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To: Fellow Classmates

From: Lluvia Dominguez
Subject: Robert Goddard
Date: January 24, 2017

According to New Mexico Museum of Space Website, Robert H. Goddard, often called "the
father of modern rocketry" was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on October 5, 1882. Along
with Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky of Russia and Hermann Oberth of Germany, Goddard
was one of the first to envision the exploration of space. (n. d) He was quite encouraged by both
of his parents, thereby becoming known for his intellectual inventions. It was with perseverance
and determination that Goddard became important to aerospace discoveries. The Biography
Website suggests that Goddard studied at Princeton University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute,
Clark University. (2014) presently known as an engineer, scientist, educator, physicist and
Major Contributions
Robert Goddard is mainly known for building the worlds first liquid- fueled rocket, which was
launched in 1926(The Biography Website,2014), 90 years from now. This achievement was
considered as remarkable as that of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk. Furthermore, there was
no doubt that Goddard had a passion for invention as he began doing standard research about
propulsion which later he developed in mathematical theories for rocketing(Garner,2016). Robert
Goddard also contributed to the united states with his modern rocketry in such that the New
Mexico Museum of Space mentions, Goddard again offered his services to the U.S. military and
was assigned by the U.S. Navy to the development of practical jet assisted takeoff (JATO) and
liquid propellant rocket motorsIn both areas, he was successful. (n.d). Finally, he acclaimed
the scientific future of missiles and space traveling.
Why I chose this person
I chose this person because it certainly grabbed my attention his experience with rocketry. as I
was in a search for an aerospace icon, I found myself with Robert Goddard as one of the top
space explorers and inventors of modern rockets. I became more interested as I found out that he
had been the first individual to invent the worlds first liquid fueled rocket of time. In my opinion
he also encouraged self-motivation and to not bear in mind any pessimistic feedback, since not
many were impressed with what he was capable of at first but to actually prove them otherwise.
Finally, I appreciate his way to express his own thoughts and how he encourages us to feel about
the impossible; It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of
today and the reality of tomorrow Dr. Robert Hutchings Goddard

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