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The Thirty-Second Annual

Heartland Pagan Festival

May 25-29th, 2017

Festival Handbook
Heartland Pagan Festival 2017
The Unexpected
Table of Contents

Gaea Retreat Center Rules 3

Important Information 4
Meals and Dining 9
Childrens Activities 10
Honored Guests 12
Sacred Experience 18
Mystical Merchants Circle 20
Main Festival Schedule 23
Workshop Presenter Bios 31
Workshop Descriptions 35
Contest Winners! 43
Photography Waiver 44
Staff and Membership 47
Camp Gaea Map Back Cover

Tell us about your festival experience!

Give us your feedback!

Please visit to take

a survey about your experience at this years Heartland Pagan
Festival! The survey will be open until June 30,
2017. Those who complete the survey and provide
their email address will be entered into a drawing
to win free admission to the 2018 Heartland Pagan


In addition to abiding by any and all federal, state and local laws, it is expected that those who wish
to enjoy the sanctuary of Gaea respect the basic policies regarding personal behavior and

Registration: Everyone is required to register and pay fees upon arrival.

Children & Minors: No one under 18 is permitted without a parent or legal guardian. The
supervision, safety and behavior of all persons 17 or under are the responsibility of their
parent or guardian. Children 12 and under are to be in the direct presence and supervision of
their parent or guardian.
Pets: Pets of any kind should be under constant supervision or properly caged. Dogs much be
kept on leashes and owners are fully responsible for their actions and cleaning up after them.
Vehicles: The speed limit is 5 mph. Parking is permitted in designated parking areas.
Harassment: Harassment in any form based on, but not limited to, religion, spirituality, sexual
preferences, race, gender or age is not allowed.
Littering: Miscellaneous personal refuse should be put in receptacles. This includes cigarette
butts, which should be put in the red cans throughout Gaea. Everyone is expected to clean up
after themselves.
Recycling: Place all recycling in the recycling corral next to the dumpster at registration.
Trash: Place all trash in the dumpster next to registration or take it with you when you leave.
Fires: Use existing fire pits ONLY. Portable fireplaces and grills are permitted. Be mindful of red
flag warnings and burn bans there are no fires allowed in these instances.
Firewood: Contact a caretaker for full information or bring your own wood. Use of existing
wood stacks or pre-cut timber already on property is not allowed.
Hunting & Fishing: Hunting of any type is not allowed. Fishing is allowed with the proper
Kansas license.
Sites: Meditation/Ritual areas are situated throughout Gaea. It is expected that these spaces
will be respected and offerings left at them are undisturbed.
Sex: Sexual activity in public areas is strictly prohibited.
Personal Items: Personal items become the property of Gaea if left over 7 days. Lost and found
is located on the dining hall porch.

Not adhering to any of these rules may result in expulsion and/or permanent disbarment from
Gaea Retreat Center.


Registration for Heartland Pagan Festival will include a check

against the National Sex Offender Registry. In compliance
with E.R.I.'s policy, registered sex offenders will not be
permitted entrance to the festival.

Important Festival Information
Information Locations
If you need help for any reason or seek information, you can go to one of three locations: Phoenix
Hall (Registration), the HSA booth in the Mystical Merchants Circle, or the Safety and Security tent
next to the Pavilion. For general questions, we prefer you go to the HSA booth.

Gate Hours
The gate is open 9am - 9pm. There is no admittance before or after these times. Please contact
Security for any emergencies, questions or concerns. Registration hours are: Thursday and Friday
from 9:00am to 9:00pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 2:00pm. NO exceptions. No one
will be allowed in the gates after 6:00pm Saturday and Sunday night unless you are already
registered and have a wristband. You must leave by 5:00pm on Monday or be subject to Camp
Gaea fees.

You have been issued a wristband that must remain on your wrist for the duration of the festival. If
it breaks, come to Registration so we can issue a replacement. Wearing your wristband at all times
is absolutely mandatory. Day Pass Wristbands designate attendees that have paid to be at HPF for
a 24-hour period and are good from 9am through 9am the following day. All wristbands are to be
worn on the wrist so that our Security staff can easily see them. All pets must be registered and
wear wristbands on the collar.

Festival Wristbands: Day Pass Wristbands:

Green - HPF Attendee age 21+ ThursNeon Green
Yellow - HPF Attendee age 18-20 FriNeon Yellow
White - HPF Attendee age 0-17 SatNeon Pink
Red - Shuttle Priority SunNeon Orange

Silver - HSA/HPF Staff Purple - HSA Member

Blue - Fire Horde Staff Orange - Honored Guest

Community Service
Community Service offers a chance to meet more people and make the Festival even better by your
involvement. All attendees from ages of 18-60 are asked to put in a total of 4 hours before, during,
or after the festival. Without your help, the place just wont run as well! You can pick where youd
like to help (examples: traffic, security, kitchen, etc.) when you check in at Registration. Please
check in with the Committee head or designated person (photos available when you sign up) 15
minutes before your shift begins.

Parking and Vehicular Management

Attendees MUST park in the designated parking area for the DURATION of the festival. Parking
staff will direct vehicles as they enter the site. There are no parking zones at the Lake, Grovers
Glen, the Dining Hall/Bathhouse, the Pavilion, and Merchants Circle: vehicles parked at these
locations may be subject to towing at the owners expense.

Recreational Vehicles
RV Parking is permitted on designated spaces only. (Gravel near the pavilion and adjacent to
Elysium road) RV space is first come, first serve. Please be aware that in wet conditions, it is
preferred that any RV or heavy vehicle be left in place until the ground is dry.

Important Festival Information (cont.)
Wet conditions
If we experience wet conditions, please do your best to leave your vehicle in place. If you must
leave the parking area, and the field is muddy, please notify a member of the Parking Staff to assist
you in exiting property without causing damage to the land.

There is one shuttle vehicle for those with mobility concerns. Shuttle can hold 7 people, with
priority given to those with RED wristbands. Able-bodied riders will be asked to give up their seats
to those with RED wristbands. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to ride. Please
allow extra time to get somewhere when riding the shuttle.

Due to lease terms, we are unable to allow pets inside the shuttle. We apologize for the

Smoking is prohibited at all times in the shuttle!

Shuttle will run from 9:00am to start of concerts. Shuttle stops are located at the Pavilion, Phoenix
Hall, Dining Hall, Coyote Run, and the road to First Field. If you need the Shuttle, check with any
HSA Staff Member with a radio, any Shuttle Stop, or ask Safety and Security (south side of the
Pavilion) to contact the Shuttle for you.

Accessibility Concerns
Heartland Pagan Festival makes reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.
Wheelchair accessible showers and restrooms are located within the bathhouse. There is also an
interpreter available for people with hearing disabilities; please contact Security.

Camping Areas
Camping is allowed in all areas except Grovers Glen, the Dam, the Parking Area on the south side
of the Pavilion, or in any Ritual Areas.

Family Area
Coyote Run has been designated as a family area for the Festival. Please note that this area is still
very near to Leather Lane, and that family does not equal quiet.

Adult Only Areas

While the Lushes of Leather Lane are certainly not new to Heartland Pagan Festival, please note
that for the continued security of all participants, only individuals 21 and over will be permitted in
Leather Lane and Drum Styx, as these areas have been reserved for adult activities.

Clean and Sober Camping

Amethyst Camp has been designated as a clean & sober sanctuary. This area is restricted in use to
only those individuals who will fully respect the need of participants to maintain sobriety in all
things, and who will themselves remain sober. Ask at Registration or Security for the location of
this camping area.

Security/First Aid
The Security / First Aid staff are here to help ensure you have a relaxed and spiritually rewarding
holiday weekend. The Safety and Security Tent is next to the Pavilion (on the south side) and
staffed 24 hours a day. Heartland Spiritual Alliance does not assume responsibility for individual
personal routine health care needs or medications which must be met daily by festival attendees.
Festival attendees remain solely responsible for their own health and safe behavior during the

Important Festival Information (cont.)
Safety and Security Policies
Drink responsibly
Do not leave your valuables unattended in your camp. Lock them in your car.
Do not leave children unattended.
After making your purchases in a merchants booth, please do not put them down in the
merchant area. The merchants are not responsible for purchased property.
Lost and found is located in the Security tent next to the Pavilion.
Repeated comments of an insulting, lewd, or disrespectful nature will not be tolerated. If this
behavior persists, you will be told to leave.
No fighting.
We on the Security crew are committed to helping our attendees have a safe and enjoyable
festival. If you need help or information, feel free to visit the Security tent anytime or flag one
of us down, or ask any staff member (silver wristband) to assist you in contacting us.

Inclement Weather Emergencies

In the event of severe weather emergencies, shelter can be sought in the basement of the Main
Hall. Please follow the instructions of Staff Members (wearing silver wristbands) during weather

Please DO NOT use Channels 10 through 21. These are for use by specific HSA committees ONLY. If
you choose to monitor these stations, please DO NOT TRANSMIT. It is important for your safety
and the safety of others around you that our staff be able to communicate effectively with each
other in emergency situations.


Charging Stations
Charging stations have been set up at the Pavilion and Dining Hall. Please keep an eye on your
electronics. HSA/Gaea are not responsible for devices left unattended.

Water and Ice

Running water is available at the top of the staircase on the Ridge, as well as from a spout on the
exterior of the Dining Hall. Bags of ice are available at the south side of the Pavilion: 6 lbs at $3.00
each and 20 lbs at $5.00 each - Thursday to Sunday from 9am to Noon and 4pm to 6:30pm.

Toilets and Bathhouse

Port-O-Potties and hand washing stations are located throughout the camping and merchant areas.
The shower house is unisex. There is a small, private, handicapped accessible changing and shower
area. We ask you to clean up after yourself. No pets are allowed in the shower house. The shower
house will be closed daily for more thorough cleaning from approximately 9am-10:30am. Please be
patient and courteous to the crew.

All animals must be in an animal carrier or leashed at all times. If your animal is found roaming
loose, you will be asked to remove the animal from the festival. Clean up after your pet, and
dispose of waste in the trash cans. If your pet becomes a problem you may be asked to remove the
animal from the festival. NO pets in the Dining Hall or Bathhouse.

Important Festival Information (cont.)
Gaea includes a 12 acre lake with a sand beach for swimming access. HSA does not provide
lifeguards, so swimming is at your own risk, and NO ONE under the age of 14 may swim without
the supervision of an adult. Please be extremely cautious around the lake area. There must also be
an adult in all boats going out on the lake.

Trash and Recycling

Trash Pirates will be collecting aluminum, plastic, and glass during festival. For safety reasons, we
collect glass separately. You may burn your cardboard or leave it for us. Barrels are placed
throughout camp and labeled for your convenience. Please have all trash bagged and closed.
Pirates sail the high seas of Camp Gaea daily so when you hear us coming be sure to bring out your
trash & recycling to reduce the mounds of trash well be wading through at the end of festival.

We would also encourage all guests to pick up scattered MOOP (Matter Out Of Place). Though it is
the Trash Pirates responsibility to pick up trash and recycling during festival, it is everyones
responsibility to help keep Gaea clean. Special MOOP bags available at the Gaea Youth Tent, Jr.
Pirate Doubloon Shoppe, or from Pirates while on runs. Remember Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and
Leave No Trace!

Community Fires and Firewood

Campfires are permitted only in designated, previously existing fire pits. Do NOT dig your own fire
pit in any other location. You can use your own grill. You may not cut down any living trees or
portions of living trees for firewood. Please supply your own firewood, as all firewood supplied by
HSA is only for the use of HSA-operated fires.

Fire Safety Policies

To protect our dancers from burns and broken glass, please do not bring any glass or anything on
fire (including cigarettes) into the main ritual circle during the bonfire. To protect yourself and
others, please do not approach, jump over, or make contact with the bonfire. Please do not put
anything into the bonfire including cigarette butts, trash, clothing, ritual objects, explosives,
alcohol, food, spit, etc. without the express permission of the lead fire tender. Persons behaving in
a manner which could endanger themselves or others will be removed from the main ritual circle.
Please step back from the fire if asked to do so by the fire tenders. Anyone who cannot or does
not follow these rules will be asked to leave the fire circle.

Dance and Drum Etiquette

The dancers circle around the nightly community fire is for moving dancers only: please do not
stand in the way or otherwise block moving dancers. There are benches around the perimeter of
the dance circle for observers. Any children in the dancing circle must be closely supervised by an
adult. The drummers area is located on the south side of the dance circle, and is reserved for
drummers only. A lead drummer on duty will lead the heartbeat each night, so please be
respectful while every-one shares their sacred heartbeat in this area.

If you are leaving the property prior to Monday and do not plan to return, please check out at
Registration. If an emergency situation occurs, we do not want to have to search for people who
are no longer on property. You should plan on having your area cleaned up, bagging and taking all
trash to designated areas, and leaving by 5pm on Monday. If you plan on camping Monday
evening, you will be subject to Camp Gaea fees.

Heartland Merchandise
Please stop by our Merchandising Booth to pick up HSA and HPF items of joy, like handy tote bags,
t-shirts from years past, and our reusable water bottles! This year we need to liquidate stock that
has accumulated from previous years, so come by and pick up the ones you may have missed!

(Current Year t-shirts can still be ordered at festival, but will not be available until after festival!)

The Merchandising Booth will be open Thu-Sun 10am - 6pm and Mon 10am - 3pm

T-Shirts (M-XXXL): $12.00 Key Rings: $1.50

Water Bottles: $4.00 Lanyards: $2.50
Draw String Bags: $5.00 Notebooks: $5.00
Flying discs: $2.50 Pens: $0.45
Magnets: $0.25

Silent Auction
The Silent Auction raises money for the Heartland Spiritual Alliance, and will be open Thu-Sun
10am to 6pm at the Merchandising Booth. Items may be donated at any time at the Merchandising
Booth every little bit helps!

Winners will be announced during the concert on Sunday night; items can be picked up and paid
for at the Pavilion after they are announced, or at the Merchandising/Silent Auction tent on
Monday from 10am to 3pm. Any items not picked up by 3pm on Monday will be forfeit with no
refund, so please pick them up!

Call for Artwork

The theme for Heartland Pagan Festival 2018 is Myths and Legends! We are currently soliciting
artwork that expresses this theme. The winner of the artwork contest will receive free entry into
the 2018 Heartland Pagan Festival and have their artwork featured on promotional materials and
merchandise. Submissions should be in JPG format and at least 4000 px wide. Send submissions to by July 1, 2017.

Official Photographer Contest

Would you like to be the Official Photographer for HPF 2018? Submit your photos to our yearly
photography contest! Contest entries must meet the following criteria:

Photo must be from Heartland Pagan Festival 2017

Photo must be accompanied by a photo release for each identifiable person in the photo
Release must include usage rights for Heartland Spiritual Alliance/Heartland Pagan Festival
No person in the photo may be under the age of 18
Photos must be Facebook safe i.e. no nudity

Please submit one entry, along with required releases, to by June 30, 2017
(please include photography contest in the subject line). The photos will be voted upon by the
community, and the whoever receives the most votes will become the Official Photographer for
HPF 2018. The Official Photographer will receive one free pass and a meal plan for the 2018

The winner will be announced by September 1, 2017. Limit one entry per person.

Dining Hall Services and Meals

#Good Food
(Items available a la carte on a first come, first serve basis)
Breakfast: 9am-Noon Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Mixed veggie quiche Fresh fruit

Meat quiche Toast
Scrambled eggs Biscuits and gravy
Veggie hash Orange juice
Hash browns Iced tea

Dinner: 4pm-6pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

Chicken casserole Pulled chicken Bacon chowder
Almond and rice sliders Corn chowder
casserole Crispy veggie burger Roasted veggie hash
Green bean sliders Green salad
casserole Sweet potato fries Cookies
Mixed greens salad Arugula salad
Cookies Brownies

Iced tea, coffee, and water served with dinner

Community Dinner!

Thursday night at 6pm in the pavilion!

Please bring your own bowls and utensils!

Veggie stew Chicken stew

Salad Bread
Come for dinner!
Meet and mingle!
Stay for the Talent Show!

Childrens Activities
Jr. Pirate Program
For our Youth 17 & Under

One of our favorite parts of the festival is our Jr. Pirate program to
get our Youth involved!! Pirates and selected adults have magical
coins which r gifted 2 a Jr. Pirate as a token of appreciation. IT is a
Thank U as it were.

PLEASE remember Thank Us should NOT be taken back. Once a

coin is gifted IT is theirs forever more!

There is a Doubloon Shoppe where our Jr. Pirates can spend these
magical coins and we throw a Jr. Pirate Party Sunday at 2:30pm
so we can ensure our Lads n Lassies have some good ole
fashioned Pirate FUN! Be sure to stop by the Doubloon Shoppe to
sign your Jr. Pirate up so they can enjoy the FUN!! Arrrrgggghhh!

Gaea Youth

Gaea Youth Policies

Parents must bring children to each workshop.
Children must be picked up by a parent or a guardian.
Gaea Youth is not a babysitting service, and bad behavior is
not tolerated.
Parents are required to stay with children under the age of
six (6).
Parents are always welcome.
Parents are responsible for their children between workshops
and when away from the Gaea Youth Tent.
Any child who is removed for disruptive behavior may be
excluded from the rest of the Gaea Youth activities.

Gaea Youth Activities 1:15-2:15
Mandalas are used for many different
Friday purposes by different Buddhist paths, some of
which use them as focus points for
meditations or symbolic offerings of the entire
Prayer Flags universe. They are typically round with
Prayer Flags are used to bless an area by the geometric patterns within that are symbolic to
winds blowing across the mantras and prayers each path.
written on them. Typically, the flags come in
blue, white, red, green, and yellow baring 2:30-3:30
prayers, mantras, and symbols of peace, African Tribal Masks
African Tribal Masks typically have spiritual
compassion, strength, and wisdom.
meaning and will represent a specific spirit.
These masks are worn in rituals and
Zen Garden ceremonies where the wearer will take on the
Zen Gardens are used as a meditation aid. identity of the spirit represented.
They are create using stylized landscaping with
sand or gravel raked in a manner to represent 3:45-4:45
ripples around larger rocks. Gris Gris (Good Luck Charms)
The gris gris is an African amulet that is worn
to bring good luck or protection from bad luck,
Vesak, Buddha Day in order to keep the wearer safe and healthy.
Vesak is the celebration of the Buddhas birth, They will contain a spiritual verse, dried plants,
death, and enlightenment. We will be reading coins, hair, etc. and are decorated with
The Prince Who Ran Away: The Story Of designs.
Gautama Buddha by Anne Rockwell, and
creating paper lanterns. Sunday
3:34-4:45 12:00-1:00
Mala Beads @Bardic Circle
Mala beads (Buddhist prayer beads) are Happy Faces presents: A Fantastic
traditionally used to keep track of the number Family Friendly Show
of times a mantra is said or breaths taken
while meditating. Malas typically have 18, 27, 1:15-2:15
54, or 108 beads. Shekere (Musical Instrument)
The Shekere is an important religious
8:00-9:00 percussion instrument in the Yoruba traditions
@Bardic Circle of Nigeria. They are considered highly
Happy Faces presents: A Fantastic personal items that are not shared, and only
Family Friendly Show pass on through inheritance.

Saturday Pirate Party!

12:00-1:00 3:45-4:45
@Bardic Circle Anansi, the Trickster
Happy Faces presents: A Fantastic Anansi is a character in African folklore that is
Family Friendly Show the spirit of all knowledge of stories, as well as
wisdom and trickery. Anansi the Spider: A Tale
from the Ahanti by Gerald McDermott will be
read and we will be making our own Anansi.

Honored Guest Speakers
Chas S Clifton

A practicing Pagan since the early 1970s, Clifton

has written widely on the subject, in both a
practical and an academic capacity. His work
includes Her Hidden Children: The Rise of Wicca
and Paganism in America and editing The
Pomegranate: The International Journal of
Pagan Studies. He also served
as co-chair of the American
Academy of Religion's Pagan
Studies Group from 2010 to
2016. His blog, Letters from
Hardscrabble Creek, can be found at

Grandmother Elspeth

Few of our cultural elders in America ever reach

the status of Living Legend but 86-year-old
Elspeth Odbert just may be one. She has been
challenging the Neo-Pagan movement for over 30
years. Her reputation for perceptive advice and
earth-based mountain wisdom draws people to
gather in her teaching circles. Outspoken and
opinionated, Elspeth is an inspirational teacher
and change agent: leading her listeners along an
eco-spiritual path of personal and planetary
transformation. As an honored elder in the Neo-
Pagan movement, she is a living example of the timeless truths that she

As a Master Gardener she has specialized in the many aspects of Permaculture.

Her certification as a Shamanic Practitioner follows many years of study with
the Church-of-Earth-Healing. For the last 45 years Elspeths focus has been on
shaping the present to bring a future of human justice, cooperation rather than
consumption, and lasting environmental health. Her personal studies in self-
reliant communities, eco-psychology and alternative healing have enabled her
to better serve those who come to her. I dont have the answers; you will find
your answers. I am here to help you find the right questions.

Honored Guest Speakers
Grandmother Elspeth has been married for 31 years to James Odbert,
internationally known science fiction artist. He is even better known for his
prize winning sacred and fantasy art under his professional name Nybor.
Elspeth and Nybor led Family Circle rituals for many years wherever they
found themselves on Saturday evenings. This grew into the spiritual path they
call The Haven Way/ Based on a Wiccan format it is eco-spiritual, non-
hierarchical, and evolving. Though they no longer lead a working group, Elspeth
and Nybor remain available to the Neo-Pagan world.

Joan Candalino

A student of traditional primitive skills, Native

American cultural skills, natural health, teaching
tools for sustainable living, tipi living skills, and a
range of earthskills crafts. She and her husband
live on farmland in Kentucky, putting those skills
into practice, including harvesting rainwater for
home & organic gardening.
She can usually be found
dancing around the
community fire at every
opportunity. Find her online at

Tess Whitehurst

Tess Whitehurst is the author of a number of

books about magical living, including Magical
Housekeeping, Holistic Energy Magic, and The
Magic of Flowers. She is also the founder and
facilitator of The Good Vibe Tribe, an online
magical community and learning hub. Read
her blog, watch her videos,
and learn more about her at

Honored Musical Performers
S.J. Tucker

Without our songs and stories, we are

nothing. S. J. Tucker has been the glad
captain of her own independent music
career since 2004, when she left the
workaday world behind to travel the
continent, singing songs and changing
lives. Named a vanguard of the Mythpunk
movement and even the face of neo-tribal
Paganism by Witches & Pagans Magazine,
Tucker is the voice of lore at the campfire
and the sharp laughter of modern myth.
With one hand anchored in her art and the
other held out to you, she is songs and
stories, community and wit.

With over ten albums released to date and

several more currently in the works, Tucker
has received songwriting awards and has traveled the United States, Canada,
and Europe with her music. S. J. (called Sooj by fans and friends) believes
that theres more than one way to be a rock star. If youre chasing your dreams
and living your life in a way that keeps you happy and healthy, Sooj believes
youve got it made. You may often find her on tour with similarly hard-working
artists and groups who believe in giving their fans all that theyve got, such as
Torontos Heather Dale Band, Seattle cellist Betsy Tinney (often with their
shared project, Tricky Pixie), or Pride rockers Big Bad Gina.

A dynamic live performer known for her willingness to follow an evocative

ballad with a tune about ninjas or pirates, Tucker is never in danger of taking
herself too seriously. She lets it be plain on stage that she loves her job, but she
also shows grace and calm, courting and cajoling her audience. Reviewers
compare her voice to that of Joni Mitchell or Tori Amos, her guitar work to that
of Emily Saliers. Apart from writing lyrics and music, S. J. loves fire dancing with
poi and hula hoop and has given fire performances &
workshops across the country. Additionally, she has worked
as a professional audiobook narrator and an indie film score

Honored Musical Performers
Tuatha Dea

Tuatha Dea is pure primal energy with a Celtic and World twist. The bands
eclectic sound blends the tribal vibe of primitive drums with conventional and
non-conventional instruments such as guitar, bass, modern and Native
American flutes, Didgeridoo and more as well as a myriad of vocal styles to
create a truly unique sound. Born of a family drum circle, the group delivers an
authentic tribal and clannish feel that not only draws the audience into the
music but into the moment and family as well. Their rhythmic groove naturally
inspires audience participation which has become a staple of their
performances. From the beginning the band has embraced its Celtic heritage
and meshed the traditional music of Scotland, Ireland and Great Britain with
the pulse-pounding heartbeat of the drums to produce unique versions of
traditional favorites. The groups eclectic nature also incorporates a rock, blues,
new age, world and even punk edge into their repertoire of material to further
widen their appeal

Hailing from the Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee, the Clan has been
described as Pure Energy organically blending their Celtic, Native American
and Tribal roots into a Gypsy Rock vibe that transcends category and genre!
Tuatha Dea brings their unique flavor vibe and sound accented visually by their
energy and flamboyant stage show! Feel the energy! Be the music! Experience
the family of Tuatha Dea!

Honored Musical Performers
Ginger Doss and Lynda Millard (and Special Guest!)

Ginger Doss is a performing songwriter, music producer,

spiritual practitioner and speaker. Her dynamic and
compelling songwriting explores multiple genres,
including rock, alternative groove, tribal and folk and is
inspired from a passionate and diverse study of
spirituality. She tours extensively throughout the US and
Canada igniting audiences with high energy
performances and music that radiates with all the colors and callings of the

Lynda Millard is an accomplished singer songwriter whose career spans many

successful original band projects in which she contributed her life changing
songwriting, signature bass playing, vocal prowess and spine tingling command
of the flute. Together with Ginger she founded the popular rock band
Dreamtrybe in the early 2000's and before that, helped form and was a front
member of the highly-acclaimed Velvet Hammer. Now touring with Ginger
Doss, she contributes not only her talents on bass, vocals and flute, but her
songs and energy as well. Best of friends, when Ginger and
Lynda join their voices and songs they have a harmonic grace
that can only come from an energy that spans many lifetimes,
not only musical but physical incarnations as well.

Bran Cerddorion

Bran is a pagan bard who focuses his music on Peace,

Nature, and storytelling. With guitar in hand, Bran crafts
his unique, down-to-earth folk songs that aim to tell
stories that are fun, inspiring, insightful, and ofttimes

From heart-felt songs of world peace, to

earthy tunes of Nature; from lyrics telling epic myths and
stories, to inspiring songs of mindfulness and the Buddha
Dharma, theres sure to be something in Brans music for any
groovy, tree-huggin, peace-lovin soul!

Honored Musical Performers
Happy Faces

Happy Faces is fun for the whole family! Magic, fun, and
entertainment for kids of all ages! All children must be
accompanied by parent/guardian.

The Heartland Players

Who are they? What are they? Come see our first, ever LIVE
Vaudeville/Burlesque Show on Friday Night!!

HPF Talent Show with John Mitchell

Got a talent? Want to let your inner performance artist fly free? Sign up for the
HPF Talent Show! Host John Mitchell will take your information during the
Community Dinner on Thursday Night.

Bardic Circle

Gather at Bardic Circle every night around 8pm, for music, song, poetry,
storytelling, and other artistic expression. If you wish to perform or simply to
listen and enjoy the camaraderie, come and sit by the fire for a few hours.

Join us for
Spirit Circle
A place for workshops, discussions, teaching, and ritual,
presented by members of our own community.

Every Third Thursday at 6pm

Aquarius and Vulcans Forge

3936 Broadway in Kansas City

Sacred Experience

Main Ritual Arc

Attendees at the main rituals may fully participate in an Inner Circle or be
further removed from the action in the Outer Circle as they choose.

Opening Ritual Thursday at 5pm

The opening ritual seeks, as always, to remind us that the festival is a community, brought together
for the sake of making magic. Come prepared to ask and offer aid, since we could all use a hand.

The Offering Friday at 6pm

Our second ritual makes offerings to the spirits of the land that they may bless us and instruct us in
their mysteries, no matter how unexpected their responses may be.

Beatification of the Armchair Magician Saturday at 6pm

In the third ritual, participants will help a misguided magician align himself with the forces of the
universe. Beware of glitter.

Apotheosis, Part One Sunday at 6pm

The final ritual of the festival will be in two parts, one before the concert and one after. The first
ritual, before the concerts, will be more cooperative and less physically demanding: ascending to
divinity through group song and dance.

Apotheosis, Part Two Sunday at 10pm(ish?)

The second ritual, after the concerts, will be more physically and emotionally demanding,
incorporating drumming, ecstatic dance, and ritual masks as we take our place among the gods.
Due to the intensity of this ritual and the potential for trance-possession, only those 18 years of age
or older will be allowed in the ecstatic dance, and any visibly intoxicated people will be turned

The Vision Quest

The Vision Quest is an annual night hike where attendees are confronted by a series of guides and
antagonists, who ask them pointed questions to help direct them along their spiritual path. This
years theme is the Labyrinth!

Walk through the lit labyrinth, and then find your way through the labyrinth of Greek legend. The
Minotaur is waiting. The Vision Quest will begin at the trail that departs from 1st field, behind the
rope Labyrinth (please see your camp map).

As always, the trail is a challenging hike, even in the daylight, so be prepared with good
walking/hiking shoes and a flashlight (both are required). Also, for safety reasons, only those 18
years of age or older will be allowed into the Vision Quest, and any visibly intoxicated people will
be turned away.

Sacred Experience (cont.)

The Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge is a physically and spiritually demanding ritual of Shoshone origin, employing intense
heat and humidity to induce an altered state of consciousness. The physical environment is
maintained by the Water-pourer, who also mediates between the participants and the spiritual
forces that attend the ritual.

Sweats will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, across the lake and past the beach. Times and
Information about the Sweats will be posted at Registration and elsewhere around camp. There
is no sign-up list. First come, first served. Sweats take approximately 4 hours.

Centering Dome
The festival environment can be overwhelming, even for seasoned attendees. The Centering Dome
will be located in the Merchants Circle, attached to the SEC booth, and offer a quiet place to sit
and get ones bearings. The Centering Dome will always be open, and various members of the HSA
and the community will be available throughout the day to facilitate grounding and centering, or
just provide a listening ear.

Sacred Experience Committee Booth

Located next to the Centering Dome, the SEC booth is available to come ask for clarification on the
major rituals of the Heartland Pagan Festival, to ask the SECs aid in orchestrating your own rites of
passage, and to geek out about magick.

Rites of Passage
The Sacred Experience Committee is at the disposal of the community to help facilitate rites of
passage such as Wiccanings, coming of age rituals, and initiations. Please contact us in advance of
the festival, if possible, through the SEC Facebook page, or find us at fest in our booth across from
HSA merchandizing in the center of the Merchants Circle.

Descriptions of these rituals can be found in the workshop schedule. Other workshop presenters
may be offering ritual experiences as well, so please look through all of the descriptions to see
what is out there!

Healing Ritual Blt to Gaeas Landvttir

Fri 2:30 @Nemeton Eric O. Scott
Fri 11:00am @Forn Halr (meet outside of
Mask-Making Workshop Elysium)
Fri 3:45pm @Pavilion
Womens Mysteries
Motherhood Rite of Passage Galadriel Starfire, Gwyneth, and Lark
Sat 2:00pm @Venus Mound Sun 11:00am @Venus Mound

Tea with Crones Venus Mound Rededication

Sun 1:15pm @Floras Garden Rhiannon Bennet
Sun 3:00pm @Venus Mound

Mystical Merchants Circle
Drift through the Mystical Merchants Circle and peruse the many
shops, vendors, and information booths!

(Listed alphabetically. Number indicates booth number on map on page 20.)

26. Aeldaritch Smoke

EB Lattimer
The usual EB stuff. 16. Fae Fantasies
Sionna & Sherri Farris
14. All Roads Imports All things crafty, including beadwork,
Greg Meister & Rain Dove knitting, hand and hair cream, jewelry, and
Tie dye & exotic clothing, jewelry, crystals, whatever strikes our Fae Fancies
drinking horns, sarongs & tapestries.
5. Gaea Youth
15. Aquarius/Vulcans Forge The meeting point for childrens activities.
Barbara & Russ Criswell Check the Childrens Activities schedule to
Sterling silver, Pagan and Wiccan jewelry. see whats coming!
Books, tarot, and altar supplies.
12. Grandma Dragons Attic
33. Avalon Oddiments Tera Koetting
Fiona Cloaks, bags, ear wraps, pants, goblets,
The Pagan Garage Sale with gently used horns, crystals, and treasures can be found
books, garb, goblets, some knitted goods, here!
kilt hose, mitts, hats & other odds & ends,
including this year an ostrich egg. 3. HSA Merchandising and Silent Auction
Festival t-shirts, water bottles, and other
34./35. Bardic Circle Workshops/Music items of joy! Also come to donate or bid on
Check the workshop schedule to see whats silent auction items!
coming. Join us around the fire every night!
10. Hannaya Healing
29. The Dragons Lair Samantha McCulloch
Elizabeth French 100% natural henna body art & glitter
Purveyors of custom blend e-juices to thrill embellishments!
the senses. Our hoard also contains
homemade pickled seasonal veggies & 2. Junior Pirates Doubloon Shoppe
hand-crafted fripperies. This is where our Jr. Pirates trade in those
hard-earned doubloons for PRIZES! Shoppe
13. Droopy Daisy will be open Fri and Sat 11-12:30pm and 4-
Miranda Graves 5pm. Dont miss the Jr. Pirate Party Sunday
Based out of Hays, Kansas, our small family at 2:30! Be sure to bring your doubloons!
business works to provide hand-crafted
jewelry and all-natural products made with 6. Kates Caf
high quality ingredients. Cold pressed Kate Miller
soaps, healing balms, and herbal bath teas. Foodgasm ~ Where taste meets pleasure!
Plus various wooden handicrafts, such as Snack booth offering sandwiches, sides,
candle-holders and wants. drinks & sweet treats ~ barbeque & panini
sandwiches, chocolate bacon lollipops,
32. Entangled Arts strawberry shortcake, fresh cookies, fruit
Pam Roseman infusions, drinks. Open 11am-11pm.
Henna body art, copper wire jewelry,
various hand-crafted art & sculptures.

Mystical Merchants Circle (Cont.)

20. Metaphysical Stone Medicine 25. Stained Mushroom Handmade

Lynne Anderson Chelsea Lewis
Hydrotherapy, essential oils, healing stones An eclectic mix of handmade goodies
& jewelry, soy & essential oils candles.
24. Staff Parking
28. Mo-Made Jewelry & Dons Custom Cut Reserved for Staff Only
Metal Art
Don & Angelika Shurmantine 17. Starrcat Imports
Richard Basham
31. New Earth Gift items, jewelry, sarongs, close-out on
Brandy Snow clothing!
Sessions with a Medium, jewelry, bags, tie
dye, drums, suncatchers, teas, candles. 18. Taldish Castle
Shouting Mountain
21. Odyssey Craftworks LLC A castle that holds African Djembes,
Andross & Liv Magical Hats, WereWigs, Singing Bowls,
We are local designers & manufacturers of Crystal Balls, Incense, Tarot Cards & Bags,
Pagan oriented jewelry in pewter, bronze, Statuary, Tapestries & other Treasures.
silver & gold. We also product our own
collection of fragrance oils & sell gemstone 19. The Town Run General Store
perfume bottles to keep them in. Our Sarah Geimer
products are inspired by the ages & are Old-fashioned General Store carrying a
produced with the preservation of the variety of necessities, such as dry socks,
future in mind using solar power & recycled toiletries, ponchos and other frequently
metals. forgotten items.

9. Sacred Hearts Healing 23. Trash & Recycling

Janna Frackrell A general location for all trash and
recycling, picked up twice daily.
27. Sacred Experience Centering Dome
A place to calm down, relax, ground, or just 8. Were Dying to Please
retreat from the hectic festival energy. Cinda Hughes
Clothing, wall hangings, paintings & all kinds
1. Shuttle Stop of accessories.
This is the location where you can grab the
shuttle 30. Wolf Treasures
Gene Corn
23. S.J. Tucker Music Books, tarot, jewelry, statuary, unique
S.J. Tucker crystals & stones, metaphysical tools &
Music related merchandise & silver jewelry. more

4. Speakers and Bands 7. Wyrd Sistrs

All our Honored Guests will be here Maya Ravensong
periodically with their products Body Art ~ Henna, Jagua, Glitter Temporary
Tattoos, Body Art Therapy & Massage.
11. Spiralware
Neil Goodman
Mens clothing, shirts, pants & kilts, ritual
wear, sarongs, skirts, tops, dresses &
ponchos. Bags, tapestries, belly dance &

Thursday Schedule

Time Pavilion Bardic Circle Main Circle

5:30-6:00 Main Ritual:

Opening Ritual
6:00 Community
Veggie stew
Chicken stew
Salad | Bread

7:00 Talent Show with

John Mitchell
8:00 Bardic Circle

10:00 and on Main Fire and


Be sure to come to the community dinner on Thursday

night at the pavilion! It is a great opportunity to meet
your fellow festival-goers! Be eco-friendly and bring
your own bowls and utensils and enjoy some find
veggie or chicken stew! Stay for the Talent Show with
John Mitchell and revel in the finest entertainment
our community has to offer!

Time Pavilion Floras Bardic Circle

Pavilion reserved before 9am for HPF Staff meeting

10:30-11:30 Idunna and the Inner Power Yoga Queer and Pagan
Woman of Power Jen Leonard Jeffrey Groves
Grandmother Elspeth

12:00-1:00 Bran Cerdderion

Day Concert

1:15-2:15 Water Catch the Chanting with Introduction to

Rain Taliesin Circle Casting and
Joan Candalino Taliesin Elemental
Jeffrey Groves
2:30-3:30 Magical Meditation Yoga for
Housekeeping Techniques for Manifestation
Essentials the Modern Daphne
Tess Whitehurst Hectic Lifestyle
Ginger Doss
3:45-4:45 Mask-Making S.J. Tuckers Sigil Magic
Workshop Internal Alchemy Sean Manning
Sacred Experience SJ Tucker

6:00 6:30

8:00 The Heartland Happy Faces

Players Family Friendly
Burlesque/Vaudeville Fun
9:00 Show Bardic Circle
10:00 and

Main Circle Main Hall Other Gaea Youth
Breakfast 9am Noon at Dining Hall
Mixed veggie quiche | Meat quiche
Scrambled eggs | Veggie hash | Hash browns
Fresh fruit | Toast | Biscuits and gravy
Orange juice | Iced tea | Coffee
Blt to Gaeas
Eric O. Scott
@Forn Halr (meet
outside of Elysium) Prayer Flags

S.J. Tuckers Single

Meet the Court Applied Song Ritual Zen Garden
Cards Gemstone Magic SJ Tucker
Audrey Hazzard Alivanna Rose @Hernes Hollow

Practical Energy: Healing Ritual

Using Logic with Sacred Experience Vesak, Buddha
Your Magic Committee Day
JJ Sweetass @Nemeton
[Fire Build]

Mala Beads

Dinner 4-6 at Dining Hall

Chicken casserole | Almond and rice casserole
Green bean casserole | Mixed greens salad
Cookies | Iced tea | Coffee
Main Ritual:
The Offering

Main Fire and


Time Pavilion Floras Bardic Circle

Pavilion reserved before 9am for HPF Staff meeting

10:30-11:30 Pagan Parenting Dream Circle Have Tarp, Need

Molly Khan Daphne Shelter
Joan Candalino
12:00-1:00 Happy Faces
S.J. Tucker Family Friendly
Daytime Concert Fun

1:15-2:15 Celestial Sounds: A The Magic of

Cosmic Journey Flowers: Working Spirit Conjuration
through Sound with Our Jeffrey Groves
Healing Blossoming Allies
VJ Herbert Tess Whitehurst
2:30-3:30 Did Witches Ever Communion with Pagan Chanting
Fly? History, Plant Spirits and Intoning for
Shamanism, and Walks with Wings Beginners with
Entheogens Miss Bunny
Chas S. Clifton Bunny
3:45-4:45 Grandmother Getting Out of the Gaea: The Land,
Turtles Wisdom Armchair: Putting the Myths, the
Tales Theory to Practice Magick
Grandmother Sean Manning Rhiannon Bennett


Bardic Circle
10:00 and on

Main Circle Main Hall Other Gaea Youth
Breakfast 9am Noon at Dining Hall
Mixed veggie quiche | Meat quiche
Scrambled eggs | Veggie hash | Hash browns
Fresh fruit | Toast | Biscuits and gravy
Orange juice | Iced tea | Coffee
Pagan Sunday
Happy Faces
Family Friendly
@Bardic Circle

Audreys Chaos Advanced tools (2:00)

Magic Playlist for Warding Motherhood Rite Mandalas
Audrey Hazzard Alivanna Rose of Passage
Sacred Experience
Practical Energy: @Venus Mound African Tribal
The Sequel Masks
JJ Sweetass
[Fire Build]

Gris Gris (Good

Luck Charms)

Dinner 4-6 at Dining Hall

Pulled chicken sliders | Crispy veggie burger sliders
Sweet potato fries | Arugula salad
Brownies | Iced tea | Coffee
Main Ritual:
Beatification of
the Armchair

Vision Quest
@First Field
Main Fire and

Time Pavilion Floras Bardic Circle

Pavilion reserved before 9am for HPF Staff meeting

10:30-11:30 Holistic Energy Community Child

Magic Blessing Sacred Paycheck
Tess Whitehurst Sacred Experience SpiderMonkey

12:00-1:00 Ginger Doss and Happy Faces

Lynda Millard Family Friendly
Day Concert Fun

1:15-2:15 Building a Consent Tea with Crones Fire Rocket

Culture at HPF Sacred Experience Stoves
Audrey Hazzard Committee Joan Candalino
and Jeffrey Groves
2:30-3:30 Nature Religion: Storytelling as a Practical Prepping
Are We Doing It Way of Ritual and on a
Right? Life with Limited Budget
Chas S. Clifton Miss Bunny Steve Selzer
3:45-4:45 Weather Magic Ritual for Children Journey into
Sean Manning Molly Khan Healing


6:30-8:00 S.J. Tucker Concert

8:00-9:30 Tuatha Dea Bardic Circle

10:00 and on

Main Circle Main Hall Other Gaea Youth
Breakfast 9am Noon at Dining Hall
Mixed veggie quiche | Meat quiche
Scrambled eggs | Veggie hash | Hash browns
Fresh fruit | Toast | Biscuits and gravy
Orange juice | Iced tea | Coffee

Galadrial Starfire,
Gweyneth, and Happy Faces
Lark Family Friendly
@Venus Mound Fun
@Bardic Circle
The Goddesses of
Hinduism Spirit in the Shell Shekere (Musical
Jeremy Das SpiderMonkey Instrument)

Practical Energy (3:00)

Strikes Back Venus Mound
Pirate Party!
JJ Sweetass Rededication
[Fire Build] Rhiannon Bennet
@Venus Mound
Anansi, the

Dinner 4-6 at Dining Hall

Bacon chowder | Corn chowder
Roasted veggie hash | Green salad
Cookies | Iced tea | Coffee
Main Ritual:
Part One

Main Ritual:
Part Two
Main Fire and


Memorial Day Ritual

11:00am in the Memorial Grove

Festival Ends at 5:00pm

Please be aware anyone staying at Camp Gaea Monday night will be subject
to normal camping fees

your ad here

contact us to inquire about advertising space in next years brochure

reach out to Pagan and Pagan-friendly customers

Workshop Presenters
A special thanks to the Honored Guest Speakers, Honored Musical Performers, and other
community members contributing their time, knowledge, and (Listed alphabetically)

Alvianna Rose
Alivanna has been a practicing Witch and Pagan since childhood. Visit her at her booth, Odyssey
Craftworks, in Merchants Circle or at KCRF this fall.

Fri 1:15 @Main Hall: Applied Gemstone Magic

Sat 1:15 @Main Hall: Advanced Tools for Warding

Audrey Hazzard
Audrey Hazzard is a feminist sorceress who wants to disrupt all of your assumptions, gently. Her
interests include tarot, whisk(e)y, chaos magic(k), and the HSA.

Fri 1:15 @Main Fire Circle: Meet the Court Cards

Sat 1:15 @Main Fire Circle: Audreys Chaos Magick Playlist
Sun 1:15 @Pavilion: Building a Consent Culture at HPF (with Jeffrey Groves)

Bunny Rose is a professional children's entertainer and a member of the local Pagan community
here in the KC metro. A lifelong student, she is honored to be able to create positive sharing spaces
at Heartland Pagan Festival this year. Bunny aims to provide entertaining, illuminating experiences
to those who participate in her workshops and courses.

Sat 2:30 @Bardic Circle: Pagan Chanting and Intoning for Beginners
Sun 2:30 @Floras Garden: Storytelling as a Way of Ritual and Life

Chas S. Clifton
Chas S. Cliftons work includes Her Hidden Children: The Rise of Wicca and Paganism in America
and editing The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies.

Sat 2:30 @Pavilion: Did Witches Ever Fly? History, Shamanism, and Entheogens
Sun 2:30 @Pavilion: Nature Religion: Are We Doing It Right?

Collin has been on a fast paced, self-taught journey back to Source, studying meditation, yoga
asana, energy work and more. Alongside his partner, Priestess Daphne Moon, he's begun exploring
the philosophy of yoga as well as Native American and Dianic practices. His Sacred Dream is to
open a self-sustaining community of spiritual guides, health and wellness practitioners and experts
on sustainable food and energy production that acts as a hub of learning, growth and green living.

Sun 10:30 @Main Hall: Couples Yoga (with Daphne)

Daphne is a young mother, yoga instructor, priestess and long-time writer. Daphnes Sacred Dream
is to offer packages of yoga, energy work, journaling exercises and coaching to people on a one-for-
one basisyour purchase of a package provides a woman who is a domestic abuse survivor the
same support. Her mission is to spread love, compassion and abundance by giving others the tools
they need to heal and empower themselves.

Fri 2:30 @Bardic Circle: Yoga for Manifestation

Sat 10:30 @Floras Garden: Dream Circle
Sun 10:30 @Main Hall: Couples Yoga (with Colin)

Workshop Presenters (cont.)

Eric O. Scott
Eric O. Scott was raised by witches. He writes for The Wild Hunt and studies nonfiction writing and
Old Norse literature at the University of Missouri.

Fri 11:00 @Forn Halr (meet outside of Elysium): Blt to Gaeas Landvttir

Galadrial Starfire, Gwyneth, and Lark

Galadrial, Gwyneth, and Lark play and work magic with the Web of Oz. We love working magic with
the amazing Mysterious Women of Heartland every year. Please join us.

Sun 11:00 @Venus Mound: Womens Mysteries

Ginger Doss
Ginger Doss is a performing songwriter, music producer, spiritual practitioner and speaker. Her
dynamic and compelling songwriting explores multiple genres, including rock, alternative groove,
tribal and folk and is inspired from a passionate and diverse study of spirituality.

Fri 2:30 @Floras Garden: Meditation Techniques for the Modern Hectic Lifestyle

Grandmother Elspeth
Elspeth Odberts reputation for perceptive advice and earth-based mountain wisdom draws
people to gather in her teaching circles. Outspoken and opinionated, Elspeth is an inspirational
teacher and change agent: leading her listeners along an eco-spiritual path of personal and
planetary transformation. As an honored elder in the Neo-Pagan movement, she is a living example
of the timeless truths that she teaches.

Fri 10:30 @Pavilion: Idunna and the Woman of Power

Sat 3:45 @Pavilion: Grandmother Turtles Wisdom Tales
Sun 3:45 @Bardic Circle: Journey into Healing

JJ Sweetass
JJ is a third degree of the Coven of the Crossroads, and a festival goer of the last 15 years. An
advocate of pagan culture, and togetherness of the pagan community. He is currently teaching new
techniques to understand the old ways. He is a host of the Lushes of Leather Lane.

Fri 2:30 @Main Hall: Practical Energy: Using Logic with your Magic
Sat 2:30 @Main Hall: Practical Energy: the Sequel
Sun 2:30 @Main Hall: Practical Energy Strikes Back!

Jeffrey Groves
Jeffrey Groves is a practitioner of eclectic witchcraft and student of ceremonial magic. He blogs
intermittently at and is publishing his first novel.

Fri 10:30 @Bardic Circle: Queer and Pagan

Fri 1:15 @Bardic Circle: Introduction to Circle Casting and Elemental Energies
Sat 1:15 @Bardic Circle: Spirit Conjuration
Sun 1:15 @Pavilion: Building a Consent Culture at HPF (with Audrey Hazzard)

Workshop Presenters (cont.)

Jeremy Das
Jeremy Das is a longtime participant of Heartland Pagan Festival. He self-identifies as a Hindu who
approaches his faith through a Pagan lens.

Sun 1:15 @Main Fire Circle: The Goddesses of Hinduism

Jen Leonard
Jen has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She became a teacher to deepen her connection
with Universe. She has learned that breath transforms our mind, body and soul, and wishes to
share her story with others.

Fri 10:30 @Floras Garden: Inner Power Yoga

Joan Candalino
Joan Candalino has been a student of traditional skills and natural health, teaching tools for
sustainable living, tipi living skills, and a range of earthskills, crafts, and primitive skills at gatherings
since the 90s.

Fri 1:15 @Pavilion: Water- Catch the Rain

Sat 10:30 @Bardic Circle: Have Tarp, Need Shelter
Sun 1:15 @Bardic Circle: Fire Rocket Stoves

Molly Khan
Molly Khan has been Pagan for 15 years and a mother for 9. She writes on Patheos at Heathen at Heart,
and is a founding member of Prairie Shadow Grove, ADF.

Sat 10:30 @Pavilion: Pagan Parenting

Sun 3:45 @Floras Garden: Ritual for Children

Rhiannon Bennet
Rhiannon lived and worked in the local pagan community in and around this area for over 18 years.
She was involved in the early days of The Heartland Spiritual Alliance, and very early in Earth Rising,
the organization responsible for the Gaea Retreat Center. She has been blessed to work with many
wonderful people of all paths, in our community, as well as before and after her time in this area.
Gaea has a very special place in her heart. Venus Mound was the first formally dedicated spot at
Gaea and, through the years has been the Venus Mound and given to us over the years.

Sat 3:45 @Bardic Circle: Gaea: The Land, the Myths, the Magick
Sun 3:00 @Venus Mound: Venus Mound Rededication

SJ Tucker
Whether you already love crowd favorites like Firebirds Child and Hymn to Herne, or youre
encountering her for the first time, S. J. has a song for you.

Fri 1:15 @Hernes Hollow: S.J. Tuckers Single-Song Ritual

Fri 3:45 @Floras Garden: S.J. Tuckers Internal Alchemy

Workshop Presenters (cont.)

Sean Manning
Sean has been playing with the weirdness at the edge of reality for a couple of decades or so, and
has been particularly drawn to tarot, ritual magick, and chaos magic.

Fri 3:45 @Bardic Circle: Sigil Magic

Sat 3:45 @Floras Garden: Getting out of the Armchair: Putting Theory to Practice
Sun 3:45 @Pavilion: Weather Magic

SpiderMonkey is a KC Native, Congregational Pagan, and Techo-Magician Adapt (EIT) cleverly
disguised working for a Local Engineering Firm.

Sat 10:30 @Main Fire Circle: Pagan Sunday School

Sun 10:30 @Bardic Circle: Sacred Paycheck
Sun 1:15 @Main Hall: Spirit in the Shell

Steve Selzer
Steve grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and was always strongly attracted to nature and outdoors.
Through time spent in Boy Scouts, camping, gardening, hunting ,fishing boating and of course
traveling, he learned to get by on very little money, often getting a lot of my food from his garden.
His interest in prepping has saved him a lot of grief in hard times.

Sun 2:30 @Bardic Circle: Practical Prepping on a Limited Budget

Taliesin is a musician and concert producer from Lawrence.

Fri 1:15 @Floras Garden: Chanting with Taliesin

Tess Whitehurst
Tess Whitehurst is the author of lots of books and the facilitator of The Good Vibe Tribe, an online
magical community and learning hub.

Fri 2:30 @Pavilion: Magical Housekeeping Essentials

Sat 1:15 @Floras Garden: The Magic of Flowers: Working with Our Blossoming Allies
Sun 10:30 @Pavilion: Holistic Energy Magic

VJ Herbert
VJ Herbert is a musician, composer, Spiritual teacher, and Certified Sound/Vibration Practitioner
(VSA). He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sat 1:15 @Pavilion: Celestial Sounds: A Cosmic Journey

Walks with Wings

Walks with Wings is a Medicine Man of the Oklevueha Native American Church, who heals others
with unique and eclectic Ceremonies. It will be his first time at Gaea, and he looks forward to
meeting everyone. May the reader be blessed.

Sat 2:30 @Floras Garden: Communion with Plant Spirits

Friday Workshops 1:15pm
Water - Catch The Rain
Idunna and the Woman of Power Joan Candalino
Grandmother Elspeth @Pavilion
The whys and ways of using rainwater
Some thoughts on a neglected aspect of a instead of ground water for domestic water
woman's life: the years of her maturity, or
when she is no longer focused on nurturing, gardens. Discussion of water collection,
but has moved into a leadership position. In cisterns, and filtration. How much is
short, She is The One In Charge. This time available to you, whats a roof washer, what
period is before she becomes Crone ad it filtration is needed, etc.
has its own divine aspects. Bring your own
observations and ideas to share. Chanting with Taliesin
Inner Power Yoga @Floras Garden
Jen Leonard
@Floras Garden Pagan-friendly, self- empowering, soul-
energizing, mojo-rising chants for the
Learn how to actively invite and share Moon, Sun, Greenman, Lord & Lady, and so
energy with the cosmos. Discover how your forth. Sensitive drummers & ecstatic
breath is a vehicle to spirit, where you may dancers welcomed!
experience the Unity deep within yourself.
Introduction to Circle Casting and
Queer and Pagan Elemental Energies
Jeffrey Groves Jeffrey Groves
@ Bardic Circle @Bardic Circle

Join us for an open circle discussion of Witchcraft 101 books cover a lot of material
practicing paganism as a queer in theory, but the practice is often
person. Come and share your experiences, something else altogether. In this hands-on
both positive and negative, and get to know workshop, we will cover a few of the most
your fellow pagan queers. Let us discuss basic magical skills: the raising of energy,
how we can make the community a more the casting of circles, and the manipulation
welcoming and supportive place for those of elemental power.
of us whose lives defy the heterosexist
stereotypes which often frame discussions Meet the Court Cards
of paganism and witchcraft. Audrey Hazard
@Main Fire Circle
Blt to Gaeas Landvttir Join us in a tarot themed improv ritual.
Eric O. Scott Participants will invoke individual court
@Forn Halr (meet outside of Elysium) cards in order to gain better understanding
of the tarot and themselves.
This Heathen ceremony gives thanks to the
landvttir, or land wights, who live at Gaea Applied Gemstone Magic
and provide us with all the wonderful Alivanna Rose
bounties of this sacred land. We will toast @Main Hall
our divine companions with offerings of
drink, song, and smoke. So you have some beads, crystals, or
tumbled stones, and have looked online or
in a book at their correspondences. Now

what? Practical uses and applications for Yoga for manifestation
crystals, gems, and stones in magic and Daphne
ritual. @Bardic Circle

S. J. Tuckers SingleSong Ritual Participate in a physical practice designed

SJ Tucker to draw energy down to create fertile
@Hernes Hollow ground for planting the seed of intention.
Close with a guided meditation with reiki
S. J. Tuckers Witches Rune song, the assistance. (A blanket or mat is
lyrics of which were based upon a poem by recommended.)
a friend which was in turn based upon the
beautiful words of Doreen Valiente, is a tidy Practical Energy: Using Logic with Your
little ritual unto itself. Join Sooj in bringing Magic
that ritual to life at Camp Gaea, live and JJ Sweetass
unplugged. @Main Hall

2:30pm This is a guide that stresses the importance

of logic in understanding the nature of
Magical Housekeeping Essentials energy that surrounds us all. We will
Tess Whitehurst showcase these techniques together, in
@Pavilion order to forge a greater respect and control
over the magic within us all.
Your home is one of your most powerful
magical tools. Consciously working with Healing Ritual
your physical environment can affect Sacred Experience Committee
desired changes in mind, body, spirit, and @Nemeton
every single life area. This class will give you
practical, magical ways to interact with your Destroy the bonds that hold you back from
home to create positive change in your life. your life, and prepare to move forward,
breaking down the walls of your cages.
Meditation Techniques for the Modern
Hectic Lifestyle 3:45pm
Ginger Doss
@Floras Garden Mask-Making Workshop
Sacred Experience Committee
Daily meditation is easier than you think, @Pavilion
and can be done anywhere, anytime!
Masks have been used as tools of magic and
Aint nobody got time for dat! Oh, but yes objects of worship since time
you doanytime anywhere. When you immemorial. They obscure the identity of
master your mind, your energy work is the wearer, even as they create a new
more powerful, your vision gains focus identity altogether. In this workshop, we
and the path true happiness reveals itself will craft masks for a variety god, which will
easily to you. Learning to become the be used in Sundays final trance-possession
master of your mind takes practice ~ and ritual.
meditation is the practice of mastering your
mind. Join Ginger as she teaches methods S. J. Tuckers Internal Alchemy
she has learned from cutting edge Buddhist SJ Tucker
meditation masters, and sit together in @Floras Garden
group meditation. Find peace as you
journey to the place within your mind that How do we beat negativity pointed at our
is always still, always clear, always calm... creative pursuits, especially when it comes
even in the middle of grand central station, from within? Sooj shares her own practical
or a high energy pagan festival! magic for slaying deadlines, cultural
conditioning, self-sabotage, stage fright,

and other discouragements through
techniques that can be applied not just to 1:15pm
songwriting, but to spellwork & all artistic
disciplines. Celestial Sounds: A Cosmic Journey
through Sound Healing
Sigil Magic VJ Herbert
Sean Manning @Pavillion
@Bardic Circle
Sound and vibration are known as the
Sigil magic is a versatile, effective, and fairly gateway to bliss, and are the foundation of
simple technique for casting spells. Join us life. Join me as we explore and experience
for a discussion of techniques for designing healing vibrations used by many cultures.
and activating magical sigils. From crystal bowls, to gongs and tuning
forks, let's journey through the cosmos of
space, time, and sound!
Saturday Workshops
The Magic of Flowers: Working with Our
Blossoming Allies
Pagan Parenting
Tess Whitehurst
Molly Khan
@Floras Garden
Flowers open the heart to love, sensitize
This workshop is a discussion-based forum
the spirit to magic, and tap us into a vast
helping to find techniques and tricks for
treasure trove of wisdom. In this
getting children involved in Paganism at home.
experiential class, well communicate with
Children are welcome to come and share their
flowers and learn how their unique
opinions as well!
vibrational essences and spiritual guidance
can support our healing, magical, and
Dream Circle
intuitive work.
@Floras Garden
Spirit Conjuration
Jeffrey Groves
Come and participate in a sacred ceremony
@Bardic Circle
sharing and interpreting dreams.
Although it is often overlooked or even
Have Tarp, Need Shelter
treated as taboo in Pagan communities,
Joan Candalino
conjuring spirits for communion and
@Bardic Circle
magical effect is staple of the Western
Mystery Tradition and of spiritual practices
Its going to rain/snow/get cold and you
across the world. We will discuss the
only have a tarp. Play with different
theory, mechanics, and ethics of conjuring
configurations for simple shelters, including
spirits with a Triangle of Art.
supports, attachments, stakes, lashing, and
appropriate knots.
Audrey's Chaos Magick Playlist
Audrey Hazard
Pagan Sunday School
@Main Fire Circle
@Main Fire Circle
Music has the power to alter moods, stir
memories, and launch powerful work. Some
Are you wanting to be involved in the
of our favorites, though - classic rock, silly
weekly education of Pagan youth? Do you
pop songs - lack the gravitas we associate
have a young one that needs to
with proper sacred music. So what?
socialize? Please join us for a revisionist of
Gravitas is overrated. Come discover new
Gaia Community's Kid space. Greater KC
ways to work magick with music!
Pagan Community is highly encouraged.

Advanced tools for Warding Pagan Chanting and Intoning for Beginners
Alivanna Rose with Miss Bunny
@Main Hall Bunny
@Bardic Circle
Instructions on how to Craft four warding
tools: a Thorn Cradle, a Warding Bindrune, Miss Bunny is proud to return with her
an Alchemical Stake, and a Spirit Warden. popular chant workshop! In this workshop
For practitioners with an established we will practice commonly used pagan
practice in Witchcraft, Alchemy, Hoodoo, chants, group chanting techniques, and
Paganism, and/or Spirit Work. spiritual intoning. This class is for ALL guests
so don't be shy! If you want, bring a water
(2:00pm) bottle to help with dry voices!
Motherhood Rite of Passage
Sacred Experience Committee Practical Energy: the Sequel
@Venus Mound JJ Sweetass
@Main Hall
This welcome to motherhood is a
challenging ritual, and will both celebrate In part deux, we will be utilizing the
and recognize the trials you have faced, and techniques discussed and discussing focus
look ahead to the trials that are yet to and intent. If you missed the first one thats
come. ok, this will still be informative.

(This 2-hour ritual takes place in Venus 3:45pm

Sanctuary. Transportation across the dam
should be arranged in advance.) Grandmother Turtles Wisdom Tales
Grandmother Elspeth
2:30pm @Pavilion

Did Witches Ever Fly? History, Shamanism, From the beginning of our history, stories
and Entheogens have been, not only entertainment, but also
Chas Clifton teaching and history. In our degraded times,
@Pavilion they have been pushed back into the
nursery, thought fit only for children. Come
Pagan scholar Chas S. Clifton will present share this time where STORY is given its
evidence for and against the shamanic use traditional value.
of plant-based drugs by accused European
witches of past centuries, based on his own Getting out of the Armchair: Putting
research and that of other anthropologists Theory to Practice
and ethnobotanists, including historical Sean Manning
accounts and experiments. He is currently @Floras Garden
writing a book on this topic.
Knowing a technique through study is not
Communion with Plant Spirits the same as knowing it through experience.
Walks with Wings Join us in a discussion of turning that book
@Floras Garden knowledge into a workable practice.

The teachings of the Sacred Sage, tobacco, Gaea: The Land, the Myths, the Magick
sweat grass and others. How to use Sage Rhiannon Bennett
and other Plant Spirits correctly with intent @Bardic Circle
and awareness. What gifts do the Plant
Spirits hold for us? A discussion group to answer any questions
people may have about the early days of
Gaea and to share stories, past present and
future to further the Continuity of Spirit.

Sunday Workshops
Womens Mysteries
Galadriel Starfire, Gwyneth, and Lark
@Venus Mound
Holistic Energy Magic
Tess Whitehurst
Galadrial, Gwyneth, and Lark invite the
Mysterious Women of Heartland to join us
for Women's Mysteries. We hope to invoke
Like a clear mountain stream, your life has a
the Unexpected Goddesses of the Garden,
natural flow filled with positivity and
the Wild, and the Wilderness this year.
blessings. In this fun workshop, youll be
Women, girls, and infants are welcome.
activating this flow with tool-free magic
that will help you step more fully into your
(This 2-hour ritual takes place in Venus
power and find new ways of expressing
Sanctuary. Transportation across the dam
your inherent spiritual and intuitive gifts.
should be arranged in advance.)
Community Child Blessing
Sacred Experience Committee
@Floras Garden
Building a Consent Culture at HPF
Audrey Hazzard and Jeffrey Groves
This introduction to the pagan gods and
community is open to any parents wishing
to participate with their child in this joyous
This discussion-based workshop will focus
rite of passage. All assistance will be
on concrete actions we can take to continue
building a consent culture at Heartland
Pagan Festival and in the broader
Sacred Paycheck
community. Come with your ideas and
@Bardic Circle
Tea with Crones
We Live in a Super-Capitalistic society that
Sacred Experience Committee
values Moola over Mana. While changing
@Floras Garden
that is beyond the scope of this weekend,
come join us we can begin to shift our
Come enjoy a spot of tea while we share in
collective mythic reality and see how we
the wisdom of our crones and sages. Heart-
can view our own jobs as sacred via
warming, tears, laughter, and drama-lite.
discussion and visualization.
Expect there to be a bit of cackling!
Couples Yoga
Daphne and Colin
Fire - Rocket Stoves
@Main Hall
Joan Candalino
@Bardic Circle
Come share sacred space with your lover
and best friend. Deepen your Spiritual
Understanding Fire - less wood, less smoke,
Connection to Source and one another with
quicker coffee. We will play with efficient
a playful, supportive practice that will
fire configurations for different uses. Well
challenge you and lift you up. Be prepared
dissect a simple, portable rocket stove,
to move, touch, open and experience one
another in a new and beautiful way. (A
gassifier stove, and pocket rocket heater
blanket or mat is recommended.)
that you can make yourself. Its not rocket
science, just rocket stove science.

The Goddesses of Hinduism rice, often basic food of many cultures. Also
Jeremy Das demonstrate homemade rocket stove,
@Main Fire Circle water filter using a 2-liter plastic bottle,
discussion of survival gardening verses
This workshop will introduce participants to hobby gardens people often grow.
the goddesses Kali, mother and destroyer,
Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity, Practical Energy Strikes Back
and Radha, lover and devotee to God. JJ Sweetass
@Main Hall
Spirit in the Shell
SpiderMonkey In the epic conclusion, we will apply the
@Main Hall techniques used to accomplish a group
decided goal. We will also discuss
Discussion on the intersection of neo- techniques to further an understanding of
Paganism and the philosophy of trans- the mechanics of energy work.
humanism. Technology based, not Gender,
workshop (3:00pm)
Venus Mound Rededication
2:30pm Rhiannon Bennet
@Venus Mound
Nature Religion: Are We Doing It Right?
Chas Clifton The idea to rededicate the Venus Mound
@Pavilion was inspired by watching the many
gatherings of women all over the word in
Is Nature out there or in here? Learn support of the Women's March, but honed
more about the importance of Nature in and fueled by the hate rhetoric we are all
North American religion and multiple ways experiencing in our country and the world
of thinking about it than you can build into right now. Love is bipartisan, that's not
your Pagan practice. what this is about, it's not about gender,
everyone is welcome. This is about
Chas Cliftons book Her Hidden Children: balancing the yin and yang energy within
The Rise of Wicca and Paganism in America ourselves, building, sharing and focusing
discusses nature religion from a Pagan that collective energy and boosting our
perspective. This workshop goes farther. connection with our Earth Mother through
Storytelling as a Way of Ritual and of Life
with Miss Bunny (This 2-hour ritual takes place in Venus
Bunny Sanctuary. Transportation across the dam
@Floras Garden should be arranged in advance.)

In this workshop we will discuss the various 3:45pm

uses of storytelling in our day to day lives, a
spiritual context, and ritual. If you have a Weather Magic
favorite (very short) short story to tell, Sean Manning
children's or otherwise, do bring it with @Pavilion
Using magic to influence the weather is not
Practical Prepping on a Limited Budget often discussed in polite company. In an
Steve Selzer effort to buck that trend, we will be
@Bardic Circle discussing the theory behind effective
weather magic.
Emphasis will be on cheap, nutritious foods
available at places such as Dollar Store, Ritual for Children
Asian markets, Costco. Will cover having Molly Khan
food storage centered around beans and @Floras Garden

This workshop offers time-tested guidance on
incorporating children into adult ritual, and
planning child-focused rituals. There will also
be time for discussion and a Q and A.

Journey into Healing

Grandmother Elspeth
@Bardic Circle

This is a present life regression, a trance

journey, deeper than an ordinary guided
meditation. In this session you will have
opportunity to come to a better
understanding of some of the wounds in
your past and to heal them. Bring a pillow a
mat of blanket to lie on. You do not have to
have experience beforehand.

Sweat Lodge
Alaric Geimer

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

(Times to be announced)

The Sweat Lodge is a physically and spiritually demanding ritual, employing

intense heat and humidity for sacrifice and purification. It is a spiritual
experience in a sacred space. The physical environment is maintained by the
Water-pourer, who also mediates between the participants and the spiritual
forces that attend the ritual.

Sweats will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, across the lake and past
the beach. Times and Information about the Sweats will be posted at
Registration and elsewhere around camp. There is no sign-up list.
First come, first served.

Sweats take approximately 3-4 hours.

Alaric Geimer returns for his third year as water-pourer for the sweats at
Heartland Pagan Festival. He was given his ladle by Stewart "Buffalo" Doty, who
was the water-pourer for the Lodge at Heartland for 7 years.

2017 Contest Winners!
Official Photographer: Ron Fent
After entering this world on a winter's eve in 1959 in Salina, Kansas, Ron Fent
managed to transcend the bounds of the bible belt as a seeker of all things true
and beautiful. Photography was with him from the early days of Instamatic
cameras in 4-H, 35mm film, 1-inch video tape for television news and now
digital storytelling.

He studied print journalism and radio/TV/film at Kansas State and Kansas

University. After a stint in the vacuous world of corporate broadcasting, he has
pursued many paths including free-lance journalism/photography, singer-
songwriting, festival founding/promotion, band management, landscape
design/installation, arboriculture, and resistance activism. He has won awards
for still photography and songwriting and has taught classes in both of these, as
well as guitar.

He is drawn to the work of Carl Jung, Vivianne Crowley, Werner Herzog and
Tori Amos. This year, he is finishing production on his first feature documentary
about an historical Kansas tornado outbreak, That Seventies Storm: Chasing
Tornadoes through time.

Ron attended his first Heartland Pagan Festival in 2003 where he felt
immediately at home and among kindred spirits. Capturing the
natural visual beauty here at Camp Gaea coupled with the
beautiful spirit of fellow Pagans is a privilege and an honor for

Cover Artwork: Pamela Roseman

This years cover artwork and festival logo was created by Pam Roseman:

I am a self-taught artist that loves to work with many different mediums, thus
I chose the name Entangled Arts for my business because I truly cant pick just
one! I primarily focus on Mehndi or Henna while I am at festivals, I absolutely
love meeting new people and sharing art through Henna. However, when I am
in my studio I use wire to make sun catchers, jewelry, and sculptures. I am
drawn to trees throughout my work, the tree that I drew for this years Pagan
Festival brings many unexpected things intertwined into the
tree, hopefully some of them speak to you and bring you


FOR ATTENDEES: Fill out this form only if you wish to have your photo taken during the Festival.
Please read it carefully.

FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: Please ensure that any attendee who appears in your photos has signed
this waiver. A photo of the attendee holding their signed, legible waiver will serve as proof of its

I, the undersigned attendee (hereafter Attendee), have been explicitly asked for and given my
permission for ___________ (hereafter the Photographer/s) to photograph me at the Heartland
Pagan Festival (hereafter the Festival) under the following conditions:

That the Photographer/s asserts that every identifiable individual in each frame has
given explicit verbal and written consent to be photographed.
That the Photographer/s will make reasonable efforts to provide Attendees with copies
of the images in which they appear within 90 days of the Festival.
That each Attendee asserts that he or she is eighteen years of age or older, and able to
give legal consent to be photographed.
That Earth Rising, Inc. and the Heartland Spiritual Alliance will not be held liable by
either Photographer or Attendees for any damages arising from the images.

I, the Attendee grant to the Photographer/s and his/her legal representatives and assigns, the
irrevocable right to use and publish photographs, still or moving, of me or in which we may be
included, for the restricted purposes of: (CHECK ONLY ONE)

personal, non-commercial use ONLY, and if the Photographers would like to use
photographs taken at the Festival, the written consent of all persons in the frame,
identifiable or not, must be acquired under a separate contract.


self-promotion, including advertising the Photographers business, in any manner and

medium; submission to the HPF Official Photographer Contest and thereafter the
promotion of the Heartland Spiritual Alliance and Heartland Pagan Festival, in any
manner and medium; advertising the Heartland Spiritual Alliance and Heartland Pagan
Festival, in any manner and medium;

and to alter and composite the same without restriction and without our inspection or approval.
We hereby release Photographer/s and his/her legal representatives and assigns from all claims
and liability relating to said photographs.

PHOTOGRAPHERS SIGNATURE _________________ DATE __________

PHOTOGRAPHERS SIGNATURE _________________ DATE __________

PHOTOGRAPHERS SIGNATURE _________________ DATE __________



This Plate Left Intentionally Blank
(take notes here, I guess)

This Plate Also Left Intentionally Blank
(for the taking of more notes )

The average airspeed velocity of an unladen (European) swallow is

approximately 24 miles per hour or 11 meters per second

Heartland Pagan Festival
2017 Staff About
Heartland Spiritual
Officers Alliance
President: John Silversmith, Jr
Vice President: Audrey Hazzard
Heartland Spiritual Alliance is an all-
Secretary: Sarah Tanner
volunteer, nonprofit organization whose
Treasurer: Michelle Lindeman
mission is to promote alternative spirituality
through participation in educational
Board of Directors activities that focus on similarities within all
Dana Locke religions and the respectful, free exchange
Lane Locke of spiritual beliefs. Heartland Spiritual
Erin Ripperger Alliance meets monthly on the second
Jacki Kelley Sunday of each month from 2:00pm to
Jeffrey Groves (Chair) 5:00pm at Aquarius in Kansas City. All
Sean Manning meetings are open to the public.
Steve Sceolan Starks
Membership is open to anyone 18 years of
Committee Chairs age or older. Applications are available
Brochure & Workshops: Sean Manning online at Memberships are $10
Community Fires: Jessi Hunter for an Associate Membership and $20 for a
Community Involvement: Greta Erhardt Full Membership. Full Members have voting
First Aide: Sonya Dahnke privileges and may hold an elected (staff)
Merchandising: Steve Sceolan Starks position; Associate members do not have
Gaea Teens: Steve Sceolan Starks
voting privileges and may not hold an
Gaea Youth: Nichole Millman
elected position. All other responsibilities
Hospitality: Jacki Kelley
and benefits of membership are the same.
IT: Rose Watkins
Membership: Michelle Lindemann Our membership year is July 1 - June 30. All
Merchants : Aislinn Firehawk members commit to working a minimum of
Public Relations: Audrey Hazzard 20 hours before, during, and after the
Registration: Erin Ripperger festival toward the facilitation of the event.
Sacred Experience: Jeffrey Groves
Security: John Silversmith Jr.
Speakers & Bands: Jacki Kelley
Site and Sanitation: Morris Melloy
Trash & Recycling: Diana Uriah
Vehicular Management: Uno Jones

Contact Us:
Heartland Spiritual
P.O. Box 3407
Kansas City, KS 66103
(816) 813-8167

1) Sweat Lodge
2) Parking
3) Bardic Circle
4) Merchants
Workshop Area
5) Mystical
Merchants Circle
6) Staff Parking Only
7) Main Ritual Circle
8) Handicapped
Accessible Camping
9) Safety Center
10) Inspiration Point

For more information about Camp Gaea, visit