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Kyle Rose 806 Linden St.

Dallas Center, Iowa 50063

February 13, 2017

Michael Downing
Executive Vice President, and Chief Actuary
Athene Holding ltd.
9001 123rd Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50301

Dear Mr. Downing,

I was very excited to learn of your Actuarial Internship for summer 2017. I hope to one day
become an actuary myself, and by working as an intern for a highly respected company such as
Athene, I believe I can learn a lot about the actuary field. I have a large background in
mathematics, economics, and of course actuary sciences.

As a student at Dallas Center-Grimes High School, I have taken many classes relating to my
major, actuarial sciences, and also the finance field. I have done a great deal of studying as I
am preparing to take the tests necessary to obtain my certifications.

I spent the duration of high school, working at Fareway Food Stores. Throughout my time there,
I have learned a great deal about customer service. From making small talk, to working as a
team to solve problems, my time at Fareway has helped me to grow as a person and as a
service provider.

Please find my resume attached, which outlines my qualifications for the internship. Please
contact if needed, I would be more than happy to discuss any concerns or qualification
questions you may have! Thank you for your time and consideration.

With best regards,

Kyle Rose

Kyle Rose 806 Linden St.
Dallas Center, Iowa 50063

Dallas Center-Grimes High School

Class of 2017
Graduation date May 2017
Iowa State University
College of Business
Expected graduation of May 2021


Fareway Food Stores

December 2014 to present
Courtesy worker
Primarily work as a customer serviceman
Duties include
Bagging and taking out customers
Helping the customer to locate any
item needed in the store

Rose Family Racing

May 2014 to present
Driver and mechanic of my familys dirt race team
Duties include
Performing maintenance on the cars
Driver of one car on race day
Keeping track of funds, and buying
necessary parts
Keeping track of both current and
potential sponsors


Proficient in many computer programs
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint
Experience in spanish
2 years of high school level spanish
Obtained general language skills