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ADMIT CARD - (SPRING SEMESTER 2016-17) Department :ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING 2013.2014 StudentName : BANAVATHU BADYA NAIK Rego 2013UGEE082 Roll Ho. 2013UGEE02 ‘Admission Year = 2013-2014 Semester © VIL Branch ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Date 26-Apr-2017 REGULAR REGISTERED EXAM COURSES. sno] course cove. COURSE NAME TH/PR T EOL BASIC ENVIRONWENTAL ENGINEERING Theery z EBOD SELECTED TORTS NTT Theory z ESOS PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT Theory 7 ESOT ‘MODERN POWER STATION PRACTICE Theory = EBS MAIGR PROECT Te = EROS ‘GENERAL PROFICIENCY Te “Total Registered Courses FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Signature of Student ‘THE STUDENT Is ALLOWED To APPEAR INB.TECH/ M.TECH/MCA/ PH.D END SEMESTER EXAM TO BE HELD FROMMay 02, 2017 ‘Associate Dean (Academic) NIT, Jamshedpur Date ae apr aOIT NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY JAMSHEDPUR Academic Division Code of conduct for students during examination 03. os. os. 06. 07. os. 09. 10. aL. 12. 13. 14. 15. Admit card and Identity card is compulsory to enter into examination hall - Mobile phones / books / bags etc. are not allowed in the examination hall Possession of mobile phones will be treated as unfair means. Only concerned design data books / tables regarding examination is allowed Strictly follow the seating plan / arrangement Take the respective seat before 10 min of the examination schedule. Gossiping / talking will not be allowed in the examination hall. In case of repeated act, student will be expelled from the examination hall. Students found cheating in the examination hall, will be reported to unfair means committee. Students misbehavior with faculty members will be reported to unfair means committee, Exchange of pens / pencils / drawing instruments / calculators, data books, tables, etc. are not allowed. Any type of piece of paper near to student seat must be removed by the student immediately, before start of the examination. Should not write anything on design data books / tables and question paper except roll number on question paper. ‘Temporary absence from examination hall will not be allowed. In case of emergency conditions, students can leave examination hall after submission of answer book. In case of any grievances regarding question paper, students can discuss with concerned faculty member after examination, Read all instructions very carefully and all sub-parts of question must be answered at one place in answer book.