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Vocabulary problems in English Year 2 Class.


Definition of Vocabulary

Learning a new language cannot be separated from vocabulary. Meaning that in learning a new
language people have to know its vocabulary. Vocabulary can be defined in various ways.
Experts have proposed some terms about vocabulary. According to Richards and Renandya
(2002: 255), vocabulary is a core portion of oral communication proficiency and offers much of
the basis for how learners speak, listen, study and compose. Without an extensive vocabulary and
strategies for acquiring new vocabulary, learners often achieve their potential and may be
discouraged from making use of language learning opportunities around them such as listening
to the radio, listening to the native speaker, using language in different context, reading or
watching television.
The other definition of vocabulary states from Hatch and Brown (1995: 1), they sound out that
vocabulary refers to a list or set of words in a particular language or a list or set of individual
words that speakers of a language might use. Hatch and 71 Brown (1995:1) also say that
vocabulary is the only system involved in alphabetical order.

Why Having a Strong Vocabulary is So Important

In addition to our appearance and the way we carry ourself, people will judge us based on the
words that come out from our mouth. Even if we are a mathematical genius, having a poor
vocabulary will send across a message that we're not very intelligent.

While some people reading this may feel that they don't care what others think about them, there
is more to this issue than what is apparent on the surface. When applying for a job, or have to
give a speech, the vocabulary will determine whether or not you're successful. Imagine having a
million dollar idea, but not being able to get any investors because of your poor vocabulary.
It is especially important for technically oriented people pay attention to their vocabulary. When
I say technically oriented people, I'm specifically talking about those who are good with
numbers, mechanics, and other technical subjects. While they are brilliant in these subjects,
many of these people are not so brilliant when it comes to writing or speaking. It is not their
fault. Most people have a preference for using either the left or right side of their brain, and most
are lacking in one area. Being able to improve your vocabulary will open a lot of doors, doors
that would normally be closed.

Identifying the issue.

Some of the students in my Year 2 English class have the common problems which are low
vocabulary level. As I have been with them since in Year One, their lack of vocabulary is
always giving problems during the English class. This might become serious when they cannot
improve their vocabulary level when they at the Primary Level 2 where they will be sitting for
UPSR examination in Year Six especially when it comes to English Paper 2 (014).

Thornbury (2004: 27) proposes some factors that make some words more difficult as follows:

a. Pronunciation Research shows that words that are difficult to pronounce are more difficult to

b. Spelling Sounds-spelling mismatches are likely to be the cause of errors, either of

pronunciation or of spelling, and can contribute to a words difficulty. While most English
spelling is fairly law-abiding, there are also some glaring irregularities. Words that contain silent
letters are particularly problematic: foreign, listen, headache, climbing, bored, honest, cupboard,
muscle, etc.

Problem Solving Method

Build Up Vocabulary While Reading.

One of the best ways to build vocabulary is to read, and read some more. You will want to read
everything you can get your hands on. If you come across a word that you're not familiar with,
you will want to take the time to look it up. While this may be tedious at first, you will want to
make it into a habit. Once you've done it a few times, you will become used to it, and this will
help you increase your vocabulary. In addition to this, reading also improves the way you speak.
You will learn how to properly structure your sentences, and you can say them in a way that
makes a lot of sense.
You will also want to be patient. Nothing great was ever accomplished overnight. It will take
time for you to build up a powerful vocabulary, and the more you read, the better your
vocabulary will become. It is also essential to develop a love of reading. It is not enough to see
reading as a chore. If you do, you will not be successful.

The people who have the most impressive vocabulary skill are those who look at reading as
being fun or recreational, not a chore that needs to be done. When it comes to building up your
vocabulary, all the methods available can be broken down into two basic categories. These are
reading, and learning formally.

Reading and Learning Formally

Reading is a method that we are all familiar with. You pick up a book, and you read it. As you
come across words that you don't know, you will look at their context within the sentence, and if
this doesn't work, you will want to look them up in a dictionary. This is the first method of
increasing your vocabulary.

The second technique is what I refer to as being the formal method. This is the method that uses
the most in schools. The teacher will give the students a workbook, or they will be given spelling
tests. They will also be tested to determine their comprehension of the words.
There are some teachers that would argue that one method is better than the other, but in truth,
most people use both methods. By using both, you make up for any weaknesses that may exist in
the other method. However, I think that many people would find that reading is much more fun
when compared to the more formal method of learning.

No matter which method you prefer, both are proficient in allowing your vocabulary to become
larger. Having a strong vocabulary will allow you to succeed in multiple areas of your life. You
will be able to convey ideas, and you will convey them well.


As a conclusion, I would like to mention that vocabulary is very important in learning English,
and the two methods that mentioned can be used to improve the students vocabulary. It is a
grave mistake to underestimate the importance of having a powerful vocabulary, even if the
students are proficient in areas such as math. Being able to speak and write properly will ensure
that people think highly of you, and it can allow you to reach the heights of power and success.

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