be eompr'@lulftsive in coverage the Federal Government. The s~ Offllrtld a ftnill opptlftYfiity f'Qfcomment
and preduee compatible, point for the review was the minimum on the resear-eb to be eonduetftti during
mmdupli~tiv@, @~hans@able data set of ~tegories f'Ordatil on riltle and 199(}, (5) OMS staff haw also discussea
aefQSSFederal agefU:ies, @tlmicUy thilt have provided the review Pf"(;){;Q with vaneus
, Foremost eoftllideration showd be information tor more than 1W years tor mterested FQUPS and h1lve made
given to data ~Qgatioos by raee and 11variety of PYfP(}ses. and the presentations at numgm~ m~etm~~,
ethnieity that are ~eful fgr statistieill reeo~tion of thftlimportance of being The second elemmt of the nwiew
anillyms and pf"OFam admtnistratign ilble to milintain thtsmstortei!l procellll invglv@d f'@seartlhMd testing gf
and allllellllment, bearins m mind that continuity. The review protlellll has had variOilli propoQd tlh~e. The
the standards are not mtended to b@ two major \dements: (l) publle ctlfmfumt eategoritlS in OMll's Direetive No, l ar~
used to tlI!tablillh eU-8ibUity for tm the pre~tmt standM-ds, whid\ n@lp@d Yed not only tg prooyee data gn the
pameipation m any federal pmFam, to id@ntif,yc:;on~erns and provided demographic charaetenmcs of the
6. The standanlslihould be developed num@roYugge~tions for ~hanging thtl population, but iIlo to monitor civil
to meet, at a mmimum, Federal ~nandi!fds; ang (2) re{lard', and testing ngnt @nfgn;;emtlfttand program
legislatin and programmatic related to asselllling the pOllllible eff@ctsimJllemefltatiofl, R~S~af'tlhwas
requirements, Consideration showd iIlo of llugS~sttld c:;hangtlllon the 'lyality andunaertaken to provide an objective
be givtm tg need at the Stille and Im~al YWJm@1lIlgf thertlSultlng data. assessment of the data qU1IUtyillllue
governmeflt leve~. mduding Ameriean Public:;input, the first element of the assOCiated..with variOY approac:;hes to
Indian tribal and Alaska Native village Hlvi~w proetlllll. was sought thrf)ugh a fioUeeting dilta on raee imd I,lthnieity, To
governments, as well as to general variety gf mtlaftlli (l) During 191i13, that end. the mterag@ney Committee's
sO<lietalneeds f'Qrthese data, Restlarch Workift~ Group, ee-ehatred by
ConFe~sman Thom~ C, ~awyQr. then the Bureau of the Census and the
7, The eategm'iesshomd set forth a Chairnum of the HoYe ~ubeommittee
mWmum standard; additionill Bureau of Labor ~tiltisl~. f~viewed the
on CensY. ~tisties. and Postill vaneus critieillms and 1iYggeliltionsfor
eategories slumld 00 permitted prQvided Pergrmtll, held four hearmgs that
they ean be aggregated to the standard changing the eurrent tlategQritlS, and
melYded 27 witnelllle, foeYing developed a r~QM'tlh agenda for I!ome of
categories. Th@number of tandard pWtlularly on the illie of the tlat@~miell the more ignmc:;ant iIlIlUQthat had
cat@gori~ hould be kept to a in thQ ~OOO census. (~) At the f(l(Juet m' been identifi~d, These issues included
manaStlables~e, detflrmin@d by OMS, the National A~demy of -
matistic:;al eoneerns and data needs, hew te eoUeet data gfi P@l'gftllwho
~ki{lml~' Cmnmittee on National identify themselvtll! as "mmwaeial",
8, A femed set of ~tegoritll! should ~tllti!lti() (CNSTA'l') egnduc:;tQd a whether to eembine f1lee and Hispanic
bQop@ratitmaUy fw!jiblQ 10 terms of wor!wmJ'! in February 1~~4 to artiem1lte origin in one question or have separ1lte
burden plaeed upon resucndentsi public iIlIluellsurrounding 11review of the questions on raee and H!panic gri~iHi
and private costs to implftlment the tamgoriell, Th~ workshoR mcluded whether to eombme the CO!l{;Qptof
ftlvisioftll !lhomd 00 a factor m the fepr@Stlntatives of Federi!lllgenei~s, race. etlmicity. and ancestry: whether te
decillion. academia. soeiillsciene@ reseMeh ehange the terminology ~ed for
9, Any changes tn the ()1Itegoritll! institutions, Interest grgUps. privatg partieular eategories; and whether to
rn{:lwd be billled on sound mdustry, .{lnda loealschool distriet. (A add new tlategori~ to the current
methodological rflearcn and should summary of the workshop. minimum s@t
indude @v;iluatigns of the impact gf any BeeaYtl the mm:ie of datil t'oUection
changes not {:lrnyon the YsefYlne of ean have an effect on how a perllon
the rf.lsulting data but iIlo on the available from CN~TAT, eioi res~onds, the res~arch asel'lda prQPQsed
comparability of any new cate~ories Constitution Avenue, N.W, stuaies both in SYfVtly!l~g m-JlefSOn
with the f.lxisting on@s, Wasrnngt;on, D,C, 20418,) (3) On Jung 9. or tel!lpnone interviews and in self
1g, Any r~vision to the eategories 1994, OMB published a '@d~fal ilt'lmmmtered qu~tioMaires. such I!
shgmd prgvide for a crollllwalk at the R@gm@f (69 FR g9S~1-g98~l;I)Notice the dec~Mial ceft~, which are fUl~d
time of adoption b@twf.lenthe old and that contained baekground inf'Qrmation out by the respondent and mailed baek.
the new categori~s so that historicill data on the development of the c:;urrent Cggnltiv~ mtervi@ws were eenduered
series ean be statistiwly adjUllted and !!tandards and reqY(~sted public with varitlY ~oups to provide guidance
compwoftll ()aHbe made, comment 00; the adequa<lY of CUIT'@nt gn the wording of the questioH and the
1.L Beeause of the maps and varied racial and ethnie ~tegoriei the mstrnetiofllj for the tests ang studies.
nee and strgng IDterdependenc:;e !}f principles that should' govern any The f'@soorehagenda inelyd@d sev@fal
Federal aglmcies for filfiial and ethnic propoSQd rt!visions to tIlt! standards; iIDd major nationill tew. the ftlulw ofwhieh
data, any dtan~~ to the eKill~ spetific:; u~el!tigns for than~ that had il!'@-
diseYlloo throy~(mt the
~teggries shoYld be the prgdyet of an been gffeTiltrby individuills find mteragelWY Committee's
interagen~ collaborative eff'Q!1, mterelited FOYPS over a period of
H~,Time will be illlowed to phase in several years, ill response. OMS
any ll@W c:;ategories, A..gemiieswill not be n~teiv@d nearly 800 letters, ~ part gf ; (1) In May 1991), the BUfeay !'}f
reqIDred to update hiIltoriw re(;or, ~ e-omment period and to bring the Labor Statisti() (B~) sponsored a
13, The new direc:;tive should 00 feview closer to th~ public. OMS iIlg ~ypplement on Raee arid Ethnieity to
app?e,~l{! thnmghout the u.s, Federal heard te~timony from 94 wnnesses at the Current Pgpmatign Survey (CP~),
statill~__"ill system, Th~ standard or h@aring::iheld dYfifl-i lwy 1994m The finding were made available in 11
litanda ds must be usable ft)!,the Bgston. Denver, ~an Fr!!nti!lcg, and H!96report,
deee' "al tlensu!!, eurrent surveys, imd Honolwu. (4) In an August gS, 1995,
llgmm . tjV\,1 f1lt;;grg, indydiri~ thg\,1 F~tl!'aI Rtl&i3ttll' (Q FR 44674-4461:13)
using gbs~rvcridcntifieatlgn, Notic{!, OM provld~d an interim repQrt
58184 Federill Register I Vol, 62, No. 210 I Thursday, October 30, Hl97 I Notices

available frgm In.~,2 the Center'S f'{lf Dise{l,'le Cgntml and heritage should b~ i!ble to mark or select
Mesaaehusens Avemul, N.E" Rg{)m Prevention te evaluate the preeedures more than om~ of the raelal categories
41Wl, pg~ti\l ~qY1!fe Building, \.lI:!edand the quality of the information originally speeified in mfl~etive ~o, 15,
Washington. D.C. 20212. or by ~alling on raee and t}tImicity in admiflimative but that tnQre should not be a
202-606-7575, The results were alSg records such as that fepgrted on birth "multiracial" (;lltegm',Y,This
Ilummariged m iIfI Otltgger 26, 1991}, tlertifi~attlS and re(;Qrdtld gn death reeemmendauen tQ r'@PQflmultiplf.l
news release, whtch ill avallable eertifi(;llttls. races was fiWQrnbly received by most of
electronically at ,g,ghttp://stat~, On July 9. HUn. OMB f)yblillhed i! these commenting on it, induding
newll,rnle{l,'le!ethni(),tg(;,htnl~~. (2) The F~dcrm &gi8t~rNeuee (62 FR 36874- i\SIl{)eiatioM and orgatmation!lsYeh all
~Yreau of thl'! Cl'!nsYs, {IS part of its 36946) containing the Interagllncy the l\merieIID Medioo Msoeiatign, thtl
researeh f{)r the tWOOeensue, tested Committet!'1i ~ - Edut:ation M&ociati{)n, the
alternative appro,ac:he~ to egUf)eUng data National Count:U gf La lWla, and the
on raee and ethmmty tn the March 19~6 National Committee on Vital and Health
Ni!U('mal C{)ntent ~yrvey (NC~). The 'fh(l Ngti~(l madll available (gr ~gmment Statistics, {l,'lWId] Mall Federal agencies
Census ~urtl1!Y published the results in the Interageney Committee's !hat f1lSlmnded, Cmmmmts frem somtl
a December 1996 repgrt, rtlegmmemlatigns f'gr how OMB should 'UOO!l, such {l,'lthe NAACP Legal
ftlville DirtlQUve No, t 5, The report and Edutiiltional Food, the
(;Ornlilltsof six ~hilpterll, Chilpter 1 Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights
highlights of thll fllpoft are provides a briefhmtory of Direetive No, Under Law, and the EQual Employment
available at ,g~http;llwww,eenI:!YIl,g{)v/ H). a Ilmnffiilf)' of thtl issues eenstdered Advillmy Cgoot:il, were reeepttve tg the
populiltian/www /saedeml'll by the mtt!raitlney Committee. il fevitlw recommefldilggn en multiple fa~!l
96natcgntentliiYrYt\y.htmb~, (5) In Jmw gf tht! resear~h a('tivities, and a rtlspgnli~, but exprtllllled f1llmrvations
1996, the Cemi\.l~ 8ureay eeadueted the discy~ion of tht! criteria used in pendin/il dtlvdopment gf mtmliltion
Race and Ethnic Targeted Test (RAE'IT), conducting the t!valYation, Chapter 2 methodli tg ensure the utility gf these
which wall dllllignllg te permit diliculise!! a TIymber of genllral eoneerns dam. The reeemmendanen Wall also
{\Ilse~~entlii of the effeetlii {)f pgs~ihle that nt!tld to be addre~ed when syppmted by many of the adveeaey
chf:lflgell on smaller pOlndatigns n{)t eOMidlu1ng any changes to the ~Yrrent groul'ls that had earlier IlYpported a
rnUatily m@{l,'lyredin nationalllampies. sumdardl:!, Chilpter/i 3 throygh 5 rep{)rt "mult.iraeial" (box;) cates{)ry. sueh as the
inQl.uding ~llfitian ,Indians. Al~~a tilt! results of the research il!i t:Ju~ybear AIl/loemtign of MultiEthnie Aroeritif:\flli
Natives, aetailed M~an and Pacific Oftthe more significant suggestions and its atfiliates nationwide, Several
Wi!nder gnmpll (sueh as Chinese and O~ received t'gr cllanges to Directive individuals Wf'Ote in SUPpgrt {)f
Hawmians). and detailed Hispani(' No, 16, Chapter (}gives the Int{lragtln(;y's "multiple race" reporting, Q{l,'lingtheir
groups (sueh as Puerto RicilllS and Committee 's recommendations emnments on a ~eptember 1997 article,
CUgiIDll).'fhg Cgn~ull BYf~au r'@!~allgd cgncern~ the various suggested "What Rl!ce Am It' in
the f{lsyltsln a May 1t'l97 report, change!! b{l,'ltldon a rtlview of pybUc magazine, whieh urged Us readers "to
comments and testimony and the ex;pr.-.tlssan. gpinig. n on whether or ngt a
. mghlights of thtl rtlpmt are r@stlarch reliults, 'MYltiracial' ~ateggry !lh~mld be
availablil at ,g,ghttp://www/e@mmll,sav/ induded in all feuerall'tlGonlkeepmg,
e, ~mmnilfY gf egmm~nts R~ieivedon
pal'lulaUl'm/www Id{)cymtlntation/twps- tb~ Int~r~flY eommittt~!s mduding the gO(}(}eeasus." A few
0018,htnll",,,,, Singll~ eeptes (paptlr) of Qommtmts !lpt!('ifically [iworing myltipltl
th~ NCS and RAE'f'f rep@fls may be Reflommmdiltiom
In response tg the July 9. 1997. raGe respofllles !luggelimd that
9btilined from the Popyliltjon Dfviion, T{lspondents should also be alJked to
U,S. Bureau of thtl C~msuli, W{l,'lhin/;Jton, Ftdtl'i\I Rtgbttl' Nence, OMBftlceived
D,C. 202~3; ttlltlph9ntl 301-457-240g, approXimately 300 letters (many of them indicate thllir pr~ary fileial affiliation
ill addition to th{)S(lthree miJjgr tests, hand writttlfl) on a variety of l~ues, in order to facilitate the t;IDylatil;Jfl gf
the National Center f(lr Edueatim! plus approxirrmttlly 7000 individuaUy fllspanse, A hf:lfldful af comments on
Statiliticli (NCES) f:Ifldthe Offi(';{lf{)r CMI signed and mailed, prtlprinttld pgstt!ID'fMi multiple r!lCllrepornng uggested that
Rights in the Dllpart:ment of Education on the issue of ela&&U,yingdata on individuals with both Hispanic and
jointly ~QndYQted a :mrvey of 1,000 Native Hawatians, and aggut 500 non-Hi5pame ht!rih!ge be permitted to
public seh{l(,}ls tg c\{ltermintl how indivithJaUy slgntld form Iettees frgm mark or seleet both ciltegories (liee
sehecls collect data on the race and members of the Mapa Issues Forum in dieullliion below),
ethnidty of their students and MW the SUPpgrt of adgpting the A few commt!nm, in particular some
adminilitmtive reeerds containing th~e recgmmentiatioo f'gr mYlti}}lt! race frgm state ~!lm;i~ and If.lgislaturlls,
data are maintilintld to meet ~tatutm'Y nlporting, Some of tht! 3QQ letters apposed any mYltiple raGe f1lpOrUng
requirement:! fOf reporting aggregate" focillied on a single reeemmendauen of beeause gf posible mCHl{l,'ledemim to
inf'grmation to the Federal (igvemment, particular interest to th~ writer, while eellect the information and
NCES pugUlihed the r{l~iYltsin a Mareh gthgr l~tt~ffi iuldrlllilieg a numbtlr gf thtl implemtmtation pmbleffi/l, Comments
19U6 r~pmt. reeemmcndanens. The pr~pongerantie !'rom the Anu~fi~an Indian tribal
of the eommtlnts were fftlm individuals, governmenm also weril gPPOOOtg the
(NCES 96-(92), Thtl l'epol't i5 available Imt:h COmffltlnt was Qonsideroo in recommendation cooGerning reporting
eleetroniQally at ~,ghttp://ncell,tld,sov/ preparmg O!vm's deeiajof\, mgre th{!fl one rnee, A Humtier of the
pubs/9609~,htnll~~. ~ingle paper eepies eomment that supported multiple race
may be obtamed trom NC~, S55 New respcnses else e~r,@!i!led eeneern about
Jers@y, NW, Wa:lhington, D.C. 20208- the cast and burden af ooUeding the
SS'H, qr by calling 202-219-1442, informaugn to me~t F@deral reporting
The felitlarch agenda alse included The Interageney Committee r-eqwements, the clledule for
sNdies ~omlucteg by the Natignal fet;Qmmendf.ld that, when stllf, tmpillmentation, and how the data
(;~nttlrf9r H~i!lth Sti!ti!!ti~, th@Offi\';t) 9f id~ntmwH9n ts Y!!tld,r~spgndtlnts whg WQwd btl mbYlattld tQ Im~~t
the f.\ssiatant Se~retary for Health, {!fId wish to identify thtlir mixed raeial requirements of legillltite nl~triQting
and emm-eement of the Voting }tjghts include in the Ameriean Inman or groups for participatign in any Fflderill
Act, A few comments expressed liuppOft Alaska Native category d0!icmdi!fllS of prg~:
f(')fcllt@ggrttl~ed "huinm, Qf II e~mtral and SOYth Ameri~oo IndiM!!- l! do emblih cr!rerii! gr
HAmeriCi!fl": ~Iw@ralpmpos@d that tfler1! perlitlfl!! who are not original people!! of qUillifieatiofl!! (!!ueh as blood quantum
be no collection of data on race, the Umted States-if Native Bawatii!fls IfWIll!i)that are to be used in
were not t-obe included, tleterm.ining a particYlar individyal'li
racial or etMic cl~ei!tign; and
'do teU an individual whe hl:! Of
she iii, or IIptlcify how an individual
The Interllgtmcy Committee should elasllifY hilMelf or hefself,
reegmmfmded iMt data tm Native !'hI:! Interageney Committee In arriving ;it its deeisio~, OMll took
Hawaiians continue to be el~med in rectlmmended that ;m Arab tlf Middle into aeeeunt ntlt tlmy th!l pybUe
the ~ii!fl er Plldl'ic Wmder clltegory. Ealittlrn ethnie cate~ory shoYld not be eemment I'm the r1!commendatiofl!!
'fhi f'tlcgmrmmdf!ti{lJ'l W!! gppged by added to the minimum stlmdllftls for all pyblihed in the F~d~ralR@gist@f on
the Hawai.ii!fl. c~ftgn~~ioflal .delegation. rfilp(;)ftiflgof Fedfilml data on raee and Iuly g, 199'7. but al!i.tlthe eo~iderable
the 1,000 mmwlualli whe mgned afld ethnidty, Several eemments were amount of im"OrmaUtln pr-oVldl'lg during
sent preprinted yellow post@rds, the received in support tlf having a Ileparate the f{mr yem of this revh~w prgeesli,
Smt.e-of Haw;W, aepmmefit.!i and cah~gOI)' in order to have dll~ vitl.w!:ldas ineluding p-yblie eomments gathered
legisl!lrnre, H!lwilliim orgimi~!ltl{ln!i, and necessary to monitor discriminiltioo from hearings i!fld r~pOfl!!1'l1i to two
other inmviduiilii who t;ommented on agaifllit this population, earUer OMS Nettees (onlool'l 9, 19~4,
this r1!cmmmmdation. Ifl!!t.ead, the and !\YSUIit es, 19(5), 'The OMD
comments from these individuals decisiorn btlnefittld ~atly frgm the
IIypPofled feelallliifying Native plll'ti(;ipatil'm gf the pubUe that efVtld M
Haw;w'!!f!!i in the Ammicim Indian or Commtl.nt on terminology largely a eOfl!!li!fltreHUnder that ther-e are real
Alaska Ni!tive ci!tegofY, which th@y I!YPported the Interagency t:ommUtefil's p!ltlpltl HlpftlStlnttld by the ~ata tln raee
view as i!fl "inmgeno~ peoples" fe~gmm(:mdatiml to retain the term ilnd ethnicUy i!fld that this ~ for mi!fiy
categtlry (althfmjh this emegory has not "Americ;m Indii!fl," to ~hange
be@n coMideH'ld Of portrayed in this a deeply pl'lrnonal i!i!iue, In addititll\, full
"HawaUi!fl" to "Native Hawiiiii!fl," i!fld OMD-decisioI'l benefited from the
mmner in the tmdar-d), Native to t;h;w~e "IUack" to "lUack or African
Hawillians, i!!ithe deseeadants of the r-eults of the r~seilf-eh and tl'lMg gl\
American." There were a few requtl!it!i hew inmvidYi:\ls idlmti(y themselves
griginal inhi!bitimts gf what ill now the to include "Latino" in the clltegliry
Smle flf Hawaii, believe that i!!i that was oodmilktln ilIipart of this
n!m!e for the Hispi!nic populiltion, revtew preeess. 'flti!i f~l'lareh. including
inmgenoY!! p!:lople they !!hould be
clas~med in th!:lsame 9!tegory as D. ()MI'~ ~emQm stlvllm national te!lt of a1ttlrnatin
Amenean Indians and Al~a Natives, approaehes te collecting data on race
This seetien of the Notice provides ana tlthnicity, was d!lvtllgped and
On the oth!:lr hi!fld. the Ameri~ Indii!fl W(mnation on the decisiorn- taktm by
tribal governments have opposed such a eonduet@d by th@prof@!!wnal
Q~ fin the reconmumaations thllt were !!mtistieians and imillysts at lIeveral
redassifiMtitm, primarily neeaY!!e they PfQPosed by the Interagern;y Committee,
view the data tlbtained ffgm that Flldllfal il~encie!!, 'fluly are to hll
Thi Committee's recommendatitm eemmended f"Orth!lir perseverance,
categol)' as b!:ling essennal for addresed options for rep~g by
administering Federal programs for d~dication, and profesional
rtlSpt:mdefit, f"Ormat(;)f queStitlnl.!, and (!Qmmitment tQ tlli!i ehalbmging prQJect,
Amill'i9!fllnman!!. Comments from the several aspects of sp{lcific ciltegories,
NiltiVtl Hawaiian!! i:\lso ntlted the Allian OMD also cQfl!!idllr"tldin reaching its
or Paeil'i~ IlaH{l!~r~Iltegory provide including pO!i!iible admtio~!!. r!:l~e~ deeistens the 01mmt to which the
itlrmrnolQgy, and changes in defirntitm, recomm~ndi!tiofl!! were cOfl!!istt}l'ltwith
inadequate data fur monitoring the In reviewfrig OMB's decisiofl!! on the
social and eeenenue conditions of the set of principle!! (!let}Section i of
Native Haw;w'i!fls and other Pacific recmmmmdatioM for collecting dam on the Supplementary Information)
race and etMicity, it is Ywl to dllveloplld by th~ Iflteragen~y .
bland1M' sr-oYPIi.Reei!Y!!tlthe reml'lmber that thllsll dlleisig~;
Interllgem;y COmm!Ue!:lhad Committee rogmde the review of thIS
recomwmaed ilgillfllit adding categorie , r~tain the (mneept that the Sl'l~.itiV@and Ilybstentiv@ly eomplex
to the minimum !:Itof categories. I.!t{!fldardspr{lvidtl a - Stlt C;)~ iIISY!l,OMD b@li@v~that tn!l Interegtmcy
rtlquesting a separate Mttll{Ory f"OrN~tive cat!lggri!l f"Ortllltil tln ri!~t!mtl !lthnim.ty. Committee'~ r{l{;oJlUl'Um{fation!!tooK into
Hawaiians Willinot viewetlilli an tlption , ptlrmit the @Ueetion gf m(')f{l aeeeunt the principle!! ami achieved a
by tftoe who coo'm'umttld, . detailed information on population reasonable bi!lance with re!!peet to
sr-oUP!!providtld that any ila~iti!'mal tatiti~ issYe!I, data n@eds,stlcial
eatesorie ean be aggregated mto .the eeneems, and the pef!lonal mmefl!!ions
minimum lItandard" lI!:ltof eategenes: of racial and !lthni~ id(mtil'iMtion, OMl\
, underscore that self-"tdefltifieation is illso fmds that the Committee's
the preferred ml'li!n!iof gbtainiP..g recommendatioM are etlfl!lilitent with
information about an inmviguaI'1i race the principal objective of the review,
and tlthP.ieity,ex(;tlpt in iflIitmctl where which is to tlnhi!flee thtl accuracy of the
gbefVl:!rideHtmcafum is more pral;ti~ demogmphic information eolleeted by
(e,g., eompletin~ a death eertifi9!te): . the Fed@fal (jflv@mment by having
l! do identify Of dtlSiwmte (lertllfi Mtegofi~ for data lID ra(;@and tltMi(;ity
population srtmpSM "mmgrity that will enable the tillpturl'l tlf
greups": information abeut the increasing
l! eennnue the poUey that the mversttyof Qur Nation'!! population
gl!t~~gri~ l!f~ tg b~ Y~d fgr wh:U~ at th~ ilm~tim~ r~p~~tinSeil~h
determining the eligibility of population mdividual' dignity, I
~ indicated in detail below, OMB H@waiians and other Pacific Wander
aeeepts thtl Inttlrogtlncy Committee's groups will no longer be gVlilrwlulbm~d
recomIDtlndatioflS concernmg n~portmg lly tn@aggI'lilgatedata of tOO much larger (in OMl} iMieeptlithe follgwing
mor-tl than om~ race, including the Asian grgUps. Native lfuwaiiaM will recommeooatioflSeOnegrfling a
recgmmtll1datiol'l that there be 110 comprise about 60 percent of too new combined raclil and Hispanic Iilthnieity
categgry caUtld "multiracial," thtl catttggry questil:mi
ftlrmatli and sequfimemg of the qUtl~tiOM TH@A1!ioo, Native Hawaiioo, ami II

on race and .Hispanle origin ..and mest Pacific I1!looder popYlatign groups are
of thl'l tihanSl'ls to tl'lrmIDtl1t1g}'. well defined: moreover, there has been
OMB dO!ll'Itlt accept the futer~ency @~{lfitll1ee with reporting in separate
Committflfl'll Ncommfll'ldathmll e r the Nanvlil Hawaiian and
COI1Ctl~l'Igthtl c~~ification.of data on P del' population grgyPS, Thlil
thtl NauveHawauan population and tOO 1990 eeflSus included "Hawaiian,!'
hlffllinO]0ID' for Hisp<Wtis, and it hM "Sgmoan," and "Guamaman" as
iflteild de<::ided to make the chilflges rt!spofl@eat@,ories to the rilce question,
thatfoUow, In addition,. two gf the m~or tem
mmdm:;t@das ~m't of the current rtlView
OMB dees not ileC{lptthe (the Ne~ and the RAE'rl') used
reeommwdation concernmg the "Hawaiian" and/or "Nilt!v@Hawaiian,"
continYlHI dasificatitln tiCHawaiian!) in "~amoan," "Guamanian," ijffid
the Asian or Pacific blandtlf cilttlgory. "Guamanian or Chamorrg" il feSpOrnl0 (3) O~ atieept th@ftlUgwing
I'lptiOrnito the raet! question. Thtl~e reeomm@noatiofl1! conc@rning tne
fitct!'lffacilitatt:l breaking apart tht:l retention of both rtlporting ftlrmats:
curr0nt eategary,
All does not aeeeJlt the reeomm@ndation to
a reult, there will be five <::ategortes in reti!in the m,ltl term "Hl1!piIDic,"
the minimum Stlt fm' data on race,

~@eaus0 rt:lgignal1Jag(l of tlre wmm

difftlrs-Hi1!pamc is commonly Y1!edin
the eastern portion of the Unittld ~tates. (4) OM! aeeepm the foUgwmg
wher-eM LaUng is ~gmm!'lmy Ygg in the reeemmendanen eone~mifl.g the
(The term "Native Hawaiian" does fmt wtlstem partign-this tifti!nge may ordering of the Hi1!panie origin ami raee
uwhlde individuills whg are native tg contribut@ to imp~ov(ld respofl1!@rates, qyemofl;
the State gf Hilwaii by virtue gf being Th@OMl3 eeetsiens on the \I
born there,) In ildditifm to Nativil Interagency Committee's speeine
HawaiiaM; (juamamaM. and ~!!ID01:lfm. f{l~gmmtmdation are preenteg below;
thi cat0gory would includ0 th0 (1) OMB aeeepts the following (~) OM! aeeepts the faUawm/;\
fgllowing Paeiile bhmder groups recommendations concerning reporting filCOmmengatign egnetlrning adtling
r{lported in the 191m el'lflus; Carolinian, mor~ than on@race; Cape Verdean as an tlthnie eate/;\ary;
FiJiiln. Kesraean. Melaneian.
Mier1)rUll~iafl,North0rn Mariana
Islander, Palamm, Papua N0W Guinean,
Ponapean (Pohnptdan), Polyneian, \I (6) OMB aecepts the follOwing
Sglgmon Islander, Tahitian, 'I'm'awa recommlmdation cQne@ffling the
blandl'lr, 'I'gkelauan, Ttlngan. Trukese addition of an Arab or Mtddl@ Eastern
(ChuYkee), and Yapese, ethnie category;

(7) OM! intlilrpre~ the
r@eomm@l'!di!tiol'!not to add iIfIy gther
categafie1! to meoo the @Xf,laMiol'!af the
minimum !!e~tg indu~~ n@wpopulation
group~, The OM! deCISIOn to br-tliik
The Native Hi!w!lllilrui preented api!rt the A1!iilfler PacifIc blooder"

compelling argymenbi that the ~tegQry do~ not <:reate a eategory for
standards must faciliti!te the production \I a new _population group.
gf dati! to delltiribe thtlir socii!l and (8) OM! ace@ptlithe foUowing
ecgnomie 1!ituation and tg monitor fficomrn@Ildation Cm'leef~ ehimgif!S
discrimination i!ga.ifll)tNative Hawaiians the term "AmeriCim Indian" te "Native
in hOUljing, t!du~ation, ~mploymeflt, and Amenean":
other areil, Und@f th@current standardl!
ftlr datil on raee and tlthnieity, Native

Hawaii~ (;IJmprise about thre(l pereent
tlf the Asian ana Pa~ifi~ Islander
pli}pylatign, By tJrtHltin~separate
categories, the data on the Native

early ph~@ of the pubUt1 (lomml'lnt

prg~I'lS!no @1q}liflitprovi:lions Wl'lr'f!
(l Q) OM do~~ not aec~pt th~ , mitde far teting this appffiil~h in thl}
recommendation eeneer the r-es@ar(ih(ionduct@d to inform the nwiew
~ontinu~d d~sifi~ilti()n _ . e Aecgrdingly, the Office of ofDir-efltiv@Ng, 11), WhU@a
Hilwatiilll~ in the Asian gr Pacific Management and Budget adopts ilnd ~omiid@rnbh~aInOYnt of re~ID'chw~
Islander catesory, isul'ls the revised minimum ~tandID'~ fgcued on how to imprgV~ the re!!ponse
t fgr Federal data gfl raee and ethnicity rate to the Hipanifl arigin question, it
for major population groups in the ill undflar whether ilnd to what mntmt
United ~tat@swhieh are set ffJrth at th~ @xf.lU~itly ltiple r@liiponselii
~mJ of this Notice, to th@Hi!! uelltion would
Topi~ for Further Re~eartb affoot mmresponl!le to te raee Question
or hilmper gbtilining moft~ detailed dahl
There are two are~ wher-e OMB on Hi.!ipanic population grgUP5,
accep~ the Int~ragemJY Committ~e':l Infflrmation on the po~ible impi:u:t of
recomm~ndationlii but b~lievelii that ilny changfl on the qyality of the datil
further reliiearch is needed; (1) multipltl h!l been iln tltlntial tllluutlnt gf thfl
r~l!iponl!l~tQthe Hipani Qrigifl - review, While the tlffectl! of <:hmgtlll in
Qm~stion and 00 an ethnic category for the Hispanic origin flUfl!!llOnart\
Arab:liMiddltl E~temers, unknewn, they CQuld eonceivably be
Ilub~tantial, Thu. OMB hill! d@eid@d
-Thtl Intemgency to indude a pmvi:lion in thtl stilndard!!
Committee recommended thilt thf!t would fl~lit1itly permit
repomllm~ to Federal datil~olleetiofl rellpgndents tg selflt1tboth "Hispanifl
:lhould be permitted to report more than (m~m iln d- HN
. !!
._ 0t ~.fH . F\ . "
r ljhaIDfl~~-{1m
on@race, During the most recent public apUof!S, OMB believes at thIS .Ii an
comment prQ(ie~, il few eomm~n~ it~m for future rooearch, In the
(Il) OMB accep~ the follQ\vin~ ~ugs~~ted lhilt the ~gnc{lpt gf "marking mtl!!ntiIM, the an~e!itry Qu~tion on the
reclmmumdiltiomi conc~rnin.g th~ ~e gf more than on~ box" lilhould be extemh~d deeenntal eenl!lYSlong form doeli
"Al~ka Native" inteild of "Eskimo" to the ltispw~ origin question. flrovide r@sptmdt'ln~ who cOflider
ilnd HAleut": "Alaska Native" liihould R@spondents are now ill!ked to inmc!lle thllIDselve 'part Hi~panit; to write in
replace the term "Alaskan Niltive," if they are "gf Hi.!ipilnk griSin" "nt:>! addiUgnill heriti!fjflll,
\I of Hi:lPilniC grigin, ., AHowlflS
indMduilllil to select more than one During the pubUe
t The Al~ka Native resp0mie ()ption rllpgn!!{lto the ethnieity questil'm comment prQCIN!l, O~ ret1mved a
liihould bg ac(;ompilnied by a request for wm;!ld provide the gpportunity to number of requ@~ to !ldd an flthnili
tribal affiliilti()n when p()ssible. indili!lttl flthnie herU!lse th!lt is both l:JilWgoryfor Arnbll/Middle EilSterner !)
(Un OMB accepts the fgllowing Hi!pw(i and Hlm-Hi:l~we, thilt data eould be ebtatned that could
HlcomflHmdationl!l concerning the The t!lrm "Hi.!ipani<:;'f1!f'tlrsto persons be ~~M in monitoring di:lmimination,
d~ificatign af Central and South who trace their origin gr des!;ent to The public eomment preeess indieated,
American Indians; Mexico, Pytlrtg Ricg, Cuba, Central and however, thilt there w~ no agr-ooment
~tmth Ameri~<I, !lnd gth@r~piP.W:ih on il defulltion ffJr this eat The
cultur@, WhUe tlu~re has been combinml race, Hi:H~ani~ and
(:;onl!lidefablepublic concern aeeut the ance~try question m the _ , which
n{led to revi@wDir-ective NQ, l~ with W~ designed t9 address r\lqu\ls~ that
re~p@~t.toel~!!ifying indMdual gf wer@rfl~eived from grOUpliif'Or
!llixed metal heritage, then~ ~ b~en lWilbli:lhing separate eatflsgrjlN!l.did m~t
little !;;omm@nton repgrting both 1m provide a !!olution,
Hip!lnic and a mm-Hi.!ipanic grigin, On While O~ iWflepted the
many Federal ffJrmlii,Hi!ipani~ can illo Intflrag~nct Cmmnittfl~
eXpl'll!iliiill'!}tiial identity on a eparate reflommendiltion not to trtlattl 9 new
fa(i{lI)uetim'l, In the declmnial cenWl, ~ategory for this population woup, OMB
indMduill who !;;onsider thewelv~s b!:lUflV~Sthat furth~r rflll~arldhmould be
(13) OMB aeeepts the ffJllowing part Hispwc can illsa indicaoo don!:lto deoormine the btlst way to
rti!cgmmfmdationl!l conti!rning thtl term ildditignal hmita.ges in the an~etry improve dati! Qn this populatii)n gI'9UP,
or terw tg btl ~ed for the name gf the qu!~!ition, . Meanwhile, the write-w to the anctltry
Black eilt~gory; On one hand, 1t can be argued thilt qUfltion on the dtlfltlnnilll !;;{!ns~ lons "
allowing individuals to marK both form will eenuaue to provide
categgrie in the Hispanic origin infarmaUon Qn the number of
que!ition would parallel the intrn~tign indMdulll!i who idlmtify thtlir htlritiilgtl
"to mark (or ~ele~t) one or morll" r~iill ~ Arab or Middle E~tefner,
categmie, lndividuaki would ngt han
to <:hoostlbetween their paNnts' ethni<:
heritag~, and mevement toward an The H!vistld stgndard rtltilin the
in~re~ingly diverse o~iety would be flOnetlpt gf a minimum ~t of emegoriell
recogn~ed, for Fggtlral data on F4tJtland tlthni~ity
On the othlu hand, btl~tlIDi@ tn@m!!tter and millw p9ible at tnfl aIntl timtl the
gf mYltipl~ r~SpgMtlS to thtl HispaniC coUeCU9fl Of data to r~fle(jt the diversity
ethnieity quelition wali not l'iWied in the of our Notion', IlOPulatir SiRee the
58188. Federal Kepter I Vol, 62, No. 210 I Thursday, 'Oct1)blM' ~ 1997 I Notices

If!t~mg~nc,X Ctlmmitt~@'1! s~(l(md method would btl to r~port the Vital !ltatiti~ data mcludQ birth
r~etlmmlmdatitln egncllming the tgtal stllflcti ng eiich particular rIC@, and death mte5 for V!II'igY5pgpyliltion
rnpgrtin~ of mtlril than mUl raee was whllther ahme gr m egmbination with groupll. Typioolly full numllrator
made available for publie eemment, the oth@r raees, The~e totals would (number of birthS or dlllaths) is derived
fg(;Yof attenUtm ha helm IMgflly gfl rlilprlilsefltYppllr bgynd gn thll siZIl gf fmm ildmiftistratiY@ reeords, while thll
hew thll data WQuld b~ tabulgted. the populatioftll who identifi~d with dllnominatgr comes from mtercllnliid
Bfl(laYlillgf the eoneerns flNprll!lSlldabout e~dl of the raetal ~ategorie~, In seme ~gpUlatigrl estimates, Birth eerttfi(lgte
tabulatign methgd!! and gYl' ewn view gt' eases, this latter mllthod could be used data en raee Mil likely tg have been self
tOil impgrtan(;1l of troll iUIl,OMIJ fQr comparin{f data collllcted undllr the flllmrtlld by thll mother, Over ttme, these
(;ammittlld ta a(:(;1l1Ilratethe wgrk en old stmdMds with data colleded under data may beeeme eomparable to data
t.abulation tIiYIlIiwhen it t~tified in the new standards. It is important that cgUecteg Yflder the m~w standardli,
July 1991 on the Intllrag@n(;,Y Y~llrswith the same gr dOllely related Death cflrtifteatl~ dgta, howllvef,
Committee's reeemmendauena r~sponsibUiti~ adopt the Ijame wllQmmtly are filled out by an obllerv0f,
A ~nmp of stausueal and pgliey tabiilatten method. RtlgMdle~ of the such as a mortician, physician, gr
analyts drawn frgm the Ffldlmll mlltft!}d eholJen for collapsing multiplll fym~ral difectgr. Theile data, particularly
agtm~ifl!l tflgt gllmM'gt~or UllflthllSIl dlltg ra~e r~SpOfl,ll~S,the tgt{\}'number ' fo}'the population with multiple raetal
has liplimt the past few months r~portiflg more than one race must be heritagtl!l. are likely to be Quite diff'llreflt
eoflSidllrmg thll tgbulatifm Ul/iUel!, made availabw, if confidentiality and worn thll information obtain0d when
AlthQugh thill wgrk il! Iltill in its early data quality requirements can be met, In r~pondents repgrt abcmt tneml!elves,
sta~es, ,sgme P~IlU~ary gYid~(l1l (;ilfl grdtw tg Ilnsurll that GOy chanStls in Relltl1:lfchto define eg:mp1:lfablfl
bQ SftMfld gt tlm ume, mgflnllral, OM! respense patterns resultins from the eateggl'ies to be used in both TlUfflllratQrl!
bllUIWflSthgt, l'loflsistent with eriterig fgr new IltandarWi (;an bll monitored oVllr and denmnmators Ui needed to assurll
eonfidlmtiality and datgquality, th~ time, that vital statisties are i!. aeeYl'ate and
tabulanen proeedYl'~s USlld by the M~eting the needs gf tflesetmnd YI!~M as pgsaible,
aglln~ills stiml1d rllsult in the preduenen group (thgSIl producing and analyging Mote generally, litatilltieal
gf a:! mueh dlltailed infgrmatiQn en raee .lltatilitieal data to morntgr eecnenne and indieators are oft~n used to measure
ami ~thnieity a pgsllibl~, seeial conditiorni and trllnds), i!. well a (lhange over tim~, ProoedYf~ that will
GmdllUnlls for tabulation ultimately sgme additional needs gfthe first grOYP, permit mllaningful cgmpwons gf QiHa
mmlt meet the needs of at least two may requue different tabulatign oll{!etlld Yflder the previo..YS standards
grgupll within thll Flldlmll Govllrnmllnt, prgt;IMiYl'lls,More reseM~h must bll with th9SIl that will 00 eelleeted undllr
with th~ OVllrridinll obj~ctiVtl gf eompleted befgre ~idelmes that will thil new standards m~ed to be
providm~ the most aceYl'atlland meet the reqYir@mtlnts of these Yl!el's ean deV0lgp{!d,
infgrmative bgdy gf data, 'fh@ first group be developed, A grgup gf stanstteal and The methodglgtQ' fgr tg!:lylilUng data
is eg~pos@d of, tho~~ gove~,tmt pgUey experts win review a number gf on riiC{land 0thnieI{Y must bll carefully
OffiCl{\}S!;har~~d with c~n~ out alternative procedure!! and prgvide d~veloplld and egorginawd amoog the
I':ofllltitutional and legislatiy~ mandate~. rllegmmendations to OMB conellrnjn~ statilltieal ilgeneies and gther Federal
such a:! rI~dilltrlc:Un~Itlgilllaturfils, these tabulation filquirflments by Sprms data Yefll, MOfegV@f,just ilS OMB'~
~nfgremg civU rights lawlj, and H198, Foyr of the area:! in whidl furthllr review and {h~ei5ion proce!l5tlll have
morntoriflg prl'lgr-ess ill anti- exploratit}fl is needed are autlined bel'l0fited duoog the pg~t foul' years
dilll':riminatioll programs, (Thtl , below, from extenalve pubUcparticipation, we
legislative re<mtri(;tmg filfl pmdUCflQ by l);qual tlmplg,YImmt !}pportunity and (l~Il(;t to diseYs tabulatign meth(lds
the Bureau gf the Ceftllys, !lIso known as other anti-dis~riminatign prograIrui have with di!ta Yllers within and outside thll
the PubUe Law 94-111 fil.ll, i an traditionally provided the numbers gf Flilderal (igVeff!mflftt, OM Ilxpeet to
flXampl@gf a file meeti~ su(;h people in the pgpulation by Ileleeted isue additional ~idimell with resp0et
le~islative f1elldll,)The seel'lnd ~roup eOMaettlfOOleS, meluding racial to tabulating data on race and ethnieity
eonmsts of the staff of statisticiil eategorifls, for bustness, i!eadllmie, and by Fillll@98,
ag@nd~1jproducmg and analyzing data sgvemmeflt grgarnzatigM tg use in SidJy Kit~tn,
tfiat 1lftlused to monitor tleml0mlc amI ~valuaUng conformance with pro~
social conditions and trllnds, objeetives, Beeause of the potentially
Mimy of thfl needs gf the first gnmp IMStl number ef ~ate~gries that may
~Il bl:!met with anlnitial tabulatten StiIDdilfd8 for MilinttlininS! (iollt\ltina,
fesrnt frgm applieatign gf the flew
that pr-gvidlls, eOfllliwnt with standards iIDd 'r~~~nting Jl'@Mrm Dilttl on R3\l@
I!tafIdMdlJ, many with nry 5mi!ll
fgr oata QY{\}Uyand (;gnfldtlntii!Uty, the num!:ler~, 1t Ui not cleM how thtll fleed and E1hntcUy
full d~tail of raeial reporting: that is, th~ for data will be best satisfied in the Thi~ dilllitlcatign providtlli a
numbtlr I'lfptlople reporting in @ach future, minimum Iltandard f'Ormamtaining,
singl~ raee ootllgm'y and thfl number The numbers gf people in di5tmct (;(llleeting, and presl1mting data Oft race
r@pgrnns eaeh gf the possibl~ groups baslld on d0ctmnial ctmsus and ethnieity for all Fooei'al repgrtins
eombinatioftll of raees, which would add results arll Ylied in dlw~loping liampl~ purPQ5e5, The at~soriell m tIlill
ta rh~ tgtal population, Dlllp!mding an dll!l~f\s and survey controls fur majgr el~tfication are sooi{\}-pglitieal
the judgment of users. th@(:gmbiflatigns 6tlmographic surveys, For example. the eOfllltfYets and sbould not b~ mterprllted
of multiple feSpgnS~s eould be National Health Intllrview Survey uses as being sCientifie oranthrgpglogtcill in
(;gllgpsfld, Onll mflthgd would b~ to C@fIIlUS datil to incr~a:!e ample.ll tgr flaMe. They MI:lnot to Oil YSl:ldall
pr-gvidtl s~parate total!! fgr those ellrtmn population gr-gups, atljust for det0rmmantl! gf eligibility fgr
reporting in the most eommon multiple survey mm~rellpons~, and prgvide pilrticipaUgft m any Federal program,
race cqmomathmll and tl'l cgUaplltl the weights for tlStimaUng health oytcomes The standards have Olltlfldtlveloped tg
data fgr other less frilqyently rtl~orttld Ilt the fl1!tign{\}levd, Thtl impac;;t of pmvidll a CQffiffi(lnlangyage f'(lr
(lombmations. Thfl spe(lift(ls gf the hilvirt.s d1!tilfgr mlmy 5mall population \mjformUy ami egmpafilbility in thll
c:gUapsfld distrilmtigm must await thll WOUpliwith mYltipltl riltJial h\'lfitag~1j cglhwtitm ;md Y1l@f data Ofl faee ami
rllsults ofparticulM data coll~etions. A mYlit bIl Qxplored. etlmieity by Federal agllncies,
The stmdards have five catl}gories for aggr~gated into these minimum " -White
data on ral'll};Ameril'jafl Indian or Alaska categories for data on raee and @UmiClty, When ilggregate data Mil f)rillienttld,
Nauve, Asim. Blad\ or Airil'lan With respect to tabYlatitm, thg datil pr-gdUetlf llilU pr-ovid(l the
Americm, Native Hawanan or Other pme@dure us@d by Ftldtlrnl agllnci@s numg@!' of r-espcmdents who marked (or
Pa(;lflclslmder, md White, Thenl are shaU rtlsYlt in the production of as s@ltlcteti..)only om~ category, sepMately
twg catllgtlrills fi'lr data on ethnieity; much dtltaUtld information Qn filCtl and (gr each gf tne six ci!wgories, ill addiUgn
"Hispmie or Latino," md "Not ethnieity as possible, However, F@deral to thfte numbers, data produeeys are
HispMlil'l or Latino," agtlnl:lie shell not pnlStmt data on trlmgly eneoura~ed to providtl thtl
tffitail@d t:at@g(')fi(ls'if doing so would d@taiIe(:lmstribytiorol, indudm~ iill
compromis@ Clata qwility or possible eombinatiorol. of multiple
The minimum cateGories f'9r data on emmdtlntiatity, r@$.pOO{lS, In eaft where data gn
rnl'le and ethrnl'lity for Federal statities, a, Two-Question F{H'mat mYltiple r@SPQnseliMil I'lollaped. the
program a~trative reportin{l, and tetal numb@Yof f~pond(mts Y@PQrting
(;ivU riahts eompUmce reportins Mil To pmvide fltl<1dbility lmd @ftYfll dilta "Htspame or Latino and one or mere
deLmeg M follows; qyaUty, !!tlparnte !)YestiOfl shall be us@d rat'es" arn:l the tgtal nYffib1lr gf
wheNver f-easible for f~pOrting yace md r-espondents reporting "more than ooe
A tlUmicity, Whtln rnce and etnrncUyarQ
p-lll'lmfth~vm~ rni~iWl in !!flYgf thll @li~ifml raee" (r-egardle.S gf eUmidty) MijU be
Pllgplllll gfNgrth md ~g"th Amllrj~ collected separately, etlmieity ShilU btl pfovid@d.
(indY(U!'l~Cllntrlll Amerla), md whg collected fift, If race md tltlmieity are
matntains tflbalaffiliatiofl er egmmYIlity eelleered ~@pID'i!ttlly,thtl minimum
atiatoimwnt, d@liisnatiom Mil:
1\ pefgn having migID ill my gf The minimum stmmrd categgl'ies
full gri~md pegpllJ1j gf the Fill' mt 1llgythllMt Shilll be Yed f'gf ropmtiflg M f'gllgw;
/\Ilia, gr the lmlim IlYDggnOOIlp.tindydiflg, -Am(lri~an illman or AlMka Niltivtl
fl:lf ll~ampltl, Cambgma. China, India, Japan. -Aliian i!. ~tatiti~ Repo!'1ing
KfJf1lll.Malaysia, FlIltistm, tm PhUippme -Wa(;k or African American These moodar-tb shall be used at a
flllmds, Thailand, and. Vietnam, -Native Hawattan 91'Oth(lr Paeific minimum fgr all federnlly sponsor-ed
A pefgn Island@r tamti~ data (;gllectigr~ that taelude
having rnif\im in iIP.y gf the bla~ l'9l:lilll -White
W,:gYflgf Amll, 'fllrmtl sueh 9 "Haitian" gr data on rac@and/or edmieity, tmC@pt
"Negl'g" I:l!\flbe Yed in addHign t{l "Black {II' when the egUeeoon involve a smple
Mil:lafl Amllri(llID, " of syeh m@ that the data on the maller
1\ per{lfIgf Cubm, -Hispanic oy Latino (iiltegoritls weuld btl Ynf@Uabhl, OYwhen
Mllm(llID, PUllrtg Ril:lan, CYban, ~gyth or -NofHUlf:}mic 91'Latino thll coUection tlffort fOeYe5 gn a
Cllntrlll Amllmm, or Othllf ~fll!flWlcmtmll When ~i~lta(:Inrnc~ and ethnicity arg speeifie rneiill or ethmc gnmp. Any
{If QrijJin, f1l/;l1lfdllJ1j
of l'91l11,The t1lfm,,prg~i(:ln hall be other variation will have to 00
::~I?an~ grl,'t,': I:l~ OilYlld in 1ldditign to made to report the number 9f spffifi~ly ayUmmed by the Offiee of
Hll!p!lml:l gl' __ nne, respondents in eaeh raetal category who Mmilgemtmt and Bytiget (OMB) thrgugh
M@Hispanic or Ytino, the informiloon collection clearaneQ
1\ pllffi(!n hlIvinjJ gri~ in any gf thll original When asgregate data 1lf~presented.
PllgpllJ1jgf Hawaii. GYiIID, SilmQi!, Qf gthllr process, m those eases where the data
P~mll flllm~. dilm pnlducers shall prOVIde the collection is not subject to the
A pefQ!'\ havin~ gri~ in m}' gf number of rtlspondtlftts who marktld (or information eelleeuen dearanee
the orl@nill peQ}}lllgfEwQpe, the M!dtUe Ijelected) only Me category. Ileparately flmc~. a direct rtlquftSt f'Ora vananee
EMt, or NIJrih AfriQg, f'9r each gf the five rn(;ial categ(')fiell, In shall be made to OM}l,
addition to these number!!, dati!
R(lllptmdents shall be off-erild the produc@rll artllltr encQYfilged tQ g, General Program Adfl'!.initrativtl and
option of ~l@<:;tint1 gn@gy nUIY@ra<:;ial pmvid@ the detaile _tfi\}utions, Grant Reporting
designatim}, R@commend@d forms fgy including all possible eombinations, of ThQSe standarWl mall be used for all
fu@wtruetiM ae@mpmyin-fJ the multiple respenses to th(l rilce qYem(m, Federal administriltive r-eporting or
mYltipl@ r(lSp,gfl@!)u@$.tifJnartl "Mark If data on mYltiple rellponsell are record keepmg feqYirtlmtlnts that
gntl gr mf}ril ' !IDd "~tlle(lt gm~gr mgre, " collapsed. at a minimum th(l total indutW dilta en raee ami @Umietty,
nmnbel' of Y(lSpgndIHlt r-eportiP-tI t!mQY(l Agencift thilt cannot follow these
than (me ra(;e'; hall be madtl avaUabltl, stilftdards must ftlqmlSt a variiillCtl fr-om
Th@tamlard pr-gvid@twe f'grmat OM!, Varilmtes will 00 (i!IDjdered if
that may be Y@df'gf data on raw and b, CQmbined Format thtl agem;y can demomtrnte that it is ngt
@tlmieity, Self'f'tlpomng f}Yslllf~ The combin@d fgrmilt may btl used, if YtllonabJefor the primary fepgrter to
id@ntifieatil:m uin-tI two Ilparat@ n@c@ssary.for obli@rver-(;olleet@d data on dt}ttmf!ine rncial or ethrne bilckgrmmd
qUl!lstil'lfli:I thtl prl!lf(und mtlthgd for yac@and" ellmicUy, Both yact: (induding in te~ of,the fJec~ed catego.ries, that
cigU@ctingdata gn fae@md @tlmicity, ill multiple respcmses) and etlmicity shall determmation of rnetal or ethnte
simatifJm wh@re self'fepgrting i net be collected willm apprgpriilte and bi!l'lkgrgynd is m~teritieal to the
practicable gr f@Mibl@,the I:lombintld f'Mible, althoygh the seleetion of ene administfiltWn Qf tml p!,QgI'am in
fgrmat may be Yed, category in tlw combinoo format is questiM, or that thtl specific prggram is
In ng ~@ shall the ~fgviign gf thtl ac(;@ptable, If a c,omb~~d format is , dir@eted if) only om~ Of a limitfld number
tandards btl (;Qmtru~d tfJ limit thtl used, there artl sm mlfYIDYffi categorIes; of faciill or fltlmie grOUP!!,
<:;ou@e[gnOfdatatOthecateggries -Ameriem mman Of Alaskil Niltive e, Civil Rights md Other CQmpUance
dtlseri tld ilbgve, Thtl eoll@ction gf -Asian
sr~attl tmcouragtld; howtlvtlr, -RlilCk or Afriean American JWportiIl{l
any co ltlction thilt uses more dtltail -Hispanic or Latino These litandM-tis shall be used by all
1ihaU b grlil~tld in 1iu!Jh 11way milt -Ni!tlY~ Hilwiliiim 9r Oth~r Pi!~ifi~ F~geml ilg~nei~ in @ltb~rthe sepgrate
the addith;mal eat(lgortes em be lfilander or combined fi'lrmat f'Or civil rigHts and

Qther eQmp!iilnee repfWting frQm the pffigl'~S or for parti<,;ular regil:n!al When the primary feeus of a report is
pyglie and privilte etitm' and illll(lni aftlas. the spgmg~g ~?enti~ may ~ei on two or more spet)ific ithmtifiable
of gQv(lrnmimt Any vMiaUml r~qYiring a, The desilVl!ltiJn!s . BliuL or African groups in the population, gne or more
l~!l detailed data Of data whi<,;h <';OOflot Nntlriean and Oth@r ~es" gr "All of which ls raetal Of ethnic, it is
be a/iWegat~d intQ the bl!i~ (;ategllries Other Races" as eelleetive dtlscriptiQrnJ iI(;eptabltl to dtsplilY datil for tlah of
IDY!ltbe !lp@eifieaUy apprQv@d by OM~ of mingrit}' races when the most the partitIDar gl'fmpssepilrately 1!ftdto
for ex-ecutiV(l ag@ncie!l.Mere detailed summary aiAitim;Uml betwtlen thtl describe data relating to th!il fMliliftder
f-eporting whi<';flean be aggregated te the mi\ioritY' and mingrity ra<,;esiAi of thtl population by an appropriate
game eiltegories may b(l Y!led at th@ apPr.g~-late: ~ toUe!v~ destriptign, -- -
- b,
. _ e deslgnatiOft
.." 'White, .. ""B_alL
1 k
i1geneies' diAieretiQn,
or Mi~ Amenean," and "AU Othtlr
Races" when the distinction an:!(ms the
mi!jQfity race. the prineipill minority The proviAiiom gf these st1!ftdards are
Hlee. and other m(;es iAiappropriate: or eff(lttive immediately f-orall and
DiAiplays gf tatiAiticill, a~tmtive, e. The designation of a parti<,;IDar Hll,'lordkeeping gr rilpgrtil1g
and egmplianee datil on race ilnd minority raee or raees. ana the ineIY!lion reqyiremenfs that include raciiY and/or
ethnieity shall use the categories lited of "Whit@" with "AU Other Rilties"
abeve, The term Hngnwhite" iAingt ethnic infgrm!!tion. AU fI~con!
when ~meh a collective d@cription iAi keepin-tl or reporting requirements shill!
a<,;eeptable for Y!l{lin the prestmtatitln Qf appropriate,
Federal (JQvemment data, It shill! net be be made cllmistent with these standards
In displaying detailed information at the time they iU'e ~ybmitted for
Y!ltldin any publication Qf in the text of thilt represen~ iI (;ombiniltign of rile
aay repert, e~tension, or riot later than January 1,
and ethnicUy. the descriptign of the ~OO~,
In eases wher'tl the standard categgri~ data being d1l!play~d shiill ch!arly
M'!!cQmidtlfed inappropriattl {-or ~ inditattl that both bases of elllMification WR noe. {)'H~8f!1}~Fillld lIH~!t-If1i B;4a am]
pre!lentation of data on particular are bemg used. IlIll,b1H (lOOt; ilHIHIH~
'lff2!$l/2S!JJ1i71 Sii:am1I7i8lim


a l
OFfiCE Of nIP. lllaEM'OR

AUG 3 0 2005


:F:ItGNI: LfNI))AM.~':f)JUl>.IG:ER ~
J)fRECJ'GR -. _ i/: /' .
Snbjeer: R,e"iSiom to E~htiiIi~' and Race Reporting io 'the
Central 'f'.ersmmel nata f'ile

The-Office uf'Maru!gcment JIm! .m)Tll\iEed :i.t55=dard5 for the Classificarion

of Federal Daiaon Race.and ihlllici1y in '1997. Because nf Ibis revision.the method by
"'hid, erhnicity and 'fllJ:l: 'infarmanon is repoacd to zhe Office of Perscnnel Managemern
(OPM) .and{he Cerural Personnel Data :Fi let(CPDF) bas :hem modified.

For accessions occurring on or .alivrlammry 1.2006. rue .new Standard Form (SF) 1'81
Ethnicity and Race Ide11ltj]ccaiol/ ,(ilaWd J.uJ>;-!O(5) '\\,jJJ he the governmem-widc standard
Jar reporting ethniciry and race infurnu!tint'l. The new form is attached to this
memor.andum und cao'herlo:wrrlJ!>adtld from hum:N.",,,,,, .opm.2o\,'[ornls when.available,
From the above dale .onward, nhe cild:SF 1.1 (dlru:il'!\!ay 19&2)will '00 Icnger he
acceptable er stocked ~y:the Sen' .Mmiri'slxatio.n (GA). OPIII1Form 1-168
Eihnicitv <m,1;'R,we .ld.OO:tijf'J:lt.i@U (damd May 119112ror use in Hawaiij "'ill bJOdiscnruinued.
OPM form I 3Fi.6.BAppiic(mr.'iJ,{/.ce,,,,IC/ N,,{ioll(d Origin Q,w5.1iomUlirewili also berevised
.acoordingto fhese .new llllIudar.d&. ,CWMFarm :136:8. when availab le.l:lln he do wnlaadad
.fr.0Jl.l 'I1ttp.:iA.\ww.,oprn,<JVArQnTh~. FurtiJe.rill!ltru.clmns an it" .nse w.ill be sent to .agencies
\\:hen it is revised .. Agencies wi:!l be expected to :bejjin reponing (he new format no later
than 'the June 2006 .data ;;tlbrtiiwi.on.

In thepast, Jace,Ilru.I.elhnidWinfcclr['laiionihail:becu ..coHeaed from only one.qnesiie an SF

18.1.ak.ingIll" .employv.c 10select the Jii'I!!li.eiracc/eihlliciry category ."itb\\ihidl he .o.rsite
rnost closely identifies. '[be re\:lse~ SF 18:1 (attached) .employs a rwo-question format: ( I )
the first questien askswherher or .oor.Uhc employee .is.of LatrnoH ispanic Dllmicity: and
regardless .ofihe \CSPoC>&e '(cnhe :firsl"IUt.'SIipn,1(1)'111\;: second question asks the employee
to mark an "X" neXHOJmy,.ofthe 'fh:egivl:!!:'.

'f'kaRc:be .aware thanthe new quesiion formal has. lin turn. led to a new codmg sequence 'to
he msed in reporting tliii; mformauon to O!"M and ('PDT. For-specifics. please view the
revised seciicn .00.race .and ethnicity-in Ole Guideso PersonnelData Sumdards. which is
3.\:ailah!t: alllttp:!.'~yw.a[lm..go":rf.e.ddilt';.g\1idancc.llSp. Tile most sigm ficarn changes are
(he creation of .separate caiegories ii:u":Asiari" .and "'Nafu:c Hawaiian and Other Pacific


Ihltjps.:1Immail.!aOO!!lJ 9\ (i;C!llili1l/,I;m'ail/,{!J/,<IlII?taIb;=~MliIi1#i'mlilmxfil:5a6IDeaIil26l1~414fSi?:lPr.\ilj,ettfC!lr.=11 1Vill

L/fl!$//2JJ1f11 S'ccamIDlti791i'm

Islander" (creatiag a Ie-lei IDfdmail ;nol !ll'vJiilable '"ifuin ihe :PI:f\ll.oIl5 - Asian or .Pariific
Islander" :ClIIllgQI"~ and the :requirtmUlIll ahat;agcnc.icsallow emproym:s the npporumuy to
identify ,\\'ith any rombinafu:m of,r.= Ii!:lfld .GO~hc 'SF 1!l1 .

Old II=anili national 'orii.2ii:n {1R.~!})c.0il~are :nol ,beingaenm natcd. HOlVt.Wt:J:, tlley should
,omty'be used Jor :emp\!iJyet.'S 'a~\llriintedlID yflllr ,a:gcuc'y:prior io January 1,2006. There .is no
'OPNI 'r.eql'lir.emnntlo 'F.~'!iI.ll'\'C'yuu;I:em:,e~ .. Agflnriies 'ffia.Y''''i:ill to resnrveyin order
to '(11'''''''.& cPDSi!lJmt .elbriiriity .and;r.8Cf!<IiaUt far:thriir unemalpurposesas well as for
rcponmg ao OPM :ihro~h r:rnF rand :Entel}lrise Human iR.eso.ur.ccs Integration (EHRI.)

Any questions ,Qf.COIlCtllIH> ~bl!ll!t iihe:re\'i'Btldl,p1oIicys.M.lI.ld:he .d'rm:!el110 DII\id Anderson,

D.qp.uty A$ocfutlc :J)ireclllt:, iCtltlll:Jr Jill' H~lman 'Rt$llllIt= Systems Requimrnellts .and
'S.I!:llle..gies. He can 'b.e Iwllihed 'bY'l'ihrme :ali(lW2) ,606-2103 nr .by email :at

lihank )IOU iu.advance .foryotlriimme.i!iate.atllll:ffiion lOihis rllJ!lottinz change. it 15vital :lhnt

we ensure .athnioity and Nnw SF ~1!1,r.opOl1iing Il5bothvalid .and ,1lC,CUJ:ate. .as ibe
resnlting .div!:I'!;ity'inif0l'tnatirul :i mwil i!1iliIDmrn.lm and plan jlilH"ftuU cmp.loynlent
,opp.illl:iunity ihro.ugbmrt!im, f.edet:al :~II'lJ)nIlIDt'll.


DC: iH.uman Resources Dimc.t(!ll'

Human Resources SystI':rm; Thireolars


1lflips:lli:llrai'l, !!l~J e~Cl:l!ll1il'/mail/WlmH?tal!J;::.wll'l#imful!lx1l1i5'a6fueafu26i1'Cl:4!4f8l;rllm0i'eli:t'c:m=11 1'/111