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Rank French word English translation Part of speech

verb, auxiliary verb,

1. tre to be; being
2. avoir to have verb, auxiliary verb
3. je I personal pronoun
4. de of, from, by, than, in, with (see #28) preposition
5. ne not adverb
6. pas not; step, pace adverb, noun
the; him, it (refering to a masculine singular noun) definite article,
7. le
(see #8, 15, 18) personal pronoun
the; her, it (refering to a feminine singular noun) (see definite article,
8. la
#7, 15, 18) personal pronoun
9. tu you personal pronoun
10. vous you, yourself personal pronoun
11. il he, it personal pronoun
12. et and conjunction
13. in, to, with preposition
a, an; one (used before a masculine singular noun)
14. un indefinite article
(see #26, 31)
the (used instead of ''le'' or ''la'' before nouns that definite article,
15. l'
begin with a vowel) (see #7, 8, 18) personal pronoun
relative pronoun,
16. qui who, whom; that, which
interrogative pronoun
17. aller to go verb
definite article,
18. les the; them (referring to a plural noun) (see #7, 8, 15)
personal pronoun
preposition, personal
19. en in, into, to, as
pronoun, adverb
20. a this, that (see #203) demonstrative pronoun
21. faire to do, make verb
adjective, indefinite
22. tout all, everything, any; very, quite adjective, indefinite
pronoun, adverb, noun
23. on we, you personal pronoun
relative pronoun,
24. que that; what; which
interrogative pronoun
25. ce this, that (see #73, 99, 201)
a, an; one (used before a feminine singular noun);
26. une indefinite article (see #14, 31)
27. mes my (used before plural nouns) (see #50, 108) possessive adjective
of, from, by, than, in, with (used before a vowel or
28. d' preposition
mute h) (see #4)
29. pour for preposition
30. se himself, herself, themselves (see #60) personal pronoun
31. des some (used before a plural noun) (see #14, 26) indefinite article
32. dire to say, tell verb, noun
33. pouvoir can, to be able to verb, noun
34. vouloir to want verb
35. mais but conjunction
36. me me, myself personal pronoun
37. nous we, us personal pronoun
38. dans in, into preposition
39. elle she, it (refers to a feminine singular noun) personal pronoun
40. savoir to know; languagedaily dot com verb
41. du (de + le/les) = of the, from the definite article
relative pronoun,
42. o where, that
interrogative pronoun
43. y it, there personal pronoun
44. t' you, yourself (shortened form used before a vowel) personal pronoun
45. bien well, very; good adverb, noun
46. voir to see verb
47. plus more adverb
48. non no adverb
49. te you, yourself personal pronoun
my (used before a masculine singular noun) (see
50. mon possessive adjective
#27, 108)
at the, to the, in the (contraction of + le; used with a
51. au definite article
singular masculine noun)
52. avec with preposition
53. moi I, me personal pronoun
54. si yes; if; so, such adverb, conjunction
adjective, relative
55. quoi what (exclamatory, interrogative, after preposition) pronoun, interrogative
56. devoir to have to, must; duty, test verb, noun
57. oui yes adverb
they (refers to a group of masculine or mixed
58. ils personal pronoun
masculine/feminine nouns)
59. comme as, like; how, same conjunction, adverb
himself, herself, themselves (variation of "se" used personal pronoun,
60. s'
before a word starting with a vowel or mute h) conjunction
61. venir to come, occur verb
62. sur on, upon; over (preposition); sour (adjective) preposition, adjective
63. toi you personal pronoun
64. ici here adverb
65. rien nothing indefinite pronoun
66. lui he, him, it, her personal pronoun
good, right, kind; good!; voucher; then;
67. bon onomatopoeia, noun,
68. l there, here, then adverb
69. suivre to follow verb
70. pourquoi why adverb, conjunction
71. parler to speak, talk verb
72. prendre to take, get verb
73. cette this, that (feminine singular)
74. quand when, whenever conjunction
75. alors then; so; hence adverb
76. une chose thing, matter noun
77. par per, by, through, out of preposition
his, her, its (possessive adjective); sound (noun - le
78. son possessive adjective
79. croire to believe, think verb
80. aimer to love, like, be fond of verb
81. falloir it is necessary, must, have to verb
adverb, conjunction,
82. comment how; what
83. trs very adverb
84. ou or; either or conjunction
85. passer to pass, go by, cross verb
86. penser to think verb
87. aussi also, too adverb
88. jamais never adverb
89. attendre to wait for, expect verb
90. trouver to find verb
91. laisser to leave verb
small, little, young (adjective); languagedaily dot
92. petit adjective, noun
com; kid, child (masculine noun)
93. merci thanks, thank you onomatopoeia, noun
94. mme same; even, so much as, as adverb, adjective
95. sa his, her, its (feminine) possessive adjective
96. ta your (reminine) possessive adjective
adjective, indefinite
97. autre other, another, different (singular)
98. arriver to arrive verb
these, those (plural form of masculine "ce" and demonstrative
99. ces
feminine "cette") adjective
100. donner to give, give away verb
101. regarder to look at, watch verb
102. encore again, over again, even, still adverb
103. appeler to call, ring verb
104. est-ce que is it adverb
105. peu not much, not very, few; bit noun, adverb
106. homme man noun
107. partir to go, leave, go away verb
my (used before a feminine singular noun) (see #27,
108. ma possessive adjective
109. toujours always, still adverb
110. jour day, daytime noun
111. femme woman, wife noun
112. temps weather; time; times noun
113. maintenant now, nowadays adverb
114. notre our (singular) (see #192) possessive adjective
115. vie life, lifetime, existence noun
116. deux two numerical adjective
117. mettre to put, put on, wear; languagedaily dot com verb
118. rester to stay, remain verb
119. sans without preposition
120. seul alone adjective, noun
121. arrter to stop verb
122. vraiment really, truly adverb
123. connatre to know, experience verb
indefinite adjective,
124. quelque some, a few, any
125. sr on, over adjective
126. tuer to kill verb
127. mourir to die, pass away verb
128. demander to ask, ask for, be looking for verb
just, fair; just, right, accurate;
129. juste adjective, adverb
130. peut-tre perhaps, maybe adverb
131. dieu god noun
132. fois time noun
133. oh oh! onomatopoeia
134. pre father noun
135. comprendre to understand verb
136. sortir to go out; take out verb
indefinite pronoun,
137. personne anyone, anybody; person, individual
138. an year noun
139. trop too much, too (excessively) adverb
140. chez at, to, in preposition
141. fille daughter, girl, gal noun
142. aux ( + les) = of the definite article
143. monde world, people noun
144. ami friend; friendly noun, adjective
145. vrai true, real, genuine adjective
146. aprs after, afterwards, later preposition, adverb
147. mal trouble, difficulty; badly, wrongly adverb, noun
148. besoin need, demand, necessity noun
149. accord agreement, accord, harmony noun
150. ses his, her, its (plural) possessive adjective
151. avant before preposition, adverb
152. monsieur gentleman, Mr noun
153. enfant child, infant noun
154. grand big, large, tall, great; big boy, big girl adjective, noun
155. entendre to hear, listen to, understand verb
156. voil there is, there are preposition
157. chercher to look for, seek verb
158. heure hour; time; age noun
159. mieux better, utmost, best; improvement adverb, noun
160. tes your (plural) possessive adjective
161. aider to help, aid verb
162. mre mother noun
163. dj already, before adverb
164. beau beautiful, lovely, pretty; fine, nice (weather) adjective
165. essayer to try, try out, test verb
166. quel what, which (interrogative) interrogative adjective
167. vos your (plural, from ''votre'') possessive adjective
168. depuis since, from, for; preposition, adverb
169. quelqu'un someone, somebody indefinite pronoun
170. beaucoup much, many, a lot adverb
171. revenir to come back, return verb
172. donc so, therefore conjunction
173. plaire to be successful verb
174. maison house, home noun
175. gens people (plural) noun
176. nuit night noun
177. ah ah! onomatopoeia
178. soir evening, night noun
179. nom name; noun noun
180. bonjour hello (see #207) noun
181. jouer to play verb
personal pronoun,
182. leur their, to them (mas or fem), theirs (masc, fem, plural)
possessive pronoun
183. finir to finish, end verb
184. peur fear, fright noun
185. mort death; dead noun, adjective
186. parce que because, for conjunction
187. perdre to lose, miss verb
188. maman mummy, mama, mom noun
189. sentir to smell, sniff, feel verb
190. ouais yeah, yep adverb
191. rentrer to bring in, take in; to get in, go in, come home verb
192. nos our (plural) (see #114); languagedaily dot com possessive adjective
193. premier first, basic; first floor adjective, noun
194. problme problem noun
195. argent silver, money noun
196. quelle who, what, which interrogative adjective
197. vivre to live, be alive, go through verb
198. rendre to return, give back, repay verb
199. dernier last, latest adjective, noun
200. tenir to hold, run, keep, last verb
201. cet this, that (before vowel and mute h) (see #25, 73, 99)
202. main hand noun
this, that (used in formal contexts and expressions)
203. cela demonstrative pronoun
(see #20)
204. vite quickly, fast, soon adverb
205. oublier to forget, miss verb
206. air air; look, appearance, manner noun
207. salut greeting; Hi!, Hello!, Bye! (see #180) noun, onomatopoeia
208. fils son noun
209. travailler to work, work on, practise verb
210. moins less adverb
211. tte head, face noun
212. coup blow, shot, kick, punch noun
213. couter to listen to verb
214. raison reason noun
215. manger to eat verb
216. amour love, love affair, cupid noun
217. entrer to go in, enter, come in verb
relative pronoun,
218. dont whose, of which
interrogative pronoun
219. nouveau new, fresh noun, adjective
220. devenir to become verb
221. hein what?, eh?, Huh? (familiar) onomatopoeia
222. commencer to start, begin verb
223. merde shit (vulgar), bull, crap, damn onomatopoeia, noun
224. moment moment, while, point noun
225. voiture car, coach, carriage noun
226. vieux old; old man, old woman adjective, noun
227. demain tomorrow adverb
to see again, review;
228. revoir noun, verb
229. elles they (refers to a group of feminine nouns or females) personal pronoun
230. payer to pay verb
231. fou mad, crazy; madman, fool adjective, noun
232. tirer to pull, draw verb
233. ouvrir to open verb
234. oeil eye, view (= il) (plural is yeux) noun
235. fait event, fact noun
236. changer to change, exchange verb
237. question question, matter noun
238. tomber to fall verb
239. assez enough, quite, fairly adverb
(slang) to do, give, put on; (vulgar) to have sex, to
240. foutre verb
241. excuser to forgive, pardon, excuse verb
242. affaire affiar, business noun
243. dormir to sleep; to lie idle verb
244. combien how much, how many adverb
245. frre brother noun
246. travail wor, labor, employment noun
247. ide idea, opinion noun
248. eh hey! onomatopoeia
249. puis next, then, besides, plus (in addition) conjunction, adverb
250. famille family; languagedaily dot com noun
251. truc trick, knack, thing noun
252. trois three numerical adjective
253. tant much, so much adverb
254. souvenir memory, souvenir; to remember verb, noun
255. ni nor, or (negative) conjunction
256. tous everything, all (plural) indefinite pronoun
257. occuper to occupy, live in, take up verb
258. entre between, among preposition
259. ok OK; okay (satisfactory) adjective, adverb
260. marcher to walk, march, go verb
261. chance luck, fortune, chance noun
262. aujourd'hui today, nowadays adverb
263. envoyer to send, throw, dispatch, refer verb
264. histoire history, story noun
265. jeune young, youthful; young person adjective, noun
266. tard late adverb
267. apprendre to learn, to hear (about) verb
268. minute minute noun
269. boire to drink (consume alcohol), to soak up verb
270. garder to keep, to look after, to guard verb
271. quelques some (quantity), small number, a few indefinite adjective
272. type type, kind; guy (colloquial) noun
273. porte gate, door noun
274. montrer to show, point out verb
275. mec guy, bloke noun
276. asseoir to sit down, sit up verb
277. porter to carry, wear verb
278. attention attention onomatopoeia, noun
279. anne year noun
280. sous under preposition
281. prt ready adjective
282. contre against preposition
283. prier to pray verb
284. pendant for, during preposition
285. mois month noun
286. meilleur better; the best one adjective, noun
287. servir to serve verb
288. madame madam, Mrs noun
289. putain whore, hooker noun
290. crire to write verb
291. part part, share noun
292. eau water noun
293. sang blood noun
294. place room, square, seat noun
295. esprer to hope for verb
296. plein full, solid adjective, preposition
297. dsoler to distress, upset verb
298. eux them, they personal pronoun
299. retrouver to find; to meet verb
300. ville town, city noun
301. terre earth, ground noun
302. gagner to win, earn verb
303. semaine week noun
304. acheter to buy verb
305. longtemps long, for a long time adverb
306. gars boy, chap, guy (see #342) noun
307. chambre bedroom, chamber noun
308. h Hey! (to attract attention) onomatopoeia
309. ct coast, slope, side noun
310. droit law, right; straight noun, adjective
311. rappeler to remind, remember, call back, be reminiscent of verb
312. lire to read verb
313. cas case, instance noun
314. mot word noun
315. seulement only, solely adverb
316. voici here is, here are preposition
317. monter to go up, rise, come up verb
318. dsol contrite, desolate, afraid, sorry adjective
319. quitter to leave, depart verb
320. police police noun
321. suite rest, result, continuation noun
322. matin morning noun
323. emmener to take (somebody), take along verb
324. toucher to touch verb
325. continuer to continue, go on verb
326. devant in front, ahead; in front of, ahead of, past, before preposition, adverb
327. fort strong, solid; loud, much, most adverb, adjective
328. gros big, large, thick, heavy adjective
329. enfin finally, at last adverb
330. pardon I'm sorry!, Excuse me!, Pardon?; forgiveness onomatopoeia, noun
331. mari husband noun
332. l-bas there, over there adverb
333. importer to import; to matter verb
334. papa daddy, dad noun
335. train train, pace noun
336. manquer to miss, to miss somebody verb
337. raconter to tell verb
338. ensemble together, at once adverb
339. mauvais bad, poor, wrong adjective
340. film film, movie noun
341. rpondre to answer, reply verb
342. garon boy, chap, guy (see #306) noun
343. chri darling, loved; boyfriend, girlfriend, beloved noun, adjective
344. corps body noun
the one, that one (singular masculine) (see #408,
345. celui demonstrative pronoun
346. autres other indefinite pronoun
347. heureux happy, felicitous adjective
348. loin far, a long way off, a long time ago adverb
indefinite adjective,
349. aucun no, not any; none (see #399)
indefinite pronoun
350. pauvre poor; poor person, beggar adjective, noun
351. sauver to save; languagedaily dot com verb
352. chaque each, every indefinite adjective
353. retourner to turn, turn over, return (see #404) verb
354. leurs theirs (3rd person masculine or feminine plural) possessive adjective
355. rencontrer to meet, encounter verb
356. coeur core, heart noun
357. voler to flly; to steal, swipe verb
358. fermer to close, shut verb
359. car because, for (see #186) conjunction
360. valoir to hold, apply; to be worth verb
361. descendre to take down, go down, come down verb
362. feu fire noun
363. docteur doctor, physician (see #548) noun
364. suffire to be enough, suffice verb
365. faon way, manner, behaviour noun
366. important important, considerable, sizeable adjective
367. sembler to seem, appear, look verb
368. super great, fantastic; high-octane gasoline adjective, noun
369. compter to count verb
370. vers towards, near, around, about (time, age) preposition
371. joli nice, tidy, pretty (attractive), lovely (beautiful) adjective
372. point dot, full stop, period noun
373. noir black; black man/woman adjective, noun
374. hier yesterday adverb
375. chien dog noun
376. guerre war noun
377. genre kind, type, sort noun
378. marier to marry, get married verb
379. arme weapon noun
380. cause cause, reason noun
381. endroit place noun
382. ordre order, command noun
383. poser to put down, lay, pose, sit verb
384. reste the remainder, rest noun
385. pied foot; stem, leg, base noun
386. envie desire, urge, craving noun
387. prs near preposition, adverb
388. fin end, ending noun
389. tiens Why!, Hello! (surprise) onomatopoeia
390. inquiter to worry, bother, trouble verb
indefinite adjective,
391. d'autres others; more
indefinite pronoun
392. bouger to move verb
393. plutt rather, quite adverb
394. apporter to bring, supply verb
395. photo photo, photography noun
396. dcider to decide verb
397. ainsi like this, in this way adverb
adjective, indefinite
398. certain certain, sure
399. aucune no, not any, in no way (see #349) indefinite adjective
400. vendre to sell verb
401. cole school noun
402. cher dear, beloved, darling, expensive adjective
403. chef leader, chief, head noun
404. tourner to turn, stir, toss, shoot (see #353) verb
405. cacher to hide, conceal verb
406. boulot work, job noun
407. pays country, nation, land (country) noun
408. ceux this one, that one (masculine plural) (see #345, 543) demonstrative pronoun
409. possible possbile adjective
410. expliquer to explain, account for verb
411. battre to beat verb
412. peine sorrow, grief, saddness, suffering noun
413. livre book; pound noun
414. agir to act, behave; work, take effect verb
415. imaginer to imagine, suppose verb
416. tour tower, castle, tour, ballot;languagedaily dot com noun
417. adorer to adore, love verb
418. vrit truth noun
419. recevoir to receive, to get verb
420. gentil kind, good, nice adjective
421. jeter to throw verb
422. pleurer verb
423. bb baby noun
424. partie part; game noun
425. nouvelle new, fresh; adjective
426. jeu play, game; hand, deck (cards) noun
427. amener to bring, take, bring about verb
428. instant instant, moment noun
429. parent relative, relation; parent noun
430. dur hard, tough, harsh adjective
431. service service, favor noun
432. plaisir pleasure noun
433. promettre to promise verb
434. mentir to lie verb
435. soeur (sur) sister noun
436. bientt soon, quickly, shortly adverb
437. lit bed noun
438. tellement so (to such an extent), so (very), so much adverb
439. utiliser to use verb
440. lieu place, site noun
441. coucher to put to bed, lay down, to sleep verb
442. presque almost, nearly adverb
443. dehors outside, outdoors adverb
444. pass past, last; the past, past tense adjective, noun
445. prfrer to prefer verb
446. content happy, pleased, glad adjective
447. derrire behind preposition, adverb
448. con stupid jerk, bloody idiot; damned, bloody, stupid noun, adjective
449. offrir to offer, give verb
450. roi king noun
451. verre glass, drink noun
452. rveiller to awake, wake (smb.) up verb
453. aide assistant; help, assistance noun
454. d'abord foremost (most important), first adverb
455. journe day noun
456. prparer to prepare, make, get ready verb
457. numro number noun
458. permettre to allow, permit verb
459. ramener to bring back , take back verb
460. enlever to take (smth.) away, remove, take off verb
461. calme peace, calmness; quiet, calm (see #529) noun, adjective
462. lcher to let go of, to release verb
463. choisir to choose verb
464. musique music noun
465. conduire to drive, lead verb
466. faute mistake, error; fault; lack of noun
467. calmer to calm down, appease, sooth verb
468. dner dinner; to have dinner noun, verb
469. mariage marriage, wedding noun
470. bureau writing desk, study (room), office noun
471. route road, journey, way noun
472. chanter to sing verb
473. secret secret; secretive noun, adjective
474. disparatre to disappear, vanish verb
475. lever to raise, lift verb
476. dessus on top; top adverb, noun
477. prsenter to introduce, present verb
478. accepter to accept verb
479. baiser kiss; to shag, screw, fuck verb, noun
480. sinon otherwise, or else, except conjunction
481. idiot idiot; stupid noun, adjective
482. long long, lengthy adjective
483. caf coffee, caf (bar) noun
484. propre clean, tidy adjective
485. confiance trust, confidence, belief noun
486. cinq five numerical adjective
487. bonsoir good evening, good night noun
488. compte count, number noun
489. tlphone telephone, phone noun
490. casser to break, shatter verb
491. prochain next adjective
492. frapper to hit, strike, blow verb
493. facile easy adjective
494. rve dream noun
495. copain friend, boyfriend noun
496. malade ill, sick adjective
497. rue street noun
498. bas low; bottom adjective, noun
499. lettre letter noun
500. ignorer not to know, to ignore verb
501. fte party, celebration noun
502. couper to cut, cut off verb
503. esprit mind, brain, wit, spirit, esprit noun
504. taire to be silent, stop talking verb
505. seigneur lord (e Seigneur = the Lord) noun
506. flic cop, policeman noun
507. parfois sometimes adverb
508. capitaine captain noun
509. ge age noun
510. autant so much, so many adverb
511. force force, strength noun
512. pice room; play; coin; piece noun
513. quatre four numerical adjective
514. cul bum, ass noun
515. difficile difficult, strenuous, hard adjective
516. bras arm noun
517. tromper to deceive; to make a mistake verb
518. surtout above all adverb
519. ressembler to look like, to resemble verb
520. jurer to swear verb
521. plan map, plan, layout noun
522. prison prison, jail noun
523. sale dirty adjective
524. courir to run, rush verb
525. haut high, elevated; top noun, adjective
526. tat state noun
527. remettre to put back; hand over; postpone; put back on verb
528. carte map, card; noun
529. paix peace, calmness; quiet, calm (see #461) noun
530. exactement exactly, accurately, precisely adverb
531. drle funny, peculiar adjective
532. refuser to refuse, turn down verb
533. ds from preposition
534. prsident president, chairman noun
535. cours class, course noun
536. grave serious, grave, solemn adjective
537. terminer to end, finish verb
538. ciel sky noun
539. partout everywhere adverb
540. me soul noun
541. patron boss, manager, owner noun
542. amuser to amuse, entertain verb
543. celle the one, that one (feminine singular) (see #345, 408) demonstrative pronoun
544. visage face noun
545. intresser to interest verb
546. reconnatre to recognize, acknowledge verb
547. rire to laugh, have fun, joke verb
doctor, physician, medical practitioner, MD (see
548. mdecin noun
549. rapport report, connection, link, relationship noun
550. pardonner to forgive, pardon, excuse verb
551. avis opinion; notice noun
552. embrasser to kiss; to embrace, encompass verb
553. retour return; noun
which one = (le + quelle) (feminine singular) (see relative pronoun,
554. laquelle
#578) interrogative pronoun
555. simple simple adjective
556. danser to dance verb
557. exister to exist verb
558. diffrent different, various, other adjective
559. souvent often adverb
560. lumire light noun
561. gnial great, brilliant adjective
562. libre free, vacant adjective
563. dollar dollar noun
564. srement surely, certainly, most probably adverb
565. pareil the same adjective
566. hpital hospital noun
this (formal contexts; refers to nouns that have no
567. ceci demonstrative pronoun
specific gender) (see #20, 203)
568. russir to be successful, succeed verb
569. bizarre odd, starnge, bizarre adjective
570. voix voice noun
571. protger to protect verb
572. honneur honor (US), honour noun
573. tt early adverb
574. quipe team, crew, party noun
575. prvenir to tell, inform, prevent verb
576. cheval horse noun
577. ailleurs elsewhere, somewhere else adverb
which one = (le + quel) (masculine singular) (see relative pronoun,
578. lequel
#554) interrogative pronoun
579. matre master, ruler, mistress, school teacher noun
580. avion plane noun
581. bout bit, tip, end noun
582. habiter to live in verb
583. faim hunger noun
584. ensuite then, next, afterwards adverb
a, an, one (replaces 'un' when 'un' is a pronoun or at
585. l'un indefinite pronoun
the beginning of a sentence) (see #14)
586. froid cold adjective
587. normal normal, usual adjective
588. dranger to disturb, upset verb
589. reprendre to recapture, take back verb
590. oncle uncle noun
591. prix price; prize noun
592. retard delay, lateness noun
593. dtruire to destroy, ruin verb
594. cadeau present, gift noun
595. pousser to push, press verb
596. face face; heads noun
597. gueule mouth noun
598. chemin path, way noun
599. vivant vibrant, living, alive adjective
600. gnral general (military) noun
601. bateau boat, ship noun
602. million million noun
603. sac bag, sack noun
604. impossible impossible adjective
605. seconde second, moment noun
606. bte stupid, silly noun, adjective
607. dcouvrir to discover, find verb
608. erreur error, mistake noun
609. soleil sun, sunlight noun
610. voyage trip, journey noun
611. sauter to jump verb
612. rver to dream verb
613. dtester to hate, detest verb
614. clair clear, apparent adjective
615. faux wrong, false, fallacious adjective
616. paratre to come out, be published verb
617. balle ball (sports equipment) noun
618. empcher to prevent verb
619. maintenir to keep, maintain verb
620. cheveu a hair noun
621. papier paper noun
622. prsent a present; present, current noun, adjective
623. sujet subject, topic, theme noun
624. supposer to suppose, assume verb
625. tranquille quiet, calm adjective
numerical adjective,
626. neuf nine; new, unused
627. pouser to marry, to espouse verb
628. blanc white; blank adjective
629. table table; noun
630. toute everything, all (see #22, 256) indefinite adjective
631. dix ten, tenth numerical adjective
632. cl key; solutioin noun
633. agent officer, oficial, agent noun
634. approcher to approach verb
635. sens direction, way; meaning; sense; senses noun
636. craindre to fear, to be afraid of verb
637. six six numerical adjective
638. message message noun
639. crier to shout verb
640. salle room, hall, audience noun
641. inviter to invite verb
642. effet effect, impression noun
643. rflchir to reflect, think verb
644. espce species, kind noun
645. arranger to arrange, to organize verb
646. natre to be born verb
647. all Hello! (telephone) onomatopoeia
648. bois wood; antlers noun
649. propos subject, topic, remark, point noun
650. camp camp noun
651. sorte sort, kind noun
652. htel hotel; noun
653. dbut beginning noun
654. souffrir to be in pain, suffer verb
655. jambe leg noun
656. remercier to thank verb
657. choix choice, selection noun
658. scurit safety, security noun
659. avocat lawyer noun
660. attraper to catch verb
661. client customer, client, guest noun
662. courant current, trend noun
663. dpcher to dispatch verb
664. peuple people noun
665. dame lady, queen noun
666. vrifier to check, verify verb
667. abandonner to abandon, leave, desert verb
668. journal newspaper, diary, journal noun
669. srieux genuine, serious adjective
670. brler to burn verb
671. or gold noun
672. loi law, rule noun
673. fond bottom, back noun
674. gosse kid (colloquial, child, youngster) (see #745) noun
675. fric doug, money, cash noun
676. situation situation; job; location noun
677. euh Er onomatopoeia
678. sauf except preposition
679. accident accident noun
680. doute doubt noun
681. scne scene noun
682. soldat soldier noun
683. amoureux loving adjective
684. assurer to assure, insure verb
685. preuve proof, evidence noun
686. humain human adjective
687. mer sea, seaside noun
688. silence silence noun
689. tl TV, telly noun
690. victime victim, casualty noun
691. completely, fully, in depth adverb
692. pute whore noun
693. garde guard; carer, nurse noun
694. meurtre murder noun
695. groupe group noun
696. crime crime noun
697. traiter to treat; to deal verb
698. doucement gently, softly adverb
699. blesser to injure, wound, hurt verb
700. colonel colonel Noun
701. parole speech, word noun
702. triste sad adjective
703. honte shame noun
704. rouge red adjective
705. dgager to free; to clear; to radiate verb
706. soire evening, party noun
707. dangereux dangerous adjective
708. arme army noun
709. filer to spin; to take off; to go off, to leave verb
710. risquer to risk verb
711. dos back, spine noun
712. appel call, appeal noun
713. visite visit noun
714. mener to take; to lead, guide, manage verb
715. fleur flower, blossom noun
716. attaquer to attack verb
717. coin corner, spot noun
718. prince prince noun
719. pire worse adjective
720. bordel brothel; bloody/gooddamn mess noun
721. professeur teacher, professor noun
722. fumer to smoke verb
723. rpter to repeat; to go over, rehearse verb
724. habitude habit, practice; noun
725. signer to sign verb
726. ficher to file, put on file verb
727. mriter to deserve, be worth; verb
728. rponse response, answer, reply noun
729. rejoindre to meet up; to join, rejoin; to go back to verb
730. discuter to question, dispute verb
731. village village noun
732. pourtant yet adverb
733. avancer to move forward, advance verb
734. connerie stupidity noun
735. reposer to rest, to have a rest verb
736. chapper to escape, get away, slip, run away verb
737. forme form, shape noun
738. bruit noise, sound; rumour noun
739. chacun each, everyone indefinite pronoun
740. diable devil noun
741. exemple example noun
742. charger to charge, load verb
743. chat cat noun
744. ennemi enemy noun
745. gamin kid, child (see #674) noun
746. rendez-vous appointment noun
747. debout standing, standing up adverb
748. obliger to oblige verb
749. trou hole, gap, deficit noun
750. accompagner to go with, accompany verb
751. fentre window; languagedaily dot com noun
752. oser to dare verb
753. impression impression noun
754. intrieur inside (inner surface), interrior noun
755. bouche mouth noun
756. ligne line, course, service noun
757. absolument absolutely adverb
758. doux soft, mild, gentle adjective
759. regretter verb
760. mur noun
761. enfer noun
762. prouver verb
763. bote noun
764. sant noun
765. vaisseau noun
766. couvrir verb
767. magnifique adjective
768. obtenir verb
769. cuisine noun
770. vue noun
771. terrible adjective
772. viter verb
773. peau noun
774. salaud noun
775. conseil noun
776. plaisanter verb
777. autour adverb
778. vin noun
779. exact adjective
780. virer verb
781. supporter verb
782. rgler verb
783. doigt noun
784. trange adjective
785. grce preposition
786. souhaiter verb
787. mission noun
788. crer verb
789. chanson noun
790. pote noun
791. surveiller verb
792. simplement adverb
793. recommencer verb
794. robe noun
795. chaud adjective
796. billet noun
797. spcial adjective
798. moyen noun
799. sympa

801. moi-mme personal pronoun

802. coter verb
803. surprise noun
804. poste noun
805. compris adjective
806. anniversaire noun
807. signe noun
808. vol noun
809. couleur noun
810. image noun
811. parier verb
812. est noun
813. arbre noun
814. bire noun
815. mme noun
816. poisson noun
817. selon preposition
818. a letter ''a'' noun
819. intrt noun
820. lieutenant noun
821. danger noun
822. appartenir verb
823. remarquer verb
824. animal noun
825. rater verb
826. retirer verb
827. bord noun
828. tenter verb
829. libert noun
830. rgle noun
831. banque noun
832. merveilleux adjective
833. fier adjective
834. partager verb
835. classe noun
836. dossier noun
837. ressentir verb
838. bonheur noun
839. dfendre verb
840. but noun
841. bande noun
842. l definite article
843. fatiguer verb
844. radio noun
845. prvoir verb
846. celui-l demonstrative pronoun
847. camarade noun
848. douter verb
849. oiseau noun
850. vent noun
851. recherche noun
852. apprcier verb
853. systme noun
854. ferme noun
855. capable adjective
856. fuir verb
857. ennui noun
858. tante noun
859. hros noun
860. dedans adverb
861. excellent adjective
862. piti noun
863. appartement noun
864. bosser verb
865. respirer verb
866. entier adjective
867. rcuprer verb
868. douleur noun
869. librer verb
870. sentiment noun
871. grand-pre noun
872. socit noun
873. lancer verb
874. nez noun
875. joie noun
876. relation noun
877. tmoin noun
878. acteur noun
879. moiti noun
880. incroyable adjective
881. bain noun
882. durer verb
883. march noun
884. laver verb
885. dent noun
886. l-dedans adverb
887. mademoiselle noun
888. adresse noun
889. cousin noun
890. riche adjective
891. compagnie noun
892. sonner verb
893. chaussure noun
894. oreille noun
895. grand-mre noun
896. ancien adjective
897. art noun
898. deviner verb
899. inutile adjective
900. ravir verb
901. blague noun
902. avenir noun
903. beaut noun
904. laisse noun
905. course noun
906. manire noun
907. traverser verb
908. exprience noun
909. soin noun
910. hors preposition
911. cour noun
912. gauche noun
913. stupide adjective
914. retenir verb
915. liste noun
916. remonter verb
917. raliser verb
918. i noun
919. moquer verb
920. tudier verb
921. installer verb
922. courage noun
923. bleu adjective
924. secours noun
925. milieu noun
926. proposer verb
927. m noun
928. contact noun
929. inspecteur noun
930. mignon adjective
931. projet noun
932. probablement adverb
933. rle noun
934. risque noun
935. action noun
936. ange noun
937. avance noun
938. intressant adjective
939. parmi preposition
940. langue noun
941. emporter verb
942. th noun
943. colre noun
944. dpart noun
945. poque noun
946. engager verb
947. voleur noun
948. cesser verb
949. tort noun
950. vacance noun
951. l-haut adverb
952. machine noun
953. signifier verb
954. rparer verb
955. construire verb
956. pain noun
957. bar noun
958. chier verb
959. club noun
960. t noun
961. horrible adjective
962. profiter verb
963. pierre noun
964. pleuvoir verb
965. plusieurs indefinite adjective
966. salope noun
967. tel indefinite adjective
968. glace noun
969. dcision noun
970. juge noun
971. contrle noun
972. sparer verb
973. sept numerical adjective
974. maladie noun
975. quartier noun
976. dsirer verb
977. travers noun
978. dommage noun
979. cigarette noun
980. traner verb
981. respecter verb
982. poux noun
983. tas noun
984. enfuir verb
985. diriger verb
986. crever verb
987. fil noun
988. combat noun
989. poursuivre verb
990. morceau noun
991. glise noun
992. directeur noun
993. demande noun
994. forcer verb
995. bombe noun
996. j noun
997. espoir noun
998. tueur noun
999. grandir verb
1000. dimanche Sunday noun