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Teacher: Abby Gallant

Grade/Subject: Science 8
Unit: Cells and Body Systems
Date: March 27th-31st, 2017
Is Yeast Alive?

Curriculum Outcome:
304-4 Illustrate and explain that the cell is a living system that exhibits all the
characteristics of life
211-3 Work co-operatively with team members to develop and carry out a plan, and
troubleshoot problems as they arise
209-1 Carry out procedures controlling the major variables

Content learning (I can Statement):

- I can show that a cell has all the characteristics of life
- I can work together with a team to carry out a plan and work through
- I can follow directions while in control of major variables.

Time: 1 Class (45 Minutes)

- Yeast
- Sugar
- Water
- Water bottles
- Balloons
- Lab instructions
- Timer
- Lesson
- Hook: Introduction to the lab
Time: 5 minutes
1. Introduce lab by reminding students that when Mr. Strange started this unit in
science, he asked the question is yeast alive and is a twinkie alive. Today we
are going to figure out if yeast is alive.
2. Explain that they will be divided into 3 different groups and they will each be
performing their own experiments with the same materials. Divide students
into groups by counting them off.
3. Go over assignment
- Content Learning and Critical Thinking:
- Time: 35 minutes
- Behaviour Expectations: Students will raise their hands to contribute to the
class discussion. I will circulate as students are completing their labs.
1. Students will complete the first section of the lab sheet with their groups.
They will show that they have made their predictions before getting the
2. Students will come to the front of the room where they will get some
yeast, sugar, water, and a balloon for their bottle.
3. Students will combine yeast, sugar, and water into the bottle and close it
with the balloon.
4. There will be a timer up on the board for students to be aware of the time.
5. Students will continue following the instructions on their lab sheet.
- Conclusion: Wrap-up
Time: 3-5 minutes
1. Students will tidy up their stations and finish completing their lab sheets
- Sponge Activity:
- If students finish early have students will work on their word searches
- Assessment:
- Summative: Students will be completing a lab assignment figure out if yeast
is alive. They will be following the instructions and demonstrating their
understanding of the characteristics of life.
- Instructions: For this activity we will be trying to figure out if yeast is

- You will be combining sugar, yeast and water into a bottle and placing
a balloon on the top. You will be observing the changes that take place
to see whether or not yeast is alive.

1. List three characteristics of life:

2. What temperature of water are you using (hot/cold/warm)? Do you

think this will make a difference?

3. Draw your prediction

- Please come to the front to collect your materials

4. How long did it take for something to change? ________________

5. Draw the change


6. Why do you think this change took place?

7. Visit the other groups and draw their bottles and write what they did
differently that might have caused different results.


8. Is yeast alive? Explain your response.