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1) About the film
2) Target Audience
3) Personal Requirements + Budget
4) Prop List + Cast and Crew
5) Actors
6) Schedule

Synopsis outline:

Starts with an old lady walking past friends house and notices
something is up when she realises he cooking. Whilst
watching him two other neighbours end up watching too.
They slowly conclude he is making a cake. They end up in
there concern knocking the door and going into the house. The
old man starts ripping up the recipe and starts adding strange
ingredients. We then have a short skip of time and the cake is
done. They all sit around staring at this horrible looking cake.
Then the main man starting having a little rant about why
must we do what the book says. Then it ends with everyone
taking a bite of the cake and there expressions show us that
they actually like the cake END.

What it is?

The product its self is an eight-minute short film. The plot is
above. This is the first production for the company Linrick
Productions. It will be shot on the 20th of May 17, there will be
four actors and five crew on set for a one day shot. This
productions aim is to be targeted at film festivals as next year
the hope is for the production to be used for that purpose.

This production is a semi-satire and plays with the idea of
following rules. The story focus on four old people as on of
them basically has a mental break down. These issues are
subtlety highlighted during the film, these underlining themes
are important as they highlight issues and should bring
thought the audience who view it.

Target audience

My film is being made with the direct aim of being summited into
the film festival realm. Meaning my target audience are the
judges for that are the kind of people who watch films with the
direct interest in shorts and festivals.

So who is the target?
The short film industrys audience is quite specific compared
that of the mainstream audience of larger full-length films. There
are two main groups of people who will be familiar with short
films; unemployed students seeking a future in the film industry
and people who are already successful in the industry.
Demographics these employed people working in the industry
would be placed between the demographic social groups A to C1.
These industry professionals and investors may be looking at the
short films to find potential in a director, producer or writer to
work for them for the particular company. The student sector of
the audience would be generally placed in the social group E
because they are unemployed but most likely to be from a
background in the A to C1 categories. They would be viewing the
films for inspiration for their own work as an amateur
filmmaker. Most of these short films would be viewed online so
the audience would be familiar with the use of Internet therefore
protruding the reasons behind the audience being from a media
background further.

The general age is board. As for when catering towards film
festivals making the age to specific can be bad as it affects who
wants to watch it. This is why I have gone for a broad age range
of 18+ ages may very. The main group who will enjoy this are
35+ due to the subject matter. However due to non mature
subject matters, no violence, no swearing it is basically suitable
anyone 0 99.

Looking at who goes to film festivals we see audience analysis

showing many event goers are predominately under 44s
female (52%) and male (48%). And they say ABC 1 is target
market. This was found with secondary research.

Personal Requirements

There will be a total on nine of us on the actual day shoot.
Everyone will need to get there and will be served lunch. The
actors are getting to set by car. Expenses for petrol will be
offered. Three out of five of the crew will be sleeping near the set
the night before. The other two are getting to set by car.

For the lunch we are ordering sandwiches and pies from Costco.
Thought out the day water, drinks, crisps and things like that will
be available. A looked after team is a happy team. All these costs
have been put into the budget.


Food: up to 100
Props: up to 100
Actors: 55 x 4 (plus an extra 45 per person as back up and
travel cost)
Location free
Camera 75 for one day
Lens - 35 x 3 for one day
Crew 5 X 50
Lights newly bought 250
Sound newly bought 485

Total 1755 max

Prop list

Here is a current list of what props will be sourced for the

- Cook books
- Eggs
- Flour
- Milk
- Butter
- Cabbage
- Lettuce
- Beetroot
- Tuna
- Other ingredients decided during shop
- Sorry-for-your-loss cards
- Baking equipment; cake pan, spoon, bowl
- Anything else decided on in the future

Cast and Crew

Linus Rickett
Role: Director and Producer
Contact: 07552 368 951

Skills needed: managing shoot,
organisation and control

Dan Crocker
Role: 1st AD
Contact: 07450 851907
Skills needed: support, being hands
on, taking orders and distribution
of jobs.

Jacob Creswick
Role: Co-producer
Contact: 07747 731 720
Skills needed: organisation,
management and being able to sort

Owen Riseley
Role: runner
Contact: 07738 011092
Skills needed: able to drive, take orders
and help in situation.

Mikel Woods
Role: sound engineer
Contact: 7938 923 930
Skills needed: understanding of sound
set up and use. Able to work and
control boom set up.

After graduating from Rose Bruford's in I am a full Equity
1967 I did a year in Paris with Jaques
Lecoq and then worked as an actor under member. I w ill
the name Daniel Jones until the late 70's. I work only w ith
worked m ainly in theatre, doing rep,
national tours and fringe, but also did some those enlightened
TV and film work. I have now returned to film schools that
acting after a long break and rejoined
equity under the name Daniel Johns. Since
train their students
returning to the business, I have done to include in their
some interesting film work several of budgeting a fee for
which have been nominated at various film
festvals. I was nominated best actor in a their actors.
short film at the 2016 Portsmouth
International Film Festival. I also did some
stage work recently playing Nagg in
Endgame at the Kingston International
Youth Festival. SUSAN
Acting is my passion and life. I began
aged 6 , playing Lady Macbeth! I won
BILL a county acting award aged 14. I am
a trained actress and take
Previous parts in continuous screen training, one to
commercials one and workshops under Michael
Duval and Stephen Cranny ,both
features and superb mentors with excellent
reputations, at "Acting for Camera". I
documentaries. have performed on stage and played
Also hand artist for roles in short and feature films;
commercials; promotional videos;
commercials. Also and reality TV. I am reliable;
worked as enthusiastic; disciplined and
extremely single-minded. I adapt
soundman and well to a variety of roles .I
cameraman particularly enjoy "dry h umour"
comedy and "authoritive" r oles. I am
a London trained and qualified Nurse
and Midwife and was an Air
stewardess with BA. My hobbies

include swimming; classical music;
cross stitch; reading and travelling.

Production Schedule

The pre-production has been spread over a two week period
leading up to the 20th of May 17.

20th of May 17, is the one day production date. It will be an eight-
hour shoot with nine cast and crew in a friends house.

After the production date I have until the ninth of June to finish
and do the postproduction. This is a three week period; the first
week is for the edit, the second week is for the composer, and the
third week is for final sound mix and grade + overflow.