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Objective/s Assessme

Lesso Structure At the nt

n completion The
of the objectives
lesson, will be
students will assessed
be able to: through:
One Mat session: children watch video about Identify the Observation of
families as a class. members of each childs
Activities: (children split into two their immediate drawing. Each
groups and rotate) family through child will be
1. Teacher led children watch a video the drawing. asked to name
about families. Teacher guides a the members
brainstorm based on who is in each of their family.
childs family. Teacher writes on
Popplet on the interactive
2. Individual children draw a picture of
their family on the ipads using the
Kidmons app.
Two Mat session: brainstorm as a class what State the types Children's
an extended family is. Teacher will write on of people that creation of a
Mind Meister on the interactive whiteboard. are in an Chatter Pix
Activities: (children work through extended family explaining the
activities individually on their ipads) (grandparents, types of people
1. Watch video about families and aunties and that are in an
family trees. uncles). extended
2. Use Word Wall activity to match the family. Each
family member pictures to the child will create
correct title (e.g grandpa). Teacher a Chatter Pix
will have written each title on the answering the
board so children are familiar with focus
the way the word looks). questions.The
teacher will use
a rubric to
grade each
child's Chatter
Pix video.
Thre Activity: children work independently 1. Identify The childs
on the activity on their ipads. Western saved map of
e 1. Children complete the puzzle to Australia on a Australia.
identify the map of Australia. map of Australia Simple yes/no
Children place a smiley face on the and understand checklist will
country where they were born and that Western be used.
the state where they live now Australia is the
(teachers assistance will be state in which
provided). they live.
2. Identify the
country in which
they were born
by placing a
smiley face on
the interactive
map provided.

Four FAMILY DAY Respond to A simple

Children will create a book with their family questions about conversation
members using book creator. The book will their family with each child
be about their family members (immediate member that Teacher will ask
and/or extended). visited for each child
family day. about their
family member
that visited and
what they
drew/wrote in
their book.
Five Activities: (completed individually 1. Create a Family tree
using ipad or paper) simple family product. Each
1. Complete book from lesson four. If tree that child will
finished, read books in book corner. demonstrates explain their
2. Watch family tree video. Create a the immediate family tree to
family tree using the template family and part the teacher.
(printed template will be available in of the extended Simple rubric
the classroom or the child can family (up to will be used to
choose to use the template and grandparents, grade the
complete the activity on the ipad). aunties and children.
2. Explain who
is in their family
tree diagram.