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PETITIONER, by counsel and to this Honorable Court, alleges:

1. Petitioner is of legal age, with residence at No. Craig, La Loma, Quezon

City, and is the wife of Juan dela Cruz, also residing at said address.

2. On or about _________, petitioners husband left the conjugal home,

above-mentioned, and more than two (2) years therefrom has lapsed
without any news about his absence, nor has he communicated to
petitioner or to any of his relatives. Petitioner and his husband, absentee,
are not legally separated.

3. The absentee left several apartment buildings situation in Quezon City

which have probable value of Php5,000,000.00 and which are earning
income in the form of rentals, and he has left no person in charge of the
administration of his properties.

4. The absentee has left no will, and as far as petitioner knows there are no
creditors nor other persons who have adverse interest over the said

5. The absentee and herein petitioners have two (2) minor children, namely,
_____ and ______, who live with petitioner, and the absentees parents
are ______ and _______, with residence at _______, Quezon City.

WHEREFORE, petitioner prays that after notice, hearing and publication,

Juan dela Cruz be declared judicially absent and petitioner be appointed
administrator of the absentees properties.

Place and date.