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310-982-5352 Profile
Advocate for youth engagement in culture, arts, and local community. Trained and
educated in Cognitively Guided Instruction and the Common Core Standards.

2086 Avenida Feliciano Experience

Student Teaching, 4th and 1st Grade Oak View Elementary; Huntington
Rancho Palos Verdes
Beach, CA Present
CA 90275 Use higher-cognitive and differentiated instruction to facilitate and deepen
students academic discourse and understanding. Support learning for
students at all levels. Lead student-centered learning in whole class or small
group settings. Create and support strong rapport with students to help
them contribute in the classroom. Support a welcoming community and safe
space for students to actively engage with each other to practice inquiry and
critical thinking.

Classroom Volunteer Assistant, Inner-City Arts; Los Angeles, CA 2015

Assist teacher in drawing class. Establish rapport and provide support for
students from the inner city LA.

Bookkeeper Assistant, Universal Auto Plaza, Lawndale, CA 2015-2016

Record and maintain all company transactions in Quickbooks 2010. Fix any
discrepancies in financial reports.

Sales Associate, Nordstroms; Torrance, CA 2015-2016

Provide quality customer support and rapport. Establish and maintain
connections and clientele between customer and company, to ensure long
term relationships for business. Meet and exceed company expectations for
daily sales and profit goals.

Administrative Internship Program, UC Irvine Student Life and Leadership;

Irvine, CA 2014-2015
Complete 2 units of study and 10 hours of work per week as an intern in a
given school department, such as Student Life and Leadership. Complete
professional projects for the department as part of the year-long program

Cashier and Server, Gen Grill; Irvine, CA 2012-2014

Provide efficient, satisfying, and friendly customer service.

Education and Authorizations:

SB2042 Multiple Subject Preliminary Credential with English Learner
Authorization (July 2017)

UC Irvine, Irvine, CA Master of Arts in Teaching (August 2017)

UC Irvine, Irvine, CA Campuswide Honors Program, Studio Art Major,
Management Minor, 2015
Professional Development Workshops Attended
The Catalyst Series: Art and Democracy in Education - Los Feliz Charter
School for the Arts April 2017
Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Through Playwriting - David Levine
Building an Empathetic Classroom - Debbie Kazama
Self Agency, The Artist as Storyteller - Karla Diaz
Songwriting Workshop - Adjoa Skinner
The Classroom Chef - OCDE April 2017
Sharpen Your Lessons, Season Your Classes, Make Math Meaningful

Bilingual: English, Japanese (fluent reading, writing, speaking)

Technology: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel; Google Applications, Adobe

Photoshop and Illustrator, Web Design (Weebly and Wix).

Art: Digital photography, pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, paper
cutting, figure drawing, guided drawing.

Japanese Taiko Drumming, Instruction and Performance

Denise Dworkin, Fourth Grade Master Teacher, Oak View Elementary School,
Huntington Beach, CA

Phone: (949) 246-2726

Cindy Reichenthaler, First Grade Master Teacher, Oak View Elementary School,
Huntington Beach, CA

Phone: (714) 904-6719

Liz Kennedy, Womens Wear Department Assistant Manager, Nordstrom Del

Amo, Torrance, CA

Phone: (760) 822-1306

Sherwynn Umali, Associate Dean of Students & Director of Administrative

Internship Program, UCI Student Life and Leadership, Irvine, CA.

Phone: (949) 824-5590